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Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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As Alpha Black's health continue to fall into a downward spiral and Leon's former pack slowly returning to his side Marcus continues to cause mayhem but as Ashely digs into past his past she realize Marcus is more than the monster he claims to be

Action / Romance
Tiffany B.
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Face to Face

POV: Leon

After dinner, we were finally heading back home that little cabin was transformed into a small house in the forest just perfectly set away from the annoyance of the small city just the way we liked it being surrounded by the sounds of nature freely roaming around and playing throughout the day, making love under the stars almost every night. I couldn’t help but think this was the type of life I was meant to live until days pass the males of my former pack slowly started falling in one by one. Weeks passed into the early fall, and the crowd was doing nothing but getting bigger and bigger after a while. Ashely’s good nature started kicking in, but I kept myself locked in our bedroom and in my internal-conflict.

Can I really trust them after they betrayed me so easily?

I asked myself that every single morning while staring at them from my second-floor window while Ashely would be passing out food water, extra blankets, and even medicine if they needed it. I swear that beautiful woman is a gift from the heavens; meanwhile, I couldn’t help but stay locked up in my own home to avoid them, my once-beloved family.

“When are you ever going to come out of hiding, Leo?” She asked pulling out a huge pot and a few cooking tools

“I don’t know. The timing of it all just doesn’t feel right,” I said

“Well they need a leader, and they realized their mistake, just come outside and talk to them,” She said filling up the pot with water and setting on the stove cutting on the flame

“You know you don’t have to do anything for them. As a matter of fact, they’re actually trespassing on private property,” I said

“And what the hell are you going to do about it? Call the cops? If it weren’t for me pulling you out of bed you’d just stay in the room all day,” She replied setting up another pot and trying to reach for something off the top shelf

“Like I said I don’t trust it, just cause Anton ran them out that doesn’t mean they should come crawling back to me,” I said trying my hardest not to fully stare so I could stay focus

“I know you’re staring; you always stare. I honestly think that’s why you put shit up this high. Stop staring at my ass and thinking with your dick for like twenty minutes, and I’ll give you something to look at later,” She said as I turned around, facing away from her to actually focus, “Good lion. Now the reason they came ‘crawling back to you’ is because they know exactly who they should be following. You may not be able to see it since you’ve been your own, but they need you, and it shows just in their eyes how much they regret their decision, just come outside with me to give them some food and you’ll see what I mean,” She said

“Wait. Are you making the spaghetti that we were going to eat tonight?” I asked

“They have to eat something babe, and if I find one more dead squirrel bird or fucking deer carcass near our trash can again I’m going to vomit,” She said

“Oh Come On! Italian Tuesdays are our thing they can’t take that from me too,” I whined out

“Sorry, love. I’ll make it up to you, I promise,” She said

“Yeah, you are right now,” I said walking over standing behind her

“Wh...what are you doing?” She asked trying to focus on cooking

“If I can’t have my main course then I’m doubling down on the desert,” I said sliding my hand down her shorts

“Meaning?” She asked with a light gasp

“Just focus on the cooking and try not to lose your shit,” I said teasing her

It didn’t take long for her hips to start moving and her legs to open up a little more allowing my fingers inside, “Leo,” She moaned a little

“Focus love,” I said nibbling her neck while I slowly moved my fingers in and out

Damn, she’s soaked already! Fuck going out to eat at some restaurant. I should eat her out more often.

I pulled down her shorts a little bit more and pulled her one of her legs closer to me. She damn near slipped over the stovetop, trying to focus on keeping the tomato sauce from overheating into a pasty mess. I added another finger inside, which was a first since I never thought about using three before, at least not with her, but her reaction was more than enough to say she liked it.

“Fuuuucccckkk,” She moaned out rolling her eyes and leaning her head back on my shoulder

“Focus love, you don’t want a rubbery sauce now, do you?” I asked

“What sauce?” She asked to busy enjoying herself to care

I tilted her head towards me with my free hand now that her leg was acting on its’ own latching around my waist for a passionate lingering kiss warping my tongue around hers only made her yarn for another taste when I pulled away and made her look at the tomato sauce start to boil in the pot. I moved my hand for only a second as some sanity was brought back into her. Her shorts still hanging off her ass as she lightly pushed me away to lower the heat on the sauce and looked over at the now boiling water.

“Spaghetti. Spaghetti. Spaghetti. Damn it! Where are those damn spaghetti noo..dles?” She asked before noticing it was on the high shelf she couldn’t reach

I smiled, sitting down on the counter right underneath them, so if she climbed on the same countertop, she’d be perfectly aligned to my face. Where I’d gladly clean up the mess she made. It was just too perfect not to do.

“Well...are you going to get them or what?” I taunted sucking my last finger clean

“Only if you thought like this when it came to literally anything else,” She said

“You’re the one who still has their shorts hanging off their ass and the fact you don’t have on panties just means you wanted it more,” I said

“You’re a psycho,” She said

“We all have to eat,” I said shrugging it off

I’d never let her fall, but I have to admit it was funny as hell watching her trying to keep her balance while enjoying the feel of my tongue inside her before I put my arm around her waist. Her claws dug into the shelf for support while I just couldn’t help myself but feast off her slapping her ass, demanding more from her. I knew I was doing too much when I heard the boxes of noodles fall on the floor.

“Goddamn It, Leo! More!” She yelled out

“You want more? Jump off the counter,” I said

Without a second thought, she hopped off the counter, landing in my arms her legs warped around my waist and her arms placed over my shoulders while I walked over to sit her down on the counter beside the sink, “More. I want more,” She whispered in my ear

“You know the water is over boiling, right?” I asked

“MOVE!” She shouted, realizing that she forgot all about the pasta pushing me out of the way so she could scramble to everything done, “You’re enjoying this way too much. You just love seeing me squirm, are you ever going to stop?” She asked

“That depends, did you come? Because last time I checked nothing isn’t over until you start singing,” I replied with my arms around her once more

“So much for making everyone lunch by the time I get done, I’ll have to serve this as dinner,” She said

“They get my dinner, but I keep my dessert so, I win!” I happily said

“Only if you come outside with me,” She said

“Fine but for now you are coming down with me,” I said

I basically tackled her on the floor, and I just couldn’t help myself. I’m hopelessly addicted to the woman. After turning off the stove and completely turning her on, everything was a mixer of moans groans and pleasure. Somehow I felt so good afterward I just went full retard carrying her over my shoulder, slapping her ass like a drum while chanting, “I love my girl,” all the way to the master bathroom. A shower for me while she soaked in the tub after a change of clothes, she went to gather up everything having me carrying the food while she led the way outside. There was a table set up, and everybody was wandering around until they saw us.

“Come And Get It!” She yelled

One by one, they walked past me, grabbing their small portion of food careful not to look me in the eye. They said nothing other than a thank you as they walked away into their small tents they brought with them or found a decent spot out in the open on a tree branch. Eventually, I walked around; they seemed so lost and confused and hurt, but mostly they looked tired. I didn’t know what to feel until one person said it, “Sorry,”

I looked around, trying to figure out who said it, but everybody looked apologetic staring at the ground or at there empty bowls, “Who said that?” I asked

“I did,” A man with red hair, pale skin, and dark brown eyes stood up. He looked around in his mid or late-thirties, it was hard to tell due to his woodsmen like bread covering his face. His tared up black and red flannel shirt and holy black jeans seem to match his hopeless outlook, “You may not even remember me, but I was there not in the mob, but I didn’t say anything either. I didn’t do anything to help you; instead, I hid in the background and...I’m sorry,” He said

“Wh...what’s your name?” I asked

“My name is Roger Miller. I had a family at least at first until working for Anton drove them away. I couldn’t be there when they needed me, my wife at the time said our daughter needed her father but every single day. I’d come in early leave late I took to drinking to ease my stress, and there was an incident one night. She took our daughter and ran for her life to her parents. I’m sorry that it took me this long to realize I could’ve said something to stop what happened, and for that, I am deeply sorry. I...I miss them so much, but I know I won’t be able to see them unless Anton is out of power. We can’t go on like this, none of us. Please reconsider coming back because we need you. We need our Alpha back,” He said

I looked around to see everybody nodding their heads in agreement or frozen still overcome with guilt to respond. I had to think of something, but for the first time in what felt like forever, my dad popped up in my head, “No matter what happens, you will always be connected to those who need you. The pack may turn against you or continue to praise you, but when it’s all said and done if they need you then they’ll always seek you out to guild you back home,” His words came through, and I looked at the faces of my once beloved pack being deterred into a horrid shadow of its former self it was clear I had to go back but would it be that easy?

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