Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 4: First Day

The bright light woke her, from the open balcony doors she is greeted by a strong crisp breeze, the salt mixed with the air offers a heavenly way to wake up. Standing up she looks around the room, no sign of her deflowering from the night before, as she walks Mel can’t help but notice that her crotch is sore.

As she enters the lavatory she picks up a whale bone hair brush, the bristles straighten out her sandy blonde hair. With it laying flat she walks over to the wardrobe door, opening it she finds it is an entirely separate room, clothing of all kinds, colors and styles. She puts on fresh undergarments and slides down a linen pullover.

Stepping over to the door, Mel turns the doorknob, she is surprised that her door opened. Mel jumps at the sight of two guards outside her door. “I am sorry I didn’t mean... am I allowed to leave?” one of the guards turns to smile at her.

“Good morning, Princess I am your bodyguard Nathan. This grim chap is Benny, he is your main door guard. Think of us as your men Princess.” Said Nathan cheerfully. Mel figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.

“Nathan in that case I order you to help me escape!” Nathan laughed at her.

“His lordship said you didn’t have a sense of humor, he’s dead wrong. Why don’t I show you to breakfast.” Mel followed behind Nathan, who wore only a short sword. He was well built and easy on the eyes, as they passed servants he greeted them cheerfully and they greeted him back.

They ran into a woman down the hall, she had her hands full of sheets. “Carla, have you met the Princess yet.” The woman greeted her with a smile ear to ear.

“You are more beautiful than the stories, Welcome Princess to Fairfield Castle if you need anything please don’t hesitate to ask.” Carla continued on her way, they passed several other servants all who greeted her just as kindly.

“Why are these people so friendly?” Asks Mel confused. Nathan responds with a chuckle.

Were people in your father castle not happy? They are happy because they like being here, these lands are unique, lush and rich with plentiful stocks of food and water. Also, kindness that his lordship shows is truly wonderful.” Mel scoffs at that notion.

Nathan got serious. “That facade he puts on in battle is not the reflection of his true nature. He is a warrior but when he is here, he treats life more elegantly, in fact he does not impose corporal punishment on his people. Here we are this is the terrace.” Mel looks out at a lush garden bright with flowers, on the perfectly manicured grass bunnies hop around, two deer graze on the lawn. In a shady area Mel spies a neatly arranged table.

Taking her seat she watches the animals in the garden, breathing in the scent of the area she feels relaxed. A man wearing a white cooks coat and puffy hat of the same colour walks towards her, with him are three men carrying silver trays, behind them are three woman carrying jugs of liquid.

“Good morning Princess my name is Louis, I am Head Chef here at Fairfield Castle.” The lids on the food are removed. We have here a plate of freshly scrambled eggs from his lordships finest chickens, honey baked ham, with freshly prepared sausage links layered in brown sauce and of course, thick bacon made crispy. On this plate we have freshly picked fruit and after we have cinnamon honey buns, still warm from the oven. To drink we have ice water, cold milk or wine.” Mel looked at her spread.

This might not be that bad she told herself. As Mel bit into the sausage link she felt the meat melt in her mouth, before she knew it the entire meat plate was in her stomach, Mel washed the last piece of bacon down with a glass of cold milk, after several pieces of fruit she attacked the honey bun. Looking down at her meal she was astounded, Mel thought her father had the finest cooks, but their cooking couldn’t even hold a candle to this. The chef didn’t return, and she waved off the woman after they refilled her milk.

“Nathan is there a place where I can lay down and read a book?” Nathan waved for her to follow him. He led her through the garden, Mel had never seen so many types of animal’s. She came across a very intriguing site, creatures with hands like men and squared shoulders and ginger hair.“Nathan what are those creatures called.

“They are called Orangutans, we captured several dozens of them on a voyage about ten years ago and they have been flourishing here. Go on and pet them they are very friendly.” Mel walked over to a tree where one hung from a branch on its back was an infant.

“They look like ugly children or little old men, but they are still cute.” Mel held out her finger to one who walked over to her. When the animal gently grasps her finger, she sit down and is suprised when the creature climbs onto her lap. Wrapping its arms around her neck it kisses her cheek, causing her to laugh. The creature found how soft her hair was. The creature is mesmerized by her hair, running its fingers through it's silkiness.

“Your a handsome fella, I have to go now but I will see you later.” The orangutan hops off as she stands. A group of three trail after her and Nathan.

“Looks like you have some new admirers Princess” muses Nathan. The orangutans stop following as they enter a forest, they walk on a cobblestone pathway, the pathway ends at the edge of a large lagoon. On the left a building is erected with a dock stretching over the water covered with a shady overhang with fans above the area is very refreshing.

“There are books inside the bungalow, I am going to give you some privacy incase you want to swim. Use that bell near the bar, one ring for a female servant and two rings for me.” Nathan bows as he takes his leave.

Mel walks inside the bungalow and sees a large bookshelf, searching the stacks l, she discovers a novel for her favorite writer she hasn't read before. Smiling Mel picks it up, she chooses a large couch with lush cushions.

She lays propped up looking out at the crystal clear water, comfortable, Mel settles into her book. She didn’t know how long she read, she only looks up when a drop of sweat drips down on to her page.

Feeling hot she looked at the water. placing the book face down to keep her page, Mel went back into the bungalow, she looked in the drawers and found female swim attire. She has the garments in her hands and looks out at the water, smiling to herself she drops them on the floor. Leaving all her clothing on the floor Mel, takes a step outside stark naked with only a towel in her hand.

Mel looks down at the water and sees her naked reflection staring back at her. Jumping into the water she expected it to be cold, but the water was perfect, Mel felt pure ecstasy, carelessly floating on her back, looking up she sees fluffy clouds and birds soaring high in the sky.

Mel swam all around feeling free, she nearly had a kitten when she felt something slippery bump against her. Freaking out she spies the ladder ten feet away and swims as fast as she could to it.

At the edge of the dock she looked at the water on her hands and knees her lady parts ready to beave any servant walking by. Panicked that she felt a shark, Mel kept her eyes on the water.

Then she sees a black slippery head poke out of the water. The creature had whiskers and a cute baby face, she thought it looked like a dog. The creature stared at her playfully and too her surprise spit water at her face.

“Hey that’s not nice, you nearly gave me a heart attack” the creature started swimming on its back and splashed water towards her, Mel didn’t know why but she jumped back into the water but she is happy that she did.

The Creature allowed her to hold on as it swam through the water, they would swim all the way to the bottom where she could see colorful fish. Her favorite thing was when the animal would flip as they swam. As she tread water near the dock the animal bumped a yellow ball towards her, the ball felt rubbery as she tossed out into the lagoon, the animal used its nose to bring it back they played fetch for a while until the animal finally swam away.

Getting out of the water, Mel looked at her hands they were very wrinkled, drying off and back in her clothes Mel sat back down on the comfy couch and began reading, within minutes she fell asleep. Mel didn’t know how long she was out for, she felt a hand nudge her.

“Princess, sorry to wake you but we should get back to the castle before sunset.” Mel stood up she felt so refreshed her mind is drawn back to the water creature.

“Nathan I met a creature that looked like a water dog.” Nathan smiled at her.

“That’s a seal, we have a few of them, that ones very playful his lordship found him and two mates on a voyage. His name is Buddy.” Mel was intrigued.

“Does this island have other fascinating creatures.” Nathan nodded his head.

“Yeah, we have loads of animals from all over the world” Mel asked if she could have dinner in her room. After her full day of leisure, she found herself exhausted. She wolfed down a large dinner that the cook sent up. Laying back on her soft feather mattress she fell asleep without another thought in her head.

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