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Chapter 1

EMERSON’S POV (St. Miriam’s Boarding School, London)

“Oh come on Kelly! Stop with the sniffles and stuff. It’s not like she’s dying.” Taylor smacked Kelly’s head. “Ow! Don’t be so rough!” I chuckled. “Is this a laughing matter to you?” Kelly asked me in her thick British accent. “You British so sensitive.” Amara smack my head. “Ow!” “Now who’s the sensitive one.”

I rubbed my head. I smiled as I look at my best friends antics. God I’m going to miss them. Kelly was the first who greeted me when I’m transferred to St. Miriam, one of London most prestigious boarding school for girls. She introduced me to friendship. The thing I don’t always fond with.

Kelly smiled at me while tying her wavy blonde hair. She wiped her tears with Taylor’s hanky and threw it back to Taylor. “OI!” I laughed. Taylor, our other Best Friend that we always call her queen because sometime she can be such.... Queen Bitch. With her perfect curve and face, she practically run the school with it.

“Oi Emerson.... You’re sure you want to transfer back to America?” I nodded. “And you don’t want any party?” Amara asked me. I shake my head no. “Nope.” “Come on Emerson.... We can knock the Teachers out.... And we can have a blast party at the grand hall.” “No. I don’t want any party.” Amara rolled her eyes.

Amara is our genius Indian. She’s the daughter of the world famous business mogul parents. While Taylor, is the Daughter of a famous fashion designer. “Quick question..... Should I change my hair Colour again?” Amara looked at me, waiting. “That colour is beautiful.” She smiled and turned to looked at herself. “I know I am.” She said and comb her perfectly perm black hair.

“How about me Emerson?” Taylor asked as she whipped her red hair in front of me. “I think it’s perfect the way it is. Now can somebody help me pack everything.” Kelly stand and took my suitcase. “I will help.” I smiled. “Don’t forget the medical reports yah.” Taylor handed me a file.

“What does it say actually?” I sighed. “I don’t know. I haven’t open it.” They know about my.... Condition. I’ve been receiving a lot of treatments and medical exams in London because according to my parents, it’s the best country for medical attention.

Kelly, Taylor and Amara went to my side. “Oh Love... Whatever it is, we love you. We always does and always will. Even though you’re going to be thousands of miles away.” I heard Kelly sniffed again. “Oh come on Kelly! She’s not dying!” Taylor said.

“As much as I love this.... Your boobs crushing my side and back.” I said and they all pressed even harder on me. Amara licked my ears. “We could get a very hot night before you go home Emerson.” I laughed. “No thank you.” They all laughed. “Worth a shot.” “Can I open the file?” Amara asked. I handed the file to her. “Have fun.”

She smiled and opened the file. She read it through and smiled. “Well. Whatever you do when you decided to not be a virgin anymore, make sure to wear a condom.” Kelly went to her side and read it through. “Oh my... Well. Whoever that person is will be carrying little Emerson.” I squinted my eyes and realised what they meant.

“I’m.....” Kelly and Amara nodded. “It’s 4 out of 5.” Damn. “Well that’s actually not a new news for me.” I laughed it off. “I know we seen it but now that we know you’re capable....” Taylor smirked. She move forward but I move backwards. “No way.” They all laughed. “We’re not that crazy Emerson.” I smiled.

Amara looked at the time and gasped. “We’re late!” “It’s 9 pm...” I said. “We’re sneaking out to go to the club. Are you sure you’re not going to join us?” I shake my head. “Fine then. We will be back probably in the morning.” I nodded. “Please make good choices.” “Dont worry, the driver outside waiting for us.” Of course.

“Smooches. We promise we will send you to the airport tomorrow.” Amara said and grabbed her handbag. Kelly put on her heels followed by Taylor. They waved and closed the dorm door slowly. I continued to pack my things. I chuckled as I looked at our pictures on our first day as friends. I was so chubby. I was never pretty like Clare.

We’re twins but she’s the beautiful twin while I’m the ugly twins. She’s popular while I got bullied every single day. That’s another reason why I decided to moved to London. Away from America. Away from those.... Bad memories. Believe it or not, I was called a fatty when i was in elementary.

Still am a little curvy. I mean come on. I love food so much. Food is life. I am taller than average 16 year old. Sometime I wonder why Kelly, Taylor and Amara keep being friends with me. I’m not like any of them at all. They have the beauty and brain. I have the brain but not the beauty. Does that make any sense? I hope so.

I put the pictures in my bag. I folded my uniform and placed it on the table. “Well uniform I used to hate, will miss yah.” I heard a knocked. “Come in.” I heard the knob being turned and I looked at who it is. “Oh. Miss Johnson.” “Miss Larove. How’s packing?” I smiled at the principal. “It’s great.” She went to sit on the bed.

“The whole faculty wanted to give you this Miss Larove.” She put a gift on my bed. “That’s not necessary Miss Johnson.” I smiled. “But thank you. I appreciated it.” “It’s the only thing we can do after those generous amount of donation given to our school by your grandparents, Miss Larove.” I chuckled.

“Well they want to give their thanks for taking good care of me.” The principal stand up. “I have to ask, where is Miss Hotch, Miss Jameson and Miss Patel?” Crap! “Umm.... They... Um... Went to our friends dorm. Studying.” Miss Johnson raised her eyebrows. “They... Studying?! Now that’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Shit. I should’ve think of something better.

“It’s okay Miss Larove. I will close one eye on this.” I smiled. “Good to have you as our student Miss Larove.” She smiled and offered her hands. “I shake her hands and smiled. “No. Thank you.” She bid me goodbyes and closed the door. Close call. I hope those three come back in one piece. I sighed and shake my head remembering how careless they can be.

I went to my bed and put the gift inside my suitcase. I heard my phone ringing and reached for it. It’s Mom, face timing. I slide it and instantly my parents smiling face greeted me. “Emerson!” I waved at my moms. “How’s packing sweetheart?” Mom asked. “Good. I’m done.” Mommy looked at her side. “EMERSON! WHEN WILL YOU GET YOUR ASS HERE?!” It’s Clare.

“Are you in the cheer uniform?” She nodded. “Well it’s morning here. And we have cheer practice in couple of minutes.” “Why are you still there?” Her reaction was flawless. Her eyes widen and cursing. “Shit! Im late! Bye mom... Mommy... Emerson.” She waved. “Drive safely!” Mom shouted.

“Are you sure you don’t want us to pick you up?” I shake my head. “I know you both busy. So it’s okay.” Mom looked sad. “I’m sorry honey. It’s just... A major project. And Mommy had to be in a meeting with other charity group.” I smiled. “It’s fine. Really. Just send me the limo.” Mommy smiled. “We will. Anyway, we registered you to Clare’s school.”

I smiled. “Thanks mom.” Mommy waved at me. “Emerson. I hope you don’t mind I put you in physic class.” I gave them two thumbs up. “Alright... We have to go. Have a good night sleep. We can’t wait to hug you Emerson.” I smiled and nodded. I waved and end the call.

I put my suitcases near the door and sighed heavily. I walked lazily towards my bed and sighed in relief as I lay down. This is my last night at St. Miriam’s. My home for the last three years. I accustomed to the cold and wet weather. I love the food, I love the people. I love the school basically.

But.... I promise my mothers I’ll be back to America when I’m 16 years old. It’s something we agreed on. They say I can’t run away from my problems anymore and I need to face it. If only they know how horrible it is. But, I’m a nee person now. I can’t let them walked and stepped on me like before anymore.

What’s the point of all those martial arts I have to take with Taylor. Not to mention the soreness and bruises. I closed my eyes and try to sleep. Tomorrow will be a new day.....

*The Next Morning*

I heard someone gagging near me. I stirred a little and opened my eyes to see Kelly and Amara looking like the walking dead zombies. With their eyeliners and lipsticks being all smudged. Their hair looking as messy as they can be. They will caught death walking out like this. I chuckled. “Will you help us get something for the pain or will you just sit there and laugh at our misery?” Amara asked rather sarcastically.

“I’ll get some painkillers.” I chuckled and went to the medical cabinet inside the bathroom. I almost die from an heart Attack when I noticed Taylor sleeping near the toilet. Seriously these girls. I nudged her side a little and she stirred. “5 more minutes Mom.” She mumbled. “I am not Mom. It’s just that you literally sleeping in your own vomit.” She slowly opened her eyes and quickly covered it as the light hits her.

“Here.” I handed her some painkiller and a glass of water. She took the pill and water. I bring the pills to Amara and Kelly and they all begin to sleep again. I lifted Taylor up in bridal style and placed her on her bed gently. I begin to blow the hair out of my face and cleaning the bathroom before I take a shower. That remind me to cut my hair shorter before start school again.

“How much does those three skinny girls can get out!” I said mentally. After cleaning I took a nice Long hot shower. I dry myself up and put on clean batch of clothes. I preferred ripped jeans, plain black shirt, leather jacket and my amazing Adidas brown sneakers. I walked outside the bathroom and watched as my friends all sitting on the bed either reading something on the magazine or on their phones. I must took a lot of time if they all wake up.

“The bathroom is all yours.” I announced. Kelly begin to stripped in front of me. She winked and walked towards the bathroom. Taylor with her undergarment also walked towards the bathroom. Amara cleaning her smudged make up and also stripped in front of me. This is all what I have to witness Everyday.

“Wait for us.” I nodded as Amara closed the bathroom door. I was playing Kendall and Kylie game on my iPhone when they walked out of the bathroom looking like a supermodel. It’s such a blessed to be their friends. Also I wonder how they could this hot after vomiting their guts out, emptying their stomach. “Ready.” I looked up and smiled.

I stand and study what their wearing. Kelly wearing a Chanel short dress with Louboutin heels. Classic. Taylor, well... She’s wearing her usual boho chic dress with gladiator sandals. Also classic. And Amara, wearing her unusual black dress with white stilettos. “I’m hungry. Let’s go to the cafeteria and hang a bit before going to the airport.” I nodded and followed them.

“Wait. Why aren’t you all wearing the uniform?” “You expect us to go to the airport wearing a uniform?” I nodded. “Bloody hell no.” I tilted my head towards Taylor. “You do know your tattoos is showing.” Taylor nodded. “People know.” We walked on the huge school hallways. I admired how the student made way for them to walked through. I chuckled.

“It’s a wonder how you all could this popular and yet be the naughtiest girls in school.” I said and laughed. “Keep your mouth to yourself or I’ll make sure to keep it here in London.” Taylor threatened. I laughed hard. “That threat is not that scary anymore honey.” We walked towards the cafeteria and sit on our usual table.

Minutes later a group of maids placed a plate of food in front of us. “Lady Kelly, your favourites.” Kelly smiled. “Thank you Mrs. Pine.” She smiled and walked towards the kitchen door. “Such privilege to have your own chef here.” I said. Kelly laughed. “You expect me to eat something raw Emerson?” I shake my head.

Taylor and Amara laughed. “We will miss this.” Taylor nodded. I smiled at them. “You all welcome to go to my new school you know.” Kelly chuckled. “Conquering American school? That would be amazing!” “But we love St. Miriam.” I nodded. “Who doesn’t.” I devoured the last food from St. Miriam I would get to taste.

We talk for a while and I looked at the time. “I think we need to go. My parents said the jet will be ready by 12.” Kelly nodded. “I actually prepared the limo for us. Come on ladies.” “I’ll pick my bags up.” “No need.” Kelly said. “I asked my driver to pick it up from the room.” Kelly stand and we all followed her towards the front door.

Like she said, there’s a limo waiting. We all entered the limo and towards the airport. We didn’t talk all the way. Kelly trying hard not to cry again. “Lady Kelly... The VIP?” Kelly nodded. “The black Jet.” I said. The driver nodded. I noticed Taylor opened the mini fridge as Amara took the champagne glasses from the mini cabinet.

“You do realise its 11 am.” They all looked at me. “So?” They asked in unison. Taylor pour some generous amount of champagne and they all cheers one another. “Another reason I love Moët.” I shake my head. “Holy... This is one beautiful jet Emerson.” Amara said as she looked outside.

“It’s my grandmothers.” I said. “Wait. The jet is named after your Grandmother?” I nodded. “The Larissa.” “Beautiful name.” “She’s a very amazing woman as well. Always know what to say in every situation.” I smiled as I remember my grandmothers. “Carmen and Larissa Larove...” Taylor suddenly said.

“The legendary business mogul indeed.” I chuckled. “And her aunt Hope.” Amara added. “Don’t forget aunt Allesandra.” I laughed. “Top 5 richest family in the world, Top 3 in America.” Taylor finished. “Can I just marry you and have kids so I can be billionaires?” Amara asked. I looked at her.

“All three of you billionaires yourself. You want more?” I asked as the ad stopped. I got out and waited for them. “What? There’s no harm in wanting more.” “Gold diggers indeed.” Taylor smack the back of my head followed by Amara and Kelly. “We’re not gold diggers. Just used of living the luxurious life.”

I watched as the driver put the bags inside the jet. “Emerson.....” Kelly voice call for me. I turned and she’s already crying.... Again. “We’ll miss you. Visit us.” I chuckled. “Sure do Kelly.” She hugged me tight. I pulled away and turned to Taylor. I know she’s about to cry too. Her nose is red. I went I hug her and I heard her Low sniff.

“Be good. If anything happen, tell us, we promise we’ll kill the person responsible.” I laughed. “I can manage myself thank you.” Amara didn’t wait for me to turned as she hugged me tight. “I never dream I’ll be saying this but I will miss someone who called me beautiful Indian.” I laughed. “I am a phone call away if you miss it.”

“Miss Larove, we’re ready to take off.” The flight attendant said. I smiled. “Group hug?” They all went to my side and hug me. They let go and watched me walked towards the jet. As I stopped on top of the stairs, I turned back and waved at them. They waved back and sending me a lot of flying kisses. I laughed and walked inside.

“Welcome back to the Larissa Miss.” I smiled at the flight attendant, Emily. “Good to be back Emily.” She smiled and went to the back as I buckled up my seat. I sighed and looked outside at my friends who now fully crying. I will miss them. Who doesn’t.......


Kelly, Taylor and Amara was watching the jet taxi-ing and they all wonder how would Emerson survive in American high school. “Ladies.... I don’t know about you but I’m worried.” Kelly said. “Remember the first day she’s in St. Miriam’s? She’s depressed!” Kelly finished.

“We all know she’s a new person right now but those bullies obviously will be in her new school!” Amara said. “Should we?” Taylor asked. “She did asked us to follow her to America.” “Is that a signal for us to come with?” Kelly clapped her hands and smiled.

“We’ll go to America and destroy her old bullies life. Agreed?” Amara and Taylor looked at each other. “Agreed.” They said in unison. “We could buy a mansion and live together. Like housemate!” Amara said. “Mansion? Why can’t we just rent a suite or something.”

“Because we cant host a party in a suite.” Amara finished. “Its settle then!” Kelly yelled. “I’ll make some calls to borrow my daddy’s jet.” “I’ll call Aunt Alle and telling her the surprise and also she could register us to the school where Emerson will be in.” Amara said.

“I’ll call our designer and ask them to pack our essential. We need to be fabulous!” Kelly and Amara looked at her in disbelief. “Also I’ll call some PI and investigate who’s the school popular kids and bullies.” Kelly and Amara nodded and smiled. “Splendid.”

They all turned and got in the car. They have a lot of preparation to go through.......



3 years. It’s been 3 years since Emerson step her foot to American soil. Usually it’s Hazel and I who visit her in London. She refuse to come home. But now, she have to. I smiled at my Wife. She’s been so happy that Emerson decided to come home. After that dreadful night, she begged us to send her somewhere far from LA.

Hazel at first refused but Emerson can be very.... Persuasive. “Do you think she’s home yet?” I looked at my wrist watch. “I hope so.” Hazel leaned in to my shoulder. “Did you tell Abigail about the three new transferee?” I chuckled. “I did. She’s managing it right now. It’s a great feeling to know our little Emerson made friends. Friends that willing to move with her as well.” Hazel laughed.

“I remember those three. Very... Intimidating to be add.” I looked outside. The very familiar Larove estate driveway. “I think we’re home.” Hazel pulled away and kissed my cheek. “Love you Alle.” “Love you to Haze.” The car stopped in front of the mansion. But before I could opened the car door, it opened and reveal a very excited Emerson.

“MOM!!!!” She pulled me out and hugged me. “Hey hey! Mommy need her hug too.” Hazel said behind me. Emerson pulled away and went to Hazel. “How’s the trip Emerson?” “Tiring. What took you so Long? I’ve been waiting.” Hazel laughed. “We’re sorry. By the way, is that British accent in detecting?” Emerson laughed.

“Sometimes.” Haze pulled away and smiled at both of us. “Well. Let’s go inside and wait for everyone to come home shall we. I think Annabelle and Clare will be home soon too.” Emerson nodded and walked in the mansion with Hazel. I know everyone is wondering what’s happening to all of our life in 16 years.

Well after 3 years I had Emerson and Clare, the Doctors confirmed that Hazel is not capable of having kids. It’s heartbreaking for her but we decided to adopted a kid. Older than Emerson and Clare. A year older that we named Annabelle. She’s a senior in the school where Emerson will be enrolling soon.

Hope and Bella? They all well. Abigail? Well she’s married and the principal of The Larove High. Allyson, well she was accepted in Business school. She want to take over her mother’s job after they decided to retired. My parents? Currently they both having some private time at their island. Those two never in LA.

Now, let’s get this story start with a little boom........

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