Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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The Feast

POV: Ashely


“LEO! Leo Stop It. You don’t have to carry me around anymore,” I said trying to escape his obsessive need to have me on or near him at all times

“Come On, Babe! It’s only been four weeks!” He shouted chasing me

“Yes! Four Weeks! And you act like I’m still injured, but I’m not! I’m fine!” I said running away from him

“Awwww, come on! We have to get ready for dinner at Black’s, remember?” He asked chasing me around the house

“Yeah, I know, but can you loosen up just a little?” I asked running around the table using it to block him off

“Okay. Sorry, it’s just I almost lost you and...” He started

“I know. I know. I took a huge risk with that one, but I don’t regret it. Now that it’s all over, I never felt better. I can let him go and move on with my life. With our life,” I said walking towards him and holding out my hand

Leon smiled, taking my hand into his, “Tomorrow night. Are you sure you want to do it then?” He asked

“Well, why not?” I asked

“Lunar Eclipses' are dangerous. We have no control what so ever it’s nothing but the wolf and instinct, babe our subconscious will be hidden away. At least during a full moon, we get some idea of what happens and some form of control, but during nights like tomorrow, nothing is off-limits. And I do mean absolutely nothing,” He said

“Well that’s good since we won’t be able to force anything and if we’re not meant to be then we’ll know for sure,” I said glancing away

Leon tilted my head towards him and stroked my cheek with his thumb, “Mine. Bond or not,” He said

“I don’t want you to end up like him, not after everything that happened. Just know I will always love you regardless of the bond,” I said

I was pulled into his grip for like for the eighty time today. Still, it was comforting being in his arms. My ear against his racing heartbeat his head on top my mine the way he’d gently rock me without even noticing. So warm inviting and loving my doubts made me chose a day where I didn’t have a choice in the matter. It would be entirely out of my control. Now I see how and why Marcus would force a bond. This feeling we had for one another was just addictive and too strong to stop. He lifted my head, and the fire that was burning in his eyes was undeniable lust as he licked his lips, “We have to get ready for dinner,” I said

“I rather go straight to dessert,” He said with an evil smirk on his face

“Leo, behave,” I said as he growled under his breath

“Mine,” He said lifting me warping my legs around his waist

Even though his jeans, I feel him hard as stone grinding against me, “Le...Leo,” I started before noticing a different look in his eyes; it was more intense, more hungry like a wild animal, “...Al?” I asked

That smirk turned into a smile, and that growl under his voice grew a little bit louder before he looked at my neck. Without a second to even think about it, he was already sinking his teeth in me, it hurt like hell and it turned me on. When he pulled away that smile was still on his face staring at me like a starved beast, “Mine,” He softly said laying his head on mine

“Mine,” I repeated, staring in his eyes, “But can you put me down, please?” I asked

His eyes grew softer as he lightly shook his head, “Sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” He said carefully putting me down

A blushed formed on my face, “It’’s okay ummm we should go get ready,” I said

“Wait. Your neck,” He said, looking at it, “Did I?” He asked

“I can’t wait for tomorrow especially if this is how Al feels,” I said

When we got to the packhouse, everything felt different. Not in a bad way, but it felt reborn and renewed, notably since Uncle Ty’s health improved. He had way more energy then he should, and he was happier with everyone around him. He had to admit that sacrificing himself wasn’t going to do anything but make things worse. But now with a new lease on life he made it up to Miley, he got to know Trevor better eventually coming to accept him just as much as Miley did he didn’t take anyone for granted and as for our relationship.

“Uncle Ty, you’re crushing me,” I barely said

His bear hugs were unbelievably tight. The only possible way I could describe it is. I was a rolled-up toothpaste with barely anything left inside; meanwhile, he was hammer squeezing more out of me as I could hardly breathe. “Welcome back home, Ashely,” He said finally losing his grip to put me down

“I’m not as fragile as I used to be, but I thought if you’d squeeze any harder my bones would start breaking,” I said

A full, rich hardy laugh come from him, and a warm, inviting smile formed on his face, “Welcome back Nephew,” He said

“Good to be back, Sir,” Leon said

“Sir? After tomorrow night you might as well call me Uncle too,” He said

“How did you know about...?” I started to ask

“Who else, but your sister,” He interrupted

“I didn’t want you to know until after. She and her big mouth. Where is she?” I asked

He pointed inside, and while I went hunting down one of my two sisters. I glanced back at Uncle Ty put his arm over Leon’s shoulders, telling him something. The house had a new look a more warm and open feel to it that would draw anybody inside. I looked around everywhere for her, even running into Danny in the gym. After a few weeks of training with Leon and Rico, Danny became somewhat of a gym nut, definitely an upgrade from the little boy I met over a year ago. I went outside processing how much has changed since I first met Leon over a year ago.

“Hey, Cuzo! Are you going to pull up a chair or what?” Miley asked

“I’ll take or what since you told your dad about the run,” I said

“Wuuuut? I didn’t say a word despite how much better my relationship with my dad has been getting. You better ask your other sister,” She said

“Where is she anyway?” I asked grabbing a seat

“Probably watching Rico beat the shit out of one of the new guys or running, you know she needs a distraction from screwing around with the man. To be honest, I don’t see how he does it? It’s been months, and I’m glad he’s not setting fires anymore, but what the hell is he doing to keep clam?” She asked out loud

“He’s a guy, so....” I stated

“Yeah but beating off isn’t all that satisfying when you’re starving for something more,” She said gritting her teeth

“Having this whole wait it out thing was your idea, you better not be backing out,” I said

“I didn’t think it’d be this hard to avoid screwing around. Trevor has been staring at me like a piece of meat, and it’s driving my senses crazy. Not to mention what the full moon has been doing to me, one-touch from the man and I’m melting like, I gave up on underwear days ago,” She said

“You’re joking, right?” I asked

“Bitch. Does it look like I’m joking?” She asked

Her expression was as cold as ice, “A little bit. Yeah actually,” I answered with a nod

“Get the hell out of here, stupid,” She said with a slight giggle

“Once again. This was your idea to hold off on sex until the Lunar Eclipse that’s happening tomorrow. You’re doing great just a few more hours and you and Trevor can go at like the wild animals you are,” I said

“Aman To That Sister!” Jazz yelled, walking up, “What’s up? Did I miss anything?” She asked sitting down wiping her face with a towel

“Do I even want to know where have you been?” I asked

“I can’t go for a run without being questioned?” She asked, placing her hand on chest gasping for air, “I am offended! I am attacked! I am....” She started

“A hoe. Well former one but still,” I said

“Speaking of being a hoe, how’s Leon?” She asked

“He’s fine, but question....what do you got planned for Rico?” I asked

“Oh nothing really,” Jazz said while Miley and I shot each other a glance before staring at Jazz

“Bull Shit!” We both shouted

“I’m serious!” Jazz said

“Yeah. Okay,” Miley said before leaning closer to me, “Twenty bucks says she ends up with a pup before either one of us,” She mumbled loud enough for Jazz to hear

“You guys are some bitches, but you’re mine bitches,” She said

“Awww that’s so sweet of you to say, but seriously Rico is a Zeta. The fact he’s been remotely this patient for this long means he’s going to fuck you to death tomorrow. So it was nice meeting you and umm make sure you get a lot of food even though Leon will be whining the entire time...again,” She said

“Trust me. He’s not even thinking about dinner let alone anything other than getting at me,” I said leaning my head over showing the bit mark he left behind

“DAAAAAAMMNNN. When the fuck did he do that?” Jazz asked

“Before we got here and he barely remembers doing it,” I said

“So wait for a second. The Lunar Eclipse is already effecting him?” Miley asked

“Our run is tomorrow all instinct no input from us and no trying to force anything. Just the wolves choice to bond or not, I guess Al got excited and took over for a second,” I said

Miley and Jazz looked at each other before looking back at me, “Run For Your Life!” They shouted

“That’s the plan,” I said calmly, “I have to make the chase fun somehow so I’ve been doing just that once I had got out the hospital and whenever he’d let me out of his grip that is,” I said

“Dinner should be done soon. I’m going to go freshen up, and I’ll see you guys at the table,” Jazz said walking inside

“Yeah. I’m just going to stay out here a little while longer. I need to get myself in the right mindset before I see Trevor. And I know what you’re thinking we’ve been sleeping in sperate rooms and I have been avoiding my boyfriend in my own house, and the full moon has been driving me nuts but it going to be so worth it tomorrow,” She said with a little grin forming on her face

“Alright. I’ll see you at dinner,” I said getting up and walking back inside bumping into Uncle Ty

“Ah! Just the girl I wanted to see,” He said

“Is something wrong?” I asked

“No. No. Not at all, it’s about the letters after everything that happened. I recovered faster than you, so Trevor gave them to me, but I think you should have them. Ummm...I know that I almost made a huge mistake and if Marcus didn’t break like that than I don’t know what would’ve happened should have them,” He said

“Okay, but I’m not opening them until we’re together again, preferably the day after tomorrow? Or Monday to be sure since well the Eclipse is in the middle of the week and the full moon is still going to be out,” I said

“Really!?” He asked with every ounce of hope in voice and child-like wonder in his eyes

I couldn’t help but laugh before hugging him, ” Of course. We do things as a family, right?” I asked

Once more, I was being squeezed to the death in one of his bear-trap like hugs, “As a family for family!” He proudly said

“Ty...Uncle,” I squeaked struggling to catch my breath

We all stood at the table, but this time girls one side guys on the other. Both sides were staring at their mate or chosen suiter for tomorrow with every intention to lose complete control. That small evil little smirk that formed on Leon’s face was driving my senses insane, not to mention those soul pricing green eyes locked on mine. Meanwhile, on my right, Miley was like a drug addict in need of a hit. She and Trevor were eying each other like if that table weren’t there, she probably would have caved in and dominated the poor boy or the other way around since Trevor looked like he was going to jump over the table at any second tackle her down. Rico couldn’t even look at Jazz God only knows what was going on in his head, but I’m pretty sure it would put a demon of lust to shame or impress it. Jazz, however, had no problems staring at...well more like staring through him. She knew what’s been happening with him, and as a slow, wicked smile formed on her face, I finally understood what she was trying to do. She wanted him to break her, and she’d do the same to him. They’d break each other completely. The air was filled with hormonal tension. We all needed a distraction and fast before this dinner area was going to be the location of an orgy.

“I understand tensions are high,” Tyrese said

“That’s a fucking understatement,” One of the guys said

There was a dull laugh from the guys’ side of the room, but it soon went back into that clam before the storm silence, “Gentlemen, may I remind you? Treat your partners with respect and dignity be safe in your endeavors and please do not end up in the hospital doing whatever it is to help you feel satisfied,” He said

“When will dinner be served?! I’m starving,” Trevor said leaning on the table towards Miley

“Be patient, good things come to those who can endure the worse,” Rico said winking at Jazz

“I just want to sink my teeth into something sweet and tasty,” Leon said licking his lips

God Jesus Marry all religious figures known to man and wolf alike; please don’t let them say another word. Because I’m about one second from tackling this man down and I know for a fact I am not the only one.

When dinner was finally served, it was a huge feast random main courses and side dishes were in constant motion around the table. Everybody was trying to get a bite of everything, and for once, Leon wasn’t complaining, as a matter of fact, he hardly ate his eyes fixated on me and my movements. Making sure to grab any and every dish after me, once I got a serving grabbing my hand for just a moment before moving his hand away with the plate. Once, everybody was full no one wanted to leave the table still that hunger was in some people’s eyes; it stayed in Leo’s eyes. Trevor was loosening up his belt before leaning on the table, still staring at Miley. Rico was tapping on the table, waiting for Jazz to give the green light.

“Oh my, it seems as though I forgot to make dessert,” Melissa said standing up with Uncle Ty, “Enjoy your evening ladies and gentlemen,” She said

“See you, fellows, Sunday afternoon,” Uncle Ty said leaving with Melissa

Everybody’s eyes went from Black to each other, “Run, Mi Amor,” Rico said, “Run like hell,” He said

“See you soon,” Jazz said with a smile getting up from the table and leaving

“You might want to lock yourself up, Miles,” Trevor said

“Waaaaaay ahead of you,” Miley said moving from the table

“Mine,” Leon growled out

“You gotta catch me first,” I mocked

“Get out of here before I fuck you up right here and now,” He said

“See you at home my lion,” I said making my way past him

“AL,” He growled out loud

“What?” I asked glancing back at him over my shoulder

“By the end of tomorrow you and only you as of right then and right there will address me as your Alpha,” He said not even looking at me

“Make me,” I said before leaving

WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST DO!? MAKE A DEATHWISH OR...Or...or made things more interesting? This could be fun.

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