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Pinky Promise

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Pinky Promise: The most sacred, serious, vowel anyone can ever swear to. If broken, you must suffer some serious consequences. These promises come straight from the heart and are sworn to value.

Action / Mystery
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01 - Pinky Promise?

Ashe Vandreas

Everyone says that pain is temporary. But, temporary can last for 5 seconds or 500 years. When the pain first started, it was when they first brought him home. He was so, small and innocent. He couldn’t say anything and everyone gave him their attention. I thought after he died, I wouldn’t have to keep fighting for people to notice me.

Then I met Elizabeth Pierce.

She had long curly, dark brown hair, brown eyes, olive skin. Everyone loved her. I didn’t think she was that great. And I told her that. I walked up to her and said she was ugly. She didn’t scream at me, instead; she smiled at me.

She was so pure and sweet. She thanked me.

We’ve been friends for over 13 years. She differed from everyone, and she still does. Like now, she called me to hang out; normal friends open a bottle of wine and drink for hours. Not her. Eliza was cleaning the blood off of a knife. Her curly hair, neatly tied away from her face, a pure white jumpsuit that showed off her long legs. I couldn’t help looking at her.

She hummed quietly, swaying her hips as she cleaned. The water turned a deep red before going clear again. Eliza could never ruin her million-dollar kitchen, or let her husband see her dirty secret. Eliza turns around, she smiles at me and for a moment; she seemed so sweet. But then she placed the hatchet on the bench. I shake my head slowly “You’re a terrible person.”

Eliza shrugged her shoulders removing the yellow gloves, only to show me her leather gloves underneath. She smiles at me “Aren’t you curious why I did it?” I roll my eyes. I need not ask how she killed him. I know her stupid ego is dying to tell me how much better she is.

“Stop talking, Eliza.”

“Or what? You’ll shoot me in the head?”

I stand from my sofa, pulling my bag up my shoulder “We have to go.” Eliza smirked grabbing her car keys and jacket. I wanted to slap that ugly smirk off her perfect face. Eliza walks down the hallway and down the stairs. My neighbours watch her with disgusting smiles on their faces. Everyone watches her; to them, she is a perfect specimen of what women should look like. To me, she is a bitch who kills for fun.

Eliza’s delicate hand was barely touching the railing. She was cringing in disgust glancing back at me. I glare at her “Some of us can’t afford a place to live, let alone a boat.” She rolls her eyes and pushes open the fire exit. I quickly slide in behind her. I meant what I said; Eliza has more money than anyone I know. I don’t even know why she works at all. She and her husband could go hundreds of years without working.

Eliza goes to the driver’s side and shrugged again “Well, I offered to let you live in a beautiful home, but, you choose this dump. And for the life of me, I can’t figure it out.” She swings her legs around and starts her car.

“Ashe!” I turn my head up and smile. Ben waves his tiny hand at me “Are you working?” I nod. He blows me a kiss and I smile waving goodbye to him. That’s why I stay here; I need to protect Ben. Eliza didn’t notice him, which annoyed me. She was too busy fixing her curls to notice the little 12-year-old hanging out the window.

I roll my eyes again “You don’t have to thank me,” She muttered as she pulls into the street “I know you’re grateful.” She was right, I am grateful. But she didn’t care to hear me say that. Eliza doesn’t care about anything, she is careless, yet it all benefits her.

She was so...dangerous.

She didn’t need directions. She knew where the crime scene was. Just in front of us was an old factory which was in ruins, and now just below it was a park that had one bright light post in the middle of it.

She stops the car just behind the news crews, why wouldn’t they be here? How could anyone possibly know about the body already? I face her briefly “You know we need to talk about this right?”

“About what?”

“You have to slow down, you can’t keep killing people, Eliza. This is serious. You will get caught.”

Eliza faces me again. She collects her gun and phone shrugging “I don’t feel like it, Ashes, maybe next week--”

“Screw your feelings, Eliza.” She giggles, opening her car door she walks to the crime scene. I glare at her, slamming her car door as I almost have to chase her. She lifts up the tape, allowing me to duck under her arm “Some times, I feel like your mother.”

She smirked at me “Screw your feelings, Ashe.” I want to kill her. Eliza sighs peering down at the body. How did she do it?

Howard's body had been stuffed into the rocks, with a gear hanging out of his stomach. I turn my head side to side. This is Ramble Cave. How the hell did she bring a body to Ramble Cave without being caught? I lay down my kit then get onto my knees, shaking my head. Hello Howard, nice to see you all alone and dead. His mouth was ajar and his eyes were cloudy “Do you want to know what I did?” She whispers. I ignore her. But the thing about ignoring children is that they will beat you until you listen to them.

“Pierce!” We both roll our eyes as Rhys walks to her. He seems to be the only one besides me oblivious to her looks. Rhys peers down at the body and cringes “Hi, Ashe,” Eliza smirks at me. She knows that she’s everyone’s first choice. I take out my camera and snap some pictures. Rhys and Eliza talk behind my back about him. She really went for it this time. Howard’s stomach looked as if it had reorganized and spilled out over the grass. With gears embedded into his ribs...His teeth ripped out with barely a few strands of hair left on his head.

I remember Howard. He wasn’t the worst in the group, but he was just as cruel. Rhys looks down and gags “How can you...get so close?”

“I’m dead inside.”

Eliza kicks the back of my legs “She’s kidding,” Eliza closes his notebook “How many witnesses?”

He glances around “3, maybe. But no one saw anything. Howard didn’t have a lot of friends. We might have a few suspects.”

Eliza shrugs, ignoring his previous statement “He seems to have a lot more than just stab wounds, spinal damage and if he was alive, I’m sure he would tell you he had a tumor.”

She knew that. Rhys glances down at me and I nod “She’s right, as always,” Eliza smirked. Rhys nods.

“Right. Ashe, before I forget, can you get me a clean-up crew? I need about four people. Thank you,” That’s not in my pay grade. I roll my eyes “Oh, Eliza, have you met Adam yet?” Another gentleman joins us. He stares at her, as they all do and licked his lips. I shake my head slowly; Eliza doesn’t like carnage. She might look like a piece of meat, but she doesn’t enjoy being treated like it “Adam Rose, this is Elizabeth Pierce.”

He holds out his hand with a sly grin. She glances down at it, then him. Another thing about Eliza, she does not care about anyone’s feelings. Adam slowly lowers his hand “Let me make myself clear, John,” And she forgets names. She doesn't need to remember anyone’s names. Everyone knows who Elizabeth Pierce is. No one knows what she can do “I work alone. I don't want anyone staring at my boobs when I’m trying to work. Now, turn around and leave me alone or I will beat your head against a metal spike, got it?”

Adam nodded. He was afraid. That’s all she wanted. Eliza takes out her phone and started to text. She looked sad and deflated which could only mean she was talking to her husband “I hate my husband,” She mutters. I feel bad for what he does to her, but she deserves it. Someone has to put her in her place. Eliza glances at me “What?”

“If you hate him so much, leave him. I mean, why would you marry him anyway, was it for money?”

“You and I both know I have more money than I should. And if you think I married that man for money, you have never seen him naked,” I gag. I don’t want to think about Samuel and Eliza together. Eliza puts her phone away again “Samuel wants you to come over for dinner.”

“Tell him I’d rather jam a fork in my eye,” I stand up flipping through the photos “Bree, can you uh, finger print that?” I say pointing to the beer bottle. I do not need all of this to determine the cause. The murderer is currently admiring her leather gloves whilst reading over Rhys Kipley’s report “We need to talk about this.”

She holds up her finger to shush me. I glare at her and smack away her hand. She rolls her eyes and faces me “What do you want to talk about, Ashe?”

“This,” I gesture the mess “All of this. Slow down.”

“Everything I’m doing is for us,” Eliza will always be able to flip a bad situation into something good. She looks at the media and then me “They want a story; we should tell them about all the bad things he did.”

I face the reporters, the familiar face of Sonja Winters. Sonja winks at me. She follows me around like a cloud. Eliza snickers at my discomfort “Shut up.”

“She was good while it lasted, don’t deny it,” I wasn’t denying it. I liked Sonja, then she told me how she felt about her ex-girlfriend “I thought you didn’t like the camera’s in your face?”

“I don’t,” I snap at her “I am examining a body exactly where the media would like to take their pictures. I’m nothing like you.”

She snickers again “You got that right,” She faces the cameras and reporters shrugging her shoulders “It’s kind of disgusting, it’s not the same anymore. Kids can just google whatever they want and boom, there are boobs.” Wow.

“Eliza, you don’t care about what kids see online. You don’t care about anything.”

“But I’m right,” She counters. Sometimes I think Eliza came from another planet like she stumbled off of her spaceship and decided she liked it here. She was good at her job and she knew it. She was a beautiful woman, and she knew it. Eliza looks beyond the cameras at the cars coming through, why is Samuel here? Eliza smiles “All right, I’m going back to the station. If you see Tim, kill him.”

I know she means Adam, but she could also mean Robert. I never know. I grab her arm “Eliza, I’m serious. We need to talk about your reckless habits. Stop,” Eliza glances at her husband’s car then back to me.

“Fine. Tomorrow, my house,” She tries to leave again.

“Promise!” I hold her arm tighter. She turns to me.

Her whole mood changed again. Her smiles turned sweeter and her eyes got wider, she turns to me and she holds out her pinky “I pinky promise.” I wrap my pinky around hers. She pulls away “Bring drinks, we’ll talk all night, baby-girl.”

I watch her walk away from me. Her hips swayed as she walks to her husband. He holds out his arms and embraces her tightly. How can he not see through her? Why do people see her as this angel? She is dangerous and crazy.

Sometimes Eliza does things that make me think she is a beautiful friend. But most days she is a nightmare. When we were younger, and we went to school, she would cut off the heads of the dolls and tell the young kids that if they didn’t do what she said, she would do the same to them.

I would love to hurt her. I would love to beat her head against the same metal spike Adam’s head is on. I want to punch her in the head. I wanted to leave her and never speak to her again, but I can’t.

I pinky promised.

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