One Last Star

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I use the stars to get away from the grief, the sorrow, of what they made me do to my family. They made me a Monster. Sometimes I wish I could die and join them, but they won't let me. The stars are the one thing that will bring me closer to them.

Action / Romance
E.R Lo
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Chapter One

I don’t usually cry, but lately, after what they made me do to my family, I broke down every night until there were no tears left in me.

Life is not the same, and it never will be. I’m alone. And I am a Monster. The Monster that they made me into.

I follow their orders, and there is no way to disobey.

I go wherever they tell me to go, and there is no turning back.

My name in Eridanus, property of them.

Tonight is the third night since I killed my family, since they made me kill my family. My sobs echo off the walls of the bedroom, and I remember November 19, three days ago. The night that my mom, dad, brother, and sister died; the night that they became stars in the sky.

It was a regular night, we were cleaning off the table after another regular Saturday night dinner. I still remember every detail. Dinner was Andromeda’s favourite: pork chops. We were laughing about another hilarious story she made up while washing the dishes. Cepheus is once again sitting on the couch with his face stuck in a textbook.

Dinner was like any other. We talked about our day in school. Obviously Andromeda, our little princess, had the most interesting day in first grade. Cepheus is once again saying how much he despises all the tests in high school. And then there’s just me, dying of boredom in my tenth grade class. Mom and Dad were only half listening to Meda and Ceph babble; they were too busy talking about court business.

The time was exactly 8:30 when a bolt of electric shock rippled out from me and through each of their bodies. I can see all of their faces so clearly, all the pain and heartbreak. I still can’t erase the image when my mom mouthed ‘I love you, no matter what’ before she blanked out of the world. Before she died.

We were supposed to go on vacation next week, and I ruined it. No, they ruined it. I hate them, I hate them all, and I don’t even know who they are.

And there goes my tears again. My eyes are so swollen, I can’t see anything. And maybe that’s better, if I stop seeing their last moments, maybe I will forget them. I vow a silent oath to myself that I will destroy them, or whatever is in my head, whatever made me a freak - a Monster - I will kill that too.

I will make them regret everything they ever did to me. I will make them feel like they shouldn’t have picked me as a toy to play with.

I get out of bed knowing that I won’t sleep at all tonight. I go to my favourite place in our farmhouse. There’s a fence at the back of the house that I use as a ladder to get atop my special branch on an ancient oak tree. And I just sit there, watching the stars. I locate the Cepheus constellation in the sky, then the Andromeda.

Hi, Ceph. I miss you. You were always so much like Dad - so into your books. Meda, I long for another one of your stories. The way you make me laugh until there are tears in my eyes. I remember every single detail, of every single story. Every night I wish I could have just gotten one more day with all of you. I didn’t even get to say goodbye before they made me kill all of you. Mom, Dad, Ceph, Meda, I will always remember you, in my heart. And every night when I look up at the sky, you will always be there. They made me a Monster. They deserve to die too. I will find them and deliver my vengeance. I miss you. One day, when I am free of their hold, I will find you again, in the stars. I love you all so much.

Just then, far off in the distance, I hear the faint roar of an aircraft engine. I jump out of the tree and stand there, watching the leaves whip in the wind. Immediately I knew that the plane had come for me.

I dashed into the house, slamming the front door open. I sprint up the staircase and run straight into the upstairs bathroom, hoping to escape out the window. Hurriedly I grab a broom and ram the handle underneath the door knob. I have this feeling of uncertainty. A feeling that these people on the plane are the people that made me who, no what, I am.

I can hear the engines turning off outside, and with a jolt I realise that I hadn’t closed or locked the front door.

“CRAP,” I muttered. “Why was I so stupid?”

I hear footsteps right outside the bathroom and desperately unlock the window. Cool night air rushes to meet me, and suddenly my urge to escape doesn’t seem all that important. Abruptly, I realise that this might be my only chance to seek revenge. My only chance to make them regret everything they did to me. To my family. To Ceph, to Meda, and to Mom and Dad.

As the door caves in, I turn my back on the open window and steel myself into a fighter's stance. I will avenge my family and go down fighting, if worst came to worst.

Suddenly, splinters fly everywhere as the door gives way. A huge black figure half emerges from the doorway and I pounce. I never even get there. Suddenly, the room is filling with gas and I am gasping for breath.

Gosh, please. Let me live, I need to live, if only to avenge my family I think, as I lay there staring at the bathroom ceiling and Wow, I am with the stars.

In my delirious state, I feel rough hands on my arms. They are pulling me away, away from my home. Away from the place that my family died. Away from the one thing connecting me to them. I try to move, to fight against their hold, but I can’t see a thing. My muscles are frozen in place. I lie captive in enemy arms, hopeless and trapped.

I go into a melancholy sleep. It’s the first time I’ve actually slept since November 19, and I dream. Of my family, of the people that kidnapped me, of the stars that surround me. Of what life will throw at me next.

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