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[SEQUEL TO BULLET AGENCY] The agents of the Bullet Agency are getting tired of the mission routine, they want a change... A life. The CEO permits them to live their passion as long as they play it undercover. But what if leading a double life is more of a challenge than a change? And what if more people who want to destroy them surge in their lives?

Action / Romance
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Prologue. Crash

“Love is meant to be an adventure.” Gordon B. Hinckley

The military aircraft was flying around the island for the hundredth time in the last two weeks in search of bodies and airplane debris. The agents were wearing their black suits with the white logo Bullet Agency that’s started to disappear because of dust and the blood of the victims from the crash.

The unfortunate passengers only wanted to spend nice holidays in the Maldives Islands, lie under the sun, enjoy the luxuries of the resorts and swim in the clear water, but they ended up spending their last moment, their last breath at the bottom of the ocean.

Keira sighed and looked around her, her friends and coworkers were getting tired, they haven’t been sleeping well for long days. The last time they laughed was during the latest party at the agency. Searching for the passengers in the endless waters and under the burning rays was exhausting but the most traumatizing thing was to retrieve their frozen corpses from under the sea, especially the children. Many agents cried and wanted to go back to the agency but William managed to comfort them and convince them that they were actually doing good because many people were afraid not to see their families anymore and not be able to bury them next to them, close to their hearts.

Keira looked at her hands and took off a glove to take a look at the jewel around her finger. She caressed the silver ring gently and a small smile appeared on her face. She looked up and saw the Black Tiger busy reading the list of the missing passengers. He grew a small beard during the last days spent in the tents without a bathroom.

Kayden felt her staring, he locked the tablet, lifted his head and rested his eyes on his beautiful fiance. He smiled to her and Keira could read on his lips I miss you. The young agent felt her cheeks warm up, she couldn’t understand how Kayden could still make her feel that way even if they’ve been together for a long time.

“Unit A to B, another one found.” the agents sighed after hearing the message coming from the agents in the submarine.

“It’s a lost cause.” said Vicky, running her fingers through her dark locks. “We only found three survivors, the rest are either dead or lost in the ocean.”

“I’m tired of this, we can’t keep searching for other weeks.” whined Jackson. “There are more than thirty passengers still missing, it’s going to take so long.”

William watched his agents complaining and sighing. They were exhausted and their faces looked pale because of the little food they had in the last two weeks. It wasn’t their hardest mission of course, they’ve known worse at the government attack and Jongdae’s time bomb but it was sure the most draining one they’ve been into.

“It’s our last day here guys, let’s finish it well.” he told them with a small smile. “The Intelligence Service only needed us for two weeks, that was the contract I signed with them. We’ll be back home tomorrow morning.”

The agents were too tired that they couldn’t even celebrate the good news. Their mind was full of plenty of things; good and bad ones. They felt bad for leaving the other passengers under the ocean and at the same time they were eager to go back to their dorms, sleep well and eat like there’s no tomorrow.

Vicky, who was sitting next to Keira, was watching her quietly caressing his ring. She smiled and placed her arm around her shoulders, “Guys, just think that we’ll be in Barcelona next week for the big day.”

The agents looked at Keira who was too shy to lift her head, they started laughing and wiggling their eyebrows while trying to annoy the Black Tiger who was ignoring them as he usually did.

“Nervous for the wedding?” Jackson asked Keira. “Just think that you’ll be spending the rest of your life with a tiger. You’re going to live a wild life my friend.” His friends burst out laughing while Keira was looking at them with disgust and Kayden was silently judging them and of course, killing them all in his mind.

“I heard felines go really hard during sex.” joked Jayden. “I’m afraid he’ll destroy you.” he pouted and looked at the other agents who couldn’t stop their laughter. William rolled his eyes and told Keira not to mind them and that they’re just children in adult bodies.

“You really are lost causes.” the boss said while shaking his head slowly. “People grow up and you’re just getting even more childish. You’re making me question my decision of taking you in my agency.”

Jayden raised an eyebrow, “Oh, really?” he crossed his arms and chuckled, “Don’t forget that I was the only one by your side at that time my dear Will. You were going to be the lost cause if it weren’t for me.”

“All you did was to annoy me with your cries and whines.” the CEO rolled his eyes and looked away.

“Look at him.” Jayden places a hand on his heart in a dramatic way and looked at his boyfriend, “See what he’s doing to me? He’s breaking my heart.”

Jackson pretended to throw something at his boss and put his arm around Jayden’s waist, “Your heart can’t be broken as long as I am the one holding it.”

The agents cringed at his words and started making weird noises. “Get a room!” they told the couple who ignored them because they were too busy staring at each other.

Keira chuckled and looked at her boyfriend who also thought they were funny. It felt good to escape reality for a moment and laugh with their friends. Stress and anxiety have been their only companions during that mission and they were in real need of some rest.

“Alright guys, the fun is going back home. It’s time to get to work now.”

“At least the fun is going back.” Jackson rolled his eyes. “Unlike us, poor agents of the Bullet Agency.”

William couldn’t help but chuckle. It was nearly impossible not to laugh at Jackson’s funny facial expressions.

“Tiger you’re in charge of the list, right?” the boss spoke to the calm agent. “I want you to add the names of the new found passengers. As usual, ask the doctors for their autopsy and fill the documents.” Kayden nodded and started getting ready to fly down.

“Diamond and V, you take the list from Tiger after he finishes and call Intelligence to give them the reports. They’ll be in charge of reaching the families. The rest, you accompany me.”

The agents stood up to put the harnesses around their torsos and waists, headgears without forgetting the glasses. The pilot made sure the aircraft is in position and signalled the agents to open the exit door. Everyone stood around Jackson and Jayden waiting for their daily spectacle. The couple has one sure thing in common, they’re afraid of heights. Skydiving was sure a challenge to them.

Going after bad politicians and killing people was like a child game to them, but falling from an aircraft was the death of them.

They had to be encouraged by the agents for a long moment before they finally took a breath and jumped together. The other men and women followed them soon after. Keira and Kayden were the last inside the vehicle. The Black Tiger held his fiance’s gloved hand and squeezed it tight. He knew Keira was also scared and trying so hard to look brave in front of him. He made sure her harness was well put and gave her a smile, “I can’t wait for you to be my wife angel.”

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