Shortcut to Paradise...

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Chapter 6: Art Lesson

Lady’s maid Agnus ripped the curtains open, Mel whined in the corner. “Agnus it is too early.”

“His lordship has a painting lesson planned for you today, it begins soon, breakfast is on its way up.” Mel tossed her sheets off her legs and stepped out of bed she does her usual stretch, pulling a charlie horse in her calf Mel hops around. Agnus smiles at her as she places clothes on Mels bed.

Mel goes into the lavatory and sits down near the mirror. “Allow me” says Agnus as she begins Brushing out the knots in Mels Sandy blonde hair.

Mel is sort of upset that she agreed to take these art lessons, she enjoyed her usual sleeping until noon and wasting the day away by the lagoon. Agnus laid a white linen pullover and seashell flip flops out for Mel to wear, with her hair tied back in a pony tail and the sandals slipped on Mel opens the door to start her new day.

She only had three pieces of bacon and a piece of toast, Agnus was rushing her out the door before she had a finished her coffee. Outside the door she found Nathan, he looked more official today wearing two swords on his robes. “Good morning Princess, ready to get going?”

Nathan led the way, Mel noticed two other men with swords trailing after them. “Nathan” asks Mel with a soft voice.

“Yes, Princess?”

“Who are these men” Nathan waved her off.

“I forget you don’t usually see them, they are part of your guard you have about 30.” Mel looked concerned.

“I won’t have them around me at all times, will I?” Nathan shook his head.

“They are always around you, who do you think guards the lagoon, so you can take your afternoon naps? But if your asking if you will have them following you around, only when you leave the castle grounds. Don’t forget we have many wild creatures on this island some of them can be dangerous.” Outside the grounds she found a carriage waiting for her.

“Right this way.” Says a driver, he helps her up the steps and into the carriage riding out of the gates and walls, meadows of brightly colored flowers cover the landscape, pulling back the window she lets the breeze hit her face. The scent from the flowers offer a relaxing aroma in the carriage. Mel had an escort of 12 men.

Mel saw the town in the distance, with no one in the carriage other than herself, she couldn’t ask the questions she had in her head. Mel had never stepped foot in the town, the castle had occupied her plenty.

Mel’s escort drew the attention of townsfolk, the horseshoes can be heard coming down the cobblestone street. Mel felt self-conscious, when her father was emperor meeting the people was her least favorite thing to do. She never knew what to say to them, and they always looked like they wanted her to say more. The buildings are not in the traditional style rather they were pure white marble, every building had massive columns holding the buildings together.

The carriage comes to a stop near the water. Nathan holds the carriage door open and helps her down, the smell of the sea rushes her senses. Outside of a three-story building is a woman, her hair is red and matted, she wore thick glasses and had a mustache, a thick one. Mel looked at the woman disgusted. Being polite she decides to hold her hand out to make her acquaintance, but the woman falls to her knees and starts kissing the tops of Mel’s feet.

Extremely uncomfortable Mel just stands there. It wasn’t over just yet, as Mel tries to step away from the woman’s slobber, she latches onto her legs, and begins sobbing into Mels Crotch, Nathan leaps into action and smacks the woman in the head with the scabbard of his short short. “Back off your making the Princess uncomfortable.”

The woman smiles and rubs a red spot on her head. “I am sorry Princess I have never met someone as beautiful as you, My name Yazerozo I am an artist, his Lordship thinks it fitting for me to teach you my craft. Are you hungry Princess?” Mel was really hungry, the menial breakfast she had earlier wasn’t enough to satisfy her.

“Hey I am” The woman looks delighted.

“Please follow me into the studio I have the most delicious ham.” Mel mouth waters at the mention of ham.

Her men led the way into the building, Nathan and the two men from the hallway earlier acted as her detail. Mel followed the woman into the studio, she can smell the ham cooking from downstairs. Led up the stairs she is led to a massive studio, canvases line the walls her eyes move from one brilliant piece to another.

The fresh smell of the sea greets her again, as the balcony doors are wide open, Yaz’s view of the ocean is magnificent.

Mel takes a seat as a servant sets plates down at a table. “How about a little wine to help with inspiration.” Mel declined her offer.

“I will take water if you have it.” The artist smiled and brought her to a blank canvas. This is your station today after we eat paint your heart’s deepest desire.

Mel ate everything in sight, the food was wonderful the artist seemed to get along with Mel. There was one problem, when it came time to draw something Mel just sat there.

“I just can’t think of anything to put down.” The woman did something she didn’t expect, she pulled her shirt off to reveal two large eggplant looking titties.

Yaz dips her hooters in thick red paint and places them all over the blank canvas, making little nipple splotches. Mel watched as the women kept dipping her tits in different colors and then rinsing them in a large bucket.

Trying to contain her laughter, Mel couldn’t help but find a loss for words as she saw a painting coming to work, the woman dipped and splotched and within 40 minutes a remarkable landscape had been painted of the ocean.

“There look at that, my nipples are numb, but the point is this, you won’t paint anything if you don’t try, lines, they may just start as lines but, when you just give into the art it knows what it wants to paint.” Mel thought this woman was talented but off her fucking rocker.

Mel was very happy to be inside the carriage on the way home, lunch would be served, and she was hungry again. Mel stepped off the carriage to see a man in a white smock waiting for her.

“Princess, I am Doctor Franklin please come with me I would like to give you an examination.” Only Nathan followed her into the castle.

Mel is led down to the Hospital Wing, she is brought to a small room and examined. “Princess please breathe in.” The doctor cupped under her breast.

“Hey, what are you doing?” The doctor looked at her and simply said. “Hold still.” From a cabinet he took a small cup and had Mel give him a urine sample. After sometime he returns the examination room.

“What is wrong with me?” Asks Mel anxiously.

“Nothing, you are not pregnant, his lordship asked me to check. Please go on your way.” Bewildered Mel walks towards the Lagoon for lunch.

Stan Pov:

Three men kneel before him, their swords are laid out in front of them as a sign of respect. Stan and the three had been meeting for some time.

“Master Chi, you have heard my concerns, one year and a half that is all the time we estimated. By then the revolutionary forces under the emperor will be trained and armed.” Said Stan.

The man in the center rose from his position. “Lord Stanley, we accept your request my men will work with your forces to improve their skills and I will personally train you.” Stan stood up and bowed the three men did so back, conversation ended, wondering onto the grounds Stan found his wife having lunch near the lagoon.

When he sat down she didn’t look up from her plate. “ummm,” clearing his throat. With her eyes on him he asked. “How was your lesson.” Before she could control herself the words were out of her mouth.

“It was horrible first I was woken up at the crack of dawn, I was given a small breakfast, then that lunatic painted a landscape with her breasts.” Stan looked her like she was a child.

“What did she paint with?” Mel motioned in front of her mimicking two large breasts.

“She pulled out these nasty things and dipped them in paint and started slapping them on the canvas.” Lastly Mel added “Oh, the doctor pulled me aside to check if I was pregnant on your orders?” Stan nodded his head.

“Yes, well I thought there might have been a chance with the first time we had relations. He told me you weren’t. But...” she looked at him as he paused.

“That brings me to my next point. The staff has been telling me that you have been stuffing your face ever since you arrived. I noticed some changes and that led me to believe that you were pregnant.” Mel was confused.

“What changes?” Stan didn’t know how to make this sound nice, but he figured it was better to come out with it.

“You have started to become fat, now your figure is slender but” Stan rises to his feet and pinches her face and neck. “Your face has gained at least four pounds and this fat neck looks like it belongs on a blacksmith. Don’t get me started on these.” Then he pinched her sides, lifting on her skin, like they were handles, the pinch hurt but that was nothing compared to her feelings.

Mel couldn’t stop the tears swelling in her eyes. “Mel, it’s not that big of a deal we will just limit your portions. But hey stop that now.” Mel quieted her sobs, and stared at the husband she hates.

“What did you expect me to say, you have been shoveling second and third portions into your gullet, you are using food to deal with your depression. You even ate all that artists ham, the guards told me. So you are going to be restricted.” Mel found herself begging, food and animals were the only things she loved about her life in Fairfield.

“Please don’t take that way, it’s the best part of my life.” Stan looked at the girl and shook his head.

“It is decided and this sleeping until noon is over too, with some exercise, and discipline you will be much happier.” Mel didn’t say anything else the rest of the meal, she just let out tears every time she bit into her food.

At the end of the meal she asked. “May I be excused?” Stan looked at her and shook his head.

“No, you may not, I think you need to work off some of this food in the water, I have had the seal placed in a cage to not distract you. I want you to swim 50 laps in the lagoon.”

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