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When Lexi Malor's mother died, she and her brother had no idea what their lives would be like living within the custody of their father. How could they, they had never met him? Lexi often wondered what her father did, but she never expected to be the daughter of a crime Lord. She never expected to be thrown into his work against her will, and she never expected to have to pay her keep. Since she was the only girl her father had within her group, she would often go on jobs to get information. She would do whatever she had to to get it. Over, and over again. Of course, she couldn't refuse to do it. Her father was only keeping her around because she was useful. She soon accepted it to be her life, she never thought of treason, she never even imagined it. All she wanted to do, was stay alive. No matter what, she would stay alive no matter who tried to get in her way.

Action / Romance
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Ch 1: Best Night of Your Life

The old man in front of me pushed me against the sidewall of the alleyway, desperately forcing his lips against mine for what had to be at least the eighth time tonight.

He wasn’t much different than most of the other guys I’ve dealt with: Pushy, desperate, at least double my age, and tasted like cheap beer.

Except I actually had to be the one that suggested that we took this somewhere more private.

Usually, I wouldn’t, but this guy had something that I needed in his black, leather briefcase, and he just so happened to toss it into the back corner of this alley before pouncing on me.

A really dumb decision on his part, but I guess he’ll find that out eventually.

Dad had asked me to get it for him personally - over the phone - so I knew that this would be an important job.

Normally I had to hear about it from one of his older workers or from my brother.

Luckily, this job didn’t seem like a very difficult one. I didn’t even feel like I needed to bring a gun.

I draped my arms around the man’s shoulders as his hands began tracing down my hips, playing along so this would be over as soon as humanly possible.

This guy’s smell was starting to give me a headache.

Dad said that this man had to be eliminated as well to avoid causing any suspicion, which wasn’t really my style, but I’m more scared of my dad than I am of murdering a man.

I’m just glad that he didn’t put me in charge of getting rid of the body. I don’t even think I could if I tried.

Though, I do wish that he actually told me what was in the case.

The man gave my hip a squeeze before toying with the strings on my dress.

I hope this idiot knows that those strings are just decorations and won’t do him any good if he’s trying to undress me.

I had to fight back the gag that threatened to leave my throat at the thought.

Not even I would stoop that low.

This guy was nasty and from what I could tell, he wasn’t that smart either. Whoever put this man in charge of the case I needed really needed to evaluate their staff.

He didn’t even feel when I pulled my favorite pocket knife from one of my sleeves.

It was small, but it got the job done if put in the right place.

“What do you say we take this to my place?” His gravelly voice asked as he thankfully pulled back.

I gave a teasing laugh, pulling him closer with my left arm as I lined up my knife to the base of his skull with my right. If I hit this right, the goal is that he’ll be too paralyzed to scream.

“That sounds amazing.” I cooed, biting my bottom lip for extra effect.

The man’s crooked smirk was short lives as the entirety of my blade found itself buried in his spinal cord.

His eyes went wide as only a couple strangled noises managed to come from his mouth.

I guess I hit exactly where I had intended to.

A relieved sigh passed my lips before they shifted a satisfied smirk.

That was easy.

I took a step to the side, twisting the knife from his body as he fell forward into the wall.

The last thing I needed was to get blood on this dress.

Well, that and get caught.

I kneeled down a bit to wipe off my knife on the man’s shirt before strutting down to the back of the alleyway.

My six-inch stilettos’ rhythmic click echoed off of the alley walls.

I sighed once I had the briefcase in hand, twirling my knife in the other.

My Ducati motorcycle was parked not too far from here since I had a hunch that this would be where I had to escape from.

Its probably a 32 second run from here, and I’m positive no one has realized that this guy is missing, so I could probably take my time.

Which is great because I really hate running in these God forbidden shoes.

“Well damn, that was quite a show.” A mans smooth, confident voice spoke.

I froze as the voice rang out behind me.

My brows furrowed in annoyance.

I really didn’t plan on having to kill two people tonight.

Nor did I really feel like doing so.

His footsteps began to approach.

Putting on my best smile, I turned to face him.

“I’m glad you enjoyed it,” I replied, placing the edge of my knife between my middle and index finger behind my back.

The man carelessly stepped over the dead body and further into the alley, enough that the dim lightbulb above me showed his face.

It would be a shame to kill a man before even seeing what he looked like.

My eyes widened ever so slightly.

Especially if his face looked like that.

A confident smirk tugged on the side of his lips, his electric blue eyes locking onto mine.

“I really did, but I’m sorry to inform you that you just did all of that work for nothing,” he stated, his grin still staying strong.

I cocked up an eyebrow as he stopped about 8 feet from me.

“Did I now?”

This guy was going to be more trouble than he’s worth.

He gave me a single nod.

“Unfortunately, whatever is in that briefcase belongs to m-”

I drew my hand back and threw my knife directly towards his chest, trying my best not to hurt that pretty face of his.

What I wasn’t expecting was him to be able to jump to the side in time to dodge it.

My knife simply buried itself into the wooden fence next to this building.

The man just looked at my knife before returning his gaze to me, now looking a bit more cautious than before.

“Well, that wasn’t very nice.” He said.

“My bad,” I responded, trying my best to hide my amusement.

What a way to respond after getting a knife thrown at you.

“Do you even know what’s in this case?” I asked.

The man chuckled as he stepped closer.

“Not really, I was just told to retrieve it.” He stated.

As I thought.

It almost made me wonder who he worked for.

“Do you expect me to just hand this over when you don’t even know what it contains?” I asked.

I soon found myself against the wall once again.

This poor soul must think I’m unarmed.

“Not really, so how about this then,” He started as he placed his hands on either side of my head, his broad shoulders caging me in.

I quickly noted the awkward yet familiar shape on his hip.

He had a gun.

I also noticed the fact that he still had at least an inch on me despite my heals.

“You give me the case,” he removed his right hand from the wall and began trailing his fingers down my arm, the arm that was coincidentally gripping the briefcase, “And I give you the best night of your life?”

My grip tightened on the case.

This guy was starting to be quite entertaining actually.

Perhaps I could play with him for a bit.

“So you only want to give me this said ‘best night of my life’ just so you can get this case?” I asked.

He gave me a small laugh.

He didn’t even seem to be confused that I was initiating small talk given my current situation.

“Not entirely,” He began, leaning in towards me, “You seem like a very interesting girl. Not to mention beautiful.”

I hummed a bit in response.

He was certainly good at what he did.

“I hope you know I’m currently caked in precisely 11 layers of make-up,” I stated, successfully catching him off his guard. Only for a second thought.

He laughed, It wasn’t a forced laugh either, he actually found what I said funny.

And boy he had a really nice laugh.

“Does that matter?” He asked, his other hand now toying with one of my curled locks, “Come on Blondie, what have you got to lose?”

Well, my life if I don’t get this case back soon.

But killing this guy didn’t seem like a very good idea.

He had a gun, and I just had another smaller knife that I’ve been one-handedly pulling from my other sleeve as we’ve been having this entire conversation.

“Hm. I’m not really into one night stands.” I mentioned quietly, “but take me on a couple dates first and I may just give you what you want.”

His eyes narrowed a bit as he chewed on his bottom lip, his smirk never disappearing.


My eyes widened.

I honestly wasn’t expecting him to go along with it.

He was willing to get this case no matter how long it took.

“That was a joke.”

He pursed his lips a bit, looking somewhat disappointed.

“Was it? What a shame,” His hand moved from my arm and instead tilted my jaw up, “Why joke about something that I meant so seriously?”

He leaned in so that his forehead was nearly touching mine, “I could give you everything you wanted and more. All you have to do is give me the case.”

I shifted my eyes up a bit, giving him the impression that I was thinking about his offer.

“Well, that is very tempting, but-” I quickly flipped open the knife and drew it upwards, not close enough to cut his skin, but close enough that he thought I was going too.

He instantly jumped back, his eyes wide as he looked down at the clean slice I made in his dress shirt as it now hung loosely from his shoulders.

Still, he didn’t look worried, he didn’t even place a hand on his gun, he just met eyes with me once more.

It was obvious that he did indeed think I was unarmed.

What kind of idiot goes on a job with just one knife?

“If you wanted to see my abs, you could have just asked.”

I had to fight back my amusement once more, instead of taking the chance to quickly step towards the entrance to the alley, facing him the entire time I did.

This guy was certainly something, as well was his well-built torso.

He just watched me, not making any move to stop me.

I paused as I spotted the tattoo staining his left pectoral, my breath catching in my throat.


The familiar picture of a cobra entangled around a dagger stared back at me.

No wonder this guy wants this case so bad.

His leader wants my dad dead.

Our gangs have been rivals for over 20 years.

He seemed to notice my stare, glancing down at the tattoo himself.

“Ah, yes. That,” his voice still held its confidence, “Will that be putting a damper on our relationship?”

I blinked at him, quickly regained my composure as I took a couple steps back towards the entrance.

“Unfortunately so,” I said, letting some faked disappointment lace my voice.

I could see some genuine curiosity masked behind his eyes.

“Pity. My offer still stands though.”

I crossed my arms behind my back as I continued to step out.

“Tempting, but I don’t think getting murdered by my father is worth handing over my virginity to a man who wanted to skrew me before he even asked my name.”

I barely noticed the surprised look on his face before I dashed out of there as fast as I could.

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