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Meet Avery Johns, a victim of the harshness of life. She lives with the pain of seeing her brother die and her parents murdered. She has sleepless night, thirsting for revenge. Life changed her, even her name. Meet Ryder, one who has lived through pain of life and survived. He learnt at a young age that only the strong in this life survive. He is filled with emptiness and darkness. Follow the story of this two. A like yet different.

Action / Romance
Spicey 001
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Chapter 1

Ryder’s pov

“Boss the new recruits are here,“came Alexe’s voice, my second in command.

“Good. Make sure to provide me with a thorough background information of each one of them. We cannot risk a mole among us. Also make sure to get them ready, i will meet them tomorrow. Bring their files before then,“i instructed.

“Yes don,“he replied.

I sighed standing from my seat in my office. One would think running organisations such as the mafia, the illegal ones, would be easy. It may imagined as one that one aquires money just by forcing money out of people but no, maybe small gangs would do that but running the mafia can be compared to running a government.

There is a clear structure of positions, rules and paper work, lots of paperwork.

I took my car keys and left the office to my usual club that i actually own.

I go there to ease up this stressful work.

“Hey boss. Good to see you,“one of the bouncers at my club greets while i nod at him as a way of acknowledging his greeting.

I go up to my office upstairs that gives a clear view of the club. My glass windows are such a way that i could see people that are outside but they couldn’t see me.

I pour myself a drink as i watch people drink as others dance on the dance floors. This is how i spend my time as i have nothing to go back to back at my house. It’s just a big mansion that is empty and lonely.

My mafia organization does not deal with completely illegal activities. Yes, we do ship weapons, kill traitors but we don’t opress the poor, neither do we trafick humans and surprisingly don’t sell drugs.

We deal mostly with weapons and avoid unnecessary conflict with other gangs unless we have to confront them. This is no justification to what we do because we still do kill.

I hear a knock at my door, snapping out of my thoughts.

“Sugar, what do you say i help you relax,“came a high pitched slutty voice.

I looked at the lady wearing next to nothing standing infront of me.

“Not today,“came my gruff voice as i turned to watching the club.

“Oh come on baby, you seem lonely i-“i cut her short.

“Didn’t you hear what i said? Get. Out,“i gritted out dangerously lowly.

I shot her a glare that had her gulp and ran away.

“Haha man. Not in the mood for some fun today,“came Alexe’s voice, my second in command, barging into my office.

“How many times have i told you to stop barging into my office, Alex?“i asked.

Alex is the only one i consider family in this cursed world. We met at a young age and is the only one who was not scared away by my grumpiness and moodswings.

“Relax man. We both know you weren’t expecting me to knock. Besides i know you mostly come here to relax,“he argued back.

“So what brings you here?“i asked.

“Can’t i come have a drink with my bro?“he frown and placed his hand over his heart in mock hurt. He sobered up when i staired at him blunkly.

“Fine, fine. Here is the file about the new recruits. I had a message delivered to them that you shall be meeting them tomorrow for the final inspection before they join our mafia. Here is a file of each one of them,“he said handing me fifty files that i hadn’t noticed he had placed on my desk.

“How many were they initially?“i asked.

“Two hundred. Some pulled out, others were too young while others did not fit our description,“he answered efficiently. No surprised he was my second in command. He knew how to carry out his duties efficiently.

“Good. I will meet them tomorrow,“i confirmed.

“Now that that is out of the way, do you want to tell me why you are such in a sour mood?“he asked.

“Nothing,“i answered curtly.

“You sure?“i asked concern covering his face.

“Yes, i am fine,“i assured.

“Okay then. Lina has been bothering me that you should meet up with some of her friends that she feels you will like,“he said.

Catalina or Lina as we call her is Alex’s wife. She is a sweet lady who accepted Alex together with this life style.

I almost laughed at what Alex said. I doubt there’s a lady who would want me together with my demons. Sure they’d like the flashy lifestyle i could give but i don’t think they would take my negatives too.

“No man. Tell her i am good,“i said sipping my drink.

“Well, i was just a messenger. You’d tell her no yourself though. She may start beliving that i don’t ask you considering the number of times that you’ve turned her down,“Alex said pouring himself a drink. Lina is a feisty and fiery woman, especially know that she is heavily pregnant. It’s true when they say you never want to get a pregnant woman angry. Sometimes i pitty Alex, serves him right though.

Alex stayed over, chatting my ear off as i listened to him while drinking. He left later on when Lina called and demanded for strawberry to be within her reach in five minutes or Alex would sleep on the couch.

I watched as some people left, too drunk to walk on their own. Before i knew it i was in a wasted state myself. Instead of driving back to my mansion, i opted to crush in a room beside my office at the club that i furnished like a bedroom.

Atleast in my drunkness i did not hear the truth of my own voice.

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