Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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The Lunar Eclipse

POV: Ashely

The next morning I woke up in bed alone since Leon had to run all last night to blow off some steam. I thought I wasn’t going to see him until later this afternoon, but something smelt good before I could even get out of bed he was walking in with breakfast.

“Morning beautiful,” He said setting the tray down in his spot on the bed

“Good morning, my lion,” I said

“I know. I know, normally, I wouldn’t be home this early after something like last night, but this could be our last day together. I want as much time with you as possible so...I planned out the entire day,” He said

“So, this is just the beginning of the end?” I asked

“I hope not since we won’t know for sure until tomorrow morning. Still, I want to make today last for as long as it can. Now open up it’s your favorite chocolate chip pancakes,” He said feeding me a slice

I swear he can be too good to me sometimes breakfast in bed feeding each other fresh fruit with light kisses in between was a perfect way to start the day. We spent the morning mainly cleaning up a few messes we had made while, of course, dancing to music, and Leon usually would sit out a few songs he stayed dancing with me. Before noon struck, we took a bath together, obviously tempted to indulge in each other swear to God he almost had me a couple of times, but we somehow stayed in control carefully washing each other and drying each other off. We ended up picking out each other’s clothes while I grabbed his favorite black jeans and black and dark blue flannel throw over. He had this white spaghetti strap dress with the jacket he gave me.

“Why this?” I asked feeling his arm over my shoulder

“Because you hardly wear dresses as it is you’d look just amazing in it and well...I’d like to see you in a white dress, that’s honestly it,” He said

I turned around to face him, and there was a hint of doubt in his eyes as I put my arms over his shoulders, “You know wedding dresses are not always white anymore,” I said

“Well. You’re an angel to me, so...I do want us,” He said

“So do I. Leo, there’s nothing to be afraid of,” I said

“I know. Al made it clear we’re hunting you, but it still feels like you’re holding back. I’m just trying to figure out why,” He said

“I’m scared that we’re just going to force it since we want this life so badly,” I said glancing down

“I told you every time I looked into your eyes. I see a future of us together, and you told me you saw the same. Do you still see that future?” He asked leaning down so our eyes would meet, “Because I know I do,” He said

I caressed his cheek, “It’s so beautiful. I could almost cry,” I said

“Just you and me,” He said

“Mine,” I said leaning my head on his closing my eyes

“Mine,” He softly replied, closing his eyes

We walked around town, taking in the small events that were going on some celebrating the full moon some were celebrating the Lunar Eclipse and others were just looking for an excuse to party. There was some kind of carnival right in the middle of everything. The games and rides all seemed like fun as everybody enjoyed the day.

“Where should we start?” He asked

I don’t kn...Oooo Ice Cream!” I yelled out running towards the stand

“So childish it’s adorable,” He said walking up behind me

After making sure Leon got a face full of ice cream after he tried sneaking a lick off my cone without me noticing, we played some games. Leo, of course, just had to the strength test with all the cockiness in the world. He was sure he’d beat it only to make it halfway. I couldn’t help but laugh as he tried over and over to get it right.

“I’d love to see you try,” He said

“Okay. Make sure to check the form, babe,” I said grabbing the hammer, and with all the strength I could muster


“Winner! Grand Prize,” The guy who owned the booth, said before giving me a giant teddy bear

“Here, for you love,” I said passing it to him

He took it before staring at me, “Thing is probably ridged anyway, but I rather have you as my prize,” He said

“Soon, my lion. Very soon. Come on; there are only so many hours left, right?” I asked leading the way

“Yeah definitely,” He said following up behind me

As the day continued, time was slowly but surely and steadily approaching sun fall. One of the last things we did at the carnival was taken pictures in a photobooth. The first time was the standard silly faces poking fun at one another and pretending to hog the spotlight, but it was the second time when Leo begged for another round of pictures that had me worried for a second.

“A...Ash. I’m...” He started as the flash went off

Within those sets of four by six-inch stirps of photos showed our entire relationship unfolding and being placed back together. Leon’s worried face as another situation where’d he have no control was about to take place. Me consulting him saying that it was for the best and caressing his cheek while he’d hold my hand. A pause as he’d look into my eyes before deeply kissing me and keeping me close to his chest, gently rocking me in his arms like always. And lastly, the soft smile that formed on our face as we remembered we still have today. As we left, Leon still had a smile on his face, but that worried look in his eyes remained. We went to our favorite spot to have a picnic just maybe half an hour before sunset.

“Are you sure? Because any other day would be just as good,” He said

“My mind is made up, Leo. Either tonight or never,” I said

“I could live with that,” He said

“Sure, you could, but I can’t. I don’t want you to destroy yourself over me,” I said caressing his cheek while he leaned into my hand holding it in his

“You make me so much better, though. I just don’t see how you could destroy me,” He said

“Love can destroy you, just like how it destroyed him. I don’t want that for you, understand?” I asked

“Yeah. I understand,” He said

We both looked over at the sun finally starting to set in place; I moved over to sit down in his lap while he held me tightly in his arms gently rocking me out of habit, inhaling my scent and lightly nibbling on my neck knowing it would make me giggle, “I love you, Ashely,” He said

“I love you, Leon,” I said

With the wolf in control, there was no chance in hell of us keeping our clothes intact during this run, so better nude then without clothes at all. Leon didn’t mind his eyes fixated on me, almost drooling like a mutt, and I couldn’t help but look at something that’d help with my parched throat. God, it’s been a while, and even though we could’ve gone at it right then and there, he was trying to resist, “Go. Run beautiful as far and as fast as you can,” He said gritting his teeth

“Leo, are you...?” I started to asked

“I Said Run!” He shouted

I looked at him struggling to keep himself together for a little while longer before taking off. The sun was nearing its last few inches. I still had control, but little by little, I was giving in to my instincts. Running half turned before I realized it, passing the waterfall me and Leon swam in on all fours, completely shifted during the next mile after the jump, and finally jumping off the cliff staring at the Lunar Eclipse before closing my eyes giving in completely.

When I opened my eyes, I was no longer trapped in a substantial white room, but I was home. Finally, I was back in our cabin. I was walking around looking at rows of Leon’s art hanging off the wall the warm, inviting feeling that I had grown accustomed too. I found my well his jacket lying on a chair, something I was quick to put back on even though it was the only thing I had on. A theater size Tv was in front of a couch underneath; there were a DVD player and a pile of DVDs with a note attached to it.

“Thought this might help with the wait. Thank you for finally let me be free. Bea,” I read out loud noticing the little paw print at the end

As I looked through the DVDs, I eventually just grabbed one since they weren’t labeled and popped it in before crashing on the couch. It was an old memory of myself trying to figure out how to ice skate when I was around five or six. After watching myself slip and slide on the ice laughing as some of the other kids were barely standing up. After a while, that memory ended with me getting one of the best hot chocolates I have ever had. I put in another DVD and funny enough it would be when I first met Jazz. Her hair in pigtails wrapped in a red ribbon while she was stomping her feet, demanding a swing.

“Here. You can have mine,” I said jumping out of it

“Thanks! What’s your name?” She asked grabbing it before anybody else could

“Ashely. Ashely Turner,” I said happily

“I’m Jasmine Baker. Do want to be my friend?” She shyly asked

“Sure!” I said

After that, I was pushing her on the swing until some husky sized boy came over, eating a candy bar declaring the playground was his, and we should get lost. I lied, telling him I saw a cookie on the ground in front of the swing set needless to say with a nod from Jazz. As soon as he turned his back and bent over to look for the cookie, I pushed her right into him. Her shoe fell off her foot while he was face first in the dirt. We both end up laughing our asses off before he started crying.

“Uh-oh,” We both said

We tried to play it off, saying it was an accident and it was his fault for stoping right in front of us, but since we got caught laughing by another student the lie was quickly exposed. Marcus wasn’t happy telling Jazz’s dad to keep his daughter away from me but too bad for him. We still hang out since that kid wasn’t pleased that we only got a warning for our first offense. He’d bully us we’d tell a teacher they believed we would be crying wolf and hardly do anything about it so now and again. Jazz would often make up the plan I’d follow. We’d all would end up in time out. Good times. Good times. I watched every single memory laughing crying and enjoying the show, but it was memories with Leon that only made me miss him. That made me hope that I didn’t make a mistake in letting go of control. Those eyes that smile even while in my head, I was still fangirling over him. When I was in recovery after drinking the poison, he was with me every single step of the way. Not even leaving the room at all having Rico Trevor Jazz and even Miley bring him clothes and food, so he didn’t have to go home.

“Home isn’t home without you in it. It’s too cold and uninviting I rather stay with the warmth and the opened arms of my love,” He said

“Why are you so obsessed with me?” I jokingly asked

“What’s not to love about you?” He asked

“Good one,” I said

“I can’t wait to take you home,” He said

“I can’t wait to be back,” I said

The memory ended with Leon carrying me inside our house and while my heart was racing. Something was scratching the door before the bell rang, I got up to get the door to find my wolf limping in, “Hey Beautiful,” I said rubbing her fur, “Long night I’m assuming, huh? Let’s get you to bed,” I softly whispered carrying her to the master bedroom and laying her down

“I’ll take it from here,” I said leaving the cabin

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