Bloody Yakuza

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Hon always thought his life was forfeit as soon as he was about to end it all someone presents him with the opportunity to become something far greater will he sacrifice his humanity just to stay at top or will he forsake everything for his very soul

Action / Drama
Tiffany B.
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The Night Life

Author's notes and warning: This story deals with mature content such as sexual situations drug use and violence. Please be advised when reading the story. I DO NOT condone some of the actions done by the characters, these characters are tragic figures searching for redemption so, please be aware and hopefully enjoy.

“Wait! Don’t do it! I swear I’ll pay you guys back! I swear!” He shouted

“You don’t remember me? I figured it had been five years since I found you and my wife fucking in my apartment,” I said pulling down my mask and giving him a good look at my face

His terrified eyes slowly start to realize who I was, “Hon? Hon Ming Lao? You’re supposed to be dead!” He yelled

“Surprise,” I said with a wicked smile on my face baring my fangs

“’re a vampire?” He shakily asked

“I’m something far worse than any regular vampire. I’m an Oni Serpent, and my boss made sure to send me in to take care of you. You own half a million dollars in US currency since we had to track your ass from Japan to America. Knowing damn well I have family here. My boss wants his money; I rather have your head make a choice. If I don’t see five hundred thousand dollars in front of my face within the next five minutes everyone is this office is going to die,” I said

“Come on, that’s not enough time. Give me some more time. Please!” He begged, watching me set an alarm

“Tick tock. Tick tock,” I gleefully mocked

“Shit!” He shouted stumbling out of the closet I pulled him in earlier

We were in New York City skyscraper at midnight with only a few workers inside, maybe twenty-something people. Only me and three other guys casually walked around in our black, red, and gray suits. We walked around taunting and mocking a spineless coward chanting the same noise I started in the closet. Watching as he frantically looked around, grabbing a key from his cubicle and hauling his ass into his boss’s office to unlock a safe. Before he could even blink, I was standing over him, staring inside the safe, “You’re short. After all this fucking time you’re short,” I calmly said

“No. I swear it’s all there!” He shouted

I crushed his shoulder with my bare hands and smiled as his scream echoed in the office, “Go Eat Boys! Dinner Is American,” I shouted

The guys wasted no time taring the office apart, pulling their victims from every floor up to the one we were located. I made my former best buddy watch as the life was drained from every single person that was in the building with him. After the victims would be consumed, we’d snapped their necks, letting them fall on the floor like rag dolls, paling upon each other one by one. His shocked expression made the act all the more satisfying as the last body was drain and thrown against the window, snapping him back into the present.

“But...but why?” He asked

“Somebody has to go postal at some point, why not you?” I asked

“But I Didn’t...” He started before I forced him to stare into my cold harden lifeless red eyes

“Now repeat after me. My name is a Kaito Long, and I am a serial killer,” I said

“My name is Kaito Long, and I am serial killer,” He repeated

“Good. I want you to write a letter confessing you killed all these people due to work-related stress and kill yourself by jumping out of your boss’s window, understand?” I asked

“Yes,” He said

“Get to work on that letter,” I said releasing him

Like a mindless spineless zombie, after he wrote the letter and threw a computer through the bulletproof glass, he gladly stood on the edge before falling. As he fell, I pulled out my gun and shot him in the back of the head before walking out of the office, “Come on. We’re leaving,” I said

“Boss, don’t you think that was a bit overkill?” One of the guys said

“Fuck you, Won! That was epic I never had American before their blood was so much sweeter than the ones back home,” The other one said

“You like that, Chang? Good because there’s one more place we have to go before we head home. I got a score to settle with a whore downtown, and I’m pretty sure she’ll be just as thrilled as him to see me now,” I said leading the way to the elevator

Three hours later.

I stood on the rooftop of the highest building I could find. I let the guys enjoy themselves while we were still trapped in New York for another hour and a half. I glanced down at my hands and clothes still covered in my ex-girlfriend’s blood, smoking a cigarette thinking about how my life changed from day to night. What could’ve been? If things didn’t work out as they did. After all this time, a single tear fell from my eyes I grew numb to a lot of stuff killing drinking blood to survive and living without a pulse but that fact that deep down no matter how hard a tried I still had my humanity and that was the worst part about it because I lost my faith in humanity before I was a killer before I was a vampire before I was dead.

“Still pondering, Hon?” A female voice asked

“Ty Lee, what do you want and get out of my head,” I said

“You know I’m not a fan of this either, but I have to check on you every six months until six years have passed you know that,” She said

I exhaled the smoke, “Yeah, I know. So how you been?” I asked

“Same old. Same old. What about you? You seem far away,” She said

“I’m in America right now on business,” I said

“That last job didn’t seem like business,” She said

“Get out my fucking memories. We talked about that,” I said

“I didn’t think you’d....“She started

“Didn’t think I’d do what? Kill her. Well, I did, and the bitch should be grateful it was quick painless a mercy kill. She also made a delicious snack,” I said

Ty Lee sighed, “I wouldn’t have turned you if I would’ve known you’d be just like everybody else,” She said with a disappointing tone in her voice

I flicked my cigarette, “Well, I was tired of being the good guy that everybody walked over. It was my turn to do some stomping,” I said

“Just don’t lose yourself to it,” She said

My head was clear, with nothing but my thoughts. I closed my eyes and let myself fall from the roof feeling the rush of the wind flying against my skin trying to feel alive again and as I opened my eyes staring at the ground coming closer the rush of it all was coming back to me as my mind took me back to five years ago.

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