Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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Finally Found

POV: Ashely

It was Monday, and things were a mess turns out some humans thought it’d be a Great idea to record werewolves during a Lunar Eclipse to see how they react for “scientific” reasons, of course. Not being in control was the reason I chose to run with Leon that night and it took a lot out of him to agree with my choice but looking at our wolves go at like the wild animals they were at the time on not only local, but national news was something I never wanted to see. Watching Bea run around until Al just came out of nowhere, tackling her down and growling at her. She seemed helpless until she clawed the fuck out of him and crawled from underneath him. They circled each other like a Mexcian standoff. Both were waiting for the other to strike first, and of course, she’d take the bait. After twenty-five, maybe thirty minutes, Al had her pinned down deeply, biting Bea while she yelped. Al howled for what felt like hours proud of his claimed mate before getting off her. She stayed down until he got close very close, close enough for her to bite him back without much of a fight. Instead of howling, she was lightly licking the blood off of him before moving over to his cheek. He got up after a few seconds, and the look he gave her leaning his head on hers was the same way, Leon looks at me now. After that, Bea did something wholly unexpected, but of course, the news outlets won’t show that, but violence was A-Okay! Still looking it up online was just as beneficial since the Entire thing was posted EVERYWHERE! There she was a dominant female wolf bent over presenting herself to her mate in the most submissive way possible by letting him mount her like a dog in heat. No pride, no shame, but a close connection that we had to admit only made our bond stronger. While people are still trying to figure out who are the wolves' human counterparts, it didn’t take anybody close to us no more than five seconds to figure it out.

“So You Took It Up The Ass!? And I’m supposed to be the hoe!” Jazz shouted following me around the packhouse

“I Didn’t Know Until I Saw The News Report!” I yelled trying to play everything down

“Look, I’m happy everything worked out for you guys I am but Wooooooooow. I NEVER Thought That Would Happen and they got you guys on camera like what the fuck?” She said

“Once again, I chose to run on that night for a reason,” I said

“But now it’s everywhere, and if you guys were in control Leon would’ve sniffed out those perverts and bit the shit out of them,” She said

“Leave Her Alone, Mi Amor! Before I Put You In Your Place Again!” Rico yelled from across the hall

“But, Mi Querido, she needs to know that...” Jazz whined out talking to Rico while walking towards him

I sighed deeply before going into Uncle Ty’s office, where his bear trap like hug didn’t bother me this time. It was comforting, “Hey Unc. How are you?” I asked once I caught my breath that is

“I’m well, but how are you since the run?” He asked

“I’m sure you’ve seen the news the video is everywhere,” I said rolling my eyes

“I rather ask you directly, and if you want, I can get that video down in no time at all. So how did everything go?” He asked leading me to seat

“I have no memory of it, but it was amazing, letting go of control was for the best, and I’m glad I did so,” I said carefully sitting down

“So, no regrets? That’s great to hear, and how’s my nephew?” He asked sitting down beside me

“I think he’s starting to remember who he is. It’s happening slowly, but day after day, he’s becoming more proud of himself and his name. He’s training his men on how to fight again with Rico’s help giving them a purpose. He’s changing, Uncle Ty into something powerful and gentle at the same time. I don’t know how to explain it,” I said

“Well, some mates tend to have this kind of effect on each other bring out the best and unfortunately some times the worst in their partners. You two always seemed to bring out the best version of each other, and now it's manifesting into something grand,” He said

“You think so? Because I always thought Leo was pretty grand on his own, I was just regular nothing extraordinary,” I said

“Why do you think fate brought you two together?” He asked with a light smile, “You are an amazing young woman, who could bring out the best in even the worse kind of people,” He said “If that’s not special than I don’t know what is,”

“Uncle Ty...Leo...Leon asked me to marry him, and I said yes, but I want his family here too,” I said looking at him

“Alpha Anton seems like the type that’d go against having Leon’s mother come by to meet you, but hopefully these can help sneak you into his territory for a little while,” He said getting up and grabbing the last of the letters

They were still unopened, and from how we’ve been tracking her lately, my mom headed to the north. Maybe my Uncle was up to something if she was up north. As I tore through the envelope and pulled out the first letter, that was one more step closer to her.

“Dear Ashely,...” I started

A fall breeze, swept up many different colored leaves off the ground near Black’s house. The leaves beautifully flowed through the wind dancing across the sky, passing small roads rivers the forest and eventually the border into Leon’s former home. Where a woman watched from the basement of her own home, her soft prayers for a resolution seemed to go on deaf ears as she quickly moved away from the window to face her captor. The leaves continued to blow, pass a little girl who was happily running around utterly innocent as she stopped to admire their beauty. As the leaves flowed through, they freely crossed the US border into Canada. Slowing to a descend until a Ford pickup truck kept them in motion. As the breeze grew stronger, the leaves found themselves a few miles away from the border towards a small city where a little boy was collecting the leaves in a park. He gathered ones he thought looked kind enough to show his mother. They landed right near his feet as he leaned down to get them. He looked at least eight or nine years old with his solid black hair and light brown skin tone, and his light golden brown eyes were fixated on the few leaves that he collected knowing that they were different than the rest he has seen. He quickly ran home mumbling under his breath, “I hope this cheers her up, since daddy’s out of town,” When he got home a woman was sitting in a makeshift writing station her face was covered by her hands as she lightly sobbed to herself with her back face him.

“Mommy, I...I have something for you,” the little boy said

She quickly wiped her eyes and turned around, “Yes, Lucas. What is it, honey?” She asked trying her hardest to muster up a smile

“I thought these look pretty and you should have them,” He said passing her the leaves he had found

“Wher...where did you get these?” She asked staring at them gently rubbing them with all the care she could

“I found them! At the park,” He said cheerfully, “ you like them?” He nervously asked

“They’re beautiful, but these kinds of leaves come from an extraordinary tree that doesn’t grow here,” She said

“Than, where do they come from?” He asked

“They come from an extraordinary place in America. You’re Uncle’s territory, and I believe this is a sign that things are about to change,” She said before receiving an email reading

To whom it may concerns,

Hello, My name is Richard Carmichael; as of late-year, my employer has tasked me out to locate a person of interest. I have sent this email out to multiple people within the local area in hopes of getting a response from this person, but if you feel the need to delete this email feel free to do so, but if you can complete this one phrase, then please contact me immediately. The light of another day is a way to what?

Thank you, and enjoy your day.

She immediately looked for the number and grabbed the nearest phone. As the dial tone seemed like it rang forever until someone finally picked up, “Hello?” The person on the other line asked

“The light of another day is a way to live free among those who cherish and love you,” She answered

As she waited for the response, she could hear the tears being cried out through the phone, “I’ve missed you so much, Em. She’s here with me,” Tyrese said

“Ash...Ashely?” She asked softly

“Mom? Is that you?” I asked

“My angel Ashely,” She said sliding down the wall crying lightly with a smile on her face, “I can’t believe it,” She said

“I...I want us to meet in person,” I said, “Can we please meet you?” I asked

“That’s all I ever wanted to do is see you again. I’ll send my address, and I’ll have everything set up over here for you to stay a few days, okay?” She asked

“I want you to meet someone else. Someone special to me,” I said

“I’ll meet the devil as long as I get to see you again,” She said, “How soon you’ll be able to come here?” She asked

“Before the start of winter,” I replied

“Just let me know once you get close, okay, Angel?” She asked

“Yes Ma’am,” I said, “I have to go for now ummm...I’ll talk to you soon,” I said

“Yes. Of course,” She said

“Hey Em, I love you,” Tyrese said

“I love you too, TyTy,” She said before hanging up

“Mommy, are you okay? Why are you crying?” Lucas asked

“Mommy is just really happy right now, okay?” She asked, “Can mommy get a hug?” She asked

Lucas ran up and gave her the biggest hug his little arms could give her as she held him close with no intention of letting him go.

Finally, I’ll be able to make things right between her and me.

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