Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 5: Usurped

It had been two months of war, they crushed the emperor’s forces this was the deciding battle. Stan walked across a smoky battlefield. Using an oil cloth, Stan cleans the blood from his blade. “My Lord” Stan turns his head as his bodyguards let the man through.

“Lord Erraks, how did you fare?” The lord coming over to Stan is on horseback, his armor remained unstained from battle and his sword undrawn.

“Very good, the Shogun requests your presence they are going to surrender.” Stan made his way to the command tent by way of horse, trotting into the camp he sees soldiers cheering him on. As he steps into the command tent she sees his shogun with a large smile ear to ear. “Stan please come and sit” Stan takes a seat and begins downing rice liquor.

“Stan, this is”

“I know who this is your Lordship, I am married to his daughter. Let me guess you think I have stained your honor.” The man nods his head.

“Stan, he will surrender if this matter of honor is settled.” Stan spoke clearly.

“I am not giving her back, she’s mine by conquest? Otherwise there is nothing else to discuss. We can march on the Capital anytime we wish, this battle wiped out any remaining Samurai you had left.” The emperor nodded his head. The shogun spoke...

“You must duel a champion, to marry without my consent is a grave offence, if you hadn’t helped me win today you would be commanded to stick a dagger in your gut. If you win your marriage is valid provided you pay a dowry. If you lose then your lands go to the victor and your wife goes home.

On the way out of the command tent the shogun handed his sword to another man. It was proper for the emperor or shogun choose a champion to fight. Stan made his way to a clearing, hundreds of men gather around to watch, they moved several chairs on a raised platform for the shogun and his father in law.

The shogun spoke. “We have a duel of honor, Emperor Haijmie has declared his daughter’s marriage by right of conquest null and void. To settle this matter of honor once and for all is the declared Husband. Lord Stanley V.S. the champion for the king, Amakusa the Silent Assassin.”

Stan launched forward first, his press is a success as he causes the man to miss his side step. Stan catches him with a hammer fist to the side of the head knocking the helmet from the soldier.

As he launches another attack, his sword is reflected, hit in the stomach he almost doubles over, but is able to recover quick enough to dodge his enemy’s sword. The blades spark as they meet, strike after strike the fight gets messier. Both men are at the edge of the enclosure, soldiers move past as the duel moves into the crowd both men are focused with their fight.

Stan dodges another strike which catches an unsuspecting man in the shoulder. Bouncing back out to the arena Stan waits for his opponent, the man charges and sends a strike directly at Stan’s head, he focuses and waits. Letting the blade sail into open space several inches from his face, Stan lets his blade sheer the man’s forearm, finishing the man by ducking under his bloodied arm. Stan slides his blade up his armor, his eyes open in shock as he falls to the ground dead.

Leaving the man dead on the ground Stan stools over to the raised platform where his father in law sits red faced. “Go into your city and send out my wife’s possessions and servants.

Mel Pov:

The sun woke Mel up as usual, excited to get down to the lagoon for a swim she skips over to the lavatory to brush her hair. Practically wolfing down her breakfast Mel goes over to the orangutan enclosure, as she approaches a dozen of them anxiously await her. A large male orangutan had really taken to Mel. He must have been 200 lbs and the others stayed away from her when he was there. He liked when Mel pets his hair and scratched his shoulders, she spent an hour longer with him than usual.

When she got to the Bungalow she said her goodbyes to Nathan. “Thank you, Nathan please wake me before sunset.” Nathan shook his head.

“I won’t be able to, his lordship asked that no one disturb you today.” Without another word he walked away. Mel pushed his words out of her head looking for the seal she found him sunbathing on the beach on the opposite side of the lagoon. Going into the bungalow she jumped at the sight of her husband, patiently sitting in a wooden chair reading.

“You scared the shit out of me?” He motioned her to sit down and Mel did.

“Mel you are adjusting to the island very well, I am told you often swim with the seal, isn’t he something, a wonderful animal. Mel your father has been defeated, no he has not been killed, the shogun that deposed him let him have a pardon, he will be moved to an island with your family, I am afraid it won’t be as luxurious as this island but he will have every comfort he could wish for.”

He let the words sink in before continuing. “Standup” Stan ordered. When she was standing he placed his hands-on Mel’s shoulders. “We dueled over your honor, I killed his champion thus you are permanently my wife.” Tears started swelling in her eyes, he forced her head to look up.

“You have nothing to fear from me, there is one thing I will ask you for, I need an heir. Don’t give me that look.” She spoke in a whisper her voice seemed to forget how to adjust its volume.

“My Lord you said that you wouldn’t touch me.” Staring down into her eyes he finds himself hesitating, in his mind he was going to come in here and take her every which way. Now staring into her teary eyes, he feels bad for her.

“I did say that” he moved her hair away from her neck, Stan felt the girl quiver. Leaning down he placed a soft kiss on her lips. “I intend to keep that promise, enjoy your swim.” Mel felt her smile return to her face. He spoke once more. “Will you join me for dinner tonight?”

Mel nodded her head. “Yes, your lordship I would love too.”

Mel had thought about the warm feeling she had after their interaction. Mel is so deep in her thoughts she didn’t notice that she was choosing a dress that showed her girls off. Her door opened, and she was surprised at what she saw.

“Agnus? What are you doing here? Did he kidnap you?” Her long-time lady’s maid ran to her side.

“No Princess it’s not like that at all, after the duel your husband demanded your possessions and servants. Cindy and Beth are also here.” Mel still was skeptical.

“Agnus you three don’t have to stay here, I will talk with my husband; maybe he will let you go back to the capital?” Agnus sat Mel down and began brushing her long golden locks.

“He paid us after we were given over to his custody, and said we were free to go but that you were needing company, he is paying us double what your father did. This is a nice island you could have done worse. What dress should we put you in?” Suddenly Mel was brought back to the dilemma.

She wore a navy dress that clung to her curves. “He might not like this, it is too revealing” Agnus smirked. “If he doesn’t like it then that’s his loss, you look stunning.” Once her hair was curled and earring and jewelry in place she made her way down to dinner.

Mel found her husband on a terrace outside the great hall, the small table had a very nice feast laid aside. Lobster tails and clams, the buttered lobster and clams sat very well in Mels stomach. Mel figured if her face was full of food than that would limit the conversation between them. When her plate was empty Mel gulped down a glass of wine. She looked up and saw her husband staring at her with an amused look.

“Do you like to paint? The servants tell me they often see you looking at the oil painting hanging around the castles.” Mel swallowed her foot and replied.

“Well...umm, I did it when I was a child but father said it was pointless for Princesses to draw pictures.” Stan comfily crossed his legs and continued.

“Are you interested in learning, we have some talented artists on the island, there are many of exotic creatures roaming the island for inspiration.” Curious Mel found herself asking.

“Why would you want to do that for me?” Stan answered like it was second nature.

“Why wouldn’t I want to do kind things for my wife, in any case if you don’t plan on calving a child anytime soon you will need things to occupy yourself, I will be training during the day and would like to know you are being fulfilled, would you like me to arrange this for you?”

Mel didn’t know what to say, better than being fucked, she thought for a second and realized what’s the harm in taking a few lessons. “Please arrange the lessons, thank you” It was silent for the rest of dinner. Stan walked her back to her quarters.

At her door he grabbed her hand and whispered in her ear. “Thank you for having dinner with me tonight, you look stunning by the way. I will join you for lunch tomorrow at the lagoon, enjoy your first lesson.” With that he kissed her again, this one is longer and slightly more intense. Without another word, Stan turned around leaving the girl holding her lips as a feeling of warmth spread through her shoulders...

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