Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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Finally Family

POV: Ashely

“Is today the day we see her?” Lucas asked holding Emily’s hand

“Yes, today you’ll finally meet your big sister, Lucas. Are you excited?” She asked

“I hope she’s nice,” He said, running towards a toy store window, “Can we? Please?” He asked

She glanced at her watch had been up all throughout the night, unable to sleep and up early to make breakfast for the men in her life. Emily wasn’t sure about the time anymore, “I believe we have enough time, but just for a little while, okay?” She asked

“Okay!” Lucas happily said while they walked inside unaware that a girl and her fiancee walked by the toy shop was indeed her daughter

“What is it near again? A pastry shop, right?” Leon asked

“Leo, We’re clearly lost,” I said stopping near a toy store

“Yeah, right. I doubt it’s that bad. At least we’re on the right street,” He said

“What happened to the GPS you had?” I asked

“Ummm...” He said, glancing down at his dead cell phone, “Yeah. That died a hot second ago,” He said

“This is important you know that,” I said folding my arms

“Well, as I said, we’re on the right street all we have to do is find the diner next to the pastry shop. Everything is going to be fine, I promise we won’t show up late. Let’s just keep looking around, okay?” He asked grabbing my hands

I sighed lightly, “Alright,” I said following his lead

Leon pulled me close to him and laid his arm over my shoulder as we continued to walk and take in the sights of the town. Meanwhile, within the toy store, Emily was watching Lucas play with a toy truck before moving to a bouncing ball. She sat down yawning lightly to herself, rubbing her eyes and stretching her arms, trying to stay awake to remember what time she said again to meet with Ashely, “Was it at one or two I said we’d meet and where again?” She questioned herself rubbing her head

“Mommy, can I get this?” Lucas asked holding a teddy bear

“A teddy bear? Why, baby?” She asked

“It’ll be for Ashely!” He happily suggested

She couldn’t help but smile, “Then, of course, my little man,” She said grabbing Lucas’ hand walking up to the front to pay for everything

As they left, Emily’s mind wandered in and out of reality, Lucas was leading the way for her. They ended up in a nearby park where Emily sat down on a bench glancing at the time as her eyes felt heavy, confusing the numbers around to the point where it seemed pointless to try and figure it out and while Lucas was happily playing she decided to take a small nap. Leon and I finally found the diner and patiently waited and waited and waited.

“Maybe. She’s running late,” Leon said grabbing my hands in his

“Or she just didn’t want to see me,” I said

“That’s not true you and I both know that,” He said

“Then, Where Is She?!” I shouted not caring who heard, “This was just a waste of time,” I said

“No. It’s not. You came here to see her, and that’s exactly what you are going to do, let me see your phone for a second I have to call someone. I’ll be right outside,” He said as I passed off my phone to him

I sat at the table while he made his way outside. I was staring at a half-drunken glass of water in front of me before glancing up at the clock; two-forty. I have been sitting at this table waiting for a woman who supposedly looked exactly like me but with black hair and older, at least according to staff that worked in the diner, for over an hour and a half. Apparently, she’s a regular here since the staff mistook me for her as soon as I walked in, but when they noticed Leon was by my side, they figured it out. Still, they were nice enough to tell me she always comes around the same time, but lately, she hasn’t been coming around since she’s been struggling with a personal problem for a while now. It’s normally bad around this time of year, so it’s just hard for her to be around others expect those she trust. I could only imagine what was going on in her head still she should’ve been here by now. I laid my head on the table feeling a little defeated maybe her own fears and doubts overshadowed her decision to meet me still a call, or something would help.

“Maybe this was a terrible idea,” I muttered under my breath

“Hey, are you okay?” Leon softly asked rubbing my back leaning down to my level

“I just wanted to meet her. What if this was just some fucked up joke and a waste of time?” I questioned

“If she’s not coming here then we’ll go to her,” He said

I slowly raised my head up from the table to look at him, “How?” I asked

“Black gave me her home address, so this isn’t over unless you don’t want to make this house call,” He softly said

“I really wanted to do this on equal terms, but we’ve come too far to leave now,” I said sitting up

“Okay, I’ll drive, and hopefully, my phone is finally charged. You wanna get something to eat while we’re here?” He asked

Before I could say anything, a waitress laid two slices of cream cheese pie in front of us, “It’s one of her favorites gets it every time she’s feeling down. It’s on the house hopefully you two can enjoy a slice together next time,” She said before heading to other customers

I glanced at some of the people there raising a glass either my mom is really popular here, or people are just that understanding. Either way, I wasn’t about to be rude, and Leon was definitely not about to refuse a free dessert. He happily fed me a piece of the pie before taking a bite himself, “Holy fuck, that’s good!” He yelled licking his lips

“More please,” I said watching him take the plate off the table

“Oh No. Now you gotta get your own,” Leon said keeping the plate away from me so he could eat it all

“Share!” I said reaching for it

We both ended up giggling and laughing before he put his arm over my shoulder and kept on feeding me piece after piece. Once we were done, we left a tip behind and headed towards her since meeting halfway didn’t work out. As the car made its way past the park, Emily was running in the opposite direction with Lucas in her arms to the diner when she realized she fell asleep losing track of time.

“Emily? Are you alright you look like you ran a marathon,” The waitress said

“Did a girl walk in here? She supposedly looks just like me,” Emily said in her grasp for air

“Yeah. She just left saying she was heading to your house,” The waitress replied

“Thank you!” Emily said, leaving just as fast as she showed up, “Try to get on mommy’s back, okay?” She asked

Lucas somehow latched his arms around her neck and crawled around to her back, still holding the teddy bear in a bag around his wrist. Emily wasted no time shifting into a wolf racing on all fours to beat Ashely to her house.

“Not again. I Can’t Lose Her Again!” Emily growled out moving faster and faster

A twenty-minute drive outside the city Leon pulled up to a glasshouse perfectly set between the city and forest. It was nicely placed with privacy in mind but close enough to the city to still feel part of the neighborhood. While I got out of the Jeep and looked around, Leon stopped only a few steps in like he felt something coming, something powerful.

“Are you coming?” I asked looking at him stand near the Jeep

“Something doesn’t feel right. I...I think I should wait here,” He said

“Really?” I asked

“Everything will be fine just knock, and if something happens I’ll know, and I’ll gladly fuck shit up but right now I know something is coming,” He said unsure about where it’s coming from

“O...okay,” I said walking up to the door

I stood in front of the door, unsure if I should knock or not. My heart racing miles per second as I swallowed my nerves down and rang the doorbell. A huge man answered the door, his dark brown hair and blacken eyes were uncanny as his dark black- brownish bread and mustache formed around his lips. He had a light brown skin tone and muscular build that looked strong enough to knock Rico on his ass in one hit, and the dress shirt and pants he had on looked like it could tare apart with just one good exhale.

“Who are you?” He asked looking down at me with his rough voice

“I’m looking for someone by the name of Emily Black. Does...Does she lives here?” I somewhat squeaked out

“That depends who’s asking?” He asked folding his arms

“Well, I’m from the US, and I was told that she could possibly be...” I said

“If You Are With That Asshole Marcus Than Get Out! GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BEFORE I FUCKING DESTROY YOU! YOU GOT THREE SECONDS!” He shouted more like roared out, “ONE!” He started

I was terrified without even a chance to explain myself this man I didn’t even know was threating my life. I couldn’t stick around hell. I didn’t even get the guy’s name, but here I was running for my life because of Marcus. Just how far did his negative influences reach? I questioned myself before shaking my head and noticing Leon still standing near the Jeep.

“BABE START THE CAR WE HAVE TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!” I shouted to the top of my lungs

Leon didn’t even try to ask any questions leaving open the passager door before hopping over to the driver’s side starting the car. Once I got in and closed the door, we were off once again back on the road. I was trying to catch my breath, hoping that man wasn’t chasing us until I glanced at the mirror to see a wolf just a big just as black and as fast as Uncle Ty racing up behind us, “LEO DRIVE FASTER HE’S STILL AFTER US!” I shouted stomping on Leo’s foot forcing him to go faster

“Who Is This Asshole!?” Leon yelled

“I Don’t Fucking Know! Just Drive!” I yelled moving my foot off his once we were at the fastest speed

Leon went off the road in the forest, hoping to lose the wolf in the trees and trails of the forest before getting back on the road. Once we did the wolf was gone from behind us, we both started to catch our breath as Leon started to slow down, “Jesus Christ!” He said before something was digging into the roof of the Jeep

“He’s Still Here!” I shouted

“That’s It!” Leon shouted slamming on the brakes

A body fell from the roof and landed in front of the Jeep. Leon was staring in front of the road reviving the engine ready to turn whoever it was into roadkill as soon as they stood up. But there was a small light, and an almost soft groan came from the other side. As Emily carefully pulled herself on the hood of the car, rubbing her head as she shook it out, opening her eyes, facing the one person, she never thought she’d ever see again. The women were staring directly at each other less than a foot away with nothing but metal and glass between them.

“A...Ashely?” Emily asked unable to hold back the tears

Leon looked over at me, frozen in shock, unable to even say a word before redirection his attention back on Emily. He carefully and quietly got out the car, taking the keys with him locking me inside before making his way around. He unlocked the doors before opening the passager’s door. As he gently rubbed his fingertips across my cheek, some sense of reality kicked in as he guided me out of the car. My eyes were locked on hers as we now stood face to face in front of each other.

“,” I barely managed to get before the tears were starting to form

I felt like I was going to faint until she ran up, catching me in her arms. I closed my eyes happily, taking in her warmth, a mother’s warmth, a mother’s love. The one thing in my heart that I was missing was now in my very arms.

“I’ve missed you so much. I never thought I’d see my baby girl ever again,” She softly said pass her tears

I couldn’t stop crying, falling apart completely in her arms. I was reduced to nothing but the crying child she had just given birth too all those years ago. She cooed me gently, rocking me in her arms in an attempt to calm me down, but I kept crying for what felt like forever. I cried all my tears for something like this in my life, and it was at this very moment I was made a new.

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