Raven II

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3. Enough


I looked between my...well, the King and Queen and Jakko. A waterfall of blood spilled down into a puddle on the ground. I ripped half of the sleeve from my sweater and bunched it up. I pushed it up against his nose and he smiled at me, wincing in pain. I glared at him as he grabbed the cloth from my fingers.

"What in the world is going on?" I signed, furrowing my eyebrows. I had turned completely away from Zenon and Adelaide and began leading Jakko to a chair in the dining room.

He rolled his eyes, "They want to talk to you." His voice was muffled behind the sleeve. I looked over my shoulder and looked at them, they had followed us in and looked around the room disapprovingly.

Adelaide sat down on one of the chairs with a look of disgust. She moved her finger through her dress as she did so, as if everything was covered in a dust she had to avoid. "I cannot believe you left the palace for this." A snarl grew on her lips as she continued to look around. Zenon still stood and glared angrily Jakko.

I shook my head and locked eyes with Jakko, "I don't want to talk to them."

"That's what I told them, but they don't fucking listen." He mumbled and shrugged.

"What is she saying?" Zenon growled.

Jakko threw the sleeve on the ground and cracked his nose back in place, grunting as he did so. He stood up quickly, his hands in fists and stood inches from Zenon, "She said: Get the fuck out." He enunciated every word.

I shook my head and stood between them, "Stop agitating them." I signed angrily, "Will you translate?...Accurately?" He rolled his eyes but nodded nonetheless. I turned to face them both ans sighed, "There is not much I want to say to you, nor that I want to hear from you." Jakko spoke as I signed, "Maybe you did think you were doing the best thing by sending me to a realm that tortured me." Their eyes opened wide, "But I can't look at you in your plushy chairs and expensive clothes while I am eaten alive by the nightmares that haunt me. I have survived this long without you. I do not need you, nor want you." I wiped the tears that had fallen down my cheeks and stumbled out of the room.

I heard the commotion behind me but I didn't stop. I ran up to our room and threw my body on the bed, sobbing into the sheets. A few minutes later, I heard the door open and the heaviness of Jakko's footsteps on the floor. His shadow grew as he approached me and I felt his arms wrap me up in a tight hug. I clung on to him like a child and buried my face into his chest, the tears stopped. I leaned back a few inches and looked up at him.

He was smiling as he looked at me, "Are you okay?" His throat vibrated.

"Was I too mean?" I signed and scooted off of his lap, sitting on the bed with my legs crossed.

He shrugged, running his hand through my hair, "I don't think so." He curled a strand of my hair behind my ear and lifted my chin up with his fingers as they curled down my jaw, "I think you were too nice." I rolled my eyes and smiled, "You had every right, love."

He leaned in kissed my cheek, making my smile deepen. He smiled back and kissed my cheek again, slowly moving toward my lips. The warmth spread through my face and down my chest, I couldn't stop my body as it leaned into his lips. I saw it. I saw the hope that lit up his eyes when he looked at me and leaned in, facing his lips to mine. But I panicked. So I also saw the defeat that darkened his face when I pulled back and climbed off the bed on the other side.

"Dastan." I signed in a rush, trying to calm my beating heart.

He swallowed the lump in his throat, but remained seated on the bed. There was a glint in his eyes, giving away the fact that he wanted to cry and his jaw tensed. He nodded but looked away from me and glued his eyes to the ground.

I felt selfish. Selfish for holding on to the smallest and faintest memory of a man that I had not seen in years. Turning away from a man that constantly provided warmth and understanding. I had never admitted to myself that I love Jakko. Never let the thought completely finish in my head, never whispered the thought when I would be alone with my secrets.

I held on. To Dastan.

What if we didn't go back home? What if we stayed here? Dastan probably moved on already. Not to even mention the fact that I am not the same person I was when we were separated so long ago. Maybe with a little more time I could admit to myself and out loud that Jakko...he was enough.

I took a few steps toward him to ease the frown that caressed his features, but our time was cut short when Thijs ran into the room, "They've sent the Royal Guard for you, Aria." He heaved. Sarn ran in as well, fear etched on his face.

"Aria, Jakko, we must leave now. They will not let you leave." I looked between the three of them before I moved to the closet and grabbed a cloak for me and one for Jakko.

"The less we pack the better, we have got to move. Now." Thijs nodded and I went to hand Jakko his cloak. He took it without even looking up at me and stood abruptly.

He walked toward the door, following behind Thijs and Sarn. I reached for his arm, to communicate some sort of apology, but he shook his arm out of my hold and sped up in front of them.

I looked down at the ground, my heart screaming for the warmth it receives from his touch and his eyes. When I looked back up, Sarn was looking at me with a worried frown and stuck out his elbow for me to take. I smiled sadly and took his arm as we sped off, out of the building.

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