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Akito Kondo us the leader of the Yakuza crime syndicate. In his 43 years of life he has seen everything and killed more people than Satan himself. He has never taken a wife only because no woman can live up to his sexual appetite and accept his crime life. He loves a good chase and playing the game but it never goes past a one night stand and he gave up on finding the one woman who would rule by his side a long time ago and blood thirst became his life. That is until... Sloane Vans 21 year old engineer collage student. She is smart, sassy, feisty and speaks what is on her mind. The Yakuza is about to find out that waiting was the best and smartest thing he ever did. When Sloane wants something she makes it very clear in a seductive way. This British woman is about to show one man how good life can be even if he is a blood thirsty killer. Will she own the Yakuza's heart? Only one man has the answer to that.

Action / Romance
Mafia Crazy
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Keeping A Promise

Sloane pov

Years of hard work has brought me to where I am right now. I followed my dream the one promise I made to my dad as he took his last breath and died in my arms when I was 15 years old. We moved around a lot when I was growing up as he was with the Marines and his job took him all over the world. Most kids would hate constantly moving but I honestly loved it, my dad and I where really close 'two peas in a pod' my mum would always say and she was right, he taught me how to defend myself 'a girls should know how to beat a mans ass if he doesn't understand the word no' he would always say. I know who killed him, I looked his murder in the eyes as he walked out of our front door and I told him no matter where he hides I would find him and I will kill him and that was 6 years ago. When dad died my mum couldn't handle it and by the time I was 18 she had killed herself. Engineering is the only thing I have ever been interested in so that is the career path I chose, I finished my second year of collage and decided to finish my last two in Japan. I have been here for 4 months now and I absolutely love it here. I have also been learning Japanese for the last 18 months and I am dam good at it.

"Tell me again why I moved here with you?" Kelly my best friend since we where 7 years old whined walking up to me as I lean against my car. Our dads where in the same unit in the Marines so we basically grew up as sisters.

"Because you can not live without me" I replied smirking.

"You keep telling your self that" she mumbled.

"Aww come sis what is with the grumpy face?" I asked as I opened the drivers side door and got in putting my bag on the back seat just as Kelly got in the car.

"I just want one day where the guys here don't hit on me" she said.

"You know most girls would love to be in your shoes have hot guys hitting on the every day" I said starting the car and pulling out of the collage car park.

"Well it is annoying how many times does a girl have to tell them to piss off?" she asked.

"Are you pissed they keep hitting on you or are you pissed that the guy you really want has not even spoke to you?" I asked not taking my eyes off the road but I can feel her glairing at the side of my head and I have to hold in my laugh.

"Do not even go there Sloane, that guy is hot as fuck, god the things I could do to him. He never talks to me but whenever I look at him he is always watching my every move and his eyes they are always full of hunger and pure fucking lust. I just don't understand why he stays away because I would let him fuck me anywhere anytime" she said dreamily.

"Maybe he is shy and doesn't know how to approach you" I replied.

"Really Sloane you're going with that? A guy like him doesn't know what the word shy means, guys like him take what they want" she said.

"Well if he is going to sit on his ass and not snap you up then I think you should put your attention on a different guy and try and get his attention that way" I said.

"What, you mean make him jealous?" she asked.

"Why not? your only other option is dragging him into an empty room and stripping naked in front of him and begging him to fuck you" I said.

"On my god you are a genius" she said clapping her hands.

"I know, so pick a guy and make him jealous" I said

"No i'm going with the second option" she said.

"What, that was a joke" I gasped.

"Come on, it's a good idea and it's not like we are shy" she said as I pull up in front of the house we share. She is right though, when it comes to men if we want them we make if very clear, we have never been shy and that makes me wonder why she hasn't made a move on her guy yet.

"You really like him don't you" I said.

"Honestly, there is something about him that draws me in it just feels like fate, like he and I are meant to be" she said.

"Don't start that fate shit again" I say as we get out of the car and head to the front door.

"You will understand when you meet a guy who sets your body on fire with just a look, yet it feels like his hands are caressing your entire body without him even touching you" she replied.

"Fuck me you have it bad" I laughed.

"You wont be laughing when a guy does this to you" she mumbled closing the front door behind her.

"You're right because if I ever meet a man that I really want and it feels like 'fate' as you put it then I would make it very clear that I want him and not wait for him to make the first move" I said.

"Let's talk about something else" she said and just like that we changed the subject, we talked about our classed and our plan for the rest of the week and when she told me that we had been invited to a party on Saturday night I had started planning what to wear, its been so long since we went to a party.

"Do you fancy going out tonight?" I asked her as I pick up my beeping phone and look at the screen smiling.

"Yes, where are we going so I can pick what to wear" she said standing up off the sofa.

"To watch an underground cage fight" I replied as I think how tonight will end and walk to my bedroom to start getting ready.

"It's been 6 years and now I've found you" I mumble to myself as I close my bedroom door.

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