Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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The Road To You

POV: Leon

A lot has happened in the past few days, on animal instinct I marked my then-girlfriend, who I made my fiancee the next day, after that, we discovered that we were recorded on camera during our run where my wolf dominated hers, and lastly she and her Uncle were contacted by a woman in Canada who claimed to be her mother. A few days later, Black managed to get in contact with the high archery of all werewolves requesting permission for Ash and me to cross into different territories without conflict. Black also got us passports and rented us a Jeep for the trip, something I wish he didn’t do but was grateful over. He even tried to provide funds for the entire trip, but Ashely declined, so did I. He seemed adamant to support us in any way he could, but we had to draw the line at some point to stand on our feet. After we got the approval from high archery, we’ve been on the road ever since.

“So, if we get up early tomorrow morning, we should be able to cross into your old home?” She asked getting ready for bed in the bathroom

“Yeah. I didn’t think we’d be so close already,” I said trying to distract myself from the thought of going home by flipping through the TV channels

“Well, we have been driving nonstop for the past day and a half. Are you okay? Feeling nervous?” She asked

“Psssssh. Me nervous? Never babe,” I said

“Oh, okay. I was hoping I could help ease your anxiety, but I guess I’m not needed,” She said

“What do you...mean?” I asked before staring at her wearing one of my dress up shirts and a red thong that looked more like licorice than anything else, “Come here,” I said

“Oh, no. No, since you’re fine,” She said slowly making her way back into the bathroom

I moved over to the edge of the bed,” I said come here now if I have to get up I will bite the fuck out of you,” I said

“Promise?” She asked

“Only if you don’t come or whenever you do,” I said licking my lips

“Behave, my Alpha,” She teased

I growled under my breath trying to control the urge to tackle her down, “You might wanna come here right now before I hurt you,” I said

“You’d never hurt me, Leo. We both know this still I’m worried about you,” She said walking into my arms

“Why? It’s not like things will change after this,” I said

“That’s the problem. Things should change after this, and you should want it to change. The fact that you don’t want it to worries me,” She softly said

I laid my head on her stomach as she rubbed her fingers through my hair, “But this is perfect. Why should I ruin it by going back?” I asked

“Because no matter how at home you feel with me, you know where you truly belong. I can’t be the only one who sees you as the Alpha you are,” She said, “You need something other than me to fight for since you won’t do it for yourself,” She added

“Is that how you feel about it?” I asked

“I don’t want you to forget who you are. You may be my lion, but you’re my Alpha too,” She softly said leaning down to meet my eyes, “My little lion, it’s time to at least see for yourself why the men are running back to your side, okay?” She asked

I nodded while she kissed my forehead before holding me. I pulled her with me on the bed lightly kissing her cheek and holding her in my grip, “Mine,” I said

As she caressed my cheek making me look into her eyes, “Mine,” She softly repeated while I lean my forehead on hers

The next morning was, of course, hard for me to start since I didn’t want to go back yet. For the first time in our relationship, Ash was up before I was, and she just loved milking every second of it, pulling me out of bed, trying to drag me into the shower so we could get ready and back on the road.

“Heavy, motherfu...” She started

“I’m not moving,” I said letting her struggle with my full weight

“Fine. I guess I’ll shower by myself then and eat without you,” She said giving up and walking to the bathroom slamming the door after herself

I sat up, actually weighing my options before deciding to get up and try to join her before realizing the door was locked, “Babe. Can you unlock the door, please?” I begged

“No. You were a jerk so shower by yourself today,” She said through the door

“But who’s going to wash your back?” I asked

“I can do it myself,” She said

I ended up on my knees, scratching at the door, whining like a puppy yarning to be by her side, “Please let me in. I’m sorry,” I whined out before the door opened

“You better be lucky, I can’t double-check myself,” She said still soaking wet, “Come here, my lion,” She said

After breakfast, it felt like the longest ride of my life crossing the border as soon as we did. Some guys immediately came out of hiding all aiming guns at us, “Who The Hell Are You, Trespasser?!” One of them shouted

“Stay here,” I said softly

“Be careful and please don’t lose your temper,” She said just as soft

I carefully got out the car with my hands up, “I am...” I started

“We Know EXACTLY Who The Fuck You Are! State Your Business Rogue!” They yelled

I clenched my fist, “We’re Passing Through That’s All! It’ll Be A Short Visit Three Points! I Did Not Come Here For A Fight!” I yelled

“Of course you didn’t, pathic piece of shit,” One of them muttered

“Who Granted You Permission To Cross Into Claimed Terroritroy?!” The ringleader asked

“The High Archery We’re Passing By To Make It To Our Destination, That’s All!” I yelled holding up the form so they’d see it

“You Have A Day To Get The Fuck Out, LEON!” They yelled

I made my way back to the Jeep with a sigh of relief that I made it back in one piece. The feel of her fingers playing within my hair only made me realize how much of a risk I took by just taking this route, but I had a day I might as well make the most of it. I parked the Jeep in a public parking garage after paying off the guard to pay special attention to it we walked around. Despite my father claiming some of the most massive lands he could in the north, we stayed pretty small I mean he named the area The Captial because it was the center of everything in the north on a map, you’d see it as all of Idaho Montana and Wyoming. We even have a claim on South Dakota as for North Dakota well; humans have to stay somewhere if they don’t find living amongst werewolves comfortable for them. My dad wasn’t going to argue about it, “If you want to be your people then go for it, here’s an entire half portion of my land in a show of good faith,” He’d go over to visit from time to time, but it was mainly to open trade routes and to check on the people. Don’t get me wrong; my dad wasn’t a warmonger. He already had most of the land passed down to him from other Alphas’. We weren’t big on showing off, and we only expanded whenever we needed to, so we keep a lot of things about us close to the chest. At the center of it all was Montana, my home state, the main capital within The Capital. It was a pretty medium-size town lots of small homes and stores a few bars and outlet malls, but at the end of the day, it was a community at least before I had left. Everything was empty; the stores were shut down; no one refused to leave their house, and guys with guns and knives freely roamed the streets, making cat-calls at random women not caring if their kids or mates were present with them.

“Hey. Hey baby, why don’t you come over and lick my bone?” One guy asked

“You should probably give her dog treat first maybe that’ll give her an idea,” Another one said

“I say a collar and leash would do. Let that bitch know who’s in charge around here,” Someone else said

Ash grabbed my hand and leaned in closer to me, I knew she wasn’t scared of the guy, but she was afraid that I’d lose my temper. The more I looked around, the more it was dawning on me that something need to be done. The lack of jobs or overworking and mistreatment of those who are working, the extra hired security of human guns, the degrading of women, and male werewolves just the same, forced curfews and the fence that Danny told me about was all true. They are trapped under a dictatorship with a madman overseeing it all gleefully watching it all play out.

“Why only three points?” Ash asked snapping me out of my thoughts

“What?” I asked

“Why only three points? Why are we stopping at only three different places?” She asked once more

“Because I knew they would only give me a day. Those guys are clearly on Anton’s side, but the minimal time that can be given is twenty-four hours, nothing less than that. Still, I want you to meet a few friends of mine, okay?” I asked

“Okay, as long as they don’t lose their shit when they see you again,” She said

“Ummm...about that try not to curse around her, please?” I asked

“Oooooh. One of those types got it. I’ll be good, I promise,” She said

After a while, we ended up at a playground behind an elementary school, and Ash’s face was priceless, staring at me like the question, “Why are we here?“ was going to grow out of her forehead. I had to admit it was still a little bit too early, but once ten o’clock hit, it was show time as the little kids all ran outside for recess. I looked around for one kid in particular as she walked out with her little light blue and white dress on with a powder blue beret hat. Her golden blonde hair and blue eyes lit up like a star when she glanced over at me, waving at her.

“ALPHA LEO!!!” She shouted to the top of her little lungs running towards me

I managed to catch her in my grip before she crashed into me hugging her tightly, “Bonjour little Maddi,” I said

“Where have you been? We’ve missed you,” She said hugging me just as tight

“I missed you guys too,” I said, “Where’s everybody else?” I asked looking around

“They’re coming out soon they just need to get done with their test,” She said

“Okay. Maddi, I want you to meet a very special friend of mine, okay?” I asked

“Okay!” She happily yelled while I put her down

“Ashely, this is my Godsister Maddison. Maddison this is my mate Ashely,” I introduced

Ash looked at me as a smile formed on her face before kneeling to Maddison, “It’s nice to meet you, I like your hat,” She said

“Pretty eyes,” Maddi said staring into them

“Thank you. How old are you?” She asked

“I’m seven,” She said

“Such a big girl. Do you want to swing with me?” She asked

“Yes!” She said holding Ash’s hand while leading her to the swing set

I couldn’t help myself but giggle and smile watching the two play mother would with her pup. Another thing I couldn’t help but think about watching the girls run from the swingset to the monkey bars and slide. After a while, more and more kids came pouring out of the school, all running up to me asking for hugs and for me to do one particular thing I’d do every time I came to visit.

“Awwwww pleeeeaaaasssseeeee?” Maddi begged

“Leo, come on. I wanna see it too,” Ash said

“Okay. Okay. But give me some space,” I said leaning down with my arms out

“YAAAAAAY!” Maddi yelled before getting a tight grip around my neck

I was surrounded by kids latching on to any part of my body they could get my arms my neck, and back I almost had Maddi’s entire class on me and when I stood up the rest grabbed hold of my legs, “Everybody ready?” I asked

“Yes!” They all said

I spun around carefully, lifting my legs and waving my arms up and down, all while humming a carnival theme. I turned myself into a human carnival ride as they giggled and laughed their smiles made the visit all the more worth it. Once I stopped, the ones on my legs got off first before I lowered everybody else off but Maddi. Everybody was dizzy and giggling softly before they laid on the grass.

“Leon, Did you have to wipe out my entire class again?” A woman asked walking up in black dress pants and light purple blouse

She was at least twenty or early twenties at that, her dark black hair overflowed down her back and shoulders, and her black eyes hid a dark brown hue in them, “Hey Victoria, long time no see, huh?” I asked

“Okay, Kids! Back to class for snack time,” She said clapping her hands

Everybody got up, and one by one hugged me before running inside while Victoria was counting how many were going inside. She looked directly at me when she fell one short, “What? I didn’t do anything,” I said turning around to show that Maddi wasn’t with me

“Hey, You! Where Is She?” She asked

Ashely had her back turned towards us, slowly turning around with Maddi in her arms, “Can’t we hang out a little while longer?” She asked having already fallen in love with the child

“Come on, love. That’s kidnapping you know better other than that you promised to be good,” I reminded

“I know, but...” She started as I folded my arms. She sighed profoundly, walking over to Victoria, hugging Maddi as tightly as she could before passing her off. She walked over to my side pouting with her arms folded and stomping her feet as if to say, “It’s not fair,”

“Hey Leon, you should check on her while you’re here, she...I haven’t seen her in a while; hopefully, she’s alright living with that monster. Other than that hit me up next time you’re in town,” Victoria said

“Yeah. I will. We were headed there now, and I’ll try to keep in touch,” I said before directing my attention to Maddi, “I have to go for a while, you be a good girl, okay?” I asked

“Promise you’ll come back?” She asked

“I promise,” I said crossing my heart, “Au Revoir my little Maddi,” I said

“Bye, Alpha Leo. Bye Ashely,” She said waving

“Bye, You Precious Angel!” Ash yelled waving back at her, “I want one,” She said glancing over at me

“No...At least not yet, now is not a good time, okay?” I asked

“Yeah. Yeah. I know. I know it’s just...nevermind let’s go,” She said trying to walk away before I grabbed her hand and pulled her back to my side

“Tell,” I said staring in her eyes

“You’d make a great father,” She said with a blush

I kissed her forehead and put my arm over her shoulder keeping her as close to me as I could, “You’d be an amazing mother, and now I want you to meet mine,” I said

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