Bullets: Part 1 Arc 2

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After silence from the Black Cloaks, the terrorist group finally returns, and Bullets is ready for them.

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Parker Hay
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Chapter 0.5

PI Jensen drove up to the site, nearly invisible due to the heavy rain outside. Checking the time he realized he was very late. His sense of direction was horrible and was almost always late to everything. It didn't help that he was out in the middle of a dessert. Normally it would be fine, however this seemed important. Especially since he was told the problem lied on the sight of the huge battle that took place there recently. He parked his car and got out, starting to walk over to where a man in a suit was standing. He was unidentified but Jensen knew who he worked for. "Agent Jensen?" The man asked. Jensen shook his head. "Not anymore, just Jensen."

The man nodded his head, looking down a cliff. The cliff Parker and John fell down. He was looking down at the part of the cliff where Parker and John fell after the explosion. Where John was killed by Parker. Jensen pulled out a lighter and covered it as he lit a cigarette. He put the lighter in his trench coat pocket before putting his hands in them as well. "I'm glad you could meet me on such short notice. The situation is becoming very dire." The man said.

Jensen stood next to him, looking down at the same spot he was, holding his hat so it wouldn't fly away due to the heavy winds. "Could just be the rain or maybe I'm just getting old, but I don't see a problem. What am I looking at here?" Jensen asked. The man stood there, unbothered by the rain, scratching his bald head. "It's what you're not looking at that's a problem, a body." The man said. Jensen looked at him like he was crazy, which he probably was. "What do you mean? John's?" Jensen asked, receiving a nod from the strange man.

"The body disappeared shortly after the battle between him and Parker. It was gone, no footprints which gets rid of the idea that it was another person." The man explained. Jensen exhaled smoke as he pondered the strange man's words. "How is this possible? I thought the news said that the body had already been taken and the funeral was taking place this week?" He asked. "You shouldn't believe everything on the news." The man smirked.

"Bodies don't just get up and walk away." Jensen said, starting to believe this was some sick joke. The man simply looked at him. "Well this one did." Jensen didn't have anything to respond to that with. "Well why are you telling me all this? What do you expect me to do?" He asked the man. "Simple; I want you to find him." The man started to walk away. "Yeah ok, but why me? Up until now I've only helped wives find out if their sack of shit husbands were cheating on them and if someone's garbage neighbor wasn't cleaning up their dog's shit. Why would Bullets call me?" Jensen asked. The man stopped and turned around. "You were a great investigative officer once Jensen. And besides, you owe my boss a favor." The man concluded before walking off.

Jensen chuckled as he put his cigarette out. "That piece of shit. Owe him a favor...who does he think I am? I'll show him." He grumbled as he walked away. Suddenly, something caught his eye below the cliff on the spot of John's death. He slid down there until he saw something shiny sticking out of the ground. He pulled it out, it being a piece of metal, and saw an engraving on it. It said: 'The Big Bad Wolf.' "Oh shit." Jensen said as he looked onto the city. He sighed. "I need a drink."

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