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Zithion, a 14 year old boy, from the planet phx-582 or phoenix5. finds himself in a different time and universe guided by two opposite entity's, the mind of a angel known as Arial the angel of protection and Abyssus the mental (and sort of physical) manifestation of his regrets and sins. He will use their powers to learn more about this new world and time or will he be consumed by his own temptations. This is truly a story where man forges his own demons. WARNING some information is not accurate also may have Gore and inappropriate language.

Action / Scifi
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The new old world

Ah! I looked around my room. "Few that was one crazy dream." Zith said as he tried to return to sleep in a cold sweat. I guess I need to go on a walk to tire myself out. He went downstairs and got dressed and walked out of the house.

he went to White portal park. When all of the sudden he heard a quiet scratchy voice say "hey" the voice was strange and he hadn't heard it before he lived in a small colony so he knew everyone so he said who are you into the empty dark abiss beyond the reach of the hydroflorlecent park lights. "H-Hello is any one there." Zith said but there was no response. He shrugged it off and though it was just his mind playing tricks on him. He returned home to return to sleep soon he was fast asleep.

Then he had a strange dream. It showed a star and a Black hole. both seemed to be either trying to consume or corrupt each other but the corrupt was more of make the same somehow. He woke thinking that was a strange dream but he could not remember it, or what it was in it or even what it has or what it was about. So he got up took a shower got dressed brushed his hair and teeth, and then got breakfast and started his day.

When he returned home he studied and he came across a article the red wood plague it hit him so hard a year ran down his face 11/12/2742 about half a month after his 3rd birthday his mom passed away from the red plague. Why, why now it was never in any of my history classes until now. he remembered those gentle eyes and that warm smile and her ability to make any shit day better get your ass kicked she can make it sound look and feel as if you had won. She made everything better. Although he only knew her for only 4 years He missed her. Guess that was long enough to miss a family member.

He finishes up his study's and starts cooking dinner an old Chinese recipe of sesame chicken his mom never liked it because she had a illness that food (like Chinese food and spicy food.)make her feel sick. Then he heard a voice(different from the other night.) say "Zith open your eyes, ears, and mind to us."the calm voice said." What do you mean who are you."Zith said in response "just do it." said the scratchy voice. And almost instinctively closed his eyes and zoned in on the voices.

Slowly two figures appeared. One wore a white robe and had a pair of white wings and a glowing yellow ring hovering above his head and an aura that said everything is fine I will protect you. The other had a the scales of a chameleon and the tongue of a snake and the eyes of a cat stalking its prey. He looked very charming (but not for the right reasons) and was as red as a corpse that was killed by the red death.

Zith opened his eyes and said who are you the white figure said."I am Ariel the angel of protection and the other one is well you get to name it so it is up to you." When I first saw him it felt like a Abyss opened inside when I saw him so... "I will Name him Abyssus after the Latin root for abyss." Now I am naming my halusanations I am definitely going crazy.

Abyssus responded in aggravated and disappointed manner. "You couldn't make a better name for me come on" Ariel said."silence demon he has given you a name he has created you and I can destroy you." Abyssus muttered something and then fell to silence. "We are here to help you to either give in to your sins or be saved by God. We also would like to transport you across other worlds, and universes or dimensions."

Zith had heard of christian beliefs but never seen any solid evidence that it existed until now. "I'm going insane I'm seeing things there is no other explanation." Zith said out loud. Abyssus said. "Or we could be real and you're just denying our existance because we go against what you believe." Then Ariel said. "Get some sleep Zith you'll be thinking clearly by the morning." Zith said. "Yes I just need a little sleep after dinner of course." So he just finished his dinner and hurried up the stairs and to his bed it took him a while to go-to sleep but finally after an hour or so he gave in to the sweet temptation of sleep.

He woke up the next day and felt something was different he couldn't make out what it was though. He went downstairs and saw that there are six chairs instead of four. Huh that's strange I don't remember getting two more chairs. "That's because you're in a slightly different world. in this one you have six chairs instead of four." Ok I guess I am not going insane.

"So you two did this to me...why?" Zith said. "To get you used to being in different worlds" said Ariel. So he went about his day nothing else had changed. But more and more important things started to Change one day the entire towns building's were made out of granite until one day on his 14th birthday his whole world changed. He woke up on grass but it was green not blue And big brown spiers stuck up out of the ground with little parts of it sticking out of it with green tips. "Where am I." said Zith. "You are on Earth September 29 2018." Said Abyssus. "Wait what?" Said Zith.

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