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General Streak was the first man to ever use mana, but one day he disappears. So now students from around the world gather to special schools to learn how to master their abilities.

Action / Humor
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Chapter 1

“S-sorry!” cried a young student as he ran through his school hall. “Sorry! Watch out!” For each time he would bump into someone in the busy hallway he would quickly look back and apologizes.

This kid is James Washington. He’s currently seventeen years old and is a student at ‘Travas City Medical Streak school’.

Travas Medical Streak school is a school that trains its students that only can perform healing streaks.

To explain this all is not as simple as one might think.

In this world there are mythical creatures that normally can’t be seen. They are called, ‘Seraphics’. Seraphics differ from each other by the element that they are composed of. For example Seraphics are composed of the main elements fire, earth, water, wind, darkness, and light.

There are also sub-elements. Sub element are basically any elements that aren’t fire, earth, water, wind, darkness, and light. Metal, lightning and Ice for example.

Seraphics are also unique because they produced ‘mana’ into the world. Humans and other species alike had the ability to use the mana surrounding them to use special abilities and enhance their abilities. Or at least… that’s what a legend says.

And about the abilities, Streaks are actually what they titled the special skills that they use mana to do. Some can use Streaks that are best used for combat, while others like Jack can only use ones that can support.

“Oh man….. I’m so late,” He huffed as he looked frantically left and right through the crowd of students that were hindering the rest of the hallway.

When James made his way into the main hall of the school he quickly looked side to side for his target. It was very difficult considering all of the students, doctors, nurses and patients that were also making their way through the school but he eventually found who he was looking for.

An enderman dressed in a white doctors coat and grey hair.

“Professor Smith!” James waved his arm furiously as he ran towards the elderly man.

Professor Smith at first didn’t pay attention to the thundering student who was repeating his name to get his attention since he was currently reading a letter. “Well this is a pleasant surprise.” The man spoke to himself.

“Huh?” Another piece of paper suddenly found its way on the letter he was reading currently stopping him from looking at the letter he had.

Standing in front of him was the medical student James who was giving him an annoyed half-lid eye look while tapping his right foot.

“Oh sorry about that, James.” Smith laughed at his reaction. “I was just reading an important letter.”

“What’s it about?” James asked. Dropping his annoyed expression to one of curiousity.

“Hmmmm,” Smith turned sideways and glanced at James through the corner of his eye. He gave a smirk just to add into the moment. “This is some pretty confidencial stuff, kid. I don’t see why I should tell you.”

James rolled his eyes. “Oh knock it off, Professor. We both know you’re going to tell me eventually.”

Professor Smith shrugged. “Alright Alright, you win, James.”

Professor Smith looked back and forth to make sure that no other students were listening in. “Does the name, ‘Olympus’ ring any bells?”

At the mentioning of that word James took a step back and his eyes almost popped out of his head. “O-o-olympus!?” James couldn’t believe what he had just heard. “Isn’t that like one of the best combat Streak schools?”

Combats schools are sort of the opposite of regular schools and medical schools. Medical schools are usually where people with support streaks like healing go since they aren't able to learn any streaks for actual fighting.

“What did they want from you?”

“They asked me if I would like to come take a look.” He leaned into James’ ear to whisper the next part. “Top secret research they say.”

Oh yeah on top of being a great doctor, Professor Smith also happened to be a brilliant scientist.

James still felt like dizzy from hearing this. Not to mention Smith couldn’t help but smile at the young male's reaction.

“Does that mean you’re leaving today to check it out?”

“Yes, I was actually planning on leaving right now.”

“But I figured you just got the note. You were just reading it weren’t you?”

“Well uh….. “ Professor Smith seemed to have gotten oddly embarrassed. He rubbed the back of his head, averted his gaze from James, and began walking back and forth.


Finally he stopped and looked back at James. “I was so excited that I received this that I read it about thirty times today.”

“You….. always did love praise.”

“Come on now, lad. Don’t we all deserve some every now and then?”

“Alright alright…”

“So was there anything you wanted from me?”

“Oh yeah,” James hit his right fist against his left palm. “I was wondering if you would sign this.” James reached into his back pocket and took out a piece of paper.

“A letter for recommendation in doctoring?”

“Yeah, I was thinking that it’s about time that I tried to move up.”

Without a second thought Professor Smith began to write his signature on the slip of paper. “I guess if you think this is really what you want to do.”

James rolled his eyes. “Of course it is. I’ve been at this school for pretty much my entire life. This is pretty much all I know.” James waved his arms around to draw more focus to the area surrounding them.

“Here you go, James.” Professor Smith handed back the letter. “Hey I just had an idea.”

“What is it?”

“How would you like to come with me?”

“T-To, Olympus!?”

“They didn’t really say I couldn’t bring someone along, I don't think they’d mind.”

“Top secret research?” James said.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

How did he get this job? James asked himself.

“I guess it couldn’t hurt to try.” James sighed.

“Great!” Professor Smith cheered as he slapped James’ back. “You shouldn’t have anymore classes anyways. I hope you’re ready, lad!”

This isn’t going to end well for me. I just know it. James thought.

“So…..” Something came to the mind of James. “How do we get there?”

Okay…… let it be known that James Washington is not a wimp, or a coward, or a cry baby… or anything else that you could possibly think of. But he IS and I can’t stress that strongly enough. He is a rational person.

So when your Professor offers you a chance to go to see one of the best schools in all of Seraphia you can’t say no. But when you’re supposed to go in secret you don’t expect your Professor to have a plain readied at the front of your school to take you there!

Don’t worry James, I’m sure no one even noticed.

Those words Professor smith said repeated themselves in the mind of James.

“You seriously need to work on your surprises…” James trailed off.

“Hahaha sorry, lad. I’ll work on it I promise.”

Smith began to stroke his chin. “Hey how come you’re out of your uniform?”

James scratched the back of his head.

Medical students usually are supposed to wear their uniforms which are just white shirts and pants. Professor Smith was referring to the fact that James had a doctor's coat that is unbuttoned, dark red pants, and a black shirt. But the part that really caught his attention was the yellow bracers and metal planted shows that he was wearing as well.

“More specifically… what are those for?”

“Well….. for the coat part…. I thought it looked cool.”

“And for your combat gear?’

“Well I know how to fight a little bit.. I was hoping to show off a little.”

“Don’t get too ahead of yourself, Lad. Martial arts aren’t the only thing you’ll need to hold your own against people here.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I love that I can heal people but…” James lifted up his right hand and stared at it as if it was saying something to him. “I always have this feeling that for some reason… I’m meant to do more, you know?”

“.......Nope,” Smith let out a big laugh.

“C’mon you’ve never even told me where I used to live before the school. Don’t you think I’m old enough to know?”

“I’ll admit you are a weird one. Your healing streaks are some of the finest I’ve ever seen and you seem to have a knack for combat as well.”

“So will you answer my questions now?”

“Well-oh look! We’re here!” Smith obviously wanted to get out of the conversation.

You sure are lucky Professor, James thoughted.

The plan soon landed and both the medical student and the Professor jumped off and it took back off.

“Wow….” Was all James could say as he looked at the school

School? He couldn’t even call it a school! It looked more like a castle if anything!

….. is that a moat?

“Pretty impressive would you say, lad?”

“Y-yeah very.” James took a deep breath needing to calm the excitement building in his heart. “So-uh…. Who are you supposed to meet with?”

“I believe that would be me.” Another voice joined the conversation.

Both James and Smith turned their heads to the voice to see a man who was probably in his mid-forties. He had a fancy green suit and a easy going smile on his face.

“Root!” Professor Smith cheered as he walked up towards the man and shook his hand.

“Smith, how’ve you been?” He greeted back.

“James meet Root. Root here is going to be one of the Professors here.”

“Going?” James repeated. “You mean that he isn’t a teacher right now?”

“Well technically Olympus hasn’t started yet.”

“Y-you mean this school hasn’t even began? How come?”

“Not all schools start at the same time.”

“Well… I guess you’re right.”

“Is it okay that I brought him, Root?”

“For me yes. But for the principle….. you better get ready to dodge a hell load of bullets.”

“I’m not feeling to lucky anymore…” A cold chill ran down James’ spine.

I wonder if he’s as scary as I think he is, James thoughted.

Root shook his head and waved his hand. “No need to worry right now. We have plenty of time before we’ll need you.”

James saw a familiar like flash in the eyes of Professor Smith.


Quickly said man reached pulled out his wallet in lightning speed and pulled out a credit card. “Here now, lad.” He handed it over to James. “Why don’t you go explore and leave the adults to their research time?”

James was then forcefully turned in the opposite direction of the school and four hands were now pushing against him to make him move.

“So in other word…” James rolled his eyes. “You guys want me to leave so you can get drunk and talk about fishing?”

All he received were two pairs of nodding heads and goofy smiles.

James signed. “How did you guys get jobs?” He said under his breath.

Root had apparently heard him. “There was an opened spot.”

“So he offers me a chance to visit… turns me away… and now sends me off to someplace that I don’t know by myself.” James tossed the credit card up and down in the air as he walked down the busy street.

“For the past years that I’ve known him… and I’ve known him for my entire life. He hasn’t changed a bit.”

James now held the credit card between his index and middle finger, gazing at it evilly. “He did let me hold this… be a shame if I don’t take advantage.”

James paused instantly… what was that smell? It was so… so sweet… so alluring… so…. FOOD?!

James jerked his head to his side so furiously that it would’ve snapped a normal man's neck.

“I-I-It’s a bakery!” James instantly found that his face was now pressed up against the glass of the shop. He shook his head and slapped himself.

Keep it together, He thought. You’re better than this… you shouldn’t use his credit card for this…

He wanted to teach the man a lesson for just tossing him… not make the poor man broke! He was a better man than this and he’ll do the right thing and set a good example.

“How may I help you, sir?” A feminine voice said from behind the counter. She gave a warm welcomed smile.

What the what!? How did?! When did!?

…. James somehow subconsciously walked right into the bakery and was holding the card up to her as if he was possessed.

“Uh!” He gasped and took a step back. “I’m uh… just looking around.”

She tilted her head in confusing but simply shrugged her shoulders at him.

James sighed as he looked through the glass containments holding the goods.

It’s a sad day when your love is so close yet so far away…

*Ching Ching*

The bell signalled that someone had just entered.

The first thing that came to James’ mind was… “Uh oh”. These people were shadelly dressed. Black trenchcoats, sunglasses, not to mention the four males were all walking side by side like they were in a gang….. seriously why don’t we just give them a cat to stroke?

One of them was actually different from the others. He had on a similar outfit to theirs only his was a white trench coat instead of the brown that the rest of them had. This out of place man looked about middle-aged and they all had a picture of a wing on their coat.

Not helping their bad vibe the white trenchcoat man walked up to James. James doing the normal thing to do backed away a bit. Soon he was face to face with this shady man. He cupped his chin as he looked up and down at James as if he was studying him.

“Zealiuos,” He finally spoke.

“Huh?” James looked around the shop but then pointed to himself as to say, ‘Who me’?

“Yes you,”

“My… My name’s James.”

“James?” He repeated with a smile. Out of nowhere he started laughing. Bending over as he wrapped a hand around his stomach and held his other hand out in a ‘stop’ gesture. “I-Is that really the bullcrap he’s been filling your mind with?”

“Bullcrap?” James repeated. James couldn’t help but admit it to himself that the name did seem to oddly ring a bell….

Finally the man calmed down. “You can call me Apollo.” He introduced himself. “And I think you should come with us.” He placed a hand on James’ shoulder.

James immediately stood back and was about to get into his combat stance but all of the winged symbol men pulled a gun out on him, daring him to make a move. “Nah ah ah,” He taunted. “wouldn’t want to make a mistake now would you?”

From the corner of his eye James could see the cashier lady slowly reach for an alarm button. Unfortunately they also saw her doing this and quickly shot her in his shoulder sending her to the ground in pain.

“Hey!” James cried as he tried to move to her but was again stopped.

The man named Apollo walked over to the desk to and stared down at her injured form. “Now you see you had a chance to get of this with no harm done but what did you do?”

“We got another one.” One of the henchmen said.

“Huh?” Even I was confused. They were right. There is indeed someone else in this store. Some random guy about James’ age was sleeping against the wall.

I didn’t even notice him, James thought as he edged away from the group slightly.

“Hmm, you know what? Why not just off him? Sounds fun right?” All of the henchmen agreed. “You,” He said pointing to one of them. “Get the honors.”

The chosen man walked up to the sleeping stranger and shook him by his shoulder. “Wake up.”

The sleeping young man groaned as he finally opened his eyes to see a gun to his face. “Huh…” He went. “That’s about the fourth time I’ve woken up like this.” If his reply wasn’t odd enough he…. started to stretch… “I supposed you're trying to kill me?” obviously a bit creeped out by his calmness the man holding the gun nodded.

“Names Chase Strider,” He introduced himself then cracked his knuckles as he stood up straight. “Pleasure to kick your ass.”

People on the outside of the bakery were in for one hell of a surprise when a human body was thrown outside of the window shattering glass everywhere!

Chase soon followed after him jumping through it himself. “Come on, I didn’t even have my gloves on.” He complained as he equipped metal plated gloves on his hands.

“...” The leader of the group scratched his head. “Looks like you’re going to have to wait, kid.” He and his goons looked dumbfounded at Chase. The person who they were just about to kill for the heck out it was kicking the butt of one of them. “Well?” Apollo said circled his hand around. “Get him.”

The rest of the goons quickly ran outside with

The lady! James screamed in his head. He quickly jumped over the counter and knelt down to her. She was bleeding of course and and cowering a bit in pain. “It’s alright,” James said as he placed his hand on the wounded area causing her to flinch from the contact. Concentrating on the area a green aura formed itself around her shoulder and within a few seconds the wound was completely gone.

“W-wow, thanks.” She said in amazement.

“He didn’t get a fatal area on you so it wasn’t hard at all.” He quickly stood back up. “I gotta go help that guy!”

“Bu-” She tried to halt him but he had already ran out of the store.

Chase, using his agility was able to dodge the fury of bullets heading towards him. One bullet in peculiar he backhanded making it fly back at one of the winged symboled men and knocking his gun out of his hand.

His gun was knocked quite a bit away from him so he ran to go get it back while the others provided cover for him.

Chase in retaliation through down his right hand quickly. This created a large amount of wind to generate from the area he was in and Zep was quickly pushed high into the air.

“Wind streaks, eh?” Apollo commented under his breath.

“Boys, give him the double cross-fire.”

They all nodded in response. Each one of them pointed their guns into the air. There was a red light emitting from them and once they finished charging each of them shot a string of fire from their guns.

“Wind lance!” Chase made a cutting motion with his arm that created a green crescent object that was flying straight towards them. It moved too fast for most of them to see and cut some of their guns in half.

“This is a bit unfair don’t ya think?” Chase asked sarcastically as he suddenly appeared behind one of them. His target turned around in surprise but was greeted by a hard jab to his stomach.

As Zep removed his fist the man grabbed his poor stomach with both hands and groaned as he fell over. “I can seriously do this blindfolded if you ask.”

Another tried to catch him by surprise when his back was turned. Chase countered with a quick roundhouse kick to his face knocking him down.

Another ran towards him, fist pulled back ready to throw a punch. “Hold this,” Chase handed him the satchel that he was carrying. The man held it and stared at it puzzlingly. Chase pressed a button on it making the bottom of the bag connect hard with the man's face. He held his face with both his hands to ease the pain.

Whatever Chase did caused the bag to turn into a giant hammer! “Fore!” Chase called and he struck the main with the object so hard he did a few flips before landing back on the ground. “Gets them every time.” He returned the hammer to its original form.

Chase pulled his hand back. “Time for the kicker.” From his hand a green aura started to form. “Now it’s Zep time!” He quickly pushed his hand forward sending a powerful gust of wind at them knocking the rest of the henchmen out.

The boss facepalmed himself as he watched all of his men get taken out by Chase, quite easily in fact. “You just can’t buy good goons these days am I right?” He asked a random civilian who in response ran in panic.

“So are you up next?” Chase asked.

“I’d prefer not getting my blades dirty but for you,” He pulled out to sword that were hidden behind his back. “I’ll make an exception.”

“Hya!” A voice cried from behind him. He quickly turned around and blocked an incoming punch from James using his swords.

Seeing that his attack didn’t work James quickly jumped back to get some distance.

“Two on one?” He asked looking back and forth between the two brawlers. “I like my odds.”

Chase quickly charged at him to deliver a quick four-hit combo attack but was dodged rather easily but his target.

James thinking that there was an opening went for his own attack. This time going for a right roundhouse kick but was deflected by his opponents sword.

Then both brawlers tried to get a hit in on him but he would either dodged or deflected. The man then pulled a dirty move poked James in his eyes, breaking his concentration. When he opened them back up a hard kick was delivered to his face that knocked him back.

Chase tried to punch him with both his fist but they were both caught by one of his swords. Chase was soon headbutted and a punch was delivered to him stomach knocking him back.

The man winning the fight sarcastically clapped. “I could kill you both right now if I wanted. But frankly I’m having way too much fun. Am I calling a win for Apollo already?”

“A-Apollo?” James repeated as he and Chase returned to their feet.

Apollo yawned. “Well I’m getting tired, fellas.” He sheathed his weapons. “I’ll see you both later. P.S, you can call the cops on these guy,” He pointed to his still unconscious group. “If you want.”

“Hey, wait!” Chase called as he ran up to him. Suddenly a blinding light consumed our area and everyone there had to close their eyes to stop them from taking any damage.

When the light dimmed down, Apollo was gone.

“Well… another gets away.” Chase said.

“I so deserve a dessert for that…”

“Nice moves back there.” Chase gave a thumbs up.

“Yeah.. you to.”

James wasn’t the best when it came to talking to new people. Except when it was professionally.

“Are you on your way to join, olympus?”

James scratched the back of his head. “Oh, well actually,”

“Ahem,” Someone clearing their voice grabbed their attention. They looked to see a woman with black hair, black button up shirt, matching skirt, and a very very nerve racking glare on her face.

What really grabbed James’ attention was that…. Professor Smith and Root were with her!

Wow…. what a story to tell.

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