Raven II

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27. Too Much


His fingers dug into my waist, while his other hand gently lingered on my shoulder. I could, much to my embarrassment, hear my own breathing. It came out in heavy pants and I twisted my fingers together, nervous, excited, sad and worried all at the same time.

My stomach turned and flipped, unable to decide on which emotion to focus on. I felt too much, saw too many things flash in my head. I had anticipated so much while I was gone, but I still stood here, completely unaware, completely unsure on what to say or do.

"Aria." His voice was soft, hungry and desperate.

My eyes ran circles in the room before landing on his with the final battle won in my head. I would let him, and let myself. I couldn't be sure if I would regret it later, but at least I'm sure I won't regret it now. Not with him in front of me, holding the way he is, looking at me the way he is.

I could feel my lips tingle as they sat patiently between my legs, and I knew then that there was no turning back from the decision my body had already made. With a slow exhale, I placed my hands on his shoulders, loving the feeling of his muscles under the tips of my nails.

There were nights, weeks ago, months ago, where I would lay in bed alone, thinking of the feeling of being made love to. A blush creeped up my face when I suddenly felt my now drenched panties stick to my lips, the breeze hitting my thighs delicately.

"I-I haven't done this in so long." I whispered. He had been the only man I had ever been with, and what little experience I gained with him, I felt as if I lost it all. My stomach continued to be a nervous wreck, though now it was also pulled down by a heavy weight that stopped right between my legs.

A slow exhale left his lips, and I closed my eyes, letting the fan of his breath flow through the skin on my face. He smelled so good. A small vibration made its way through my lips and I leaned my forehead on his, feeling his body tense beneath my touch.

I wondered then, if he had been touched by another while I was gone. If he wrestled through limbs and sheets while his body writhed in ecstasy. The thought alone brought a sharp pain through my chest, but I scrunched my eyes shut, pushing the thought to the lowest depths of my mind.

In a desperate and quick move, I pressed my lips against his, letting my tongue wrap itself around his lips. Letting it play with the line that marked the outside of him from the inside. A low grunt knocked on the doors of his lips, begging me to let it out, but instead I moved my legs until they wrapped around his waist and my ass sat perfectly on his legs.

Another flush of embarrassment flooded me when the scent of my arousal sparked in my nose, and Dastan inhaled sharply while his lips moved in waves against mine. I pulled away, letting my teeth scrape against his wet skin and I locked my eyes on my hands that were now flat against his chest.

"I was wrong before." He broke the silence, his voice sounding as if it wall fall apart into millions of little pebbles. I looked up at him, not ignoring the hungry look in his dark eyes, frowning in question. What had he been wrong about? "You don't smell different."

"Oh." The small gasp left my lips and I wanted to get off of him. I needed room to breathe, I needed the cool breeze to dry off the sticky substance that sat eagerly between my legs. But I couldn't move.

His arm sat heavily around my waist as he pulled me toward him, pressing me against the erection that sat between us. He groaned, his lips landing on my shoulders, his teeth grazing my skin as he balanced himself on the bed with his open palm. His other arm around my waist pushed and pulled me, rubbing my arousal all over him.

The butterflies that flew in my stomach now found a home in the cave between my legs, waiting to welcome a guest after being alone for so long. I threw my head back, my eyes shut tightly and I moaned. Shocks ran through my body in waves of goosebumps and I lost all control of my breathing. My neck ached from throwing my head so far back, but the pleasure was too much and I needed some form of relief.

I leaned forward, pressing my palms on his chest while my lips sat between his again. My body didn't care, didn't care how I looked, didn't care how messy we looked, it just wanted release. I ran my fingers through his hair, as he let himself fall back until he laid flat on the mattress. My lips ate his, my tongue flapping around his lips, his cheeks, his eyes sockets. I ran the top of it across his scars as his fingers caged my hips and moved me up and down his thick length.

I could feel my clit make an appearance, finally bold enough to peak out of my lips, reveling in the friction the fabric and his length offered. I moaned deep in my throat, unlatching the messy kiss and sitting up straight while I tried to rein in the pleasure that almost fell like pain.

Dastan growled beneath me, grabbing my hips forcefully and shoving me until I laid flat on my back. I could hardly see him through my hooded eyes but he stood, his body visible through the valley between my breasts as they heaved up and down.

He quickly and dramatically ripped his shirt off, his muscles and scars meeting my gaze. I threw my head back, letting my forehead touch the fabric on the bed. I wanted to come. I wanted to feel my legs shake, I wanted to tire my body out. I wanted everything I had missed out on.

His breath fanned the inside of my thighs, but I refused to move. I didn't want to see him, I wanted to experience his touch without the distraction of my other senses. His fingers grazed my skin as he hooked the last barrier and pulled it down my legs.

I squealed, the anticipation killing me, my heart pounding like a hammer against my chest. I jumped softly when he began to blow against my skin, the air feeling cool against the slick layer of natural lube that covered me entirely.

His fingers parted my lips, opening them until I knew he could see everything. Seconds passed. "Dastan, please." I ached for his touch, "Please."

Minutes passed.

In a huff, desperation fueling me, I sat up on my elbows, looking down to the man that sat between my legs, the man that seemed to refuse to pleasure me. I looked down at his dark eyes, and the moment his eyes recognized mine, his tongue pressed hard against my clit.

I fell back, moaning as my fingers wrapped around the covers. His arms wrapped tightly around my legs and he pulled me closer to his face, burying his lips and chin in my folds. I loved how easily his skin glided against mine, how loud the sounds of him slurping my wetness were.

It was too much. His tongue on my pearl was too much, his chin pressed against my entrance was too much. But I followed his perfect lead, letting my hips rise and fall against him. His shoulders shifted between my trembling legs, they had settled themselves on his shoulders, little by little closing onto his head.

It was becoming harder and harder to keep my legs open. Though I wanted to, the vulnerability of leaving myself as open as possible shot a delectable wave through my body.

But I couldn't, it was too much.

It was a painful, a deliciously painful pit in my stomach that grew and grew at his touch. It burned, it felt like it was trying to crawl out of me, to scream and let the world know of it existence.

His hand pressed against the inside of my thigh pushing my legs apart. A warmth began to spread on my folds, and suddenly I felt his fingers pushing against my tight entrance. It had been too long since anything had been inside me.

My cunt was desperate, and it immediately sucked his fingers in, keeping them trapped in her pulsing insides. I moaned louder, letting my body take over, letting myself feel every knuckle, every nail of his fingers that twisted and turned inside me.

My moan grew into a high pitched squeal and my hands grabbed the crown of his head, my fingers wrapping around his locks. My legs trembled, my knees falling back onto my chest as I let my back arch and my head fall back in a painful moan. Goosebumps flooded my skin while my insides pulsed convulsively around his fingers.

His tongue left my lower lips and he moved to slowly take his fingers out of me, but I sat up quickly, holding his wrist in place. I was a panting mess, I was sure my cheeks were a bloody red, but I wanted to feel all of it.

I shook my head, keeping his fingers inside me, digging my fingers into his wrist. His eyes watched me hungrily, and his glistening lips parted, I was sure he could still feel me pulse around his fingers. It had been years since my last orgasm, and I was almost sure this would last forever.

We sat there in silence, my eyes focused on the bottom of his face, which glistened with my wetness and only the sound of our breathing filling the room. My cunt, with a mind of its own, eventually decided she was done. The pulsing slowed down and I finally found the courage to pull his wrist back, letting his fingers slide out of me with a sloppy, wet sound.
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