I Don't Date Miss President

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Read these other books before reading this ; Book 1 - I don't date cheerleaders Book 2 - A little piece from Heaven Book 3 - Allesandra Book 4 - I don't deserve to be loved Book 5 - Saviour Book 6 - I don't date nobles Book 7 - Wild child Marcia Hanson, 18-year-old, is an orphan who stayed with her older brother and sister in law together with her nieces and nephews. Marcia excels in everything, including academic, sports, and she even rules the school. Marcia is known to be a troublemaker that likes to pull a prank on every teacher, the student council members and also the principal. Because of that, she was forced to repeat her senior year. Erika Larove, 17 years old, is the third daughter of Jerome and Edvina Larove. It was an easy win for her when she's the first Larove to ever compete in the school's student council presidential position. Because of her charming yet stoic appearances, she was dubbed as the school Iron Lady. The principal instructed her, her aunt, to stop Marcia's pranks once and for all. But little did they know that that meeting leads to another part of their life; they never knew even existed before. Read to find out more.

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Chapter 1


A student ran for her life when she noticed that the time was not on her side. It’s the first day of school and she’s already late. She cursed the late-night show she decided to watch last night before bed. She was glad when she saw the school gate still open but she doesn’t have much time when she heard the school bell ringing. Using every bit of energy she has, she sprints like she never sprints before and literally slide down into the school property just seconds before the gate was closed.

“SAFE!” She yelled when she lay down on the ground while smiling at the student disciplinary personnel. “Just barely Miss Hanson. Welcome back to school.” The woman said before pushing back her glasses. “Go on. First-class will start soon.” Marcia saluted the woman and went to her locker as fast as she could. “You took your time.” Donovan, one of Marcia’s best friend said while tapping on his wristwatch.

“Yea. We thought you might be at home still.” Sara, another of Marcia’s best friend added. They both deliberately made themselves failed the exam just so Marcia won’t be lonely. That’s how deep their bonds are, well, that and Marcia forcing them to do so. “Thanks you guys. It means a lot. Your secret safe with me.” More or least, threatening them so they will stayed with her for another year of senior year.

“We have no choice huh.” They both sighed before walking in the classroom. All three of them blushed and put a strong impression, telling their juniors that they will be repeating another year of high school. Some whispered and laughed at them for doing so. Marcia sighed. “It’s not my fault that the principal’s car were so easy to target last year. “You’re lucky she didn’t gave birth right there when she saw the fake decapitated head.” Donovan said when they all seated at the very back of the class.

“Oh no... she’s in our class?!” Sara voicing out when she noticed a familiar face walking in the classroom. “Oh no. Well, there’s goes your pranking days Marcia.” Marcia chuckled. “What on earth are you two talking about?” Donovan grabbed her head and turned it to face the front of the classroom. Right there, standing with her gracious, are the student council president, Erika Larove.

“She’s a senior?!” Was all Marcia said before Erika’s eyes pierced into her soul. Marcia clicked her tongue when the Vice President and her PR agent stood behind the president. The once noisy classroom turned silence when they noticed both the school rebel and the Iron Lady made eye contact with each other. Marcia noticed the president pulling out a sheet of paper from the files she carried and sighed.

“What’s with the paper?” Sara whispered. “She’s hot. So hot.” Donovan looked at Erika dreamily. “The flowing wavy brown hair really compliment her features. She’s beautiful, like a princess she is.” Marcia scoffed. “Princess? Please. She’s a bitch.” Both Sara and Donovan gasped. “You take that back. She’s far from a bitch you know.” Sara actually protecting he president.

“You may be the smartest but she’s a genius.” Donovan said. “You may be athletic, but she can play every single game without betting an eye that she will be exceptional.” Sara added. “And after she won the presidency of the school presidential vote, she fucking rule with her Iron Lady exterior and no one dare to oppose her.” Marcia smacked the back of her friend’s head. “Shut up.”

The classroom turned to the front again when a young female teacher walked in with the roll call book in her hands. “Whoa! Hottie alert!” Donovan showing his playboy side. “Hello there new faces and .... is that you Marcia?” Sara and Donovan turned to Marcia who’s blushing hard. “Enough with the friendly thing Miss Laury. Just do your thing already.” Marcia waved the teacher off. “Whoa! You know miss hottie?! How is that even possible?!” Donovan was beyond impressed.

“As you may heard, I am Miss Laury, Margaret Laury. I will be your English teacher for this year. And welcome seniors.” Miss Laury was being nice but Marcia saw through her. Marcia was thinking, Is this how the principal tend to control the school’s notorious troublemaker? By recruiting the disciplinary personnel to the academic branch. Marcia was smirking all the way. Margaret saw it all and smiled at Marcia, telling her she’s ready for anything.

“I would like to say this out loud and welcome the president together with her Vice President and PR to my class. I’ll be looking forward in teaching you.” Erika nodded her head. She, together with her VP and PR are well aware of what the teacher meant. “I can’t believe your aunt asked us to look after that hag.” Said Kay Walters, the Vice President. “Well, what do you expect from the principal? An easy task? She is Erika’s aunt.” Said Suzanna King, the PR agent.

Erika silent them up by raising her hand up. “Shut up. Class about to start.” Both of them looked at each other before apologising. Erika ignored the stare she received since she’s seated. She knows, her target has been shooting daggers with her eyes. She smirked when she thought of the fun she will be having once this brawl started between them.

“Let’s start with roll call okay?” Said Miss Laury cheerfully. Names were being called and but Marcia couldn’t careless about it all. All she wanted was her record to be expunge and she’s been thinking of a way to get to the president good side and trick her to do so. “Erika Larove.” Marcia looked up. “Here.” Said the blonde beauty. Marcia was speechless. “No kidding. She’s literally the princess!” Marcia turned to Donovan sharply.

“Is this a joke? The president is the fucking owner of this school?!” Both Sara and Donovan sighed heavily. “How dumb are you? Seriously Marcia, in academic you can excel every subject but when it comes to socialising, you failed so hard.” Sara said. “The president is daughter of Jeremy and Edvina Larove, you know, the elite family. You should know who rule the city. Seriously.” Donovan added.

Marcia lost the light she was hoping to see with her future. “What... am I suppose to do now?!” She yelling mentally while hitting her head on her desk, cursing her rotten luck.


“This is the list of new clubs and their president.” Kay handed a paper to Erika who’s been reading series of files about the reports that the previous student council president had left for them to look through. “Thank you.” She took the paper and read through all club’s description and President. She was surprised to see Marcia’s name on the list. “What is this Joker’s club?” She asked her VP.

“You should know what it is with just a glance. It’s exactly what the name says, a joker’s club. It’s one of the school’s most popular club.” Kay replied. Erika read the description of the so call Joker’s club. “Bringing happiness to the world it says?” Suzanna chuckled. “I was in that club last year. It was fun. Their activity consist of doing community work, volunteering in the homes or just helping anyone who needed to raise some fund. They helped people.”

Suzanna said. “So they don’t prank people?” Suzanna think for a second. “Well, I didn’t say that.” Erika sighed. She was thinking if she’s going to approve this club or not. “Do you have the list of people who joined this club last year and will probably joined this year as well?” She asked Kay. Kay nodded and went to get a file that labelled Joker’s Club. Erika shaking her head when she saw some familiar name. “My cousin is in this club as well?” She pinched the bridge of her nose.

“Fine.” Erika stamped an approved seal on every club in the list. “I don’t want to be on her bad side. She is the daughter of aunt Felicita after all.” Kay smiled. “You do know the president asking for crazily high funding right?” Kay pointed at the amount Marcia had written down. Erika sighed heavily. “$2000, this girl is nuts!” Suzanna said the obvious. “Let’s meet this so call president shall we.” Erika stood up.

Kay and Suzanna looked at each other before chuckling. “Are we going to see the Iron Lady at work?” Kay joked. Erika didn’t say anything when she lead them to the Joker’s Club room. Kay knocked on the door before walking in. Marcia and her friends were shocked to see the student council president walking in with her VP and PR. “Shit. I told you that amount is outrageous!” Said Sara as the club’s treasurer.

“Or she’s here telling us that our club will be disbanded!” Said Donovan as the Vice President. Marcia stood up and invited the Iron Lady into the club room. The other members were trying to act busy as if they’re doing something. They don’t want to show the president that they just fooling around. But for having a keen eyes like Erika, she see through them all.

“I’ll cut to the chase. Why do you need $2000 for the start of the year funding?” Erika didn’t hide around the bushes at all. “Miss president, you’re turn to speak.” Kay said while crossing her hands on her chest. Erika was waiting for her answer. Marcia turned to one of her club members. He shake his head not wanting Marcia to reveal why. “Umm...” Erika too turned to the guy and wonder why.

“Well? Any reason? If it’s important, I’ll approve them.” Erika promised. “Can we talk in private?” Was all Marcia said before showing Erika the way. “In private.” Marcia repeated when she noticed Kay and Suzanna walking out as well. “5 minutes.” Erika asked her friends to stay behind. They both went to a secluded area. “Well? I’m waiting.” Erika pressured her. “Alright. The reason was that one of my club members need the money for a medical fee. A grand. That’s all he needs. Another grand that I asked was too buy some new equipment for the club.”

“What kind of equipment you need in your club? A prank apparatus? A ghost mask? Fake blood?” Marcia chuckled while scratching the back of her head. “I didn’t say that. It’s for a little celebration welcoming new members.” Erika was having a second thought. “I can only give you $1500.” Was all Erika said before leaving a surprised Marcia behind. But Erika stopped and looked over shoulder.

“You really should find a club advisor before the week is done. Without an advisor, I will disbanded your club. The funding will only be given to you club advisor and that’s final.” Erika smiled before leaving a very worried looking Marcia. “Shit! I forgot about that!” Marcia said to herself. Marcia ran back to the club room and told everyone that they will only get the fund if they can find an advisor.

“Who’s perfect for it?” Marcia asked every club member. “How about Miss Laury?” Marcia flinched when she heard her name. “No way! I rather die.” Series of disappointing sigh can be heard. “Come on guys. That teacher is a bitch once you get to know her. She may be hot and friendly but she’s evil!” Marcia was remembering the time she spend a lot of time together. “Alright, what about Rose’s mother? She’s a teacher.”

Marcia turned to Rose. “The principal? No way. She will never agreed on that.” Marcia was positive. “Well, I ask her for sure.” Rose offered. “Really? Well, if that’s so, tell her she only need to be here when there’s a meeting. And place her name on the paper for records. We need to think another way if the principal said no.”

“How about that gym teacher?” Marcia laughed. “Mr Xander? He hates me!” They all sighed. “Maybe you should try to be more friendly to the teachers if you want to graduate this year Marcia.” Said a fellow seniors as everyone laughed. “Shut up. I’m planning to okay. Just not now. I’m shy.” Marcia blushed. “Oh my! The beast is shy!” Said a guy before they all laughed at the redden troublemaker.


“You didn’t do anything bad did you?” Asked Marcia’s brother, Ryan. After the death of their parents, Marcia live together with her brother and her sister in law, Nisha. Marcia shake her head no. “I’m not. Don’t worry. I want to graduate this year as well bro.” They both heard laughter coming from the front door. It was Hermina, Marcia’s niece. Nisha walked out of a room with the twins on both of her arms. Marcia rubbing both of the twins head, messing their hair up. “Bad!” Said Elvin, the oldest twin. “Very bad.” Said Preston, supporting his older brother.

“Hey.. I just comb that.” Nisha said while placing the boys on the floor. “I’m sorry you have to babysit after school while we went to work.” Marcia waved it off. “It’s cool. Just don’t work too hard. I’ll prepare dinner tonight.” Both Nisha and Ryan smiled at Marcia for being reliable. “Thank you. Be safe. Don’t play with fire and please lock the door while we’re gone.” Ryan and Nisha kissed their kids before walking out of the house.

“So.. what should we do today?” Marcia asked the kids. “Homework.” Hermina said while placing her homework on the kitchen counter table. “Oh, what subject?” Marcia asked. “Maths.” Marcia chuckled. Marcia didn’t even noticed that the twins actually playing with her backpack. “These question, I can answer them with my eyes close.” Hermina looked behind her when she heard something tearing apart.

“I hate to say this but Elvin is tearing your worksheet.” Marcia turned around and was beyond shocked when her important worksheet were in pieces. Elvin turned to his aunt and waved at her like he did nothing wrong. “Oh Elvin.” Marcia shake her head while cleaning the bits of paper from the floor. “PRESTON! Don’t even think about eating the dog food!” Little Preston pout before stomping his food towards the couch and sat there in silence.

“Sit down Elvin.” Elvin went to his brother and played around. Marcia was thinking of a way to fix her situation. “I’m so dead tomorrow.” She said while throwing away the pieces of the worksheet. “Umm, aunt Marcia, they playing with....” Marcia cut her off. “Hermina, homework.” Hermina sighed as she jumped off the counter chair and turned her aunt’s head to face her brothers. “They playing with the magic marker now.”

Marcia face palming herself when the twins decided to draw each other’s face with the magic marker. “Elvin! Preston!” The twins turned to their aunt and smile with their face covered with doodles. “Oh... my .... God...” Marcia was speechless.

At the other side of the city, Erika just arrived at her home with her friends. “Is it really okay for me to stay a night?” Suzanna asked her friend. “Yes. I don’t think my parents will say no. They know you and what happened at home.” Erika opened the door for her friends. “Come on. Kay, are you coming?” She asked when Kay stopped in the middle of the way while looking at her phone. “Yea.”

“Erika?” Erika smiled and went to her father. “Hey dad. I thought you’re in New York until this Sunday.” Jerome smiled at his daughter. “I should be the meeting didn’t need much time because your aunt Carmen done with it all.” Jerome looked back. “Hey Kay, Suzanna.” Both of the teenage girl smiled and waved at the man of the house. “Hey uncle Jerome.” Erika leaned in to her father’s ear and told him about Suzanna’s situation.

“Oh no .... well honey, you’re welcome to stay here. As long as you want. We don’t mind.” On cue Edvina walking out of a room followed by Erika’s brothers, Merlin and Tyler. She smiled at everyone. “Welcome home honey.” Merlin kissed his mother and father. “I’ll be back by 6. Thanks mom. Hey Erika, Kay, Suzanna.” Erika turned to her brother and wonder what he’s young to. “Where he’s going?” Erika asked no one in particular. “The movies. Tyler, don’t be sad. You’re too young for a movie alone with your friends. But you can invite your friends and use the cinema room at the basement.” Edvina try to calm her son down.

“Or we could go and play a game now. Come on boy, let’s go to the basketball court and beat me.” Tyler took that as a challenge and ran towards the court leaving his father. “Hey mom, Suzanna will be staying with us. It’s about her father.” Edvina smiled at Suzanna. “You’re welcome to stay here as long as you need to be.” Edvina said while caressing the teenager’s face and turned to Kay. “Are you staying the night too Kay?” Kay shake her head.

“I’ll go home later on. I saw my mother’s boyfriend car outside the house. I don’t like him.” Edvina offered them to sit. “But if that’s what makes your mother happy, you should support her.” Kay sighed. “I know.” Edvina smiled. “But that doesn’t mean your mother should ignore the fact that her daughter hates the man. Do you want me to talk to her?” Kay shake her head. “I can manage. I think. I promise if I ever need any help I’ll inform you as fast as I could.” Kay smiled back.

Both of Erika’s friends always thought that Erika has the best family ever. They all understanding each other and they will always be there when they needed the most. “Come on. Let’s go to my room.” Erika invites them both. “Have fun girls. Make yourself at home okay..” Edvina watched them go. Erika closed the room door and placed her bag on the round table in the middle of her room. “I will never get tired of being at awe looking at the sight of this luxurious room.” Erika chuckled.

“Don’t be that way. Now, let’s think of a way to control the beast from ever pranking the school ever again.” Both of her friends sighed heavily as they slumped on the bed. “You should rest Erika. Thinking of her will affected your health.” Suzanna said. “Yea, she’s probably being serious in school so that she could graduate this year.”

“Somehow I don’t think she’s thinking of that. She’s planning something evil I tell you.” Kay laughed. “Wow man. You sound like a crazy woman who finally lost it.” Erika finally heard how she sound and went inside the walk in closet. She get herself ready for a bath and went to the bathroom door that connected to each other. After making sure the water are perfect for her, she went inside and sighed in relief when the hot water relaxing her tense muscle.

“I will never let you do whatever you please under my very nose Marcia. That I promise.”

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