Darkness of Damned

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On her seventeenth birthday, Katy Mitchell discovers something that would change her life forever: Her father is Lucifer, the Devil himself, and there is a war raging between Heaven and Hell, and on top of that, Hell is at war with itself. When Katy arrives in the Kingdom of Hell, she is immediately thrown into extensive training and battle. She quickly rises to the top of the ranks in Lucifer's army and wins nearly every fight she's in. But one fateful fight could be the end of her. With her and her boyfriend being kidnapped, and Lucifer being overthrown, she's doomed and everyone knows it. Everyone.

Action / Romance
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The year is 2001. A young man walked down the street, the dim lamps shining on his slicked back hair. His black eyes glinted with malicious intent, landing on a lady that was laughing with her friends. The perfect prey.

He walked up to the group, tapped the lady on the shoulder.

“Scuse me, ma’am. Might I have a moment of your time?” he asked politely. The woman blinked, startled.

“Uh...I suppose so.” She was baffled, trying to decipher why exactly this dapper man was asking her for her time.

“It’ll only be a minute or two, I promise,” the man said to the lady’s friends, then turned back to the lady. He pulled her far enough away from her friends that they were out of hearing range before speaking.

“My name is Lucifer.”

“Your- Your name is...Lucifer?” the woman asked, even more baffled than before. How could this handsome man be named after the infamous fallen angel?

“Yes. I assure you, I intend no harm. Just want to have some fun. Say, how about we go grab a drink?” he proposed, and the woman considered his offer.

“I suppose it’s not a terrible idea.” The woman was wary of the man. First, he had approached her, singled her out, and asked for a moment of her time. Second, he introduced himself with the same name as the first demon. But on the other hand, he was incredibly well put-together and handsome... How could he mean any harm?

“Delightful. This way?” He motioned to his left, to the nearest bar. The woman smiled, nodded, and the man led the way.

Seated at the bar, the man ordered two cocktails. He turned to the woman and grinned. “Might I ask your name?”

“Lacy. Lacy Mitchell. Might I ask your real name?” the woman laughed.

“You got me. My name’s Bradley. Bradley Stevenson. Who in their right mind would name their child Lucifer of all things?” the man asked, his smile playful, his eyes deceitful.

The pair talked for hours until the bar closed. The woman, Lacy, was quite intoxicated, while ‘Bradley’ wasn’t. He had learned nearly everything about her. It seemed that the drunker she got the more she talked.

Her favorite color was purple. She lost her virginity at age 17. Her favorite animal was the polar bear. Her favorite breed of dog is a shih tzu. Her longest relationship was 10 years, and he broke up with her the day before their wedding at age 25.

“Say, how about we go back to my place? You don’t seem fit to go home by yourself. I’ll nurse you, and then drive you home in the morning,” the man offered, holding out his hand. Lacy took his hand and they stood up, walking out of the bar hand in hand.

At Bradley’s house, he set Lacy up in his bed and left the room while she settled. When he entered again, Lacy was lounging on his bed, shirtless. He grinned. This was exactly what he had hoped for. Today was the perfect day for breeding, to birth the new Antichrist.

But little did he know, this particular child would not be what he was expecting.

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