Twilight Rogue: Family Bonds part 2 (4/5)

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Forever Bonded

POV: Leon

“Can You Let, Me Inside!? My Mate Is In There I HAVE To Be By Her Side! I HAVE To See Her Please!” I begged, pulling and pushing at the doors to the ICU like a wild animal

“You are not allowed past those doors,” A female nurse said safely behind the doors

I could tell someone warned her about me before I could even get my hand on the door the reinforced locks were down, and the female who activated them told me to fuck off. It was that unknown that triggered me to be so irrational, to begin with, and by not telling us that she was moved only pushed me more over the edge. I couldn’t wait anymore. I had to find out for myself to see her with my own eyes and maybe even say goodbye in person. Anything but waiting in more silence lying to myself, trying to convince my self that everything will get better. Smiling through my tears only made me want to cry harder to fall deeper into despair and shut out everybody to the point of being nothing more than a broken man in the corner.

“FINE! IF THAT’S HOW YOU WANNA PLAY IT!” I growled out taking a couple of steps back

After a running started, I rammed myself against the door over and over again even when the pain in my shoulders was aching I still kept trying. I shifted, shaking out my head before running up at full speed and full force to not even a dent in the door. I turned back after a few more times, screaming my head off in complete anger blinded by rage, punching a hole in the wall.

“LET ME SEE HER!!!” I shouted out

“Amigo! You have to calm down,” Rico said

“Calm down! Calm Down! FUCK YOU If It Was Jazz You’d...” I started before she walked up slapping me in my mouth

Her red bloodshot eyes were more than enough to tell me she was taking this just as hard if not harder then I was, “You want to know why they won’t let you see her? Look at yourself; she wouldn’t want you like this, Leon. You look insane, and I get it; she’s your mate, but guess what? She’s my fucking sister! I know her better than anyone, even you! So if you let yourself lose control like that one more time security will most likely come up here and throw you out,” She said

“But what if she’s...” I started

“She’s Not Gone You, Idiot!” She yelled

“How would you know that?” I asked

“Close your eyes,” She said while I just blankly stared at her, “Do It!” She shouted

“Alright. Alright. Alright,” I said closing my eyes

“Just try to relax focus on nothing but breathing and clear your mind of everything,” She instructed

I did what I was told after a moment I opened my eyes, and I was no longer standing in the hospital. I was in the forest. It was a full moon, and the shooting stars flew by above my head as a cool breeze flowed by me. I heard a low yet loud whine coming from behind me. I immediately ran in that direction in hopes of finding Ashely or her wolf or something; instead, I ran into my wolf.

“H...hey Al. It’s been a while, huh?” I asked kneeling down

He was just as worried as I was, but I got so disconnected from him I couldn’t make out what he was saying in his growls anymore. Any other day I’d understand him just like he was a human, I mean that’s how strong our bond was, he was a part of me, and I guess I must have forgotten that. After running my fingers through his fur, he led me deeper into the forest where a dark brown wolf was waiting near a cave. As soon as it saw me with Al, it ran up, knocking me over while licking my cheek. I couldn’t help but laugh, knowing precisely who the wolf belongs to, “Hey, beautiful. Where is she?” I asked staring in her golden caramelized eyes

The wolf slowly got off me while making her way inside the cave. I got up and followed her inside to see Ashely dressed in all white her eyes closed like a sleeping angel or Snow White waiting for a kiss from her prince. When I got closer, I noticed her body was moving in a wavy like motion almost like she was laying in water, but it was a stone underneath her, or so I thought. I gently rubbed my fingertips together nervous as hell to touch her skin, and once I did finally touch her. She almost burned me with just how hot she was; I shook out my hand before taking a seat beside her.

“I don’t know what the hell this is, but I...I want you to know that I’m insane about you. I never met anyone like you before in my entire life, and I love you so much. So if you are planning on leaving, I want you to at least have your ring with you, and hopefully, in our next life, I'll......, you know, be able to keep you. But if you do plan on coming back to me, you might want to be prepared to deal with me for a long, long, long time. I’ll never leave your side,” I said getting back up and burning my hand to put the ring back on her finger where it rightfully belongs, “I love you, Ashely Nicole Black, please come back to me,” I said walking towards the exist

“Le...Leo,” She softly muttered

“Ash? Are you going to be okay?” I asked hopefully making my way back over to her side until Al grabbed my pants leg and started pulling me away from her, “Al, what are you doing? Let me go! Ash! Ash! ASHELY!” I shouted

I opened my eyes looking around in a different waiting room this one felt different as I inhaled a deep breath of air one scent stood out above the rest, peaches. I was closer to her, and yet I still so far away, but it was okay since we found out more about her condition. A large amount of Wolfsbane and sliver was already out of her system thanks to Jazz, and for the Iron poison, Rico managed to inject the antidote just in time before the final stages kicked in. She was dehydrated after coughing up vomiting and sweating so much liquid out of her system she had a heat stroke. They have been trying to regulate her temperature for a while, even with her wolf’s healing factor on her side. It was tricky to get her body temperature in a stable condition.

“How did we end up over here?” I asked

“Well, once I got you to calm down, the nurse let us in. She said you were terrifying and thought if she let you in then, you’d go on a rampage or something,” Jazz said

“What did you see because you were really out of it, Amigo,” Rico said passing out cups of water

“I saw my wolf, her wolf, and her. She was resting, and she called for me, but Al pulled me away before I could do anything,” I said

“Al? As in...?” Jazz asked

“I call my inner wolf Al for Alpha just because I can forget who I am that doesn’t mean he should, and I’ve been getting reminded of that a lot recently,” I said, “With these men coming back into my life I’m getting reminded of who I was supposed to be, but it’s the question of whether or not it’s my choice to be that person again is still there. Is it something I want to do or something I’m forced into doing?” I asked

“Well. What is your heart telling you?” She asked

“Right now? To be by Ash's side and figure it out later,” I said looking at the doors hoping a Doctor would come out with good news

“Well thank God you guys managed to get him under control,” Miley said walking up with Trevor behind her

“Yeah, for the most part anyway. I’m assuming that hole in the other room is your doing?” He asked

“Sorry,” I muttered under my breath

“Your dad isn’t going to be happy about that,” He said

“Once again we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it,” Miley said before directing her attention on us, “My dad is a stable condition we’re going to see him soon but what’s going on with Ash?” She asked

“Heatstroke if you can believe it. Doctors had put her in an ice bath to try and regulate her body temperature,” Jazz said

“Will that even work our temperatures are already above normal as it is?” Miley asked

“It’s working,” I said looking the one ring I had in my hand with a light smile, “She’s going to be alright it’s just a matter of time,” I said

Time moved forward from the late afternoon to the evening I still refused to eat and sleep while everyone else did, but I was still talking and keeping myself calm. Rico and Jazz debated whether or not to leave to take a shower and grab some fresh clothes. Jazz told him to get her some clothes, but she wasn’t going anywhere until Ash woke up before she sat back down in her chair. Rico unable to leave her side, sat down, and put his arm around her, “So stubborn,” He muttered under his breath, leaning his head on hers. Miley and Trevor were going back and forward between us and her dad’s room she’d always come back holding onto Trevor staring at him with the look of pure amazement and adoration.

It was late at night everybody was in a deep sleep expect me. I was walking around feeling more restless than ever before, but then a doctor came in looking around questioning if he should say anything, “Hey over here,” I whispered getting him to meet me halfway

“Are you here for Ashely Black?” He asked

“Of course, I am. She’s my mate,” I said

“She’s in a stable condition now. After the fourth ice bath, her temperature was slowly decreased back to normal she’s resting as of right now, but we’re going to keep her a few days to make sure there isn’t any sudden changes,” He said

“What room number?” I asked

“Four sixteen, two doors away from her Uncle. If you go in there, keep it low. She needs a lot of rest, okay?” He asked

“Thanks, Doc,” I said

After he left, I left everybody a note and went to her room, lightly knocking on the door before walking inside. She was in a deep sleep, after everything she’s been through she managed to fall peacefully asleep. I carefully pulled a chair near her bedside, once more rubbing my fingertips together before touching her skin. She was warm and leaning into my hand with a soft relax sigh of air before slowly opening her eyes, “Leo,” She softly said

“Sssssshhh. Don’t say anything you need to rest,” I whispered

She moved a little, making some space in her bed, staring at me, hoping I’d join her. Those eyes with so much warmth and love inside, and it was all mine for the taking. After finding myself laying in her arms, I was finally able to sleep for the first time in what felt like forever.

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