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A Life Left Behind

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Ashtyn gray grew up in her fathers gang his second in command at only 16. Well until a deal goes wrong. Her mother packs her up and moves her away to a small town, she has to live like a normal person what she hasn't been able to do, for her and her sisters, they all experience something different. But what happens when she meets and befriends an unlikely Allie? And what happens when someone shows up in town? Find out in 'A Life Left Behind"

Action / Romance
Abby Moon
4.6 25 reviews
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Chapter 1

All my life I've been told who I should be. What I should look like, and how I should act. My family is an example of all of our mess-ups. My father tried to get me right, so I didn't end up like him. That was who I remembered. My name is Ashtyn Gray, but you'd only know me as one person. Lein Gray's daughter, a person out to do my father's dirty work. My father had trained me to be like him. Only better, and successful.

My family was growing apart. We use to get along so well. My sisters and I were so close. Us three connected at the hip as we all had shared a womb once. Anna, Renee, and I were the Gray triplet. Though they had grown apart from the gang in the last few years. But I had remained still an active part.

But over the years I began to take on little side jobs, getting cash for myself, even though mom would always offer some to me. The thing was I always enjoyed the adrenaline rush. But the last straw came when I had a close brush with death, the gun was pointed right at my head. And I had nearly died.

I woke up only three days later, he had shot me in the back after I knocked him to the ground. My mother, sister's and I left the day I got out of the hospital, against my will. I knew what I was doing was dangerous, but at least I knew how to take care of myself. Instead of pretending everything was fine, and not that I had a target on my back. I stared at myself in the mirror of our hotel room, the light dim as the light flickered. My hair was a dark brown with highlights of blonde. My eyes a blue, only it was a blue of the deepest sea. I wore a leather Jacket from my father, one of the only things I got to keep from him. A white top underneath it, I wasn't very tall, but I used it to my advantage.

People think of me as weak, but I can press twice my weight. I wore black jeans and brown boots. I ran my hand through my long hair, it settled down back at the middle of my waist. I opened the door harshly, we were just about to leave again. My mother had a plan, I think. Go halfway across the country to leave behind my life. It was summer, the perfect time to move. After all school had to start again and all I knew is that senior year was gonna be a living hell.

Mom had a town in place, but she kept it secret, and now I know why. She didn't want anyone to tell dad. We were in a small town in Minnesota, Kenda. The population was a little above three thousand. I had always lived in the city, and now I was in a town of three thousand people. I laughed a little from the thought of it.

That earned me a glare from my sister, Renee. Seeming as I had barely spoken since we started this little adventure of a new world. I glared at her as she did to me. Mom pulled up to a small two-story house.

A light gray covered the outside of the house, the porch was a dark brown, and the grass a new green. A sold sign in front of the house. It seems I may have overestimated how much my mother planned this.

My mother, a woman in her late forties with dark brown hair and hazel eyes, helped me out of the car. Bags laid under her eyes, she had been driving almost the whole way here besides when one of us would take over. I leaned against the stick my doctor had given me. The bullet had nearly hit my spine so I had to release pressure on one of my legs for a little while. I was growing more comfortable but my sisters remained their distance. Seeming as I had hit Anne with it the last time. Mom helped me up the stairs and into the house, and to my surprise it was fully furnished.

"I had movers come in here, you each have a room to yourselves upstairs well mine is downstairs." My mom said.

No pictures hung on the walls for the reason that I hated my picture being taken. A large white sofa was in the living room, with a TV hung up on the wall. My sister's stared at it in awe. The kitchen just right around the corner had a stainless steel stove and fridge.

Anne, the second oldest, had light blonde hair with her natural brown hair coming at the top. her hair was at her shoulders as she wore a blue blouse and a white skirt. Well Renee wore her brown hair in a ponytail, and wore a sweatshirt and shorts. It seems right as we had been in the car for over nine hours. But still, Anne wanted to find someone for her life. I don't know who would want to have us as a family though.

"Renee and Anne, you both will have to share a bathroom, and Ash, you have your own as an en-suite." I started up the stairs, slowly.

as I made it to the top I found five doors. My mom came up close behind me.

"This one's yours honey." She said softly pushing back a door and revealing a plain bedroom. The walls a light blue and the bed a matching color. I smiled to her as she shut the door, I sat on the bed, before getting back up to see out the window.

So this was my New Town...

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