Never the same again

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17-year-old Taylor Wild has only ever lived a normal life with her father. She thought she was living the perfect life that is until she uncovers a dark family secret: Taylor belongs to a family of hunters.New to this she struggles with her abilities and to make matters worse, she befriends Ryan, a vampire, and Louis, a werewolf who miraculously both her soulmates. In the light of her father's kidnapping from demons, she finds herself in an attraction battle between Ryan and Klaus- Luis' brother who kidnapped her holding the dangerous secrets that could prove her father isn't really who he says he is.Taylor Wild's would never be the same again. ATTENTION THIS BOOK CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE AND ACTIONS

Action / Erotica
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Accident? Or not.

Everything started when I decided to hang out with my “best friend” Lola, with the intention to party after a stressful week of exams.

We arrived at the local at 8 pm.

I was wearing an army large t-shirt, a black skirt, and some boots.

My friend, Lola dressed like a whore, a very red dress extremely tight, a low-cut neck as big as the Chinese wall, and not last a very flashy make-up.

If you are asking why I’m friend with her it’s because she is ok in general, and good when you don’t have someone else to hang out with.

Ok, maybe I am mean, but sometimes it’s something both of us do, I don’t mind, she doesn’t mind.
Anyway, while I was looking at the people around us, My eyes stopped on the most beautiful human being at the bar smoking a cigarette, oh man I wish I was that cigarette so I can feel his lips ...

He is wearing a white shirt, it was tight enough to show his muscles, his brown disheveled hair was so freaking hot.

That’s it, Taylor, you are going there, and you are going to talk to him. Yeah, like this is so simple to do. hat guy should be illegal because of his hotness and you should be illegal because you look like a potato.

But, You know what, today can be the day you actually can attract a guy you like. So with all of those thoughts, I decided to go. But not before I got rid of Lola.

“Hey’m going to get a drink and some cigarette I’m running out, I’ll come back quick ”

“Ok, I’ll wait here, buy me something to drink too pretty please”

“Yeah, sure ”

Myeaa I’m going to forget that

. So I’m on my way to that hot guy. There were so many people and so much scent I got a little bit dizzy. finally reached the bar where the guy was, I made sure to be right next to him.

I motioned the bartender, ordered a shot of vodka, meanwhile I lit a cigarette and tried to sit down in an elegant way, but like every time I try to look interesting I end up doing something stupid. This time while I was doing that I managed to fell and I was ready to feel the floor with my face, but I felt something that stopped me from that. I turned around and saw the hot guy’s hands around me, holding me, I looked up and found out his eyes were green a beautiful green.

“You should pay more atention”

OMG, is voice it’s like angels. What the heck do I say back?

“Mmm... Yea... I should .”

Our faces are too close. Not that I don’t like it but I don’t think I can keep away from his beautiful lips.

Soon I realized I wasn’t breathing so I had to star breath again without sounding sick and make him go away.

Meanwhile, was thinking this I observed he was looking at my lips too.




Oh no. She found me. She couldn’t wait like a few minutes ... bitch.

“Taylor, why don’t you introduce me to your friend?”

Lola found me.

Maybe you wondered why I didn’t told her that I’m going to the bar for the hot guy, It’s because she is kind of a slut and I really wanted to avoid him meeting her ...clearly it did not work.

Damn it.

When I saw her coming toward us and saw the smile that meant she is becoming a bitch, traumatized me.

“Hello, darling. My name is Lola and I’m the biggest slut around here” stretching her hand to my possible future lover, making me wanna break her hands.

ok, I invented the part with the slut, but I really didn’t want her there. The moment she stretched her hand, we, unfortunately, realized he was still holding me.He slowly took his hand away from me, putting me on the chair in an demanding way.

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