My Secret Zombie Life

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Once I was a regular, innocent human, until one day, a test tub broke in a lab. That turned me into a humified zombie. Now, I have to life a double life. That makes it a Secert Zombie Life.

Action / Horror
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My name is Eric. I'm not a normal human. I might look like a human, but I'm not a normal one. 15 years ago, I was doing this Science lab and one of the test tubs broke and the liquid inside of tub, spilled all over my hands. Hours later, my hair started to turn green and everyone stared at me. "Hey guys," I acted nervous, "Nothing happening here." Everyone stared at me for a second and then just continued their work. Today, I have to live a double life. Like, you see, half of my life, if being a human with green hair and red under my eyes. The other half, is when I get mad and anxious. Thats when I get humified zombie.

Living this life is harder then it seems. Especially being half zombie. Everyone makes fun of me. My teachers tell me that I'm not allowed to have green hair, I can't help it. Then, one day, they had enough and suspended me. I got kicked out of the school, just because of my hair. Now, my Mom homeschools me. I'm used to being homeschooled now, but my friends aren't used it, still. Its been 15 years since the accident and 14 since I got kicked out of school. I'm about to graduate homeschool in about a year. But yeah, I still can see my friends, but only when school gets out. But yesterday, something terrible happened.

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