Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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POV: Leon

I woke up utterly exhausted in pain and fully satisfied like I was finally able to scratch an itch that I couldn’t reach. The sun was peaking in the cracks of a few evergreen trees. At least Al picked a spot with some shade. I sat up, rubbing my head before looking over at her laying beside me still peacefully asleep curled up. I smiled a little before gently rubbing her skin with my fingertips, sending a shiver down her spine as she softly mumbled under her breath.

“Mine,” I quietly whispered in her ear

“My Alpha,” She muttered under her voice

“Damn Al, you did not have to do all that. Still only if we could’ve taken our rings with us. Oh well,” I said getting up and stretching out before picking her up and walking whichever way anything was

I carried her for a while before figuring out we were near the packhouse, and our place wasn’t too far off. After thinking about it, I decided to keep walking towards our home, knowing the inside of that house is probably in ruins. I’d look at Ash from time to time still in a deep, peaceful sleep with a light smile on my face as soon as I got her home I laid her in bed now realizing why she was sleeping so hard. I knew the idea was us screwing around like animals, but as soon as her ass touched the bed, she immediately turned to her side then choosing to stay on her stomach.

I closed my eyes for a second before opening them back up with a sigh, “Well I guess anal is on the table from here on out since Al made you take it up the ass,” I muttered with a slight giggle

“So, that’s why it hurts!” She crooked out

“How long have you been up?” I asked

“Ummm...A while. I didn’t feel like walking so sue me,” She muttered

“Didn’t feel like walking, huh?” I asked before slapping her ass

She jumped, shouting, “I’M UP! I’m Up!” as loud as she possibly could before laying back down

“You know you called me your Alpha this morning, right?” I asked

“Did I? I don’t recall,” She said

“I’ll be sure to remind you then,” I said, pulling her halfway off the bed, “Should I eat or play?” I wondered

“Don’t you mean devour or satisfy....” She started looking back at me, “My Alpha?” She asked

“Oooooo you are so going to get it,” I said kneeling down

My fingers easily sliding inside while I feasted off her body being as greedy as I possibly could, but there was always more to take, and I felt like a kid locked in a candy store. Even with three inside, she still demands more; deeper faster, harder it seemed like overnight her body was craving more then I could provide unless I could finally go all out. I moved away for just a second to watch her squirm, “Leo? LEO! Come on, babe, this isn’t fair!” She whined out moving her hips

I grabbed my tie and blindfold that I had hidden in the back of the closet. I placed the blindfold over her first before tieing her hands before turning her over on her back lifting one of her legs on my shoulder, “Now let’s try this again,” I said softly before forcing myself deep inside her

“Fuuuck Yeeees!” She yelled with a shudder

I damn near broke as soon as I felt her clench around me, but I wasn’t a recessive, and I wasn’t like any other dominate. I was an Alpha, and once I started moving, I made sure she’d get that message loud and clear. In and out short and precise strokes that made her eyes roll back, but since she couldn’t touch me, she latched her leg around my waist, pushing me deeper inside. I leaned over her licking over her neck with her leg still over my shoulder kissing and biting down her skin sucking and pulling at her nipples like they were the sweetest thing about her carefully making my way down and out of her before once more sliding my tongue in the actual most delicious part of her. I couldn’t get enough. She was just too addictive not to take again her leg that was over my shoulder now pushing my head closer to her, in turn, making my tongue slid in deeper.

“Leo! More! I want more!” She whined out

I smiled carefully, moving my tongue out, replacing it with my fingers carefully adding each one inside while my pinky was teasing...well, I can thank Al for discovering a new unclaimed territory. Her hips started following the rhythm and flow of my fingers, especially my pinky, “You want it there?” I asked

She whined before nodding her head, “Y...yes,” She said

“Yes, what?” I said moving my hand away only to focus on that area alone

“Yes my Alpha,” She whined out once more

Music to my damn ears as I turned her around, putting her back in the middle of the bed and pulling hips towards me. I saw that her hands were busy trying to escape from my tie maybe next time I should get handcuffs, “Don’t even think about complaining when you have to walk anywhere today,” I mocked

“Leo please,” She whined moving her hips against me

“Okay, but you have to let me know if it’s too much, alright?” I asked

“Just give it to me,” She said sounding like a spoiled brat

As soon as I started to go inside, she began to seize up, “Oh, that was just the tip, love. Do you still want it?” I asked

“Yes my Alpha,” She said gripping the tie and biting the sheets

“I’ll be gentle. I promise,” I said, carefully inching more and more inside, placing my hand on the small of her back. Not moving while her body was getting used to me being inside of her through this kind of means, “You okay? Can I?” I softly asked

“It’’s okay,” She said

I started to slowly move while teasing her feeling her shuttered under me while lightly gasping and eventually moaning, “Mine. All mine,” I whispered near her ear before biting it and licking over her neck

“My Leon. My lion. My Alpha,” She softly said with a smile

I leaned her head towards me, kissing her deeply while still moving at that slow pace I started. Her legs somehow slid from right underneath her, and while she stunk in the bed. I stopped for a second to take off her blindfold and pull the tie off her wrist. As soon as I did, she rubbed her hand through my hair, keep my face towards hers while I laced my hand with her other one. My pace started to speed up while I leaned my head on hers, staring in her eyes, “A...Ash,” I softly said

“Do it again, mark me again, Alpha Williams,” She softly begged. As the pressure continued to build-up I couldn’t do anything but move faster and stare in her eyes, “ me again,” She moaned out

“Come For Me!” I shouted out as I released

“Mark Me!” She shouted out

Just as she released, I bit her. Hard. I was pricing through her skin and muscle tissue straight for the bone like a mad rapid dog. I don’t remember passing out on her, but one thing I was sure of last night without being mentally present during a complete Lunar Eclipse. I, Leon Joseph Williams, managed to successfully hunt down and marked my mate on pure raw, animalistic instinct. It was known throughout history that very few relationships were officially bonded during nights like last night. After a while, everybody took it as a curse, saying that your relationship would instantly fail if you run on those nights, but right now, I never felt closer to her. After a few hours, I woke up earlier than her even though I was still woozy and drained of energy there was something I needed to get. I kissed her forehead and whispered in her ear that I'd be back before laying a pillow in front of her, after watching her curl around it to feel better. I dug around some of my clothes and found a pair of gym shorts grabbing my earbuds, and after stretching out for a second, I was running like a madman. When I got to the cliff, everything was still there our clothes the basket even our rings all and accounted for so; I was happy as hell to get back home and finally ask her that one question that’s been on my mind since that night I made my promise to her. Damn near running into the side of the wall near our bedroom door, she was still sleeping, peaceful as ever. I could stand there and watch her sleep for hours, but instead, I placed her ring where it rightfully belonged on her finger. I set the alarm for a few hours and got to work making a late lunch knowing she’d be just as drained as I was, laying out some of our favorite movies for us to watch while we cuddled since I doubt leaving the house would be even possible anymore and finally making her a candlelight bubble bath with a lavender bath bomb just the way she liked it.

“WWWWWWWWHHHHYYYY?!?!?!” She yelled out from the room probably trying to find the clock with her eyes closed to throw it out the window....again

“It’s so, I can come and get you,” I said leaning on the door watching her struggle

“Sssssllllleeeeeepppp,” She whined out

“Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I know, but I need you so get up,” I said pulling the pillows away from her and carrying her in my arms

“I hate how you’re used to this already,” She muttered softly still more tired than awake

“I drew you a bath just the way you like it,” I said

“Bath bomb and everything?” She asked seeming a little more awake

“The full works, love,” I said rubbing my nose against her cheek making her smile a little

“I swear, you are just so damn good to me. What did I ever do to deserve a man like you?” She asked keeping me close

“I told you before you bring out the best in me and...I don’t know. I feel like no matter what I do it’s not enough to say how much you make me better and now that you’re mine and I can only get better than this,” I said carefully sitting her down in warm water

“You’re not getting in with me?” She asked

“You should relax, not question if I’m going get hungry again,” I said

“You know I don’t mind it other than that...Who’s going to wash my back?” She asked

“You sure? Because I’ll bite your ass again,” I said

“Promise?” She asked with a hopeful gleam in her eyes

All I could do was laugh before joining her; everything was easy and pleasant for the rest of the day. We didn’t even bother putting on clothes; instead, we walked around in our bathrobes for the day. When nightfall came around, the moon’s effects didn’t bother us; we were too busy curled up near the fireplace to care.

“I love you, Leo,” She said holding my arm leaning in closer to me while I was holding her

“Ashely Nicole Black, I am obsessed with you,” I said tickling her sides making her giggle for a second before allowing her to rest, “Marry me,” I said

“What?” She asked

“Marry me. Marry me. Marry me. Marry me,” I said, “I can Not say it enough. Ashely Nicole Black, will you marry me?” I asked feeling her push my arms away to face me

“Why is that even a question?” She asked, staring in my eyes, “Of Course I’ll Marry You!” She happily yelled

A smile broke out on both our faces as we busted out in laughter. She tackled me down kissing all over me before I held her face still and kissed her deeply with all the passion I had, “I love you, so much,” I softly said laying my head on hers

“I love you too,” She said, “As soon as I think you can’t make me any happier,” She said

“Well, we still have to tell everybody,” I reminded

“Oh no, Uncle Ty might kill you,” She said

“Worth It!” I said, pinning her down, “I think we should have a little bit more fun before he demands my head, don’t you agree?” I asked

“Wholeheartedly, Alpha Williams,” She said with a giggle

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