Raven II

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28. I Love You


His dark eyes moved around my face, they weren't soft, nor sweet. They were hungry, hardened, sharp. His palm rested against my chest, pushing me down flat on the bed, there was the sound of his clothes as he wrestled his pants off. Again, the hunger in my body came to life.

Warmth spread between my legs and I was more than anxious to begin the ritual of our pleasure, combined, as our bodies would be. My cheeks flushed, just moments ago I was eagerly seeking my pleasure, and now the thought of him burying himself inside me, made me weak.

I was brought out of my thoughts when his warm body softly pressed against mine. His chest against mine, his legs entangled with mine, and his hardness pressed right at the apex of my legs. My eyes looked on his as his elbows, at the side of my face, perched him up.

"You have no idea how much I have longed for this moment." His eyes traced my face, moving down to my chest and back up to my eyes, "You're fucking beautiful, Aria." He growled, slowly rocking his body harder onto mine. I shuddered, my lips trembling in anticipation.

He shifted all of his weight on one arm, while the other wrapped under my knee, bringing my leg up, opening the space for him to lay perfectly on me. My hands shot up to his shoulders, my nails finding their previous marks.

A long, soft moan escaped his lips as the sat on my earlobe. He pressed against my slit, and my skin prickled deliciously. It was my turn to moan then, shivering in delight as he slowly buried himself right were he belonged. It had been years, and still my body reacted as if it was the only normal, constant thing it knew.

I pressed my lips agains his cheek, feeling the light coat of sweat that began to from on his skin. Every inch of him, I could feel. My walls got to know him intimately again. Every stroke, allowing my body to welcome him with more intensity. My breath began to leave me as he rocked, the entire bed shaking under us from the movement of our bodies. I was tingling like crazy, the pleasure from my climax coming back to life at the caress of his skin on mine.

I tried to hold in my moans in my throat, spreading my legs further so he could know just how much I was enjoying this, just how welcome he was to make himself at home in my warm tunnel. I was loving it. It felt so perfect. He felt so perfect.

He pulled away, removing his lips form my ear and pressed them softly on my lips while his and my eyes remained open. We studied each other, loving the look of satisfaction, of building pleasure in our eyes. There was a storm that reflected on his eyes, and I know mirrored it in mine.

"I love you." He breathed.

I shuddered, and I was sure that my entire body flushed, "I-I love you." I softly cried out, tightening my hold on his shoulders. My heart fluttered, he was physically and emotionally satisfying me, leaving me breathless, light headed and shivering in pleasure.

With a string of quiet grunts, he picked up his pace, the slapping of our skin increasing in volume and speed. His hands wrapped round my waist pulling me against him, increasing the force with which our bodies collided. Jolts of pleasure exploded on my skin and I love the way he reacted to me. I mewled out small moans, shaking my head as my eyebrows furrowed.

"I love you." He shuddered, more desperately this time, moving his lips to mine, fucking my mouth just as he was fucking my cunt. I wrapped my legs around him, tighter, only able to answer him with a desperate nod.

Breaths escaped my lips in dramatic, short pants, and my arms wrapped around his chest, letting my nails dig into his back. "Yes." I moaned, arching my back when his fingers found my hidden pearl. He circled my clit, increasing the waves of pleasure in my body, "Fuck, yes."

He lifted up his body from mine, standing at the edge of the bed, while her remained inside me. It was then when he began to lose control of the rhythm he had perfectly created. His eyebrows grew heavy on his eyes and the light reflected off the sweat on his forehead.

His thumb remained pressed against my clit, his other hand wrapped around my ankle, keeping my legs wide apart so he could drill into me with no obstruction. My fingers held on tightly to the sheets; I was trying desperately to find something to ground me to reality.

He grunted chaotically, his hips increasing in erratic pace. His lips lifted up in an anguished scowl. "Inside?" He questioned, the vein in his forehead pulsing as he looked down at me.

I nodded frantically, I wanted to feel his warm release inside me. "Inside." I confirmed.

His grunts matched his breaths, and his pace quickened. It was a mess. Control, patience and softness completely uninvited to this moment. A loud growl left his lips as he froze, crouching over, placing his forehead on my chest.

He pulsed, releasing an almost endless stream of cum into me. We breathed heavily together, until he slowly began to pull himself out, peppering kisses on my nipples, on my neck and finally on my lips.

"I love you." He whispered, wrapping his arms around my waist to pull me up to lay my head on the pillow.

"I love you." I responded, warmth spreading though my chest. He wrapped his arm around my waist, laying behind me with his lips on my shoulder. His fingers crawled down my skin, digging themselves between my lips until they caressed my bundle of nerves.

I moaned, throwing my head back, letting his lips find their way to my neck. His fingers left my folds so he could use his hand to push my leg back, wrapping it around his leg. It opened me up, letting the cum he had carefully placed inside me, leak out onto my thighs.

"Dastan." I groaned impatiently, his fingers dipping themselves in my slit, cupping the precious liquid he buried in me like a treasure. He coated my bundle with his salty release, and teased me relentlessly. "Dastan." I pleaded, wanting him to quicken the place.

"Shhh." Whispered. His pace never quickened, and his fingers circled my nub slowly, my pleasure increasing at a slowly, painfully slowly, place. My chest began to convulse, my back slapping against his chest. "Right there, baby." His breathe wrapped around my ear.

It was then when he finally began to quicken the pace of his fingers, to strengthen the force of his wrist. I whined excitedly, writhing in his hold, clutching the pillow in my fists. My legs began to slightly tremble, and as his fingers continued to move expertly, they began to shake violently.

"Ahh!" I shouted, my hand wrapping around his wrist, taking in the wave of my climax as it rippled through my skin.

"That's it, baby." He whispered, and I nodded, too tired to do anything else. I only felt his lips on my shoulder, and his tongue as he sucked, no doubt leaving a mark to remind us of tonight.

And with that, my breathing slowed down and dreams took over my vision.

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