Time Jump

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Strangers in time

Chapter 2

“Damn it, Brian” Farah said. “We must stop this madman. Heather is now a goner, I'm sorry.” Don’t worry we will stop this murderer and I'll deal with personally". Brian said in tears. “Sorry for your loss” a recruit named Paul Enforcer said. "Don't worry, Brian. You and Farah will get him and the other termites he sent back time, Brian." Chief Paul Watson said.

“Dr. Wiseman, you alright?” Just about, thanks law people. You do serve and protect the innocent. I will send both of you to the time the evil scientist has set. But it will take time to get his machine operational again because he used up most of the power sending fugitives back in time and disabled the controls.

“Farah, I advise you to watch him so he doesn't do anything he regrets later" Wiseman said. So both of them had to keep law and order in the city until the device was repaired. There was also a funeral service for laying Heather to rest at the cemetery that which they attended. Finally, the time machine was operational. Good luck getting him.

Here‘s a holographic protection shield, micro pellet-laser- tubes (M.P.L.T.) with a massive supply of laser pellets and virtual Tele talkies disguised as smart phones of the present with video calls, also a super computer known as V.I.C.E.S. (Virtual Image Computer Excellent re-Search) disguised as a debit/credit card and also Brian and Farah had some bionic implants placed on their bodies, give them Superman-like senses of hearing, sight and speed. Now go get those guys. “Good luck” the redhead female recruit Amanda Cardinal said. Amanda and Paul are Watson’s trainee protective agents. Wiseman said “Right” both said. Brian and Farah ventured into the past from 2169 to 2009 finding them in the U.S. and the world, sending them back to future.

Strangers in Time:

Taken from the journals of Brian and Farah, A.D. 2169, this is their stories of their adventure:

March 23, 2009: Brian and Farah arrived in the past in the alleyway of Philadelphia at 2:45pm. "Boy, the past is beautiful" Brian said. "Don't get too attached to it, Streak. We got work to do." Farah said.” She’s right, Captain" VICES said. "This time is more primitive than 2169 where this city is in chaos with destruction". "Visualize" they both said, and she appeared as virtual 3D avatar of young attractive woman as a call girl of African descent. "Well you two are well, then" she said.

"The first fugitive is located in Las Vegas." "That’s where going first" Brian said. But on the street they saw one blond Caucasian woman who looked like Heather in the present. “Am I seeing things? Brian said. “No you haven’t. Looks like Heather came back to life in this time” Farah said. “She is the ancestor of our late Heather” I said. “Now let’s get back to business” I added. "Finally some action" Farah said. At the Mandalay Bay Casino, Brian and Farah were both undercover there as a couple.

"The fugitive is named Rick" Vices said. "Why, hello there" Ricks said.” You’re such a beautiful, elegant young lady" he said. "Why, thanks, Sugar" she replied. “I need to use the ladies room, OK?" "Brian, I found him" she said on her video talkies talkie.” Copy that, girl" he said. "I see him from across the room." Then he walked up to him and showed him his badge. "What, you two are damn cops!?" Rick said. "From the year 2169, you were charged of hacking computer bank accounts in 2169" Farah said. “Well you two are not getting me" Rick said and ran away. "Let's get him you two" VICES said.

The guy ran away to the back of building with them in hot pursuit, Brian using his super speed to catch him and decked him in one blow. "You're under arrest, my boy" he said. "Not yet," he said and pulled out his gun to shoot him, but Brian ducked and Farah give him one red PLLT blast from her weapon shaped as a keyless house key. "VICES do your thing" she said. "Right on it, Farah" she replied, and he teleported back to the future to stand trial. "Hey, I almost had him, girl" Brian said. "You almost got capped, Streak" she said. "But did us well for our first capture".

"That we did, Farah" Brian said."You two done well" VICES said. "199 more to go". "But I want Dr. Stone heart" Brian said. "That slithering snake killed Heather in 2169", "He must pay for crime". "Don't worry Brian, we'll get him" Farah said. "He can be anywhere in 2009, hiding and also introducing cons of this time 22nd century weapons." Somewhere in the American south, the villainous Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart is in a secret location not knowing that Brian and Farah are in the past looking for him.

In an apartment in the suburbs of Washington, DC, Brian and Farah were asleep when VICES alerted them of some dangerous explosion in mid-America.

Ann Arbor, MI: "Hi officer" Brian said. "What happened here?" "The store owner said that a dangerous explosion from an advanced bomb destroyed a supermarket, some houses, even a bank got leveled by it". "What type of super bomb would do this?" Farah said.” I think I know, get to the damage area" VICES whispered. "Officer Riggs" Brian said.

"Can we get close to blocked off area?" "Why sure, go ahead" Officer Riggs said. They walked close to wreckage and building debris and VICES did a quick scan.” This no ordinary bomb from this century, it's a fuel cell hydrogen bomb". "Those bomb were created in 2130 for Russo-Chinese war, most definitely got into wrong hands" Farah said. "Must be a Nero-Qaeda group" Brian said. "They were descendants of Al-Qaeda in this century".

"Accessing fugitive retrieval files" VICES said. "The name of the fugitive is Havoc, real named Ahmed Hussein. Wanted for blowing an office building in Detroit 2134, 100 lives were lost that day." "So we have murdered and terrorist on our hands" Brian said. "So we do we find him?" Farah said. "By day, he's a door to door salesman" VICES said. "So look for him on the street, then" Brian said.

"Hello, Madam, how are you today?" Ahmed said. “I would like to sell you this antique vase from the Ming Dynasty, very beautiful". "Not interested" she said. The guy faced some rejection on the street, except for one couple that bought his vase. At his home, he was hard at work creating a super hydrogen fuel cell bomb to blow up the entire town to be loyal to Allah by taking out non-Muslims. One of his associates answered the front door and Farah was there.

" Hello, you seen Ahmed Hussein?" she said. "NO" he said. That's when he sensed cops were nearby and ran out the front, almost knocking her down. "Brian, he running your way" she said. Then Brian got out of car and pursued him, not knowing he had a bomb on him.” Who are you guys?" he said. "Capt. Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez from the year 2169" Brian said.

"You were convicted for an explosion of an office building in 2154." Farah said.” Several lives were lost in that place including a security guard." "Yeah, yeah. In the name of Allah, you're dead" Ahmed said and got out his laser rifle gun and shot at them. "Hell, no" Brian said. "You know I got bomb on my chest, see?" he said. "You all will die by my sacrifice".With that, he activated the bomb time sequence for 90 seconds.

"Oh damn it" Farah said. "For the Muslim brotherhood" Ahmed said. "Don't think so, playa" Brian said and zapped him with a red PLLT blast. "Vices transport him back to 2169". "Right away, Captain" VICES said and she teleported him to the future. "Not bad Brian" Farah said. "We both saved a city from being blown to kingdom come and saved lives". "Nice job you two" officer Riggs said. "Where is Ahmed at?" "Well..." Brian said. "Oh no the bomb".

"Don't worry, I got this." Farah said. "VICES deactivate the bomb". "No problem, Capt. Ramirez" she said and stopped the bomb in seconds. "Close call you two" Riggs said. "It's a long story, Riggs" Brian said.

Toronto, ON, Canada

Traveling across the U.S. border into Canada by car, Brian and Farah are destined to Toronto to catch a fugitive from 2169 named the Chameleon. He's has the ability to shape shift to anyone or thing as he chooses. A recent bank heist in the downtown core of the city having a mutated face covered in a mask. He had changed into an security guard bank vault driver that got away in stolen truck.

"Wow, what a bank robbery" Farah said as arrived at the scene." Some thug in a ski mask held up a bank here, demanding cash" the officer Paul Nash said. "And you two are?" "Captain Brian Ferguson from Philly P.D. USA, and this is my partner, Farah Ramirez" Brian said. "Nice to meet you" Farah said and shook his hand. "Can we go inside?" they both said. "Sure, eh" officer Nash said. Brian and Farah went inside the bank, walking towards the damaged bank vault.

"Hey you two" VICES whispered.

"This is a very clean bank heist, but I'm reading that this Chameleon used a mini laser to destroy the security cameras and one life was lost when a teller tried to activate the security alarm". "Good Lord, what a murderer" Brian said.In their hotel suite at the Fair Mount Royal York in downtown Toronto, VICES had explained more about this suspect Chameleon.

He was convicted for impersonating a cop in 2153 and then murdered him when he found out about his secret. The judge charged him for murder and was in jail but he somehow escaped from jail and now in this time. "So we have to be on the lookout for him now?" Brian said. "Absolutely, Captain." vices said. "And I know where he'll strike next.

The Metro Toronto Convention Center has its special banquet ball tonight." "There will be a lot important wealthy people there with lots of money and valuables on them which he will try to steal" Farah said. "Then what are we waiting for? Let's go to this ball and stop him." Brian said.

Metro Convention Center, 8:07pm:

Brian and Farah are undercover looking for the Chameleon. He can impersonate anyone in there. "How are things on your side, girl?" Brian said undercover as a waiter. "Nothing yet" Farah said in her white dress and hair in an up-do. "Captain Ramirez, that man in tux at the other end is trying to snatch that lady's purse" Vices said. "That's the Chameleon I'm sensing in his DNA" "How you know that, VICES?" she said. "Because he's cold blooded, his blood type is not human".

"I'm a cop, everyone" Farah said showing her badge. "Hey pal, if you would like to come with me" she said. "Time for me to show my real face" Chameleon said and showed his disfigured face. "You and everyone here are my prisoners". "Farah girl, what's going on out there?" Brian said as he was in the kitchen.

"Trouble" she said. Then Brian ran out the kitchen to help Farah. "Let her and everyone here go" he said. "Who are you?" Chameleon said. "I'm Captain Brian Ferguson of U.S. Marshal Fugitive retrieval unit" he said. Then the Chameleon ran up the escalator with them in hot pursuit. Then where was a dead end where he was trapped. "You Chameleon were charged for killing a cop in 2169 that you impersonated and escaped justice."

Brian said. "Well Capt. Ferguson and Ramirez, I have a parting gift for you, take a death blast" he said. He shot several shots from his laser rifle, but the virtual halo shield protected them. "What this? A virtual shield! I'll crush you with my bare hands!" Chameleon said and charged at Brian and they fought. "Need help, Brian?" Farah said. "No way, girl. Just taking care of loose ends here." he said and continues to give him punches and kicks to the face.

“Hey Ferguson, I'm you" Chameleon said now turning into Brian and now Farah is now confused. "Hey girl, he's the impostor" the fake Brian said. "No girl, he's the impostor" real Brian said. "Hey Vices what should do, which one of them is the Chameleon?

“Farah said. "Let me scan both of them to make sure" VICES said. "Why don't you die first?" fake Brian said. "Wait a minute, the real Brian wouldn't hurt me, so" Farah said and she zapped with a red PLLT blast. "Vices you're up" she said and with that, the Chameleon was zapped back to the future. "Good job, girl, I definitely was counting on you" he said. "No problem" she said. "Good job you two" VICES said.

"Now can leave here in good spirits?" So they left the center, telling people the threat been dealt with and he's in their custody in a far away place. Brian and Farah keep in touch with Serene City P.D. in 2169 by going online on web by being a member of Face book, Twitter which came out in 2006, and You Tube under the screen name "Brian & Farah: 2169". Every capture they make, it posted online and through video, so in 2169, 160 years later, the video is uploaded showing their success.

Chicago, Illinois:

Vices narrating: "A wanted mobster from 2169 hiding in 2009 is named Al Mal-don. No relation to Al Capone of the early 20th century is hiding out in Chicago area. Brian and Farah's mission is to find him and sent him back to 2169 to stand trial for murder of several civilians in our time when they stood in his way." At Washington Heights police station, Brian and Farah arrived.

"Hello, Sgt. Botticelli” Brian said. "So you two are the mysterious U.S. Marshals, huh?" Botticelli said. "Indeed we are" Farah said. "You know about this Al Mal-don character?" he said. "Thanks for the photo" Brian said. "You sure you two don't need backup?" Botticelli said. "We'll call you when we need you" Brian said and away they went in a rental car. On the road they drove to the Western part of Chicago.

"Visualize, VICES" Brian said. "Hello, you two" Vices said. "What you need from me?" "Scan the photo of this mobster, Al Mal-don" he said. "Scanning photo, uploading data of him" Vices said. "Al Mal-don, real name Rick Santiago." "He is wanted for the murder of several civilians who refused to bow down to his powerful mob empire in Chicago 2169".

"He's hiding somewhere in an vacant warehouse in the area, as an gun arms dealer". "Well at least we have a lead on him" Farah said. "Now we need to find him". At the vacant warehouse in Chicago's West End, Al Mal-don and his associates are testing out bullet guns and 22nd century weapons introduced by him. "Hey, boys, I'm the most powerful man in Chicago, no cops will ever get me, see?" he said.

"But boss, one day they'll find us" his associates said. "My Mal-don ass they won't" he said. "They'll get a piece of led by me". Not too far away, Brian and Farah finally found his location.
"Oh damn it, looks like cops, boss" the gangster said. "Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez of U.S. Marshals unit" Brian said. "Why hello officer, how can I help ya?" he said.

"What do you know about selling of your weapons?" they said. "Well, I got one answer for ya" Mal-don said. "Fire, boys, take 'em out." "What the blazes..." Farah said. "Duck" and gun fire erupted in the warehouse, that's when they show their weapons. Both gave the mob bosses PLLT stun blasts, except for Mal-don. "Well, I know about the PLLT" he said. "So you two from 2169, huh?

Well I got my PLLT machine gun" and fire at them with it. Again the shield they had came in handy. "Forget the gun; I'll take you both of you out myself.”Don't think so" Brian said and zapped with a red blast and with the help of VICES, he was transported back to 2169. "Good job you two" VICES said. "Now what we do about these guns?" Farah asked. "Let the cops deal with it, let's go" Brian said and they left the scene for Chicago P.D. to deal with it. They rode into the sunset on a new capture of fugitives in 2009 and transport back to the future.

London, England: Several young women have been murdered all over London in a strange peculiar way. The bloods from their bodies have been drained by some unknown gadget leaving a big hole in the left side of their necks. The suspect is nicknamed "Mysterious Blood-seeker" real name Mike Masters, a tall white man. He gets his female victims at night; he had as a sickness of diseased blood cells.

Refusing treatment in the 22nd century by doctors, he escaped from the hospital, but a female nurse tried to stop him. He stunned her with a PLLT laser gun shaped like a police baton stick, making her drop to the floor unable to move for a while and also killed a female cop in the same manner. He used a digital BTD (Blood Transfer Device) gadget to drain her blood so it goes to his body, so he'll have a normal stable blood in his system. She died after her blood was completely drained from body.

Now in 2009, Blood-seeker came to Philadephia in the U.S. to hide out. In the Preston neighborhood, he followed a young woman to her apartment. When she locked her door, there was a knock at the door. So she went to open it and saw the stalker. "Who are you, what do you want with me?" she said.

"I want your blood and I fear you know my true identity. I can‘t let you bring me in" he replied and stun her with his P.L.L.T. weapon disguised as a police baton. With her unconscious and helpless he needed to work fast before she came to. "This will take a minute" he said "I only go after female blood because it's more pure that a male one, and you're more innocent people. Good night, Mrs. Waters.”

He placed the sharp needle part on her neck and attached the narrow tube together with the plastic strap bound secure on his left wrist which he placed on, digital readout and activated it. In a minute, when the readout said 100% complete, she died from blood loss. Then he escaped out of the apartment, around the back.

Tomorrow morning, one tenant screamed as he saw the dead body and almost puked. So he called the police. That's when Brian and Farah heard about the death of a young woman last night of red blood cell loss. A fugitive named Blood-seeker that VICES briefed them about from the call the young woman who they knew from the future that is in the present named Christina Waters. She knew about the Blood seeker and his true identity, and came to America to escape being caught.

She also fears he might be after her, and both agreed they all be on full guard. Brian and Farah were watching the news report about the death of the woman on TV in an electronics store. They proceeded to the Preston neighborhood to the crime scene by taxi cab. “We‘re too late to stop this“Farah said.

"Good Morning, officer" Brian said. "I'm Kwame Johnson and this is Cynthia Barnes" he said as they were undercover using false names not revealing their true identities.” So those are your names?" Officer John Parsons said, coming from London after this Blood seeker. "So how the death of this young woman happened?" Farah said.

"Her blood was drained by an unknown weapon" he said. "We're taking the body to the forensics lab at Police station, care to tag along?" Sgt. O’Malley said. "Sure" they both said and hopped into the squad car with him. Then a red headed woman appeared. “What happened here?” the woman named Joy said.

“Ma’am, step back” the officer said. At the forensics lab, the dead body of the young woman was underneath a blanket. "Can you guys let us be alone for a while?" Brian said to the forensics them. "OK" they replied and they left for a short while. "Let's take the blanket of the body and found how she died by this weapon before they do their autopsy and destroy any clues to nab the suspect" Farah said.

With the blanket off the dead body, VICES had scanned the woman's body from head to toe until she spotted the puncture hole wound on the left side of her neck. "There I see it," VICES said. "The device used to drain the blood from her body is called a portable BTD (Blood Transfer Device)." "Oh damn," Brian said. "Same here. This John Parsons want this guy too" Farah said.

"The suspect was getting away from authorities in London to here to lay low" Vices said. "The BTD device was created in 2020 by doctors to do blood transfusion." "So we're dealing with a 22nd century vampire that sucks blood from female victims at night" Brian said. "The suspect's name is Blood-seeker: real make Mike Masters" Vices said. "He had killed two female victims, one nurse who tried to stop at the West Serene hospital clinic and hours later a female cop in 2163."

"All the same way" Farah said. "Oh god, we must stop him before he strikes again" "Indeed we will, Farah" Brian said. "He can be anywhere in this city hiding out". "In this time period he needs to be in a profession to have personal access to his victims, like in law enforcement, such as police officer" VICES said. ." "So he‘s a cop in disguise" Brian said.

So with the help of Vices Brian and Farah gotten an rental car that VICES had to operate because both can't drive, in the 22nd century, every vehicle is self driving enabled. “Well we need to be on high alert here” Brian said. Farah said. "We’re here" Vices said. They arrived at the Red Griffin bar on Flushing St. and went in. "Joy Cummings?" Brian said as they walked in.

"That's me, darling" she waved, and she and the others, even the bad guy were inside drinking beer. “Joy, you heard about the deaths of several women in London and here in Philly?" Farah said. "Yes, I have and feel sorry for their loss." Just then, a strange vibe happened as they neared Mike. “Good evening and what I can get you?" the waitress said. "So much meat courses. Where I‘m from, meat is an endangered species" Farah said. All were stunned and laughed at her comment. One guy challenged Brian to play a shooting video game for 20 dollars.

“You have a good shooting arm, lad?” he said to Brian. He accepted the challenge. With 50 cents in, they played a game, and the guy didn’t know what hit him. Brian scored 4 shots in and took down his defense. “Nice game player, you owe 20 bucks?” Brian said. The cop gave him the money and stunned he was beaten by a novice player.

"I sense Blood-seeker will be after her because she‘s seeing a killer and don‘t know it yet" Vices said as they walked towards their car in the visitor's area. "We'll be ready for that dude" Brian said. "That's why I suggest you Farah to go undercover as an employee at a woman’s clothing store named Fierce in downtown Philly where Joy works" Vices said.

"He might go after her there and Brian will stay low in the car." "So I do nothing, eh?" he said. "At least we will call you when need on the video com" Farah said.

At the precinct, Mike had doubt about Brian and Farah. “Those two cops, aren’t what they say they are” Mike said. So they checked the files for Kwame and Cynthia. “These two are retired ages ago” the cop said. “See that, O’Malley, Parsons, those two are impostors” Mike said. “Get a APB on Kwame Johnson and Cynthia Barnes” O’Malley said.

The APB was on Brian and Farah for the police search. “I’m going to the clothing store Fierce to see Joy and protect her from Kwame and Cynthia” Mike said.

The very next day, at the clothing store Fierce where Joy works, Farah came in as a new employee watching over her, selling clothes. "So has he come yet?" Brian said over the video com. "No, no yet, oh wait, he's here." Farah said at closing as both were responsible for closing the store. "Joy we need to talk for a bit." Blood-seeker said. "Can you excuse us, love? He said as they went to the back room together upstairs.

"They went in the back room" Farah said to Brian. "Follow them in and don't get seen" Brian said and she followed them in hiding beneath boxes having a good view using super hearing to hear the conversation. "My dear, Joy" Blood-seeker said as he gazed in her emerald green eyes.

"So you like being a red head, being a former blond, I have come to take you home. The blood seeker is out there and can strike anytime" he said. "I’m a grown woman that can take care of myself” she said." Let us be together" he said as he grabbed her. "You're not good person, let me go please" she said. She saw a pen on the table and stabbed him in his left arm and ran away.

He pursued her, , stunned her with his P.L.L.T. weapon and she fell to the floor paralyzed unable to move, being out. He approached her and started to place the huge needle on the left side of neck, followed by the narrow tube with the digital readout with the end on his wrist. “Ha, ha. I come to suck your blood" he said, imitating Dracula's speech. "So you're one behind those women's deaths" Joy said as she slowly came to. "Good job, Miss Sherlock" he said. "My red blood cells are unstable, and when you stab me with a sharp object like that pen, I fell pain. I need fresh red blood to keep my blood count stabilized and you’re a good match".

"Brian, get your ass in here fast" Farah said. "Right away" Brian as ran out of the car and into the store. "Be careful Captain, he may be armed" Vices said as they went into the back. "Don't worry my dear, it won't take along, I'll be gone very quickly." Farah decided to appear and stop this. “Freeze!” she said, and started to fire a red pellet in his direction. “What the heck?” Mike said. “Detective Farah Ramirez from 2169, come to sent you back” she announced.

"Boy, you like to hurt and kill innocent women don't you, my man?" Brian said as he appeared. “Who the hell are you?" Mike said. "I'm Capt. Brian Ferguson, fugitive retrieval specialist from the year 2169" he said. "So you're from the future like me?" Mike said. Farah appeared from hiding and took the BTD of her neck and was moving again. "Farah, get Joy out of here" Brian said and they both ran out the warehouse to safety. “So Capt. Ferguson, you come to send me back?" Mike said. "You killed a female nurse and a cop in 2163 by same method" Brian said.

"Doctors could of help heal you back home" he said. "I rather live on the blood of young adult females." Blood seeker said. "After I deal with you, I'm going after those two to satisfy my hunger." "Not with me around, playa" Brian said as he used his super speed and gave one right hook to him. Both fought in the warehouse and lot of PLLT blasts was shot.

"Stay here, Joy" Farah said. "So you really are Farah and your partner is Brian. Didn’t Brian said to leave" Joy said. "Look Joy, my partner may need help in there, so I'm going in" Farah said. She went in the warehouse to destroyed products and Brian used his super strength to throw him the shelf and heavy boxes fell on him , pinning him down. "I see you done well, Bri." she said.

"Do-don't celebrate yet" Mike said as he staggered up. "Look out you two!" But a sharp end of a metal spear broken of a stair rail impaled him in the chest and it killed him. "That was awesome" Joy said as she followed Farah inside. "Where are you from, anyway?" she demanded. "We're from the future" Farah said. "From 2169, to be exact".

"We're on a mission to catch fugitives in 2009 that escaped through time by a time machine called JUMPS (Journey Universal Maximum Portal Sender) created by Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart." Brian said. "So you're like Time Cops, right?" Joy said. "Yes" they both said and both left to get some rest. Next morning as, Joy greeted before they entered the store.

"Here's a gift for both of you" she said. "Wow, an fancy bowl and cup" Brian said. "And Farah, here are some gift cards for you to shop at the department stores around the city, loaded with cash." Joy said. "I must thank you two for saving me today". "Awesome, muchos gracias," Farah said. "Come on Brian, we have some time to kill” Farah said. "Oh boy, here we go again. Can't understand women and love for shopping." Brian said. With John Parsons hearing the Blood Seeker was killed from the newspapers, he decided to head back to London, England, to share the news to his comrades over there.

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