Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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A Means to An End (2/2)

POV: Leon

“ASHELY! LET ME GO TREVOR!” I shouted, trying to escape from his grip, “LET ME GO!” I yelled

“Not yet, just wait!” He said

“But We Have To Do Something She’s FUCKING DYING!” I yelled

“Wait! Another Second,” He said

“Pl...plea...please let me try to save her,” I cried out, “I can’t...I can't lose her too. Just please....let me at least try,” I cried just then Jazz came running out of her hiding spot in her human form and Trevor pushed me forward

“Don’t touch Marcus; he isn’t the main focus understand? Keep her closeby,” He said

I ran over to Ashely side, picking her up in my arms before noticing Marcus’ frozen expression on his face, “I HOPE YOU’RE FUCKING HAPPY!” I roared out as the tears fell from my eyes

“Leon! Get Her Over Here Now!” Jazz yelled

I walked over to Jazz who had a jacket fold up, “She has to stay awake and hydrated go find me some water,” She said forcing Ash to throw up again before laying her head on the jacket

“W...Why are you doing that?” I asked wiping my eyes trying to pull myself together


“Okay! I’ll be back, Ash,” I said before shifting running around like a madman until I came across a campsite

I shifted back at least halfway before grabbing the cooler and a few towels that were hanging on a clothesline. I ran back just as fast, if not faster then I left sliding on the ground beside Jazz. Ash was awake, but she was screaming in pain, tightly gripping her sides.

“Babe. Baby. Baby, look at me. Everything is going to be okay, alright?” I asked trying to get her to calm down

“It hurts,” She whined out still gripping her sides crying

“I know. I know I’m right here,” I said

“Try to get her to drink some water or pat her skin cool. We have to keep her fever down if we want her to stand a chance against this,” Jazz said

“You see you’re going to make through this,” I said while she started back coughing

I patted her back, rubbing her head with a wet towel I dunked into the cooler beforehand. I was hoping that I was doing something other than just prolonging the inevitable.

“MARCUS!? This Is What You Wanted Right?” Trevor shouted, “All Ties And Bonds To Emily Broken! Are You Going To Stand There And Let Your Daughter DIE!?” He shouted still trying to keep Rico under controlled

I glanced back towards Marcus, and by his expression, he didn’t want this at all. I could only imagine what was going on in his head, but I couldn’t keep my focus on him since Ash was throwing up again. She was trembling; her skin felt like fire despite the fact she wasn’t sweating anymore, and her breathing grew shallow.

“Ash. Ash. Stay with me now,” I said trying desperately to get her to drink some water

Despite her rising temperature, she still had enough energy to knock the bottle out of my hand before letting out a blood-curdling scream. I think everybody was thrown off by it covering their ears, hoping it would be over soon, and the pitch of it was so focused it was even affecting my inner wolf. Once she stopped, there was this unnatural clam to her that light brown caramelized look in her eyes that once showed me my entire future with her was slowly draining from her eyes.

Is this it? Is where I lose my mate by her own father’s hands? There was so much we still had to do to, so much love I still have to give to her, she vowed to be my shield, but right now she’s causing us both pain as a double-edged sword.

“Please Don’t Leave Me!” I cried out, trying to get through to her and that dull, lifeless look in her eyes, “A...Ash? ASH!?” I shouted

She started back coughing, but this time more intense as her body began trembling tears were flowing from her eyes she was screaming after coughing up so much blood, “MOMMY! MOMMY! HELP ME!” She shouted to the top of her lungs

“HERE!” Marcus yelled out, crying as his hand trembled, “PLEASE SAVE HER!” He shouted passed his tears holding up a bag with a vial and syringe

POV: Trevor

The mind of a strategist is a terrifying place. I knew there had to be a cure or a suppression for this type of poison highly concentrated Wolfsbane grounded sliver and a human poison with a treatment. That’s the only reason he’d survive being around it himself the Wolfsbane and sliver slowed down the healing process it was also making it harder for Black to shift those were targeted towards the wolf. Next, the human side coughing, the sudden vomiting, loss of energy, and muscle weakness or complete failure. Marcus was reckless, but the man wasn’t stupid. He knew doing this was straight-up impossible with his emotional and mental deterioration, so numbing himself down was the only proper way of coping with this madness he caused. But after reading the letters, there was one thing that could make him crack the thought of losing Ashely, just like how he lost Emily. He was terrified of being alone once I heard his broken plead. I carefully walked up with Rico.

“Leave It On The Ground And Take Ten Steps Backwords!” I shouted

“If She Doesn’t Get This Right Now She’ll DIE!” He said


He followed my orders, carefully placing down the bag, walking backward with his hands in front of him. Rico bared his fangs, trying his hardest not to tare the pathetic man apart as Marcus fell to his knees, still crying and begging.

“Hey! Hey! Jazz will always love you, but you let Ash die right here. She’ll resent you for the rest of your life, get the bag and save Ash. You have to focus on her right now if not Jazz will never look at you the same way ever again,” I whispered near his ear before slowly letting go

Rico ran up to him without a second thought still growling under his breath with a sadist smile on his face, “There is so much I’d love to do to you’re not my problem trash like you get the best kind of punishment,” He said leaning down to get the bag not taking his eyes off Marcus for a second before running over to the small group

“What Should We Do? WHAT SHOULD WE DO!?” Leon shouted

“Get her arms pend down now!” Jazz said

While Leon was trying to do that, Jazz was trying to get Ashely to stop trembling long enough for Rico to come over. He looked around, scrambling to get everything out of the bag, ” Tu cinturón Necesito! Tu Cinturón!” He yelled in a panic putting the syringe into the vial

“What?! English Goddamn It!” Leon yelled

“Your belt. He needs your belt, you fucking retard!” Jazz yelled pulling it right off Leon and placing it around Ashely’s arm pulling at it as hard as she could until a vain appeared on her arm

“Por favor María me ayude a sanar a mi amiga,” He said before inserting the syringe into Ashely’s arm carefully ejecting the cure into her

After a while, the group backed off her giving her a little space. We all thought it was too late, but then she stopped shaking she was able to catch her breath the light was slowly but surely returning in her eyes as she carefully reached out for Leon’s face, “Leo,” She softly muttered under her breath before her eyes closed and her arm fell back to the ground

“Wh...Wh...What’s going on? We did everything right! She got the cure! She Should Be Fine!” Leon shouted

“It’s her temperature it’s not going down it’s rising we got to get her the fuck out of here,” Jazz said losing up Ash’s clothes before dumping the cooler of ice water on her body and warping her up in soaked towels

“B...B...But what about...” He started

“NOW! LEON!” Jazz shouted

Leon shifted into his wolf form and Jazz placed Ashely on him before hopping on his back, “Rico take my father and that bag go with them,” Miley said

Rico did what he was told and followed up beside Leon as they took off towards a hospital. It was just me Miley and the man staring at the ground in shock and disbelief about what he just witnessed, “I...I...never wanted her hurt,” He muttered under his trembling voice

“Well, that’s not the way life works you can’t act like you’re the victim in all of this,” Miley said

“But What Was My Fault In Loving Emily With Everything I Had!?” He shouted looking up at us with tears streaming from his eyes

“You always knew that you didn’t love her, did you?” I asked, “And yet you still tried to keep that bond, that connection but in return, you sacrificed yourself by giving her all of you knowing you wouldn’t get anything back from it,” I said

“After that, you grew cold and numb, convincing yourself that it was all her fault, but you know who’s the blame. All you have to do was let go and now the one part of her you thought you had....could be dead,” Miley said

“No! NO! I have to know if she survived, please tell me if my little girl made it. I raised her! I changed her diapers. I tough her how to ride a bike. I took care of her. I...I...I...I loved her as much as a single father could,” He said

“You also disowned her. You kept her as a prisoner from her destiny. You hidden things about her mother from her. And the worst part of all you tried to destroy the family she has always been searching for. She’s a stranger to you, Marcus, and from here on out, that’s exactly what she’ll be to you for good. Trevor...,” Miley said, “Catch up to me,” She stated before shifting and running up behind everyone else

“Wh...what does she mean by that?” He asked

“I’m Alpha Black’s Delta,” I said

“Wait! No!” He shouted trying to get up

“Sit The Fuck Down!” I barked out

He was forced into sitting down. A dominate can take so many orders before falling into the orders of another wolf. Even though he started all of this, I was in control the entire night setting up everything to end with it this way, as I walked around him, he couldn’t look me in the eye. This was a dominant's worse nightmare being overpowered by someone weaker than them in a physical and emotional sense. I leaned down, staring at him before scratching him across his chest. The claw marks were burning into his flesh as it was healing at the same time.

“You are no longer a part of this pack, this territory, or their lives. You have one hour to gather up all your shit and leave. You cross into this territory again; you will be hunted down and executed after an unknown amount of days of torcher. If you somehow make near the packhouse, you will be paraded down the street in pure shame after we beat you into a fucking pulp, and then you will be executed. Finally, if you do anything and I mean anything involving the Black family you will be executed on sight by the nearest member or ally,” I said

“But what about Ash...” He started

“ASHELY IS NO LONGER YOUR DAUGHTER! SHE IS NOT A TURNER! She is now a Black, Ashely Nicole Black, and if you so much as speak her name, I will fucking kill you right here, right the hell now. You got that, Rogue?!" I barked out growling under my voice, "Now give me those fucking letters.” I demanded

He reached into his coat pocket and handed them over, “Here, but please tell me if she makes it,” He begged before looking at my disgusted reaction as I snatched the letters away, “I...I have to know! I have to know if she made it!” He shouted

“That’s something you’ll have to live with,” I said looking at my watch, “You got fifty-five minutes to get the fuck out of here before everybody comes looking for you,” I said turning my back on him

“No! No! NO! NO! YOU HAVE TO TELL ME! TELL ME! TELL ME!!!” He shouted endlessly

As I continued to walk away, his screams for peace of mind went on deaf ears. I did my job as a strategist, with no deaths, one casualty. Ash is strong; I know she’ll recover. As a man, keeping my promise to Miley; not only did I saved her father’s life, I managed to get the cure for him as well, and as a Delta; demoting Marcus into the most shamed and humiliated Rogue that will walk the face of the earth. With the letters in hand, it was over. Everything with Marcus was finally over. Once I caught up to Miley, we both heard it the howl of a brokenhearted Rogue it was settled Marcus was done for.

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