Bullets: Part 1 Arc 1

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Parker Hay and John Smith are two government agents tasked with fighting terrorist organizations. But when the truth about their government comes out, everything changes. Author's Note: This whole part is my old writing from a few years ago so apologies for anything cringy in here, I swear I've improved!

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Parker Hay
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Chapter 1

Parker sits in the orchestra room, soaking in the music of the concert as he searches the massive room. Normally, this music would put Parker at ease, but not today. He pushed his hair behind his ear since it kept getting in his face. He looks up two rows to see his partner, Jonathan, checking their surroundings. They received a tip that a terrorist group named The Red Cloaks would be attacking here, but no info as to where or when. Not even why. "You see anything?" Parker asked his partner through his headset. Luckily, Parker's white long hair covered up the earpiece.

"Nothing yet. You'd think the fact that their leader wears a red cloak would make this easier." John replied impatiently.

The Red Cloaks were a terrorist organization created by a young boy named Red. It has been sabotaging the government's projects for a long time now. Every time, they fight to a stalemate. 'Not this time.' Parker thought.

"John, I'm starting to think about the info we got. It was from an anonymous source, and they didn't give us any info besides a date and time." Parker began. John's face went pale with the realization. "It's a trap." John said, something catching his breath.

Suddenly there was an explosion on their right. The entire right wall was gone exposing the street next to the building. You could hear panicked screams and frustrated honking of shocked bystanders. As Parker and John got up, they saw three silhouettes. On the left was Rudolph, who had long black hair. On the right was Randall, who was bald. Both had bandannas over their eyes, red shirts, and two swords. In the middle was a boy in a red cloak, who was nicknamed appropriately: Red. "Damn it!" Parker yelled over the explosion. "Parker? John? I didn't think I'd see you here- HAHA who am I kidding? I totally did." Red said in a voice you would probably identify as that of a child.

Red raised his signature cane and then slammed it down. The moment he did, Rudolph and Randall unsheathed their swords and ran at Parker and John. Parker and John discovered a while ago that Red can control Randall and Rudolph, but were never able to get close enough to sever the connection. They evaded the first cut from the duo's swords and used the momentum to throw themselves outside. Jonathan was the first to draw his gun and aim it at Red. Red only chuckled. Once John had shot the gun, there was a blur of red as Rudolph sliced the bullet clean in two.

"Tsk tsk tsk." Red said, wagging his finger in a kidding manner. "John, guns aren't toys! You should NEVER point a gun at someone!" Red burst out laughing at him saying this, as John's face grew red with anger.

"I'll take Rudolph, you take baldy, got it?" John asked

Parker only nodded as he sprinted at Randall. Parker moved to the side as Randall swung his left blade, however, Randall was fast and managed to cut his shoulder. Regardless of if it cut deep or not, it didn't hurt, as the amount of adrenaline coursing through Parker's veins masked the pain. He ran to the right side of him and punched him hard on the side of the head.

John took a different approach. He distracted Rudolph by shooting at him while he was running straight at him. He was sloppy in his movements and tripped. Trying to regain his balance while still running proved challenging, but as he was balancing himself, Rudolph ran right at him and slashed his sword at him. John jumped back just in time, but not before getting his tie sliced in half.

"I really have to start wearing bow ties," John yelled to Parker. Parker smirked. "I was just thinking the same thing." he said.


Another slice at John, this time hitting his leg. He tried jumping back, but once he put pressure on his wound, the pain overwhelmed him. Instead of hitting the landing, he landed on his back. "This isn't working, we have to try something else." He said holding his leg. John took off his black suit jacket and ripped the fabric and tied it on the wound to stop the bleeding. The gears in Parker's head started turning. They needed a plan.

Parker gestured at Red and John nodded in understanding. Parker helped John back up and they sprinted toward the duo. They tried slicing at Parker and John, but they ducked under and kept running straight toward Red. Before he could react, Parker grabbed his cane and hit him across the head with it. Red flew back and hit the ground hard. He put his hand on his head trying to balance at himself, getting blood from his temple all over this hand. He started laughing. "Is that all?"

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