Time In A Bottle

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This story follows Marty (Stopwatch) and his first real Orica Fighters mission.

Action / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Greetings and salutations,

My name is Virgil. I have a tendency to write when I’m bored. So I just thought I’d share it with the world. It’s okay if you don’t find this entertaining or good, I just wanted to put this out in there. Here’s chapter one. I hope you enjoy :]

“I’m watching him right now Reddie,” I told Red Feather, my mission was to simply recruit this boy named Michael Mcclain. Red Feather had asked me to recruit Mike.

Oh! Sorry, I almost forgot to introduce myself. My name is Martin Mathews, but most people call me Marty or "Stopwatch" and I have the ability to manipulate time to my advantage. It's something called an "Orica Gene" a genetic trait found in .5% of humans. I'm lucky enough to have the genetic trait. There's an organization of these superhumans called the Orica Fighters, and I'm one of them! These entries tell you how my first Orica Fighters mission went.

“Don’t call me Reddie! You know I hate when you call me that.” Red Feather growled. “Get in and get out that’s your job, If you get spotted, play along.”

“Right... and if I do get caught-”

“What are you talking about? You always get caught Marty, and on purpose.”

I always intervened to make myself acknowledged, “well known” as you’d put it.

The dome Mike was training in was almost all glass. It was clear that some areas had been destroyed and had been replaced with steel. I could see Mike training with a robot/robotic suit. He was fast, jumping off the pillars that supported a walkway around the inside of the dome.

The robot was fast and missed but not by far. I inched closer and looked around the perimeter for a door or entryway to extract Mike. A steel vent was an opening just small enough for me to crawl through. I kicked in the grate and crouched only to hear a blast of some sort of gun, someone grunt and what sounded like bricks falling. “That sounded like a-”

Red Feather’s voice rang loudly in my ear. “OK something weird is going on here, I have surveillance in the dome but something is amplifying my signal.”

Amplifying the signal? Usually, there would be a signal blocking device not boosting. “That doesn’t sound right Red…”

I heard clicking and tacking of a keyboard and Red Feather muttering something under his breath “Ok, now you have eyes and ears in the dome.”

“How-” I asked.

“Pull your goggles down.” He is always interrupting me.

I pulled my goggles down and pulled up the security footage and instantly the footage was of a boy and a suit in mid-battle. The detail of the battle was astonishing. I could see the smallest pebble and the tiny cracks against the pillars. Mike lunged at the robot knocking the robot off balance as mike flew into a door floating a few inches off the ground. Was that there before? Inside was...space or what looked like space and a hallway of doors. Billions of doors.

“Holy cow!” I said astonished at the kid's power.

Mike vanished, the robot stood, its fist steaming ready to blow as it looked around for mike.

“Oh, I have to see this!” I froze time.

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