Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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A Means to An End (1/2)

POV: Trevor

The mind of a strategist is a horrifying place to be in, especially when you’re not a strategist. I used to think this was a curse, so many voices telling me different outcomes for the future. I thought I was insane at one point trying to run away from it, but I ended up on the doorstep of Alpha Black when I was sixteen years old. It was here where I saw Miley for the first time, and I instantly felt attach attracted and addicted to the woman. I wanted to get closer to her by any means possible, so I made myself useful to him by acting like a strategist. Eventually, I did get the hang of my position, even the voices in my head started working with me on my decisions. But I’d have to argue my way through the madness isolating myself was the only way to have complete control of these demons. Getting inside the mindset of a deranged man like Marcus was complicated, but after reading over the letters, I had a better understanding of him, and I knew what to do to get him. I told everybody the plan and that we’d leave at sunset the next day. The hired guns he used to attack the house were nothing more than a few thugs we had dealt with a long time ago. They knew better than to fuck with this house again, so finding them was no problem. It was a few miles out from their hideout near the border between Alpha Black’s and Anton’s territories was the main focal point. As I pulled back on Leon and Rico shirts like dogs on a leash, we showed up just in time all the pieces were in place. But I’m getting ahead of myself. We stormed in the old warehouse to take down the gunmen while the girls were handling the real mission.

POV: Miley

I didn’t like Trevor’s plan at all, but I trust him with my life and my father’s life as we walked to the meeting spot Marcus had set up. It was so close to the border. The last thing we need to be is trespassers on Anton’s territory when the tensions between us are already high. But there he was with that condensing smirk on his face that I’d kill to slap off.

“So you must be Tyrese’s little girl? What’s your name?” He asked

I rolled my eyes, skipping the introductions, “My father wanted to see you again, and I swear if these letters are fake, then I’m going to...” I started

“I assure you the letters are genuine. I’m not good with words like her. Still, my question is, why on earth did you bring your father here knowing he’s about to die?” He asked

“Because I don’t believe you intend to kill him. Why are you doing this, Marcus?” I asked

“Well, why not?” He asked

“Killing him won’t help you forget her. Sure, it’ll burn some bridges with our family, but Emily will always live on,” I said

When I brought her name up, his eyes widen for a moment like he was surprised that I knew about her before he looked over at my dad while he started coughing, “How are you doing over there, Tyrese?” He asked

“I...need...letters,” He managed to get out

“Then finish your medicine,” Marcus said

Like a cocky asshole, he tossed the flask in the air in hopes of me catching it instead a dark red wolf just so happened to run by catching it in its’ mouth before taking off.

“What!? No!” Marcus shouted before shifting and following up behind the wolf

“Wh...what happened?” He asked

“Just hang on, dad,” I said pulling him on my back changing and following them

POV: Ashely

I waited for all of them on a broken tree branch in the middle of an open field in the forest. A gentle cool breeze running through my hair helped me relax while my instincts were on high alert, knowing of the upcoming threat that was growing closer and closer. My best friend ran out the forest in a frenzy with a flask of a deadly mixer scrambled to my side, dropping the container near my feet before going back into hiding.

“Thanks, Jazz! I love you!” I shouted picking up the flask

After leaning down to pick up the vial, I came face to face with the dark brown wolf with soulless brown eyes. He shifted back human careful to keep his distance, “Give me that back,” He said

“Do you realize where you’re at?” I asked, “Isn’t this where you tried to run with her?”

He looked around taking in everything, and for a moment it looked like he wanted to smile but with the sad dishearten-look it in his eyes he closed them before reopening them, “Just gave me the flask back,” He said

“You can’t kill him. It won’t change anything, and you know that, right?” I asked

“Just Give Me The Damn Flask!” He shouted

“Do I remind you of her? Is that why you were so quick to take custody of me?” I asked


“Not until I get those letters,” I said



“Stay cool, Leon,” Trevor said pulling him back by his shirt along with Rico right beside him

“There’s nowhere to run, Marcus!” Miley yelled still carrying her dad

“Just Give Up! All We Want Is The Letters Hand Them Over, And No One Has To Get Hurt,” Trevor said

“And I Want Tysere Dead! I Want All Of You Dead! Get Out Of My Head! GET OUT OF MY LIFE!” He shouted

“Do you want me dead too?” I asked

“What?” He said looking at me

“I’m a part of both sides; I know by killing Uncle Ty and maybe even the idea of Emily all together, you’ll get some closure or relief, but unless you either let go or kill me, you will never escape this. I was born out of love, and once you let yourself get consumed by hate, that’s when I started having my doubts. Your obsession started with mom, but it’s ending with me unless you gave me those letters,” I said

“What are you saying?” He asked

I looked at the flask with a sadden smile, “I’ve grown cold. I don’t know what’s going to happen next. I’m scared. You wrote that to her, remember? She didn’t mean to hurt you. She never wanted this just like you and now look at us. You want to get rid of her memory once and for all, then this isn’t for Tyrese. It’s for me,” I said, opening it up and drinking it before throwing across the ground, “NOW GIVE ME MY FUCKING LETTERS!“I shouted in his face

Just then I started coughing hard endlessly even once my chest felt like it was on fire my body was still trying to force this venous mixture out. I threw up on Marcus’ shoes, and once I did, everything started spinning. I felt light head I didn’t even realize I was still coughing until I looked at my hands completely covered in blood. I looked around in a dazed before I saw the look on Leon’s face.

“Le...Leo...sorry,” I managed to mumble out before falling out on the ground

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