Time Jump

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Stopping robberies and upholding the law

Seattle, Washington:

Brian and Farah are in Seattle to catch a twin brother crime duo named Ron and Phil Right-man from the future. They robbed a Citi Bank downtown wearing ski masks and ran off with a lot of loot. That's when they encountered them in the alleyway. "Hey boys, where y'all going?" Farah said, imitating a southern accent.

"Ron and Phil Right man, you two are going back to the future in a nice jail cell" Brian said. "Hey coppers, taste some lead!" they said and fire their machine guns at them. "Oh hell no, so that's how it going down" Brian said. They ducked for cover behind a garbage can until when it was clear. "Hi boys, say cheese for us" Farah said and they both shot red laser blasts at them. "Ready to transport these two fugitives back to 2169" Vices said.

"Locking coordinates, and here we go." The thugs were teleported back to the future. "That was too easy, Farah. They didn't put up a good fight" Brian said. "Yeah I know" Farah said adjusting her brunette raven hair in a ponytail. "There is no rest for criminals at all. It's our mission to pursue and apprehend them by sending them back to 2169 to stand trial for their crimes" VICES said. "Don't you two want to get away from it all?" Brian said. "Take a break from catching fugitives for a day or week, sending them back to 2169" he suggested. "What are you getting at?" Farah said. "You want us to give up our badge?

No way, man." she said. "She's right, Capt. You two signed up for this, given both your lives to save the innocent from wrongdoers that do harm." Vices said. "You be foolish to give all up now." So they walked down the street and saw a center called Amanda and Dimitri's Virtual getaway. Both walked inside and were greeted by them. "Welcome to the virtual reality getaway" Dimitri said in a Eastern European accent. "You want a test trial, huh?" "Sure, my man" Brian said.

"Captain, should we get back to crime fighting?" Vices said. "Vices, take a chill pill" Brian said. "Wear these visors over your eyes and wear these gloves" he said to Brian. "Farah, can I tell you something in private since you have in your hand" Vices said. "OK" Farah said and walked towards the back. "The two people Amanda and Dimitri Smirnoff are from 2169 like us. They must be the few civilians that had traveled to this time."

"There no trouble to us, are they?" Farah said. "No, they're good people, must running away from the chaos of 2169 to 2009 and they built this center with money they made renovating this place." "Damn, girl, you should try this out" Brian said as he entered the computer generated world he imagined being on the country side with green pastures. They watched him on the huge computer screen in reality, but he changed it to being in the city, playing basketball at a court. "Hello Amanda Smirnoff." a voice said in her earpiece.

The deep voice was Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart watching at far away location like in an vacated building on a large screen TV.
"So he's in the virtual universe?" he said to her. "Yes, Mr. Stone heart. But why you want to hurt him so much?" Amanda said. "He's a thorn in my side and must be dealt with, also his partner Farah Ramirez" he replied. "I helped save you from the destruction back in 2169, you two would of been dead already".

"Very well, what you want us to do?" Amanda said. Brian was showing some of his moves on the court when the scenery changed to a pitch black and a creature human size in a neon color appeared and attacked him. Brian responded with a blue PLLT blasts at it but it past right through it and split itself into two, making double trouble for him. "Oh damn, that isn’t good" he said and the monsters disappeared, only to appear from behind and hit him. "Get him out of there, stop the program" Farah said. "I sense an evil presence far away that's behind this" Vices said.

"It's Stone heart, he's somewhere in the city watching us via camera." "Aw, VICES nice to hear from you again" Stone heart said. "See the demise of Brian Ferguson at the hands of those two." "What's going on here, huh" Dimitri said. "I thought we had deal, not to hurt no one." "Shut up, you fool! he said. "I want to savour this". "Give me one of those VR gadgets, I'm going in there to help him" Farah said.

"You have 5 minutes to get in there and save him or else you two will be trapped in there forever " Dimitri said. With that, Farah had her VR equipment on and gone in the computer world. "Hey, Bri, I'm here" she said. "Good to see you, girl" he said. "Now let's kick some monster butts" and they shot PLLT laser blasts. "Hold up, these things grows stronger when we fire at them." "Hey you two, try to get it near mirror panels and shoot red blasts at it. It will blow it apart" Vices said.

"Good idea" Farah said and let it to the mirror panels riding cycles they thought up and let them to the mirrors up ahead, then fire at the mirrors, having the shot reflected of the mirror and onto the beast, blowing it up. "No, NO!" Stone heart said. "Almost had them, I'll be back another day." he vowed. "We'll be waiting you bastard" Farah said. "Well what a virtual trip we had" Brian said. "Like back in 2169 when 3D universe is fully advanced".

"Can we go back to finding fugitives that are hiding this time?" Vices demanded. "Sure, after we take a shower and a good's night sleep, don't know about you VICES, you're a computer". "Indeed, I am Captain" she said as they walked in the sunset of Seattle towards Starbucks.

All over America, Brian and Farah worked hard to nab fugitives from the future hiding in past and sent back to 2169. Up to 10 they apprehended. One day at the Serene city P.D., a call of illegal drugs being shipped to Vancouver, Canada.

Again they caught the next flight out to Vancouver to find the man Johnny Long-knife who was responsible and for others in 2169. "Again were in Canada, just love this country" Farah said. "Well girl, this country is beautiful and clean" Brian replied. "Back to finding the fugitive at hand" Vices said. "Johnny Long-knife has been doing some cyber drug smuggling back in 2160’s in Vancouver Megaplex".

"Hey, is that where Heather is from?" he asked. "Of course this place is her birthplace" Farah said. "In 2169, it's like China North because of large Asian population". "Johnny is hiding out in Vancouver's East side in an abandoned warehouse" VICES said. "Let's go" Brian said and went on their way.

"Hey boys, look at this, crystal meth hidden in the hockey pucks" Johnny said. "That's a good idea, boss. Shipping the drugs from the States unnoticed by the border patrol, thinking that they're for the hockey teams in this country" the thug said. "This is a perfect crime". "Hey, Johnny, that's not good" Brian said. "Selling drugs to teens is a no-no you scum" Farah said. "Who are you two, eh" Johnny said.

"Captain Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez from 2169" he said. "What this guy smoking?" the thug said. "You Johnny had escaped justice in 2169 and you're going back" Farah said. "Let's dance, sister, with some knives!" the thug said and threw them at her, but she dodged. "That's no way to treat a lady, fool" Brian said and stun him with a blue laser blast.

"Oh Damn, he shot a laser blast at him like those guys on Star Trek" another guy said. "Get them!" Johnny said and fighting broke out with them winning. "Hey Johnny, your guys are good pushovers. What a good workout." Farah said. "Adios" Brian said and zapped him with a red blast so VICES can transport him back to 2169. "That was easy" VICES said. "But I sense the life reading of Heather Wassermann, not the deceased one from our time, but her great grandmother who is 22 in this time."

"Is she in danger?" Brian said. "No real threat has come to her ever, but she's a news reporter for North Vancouver news." Let's watch over her" they said. "She can't see you two because it might affect her future" Vices said. "Nonsense Vices, I'm just saying hello." Brian said. "Very well" she said. "She lives at 76 SW St." Vices said. "Let's going" Farah and went to her address.

The lovely blond with her shoulder length hair and blue eyes greeted them and invented them in. "Do I know you two or will my granddaughter meet in like 160 years from now?" "Ah, maybe" they replied. "Are you two more than friends?" Heather said. "Well, only God knows the answer to that" Brian said. A roaring motorcycle sound was outside the door and honking. "Hey Heath, is your guy Bill Knox came to pick you up" he said.

"Let's go to studio, you have a show to do". "Hey Brian and Farah, this is Bill Knox" she said. "We both met in the studio, he's the producer of my Good Morning Heather show". "He's your man?" they said. "These guys can come along with us to see a taping" Bill said. "Sure" Brian said. "You're a like a superstar" Farah said.

"I would to like to interview you both if it's OK with you" Heather said. "I'm all game for it, Heath" Brian said. "Don't ya, Farah?" he persuaded. "What the heck? You got to live once" she said and they all proceeded to her studio in the downtown core.

"Remember both of you watch her" VICES whispered. "Yeah, yeah, Vices. Look, nothing bad is going to happen to her" Brian said until down the street, the same thugs that Brian and Farah ass kicked stand in their way. "Yo, Bro you, sweetheart and your friends are due for a beat-down payback by us" the thug said. "Bill get you and Heather outta here, now!" Brian commanded.

"We'll take these hoods here". "Right away, Brian, good luck to you both." he said and both of them drove off to the TV studios. "Hey, raven sweetheart, we should go out sometime, but you're a cop." "Well, I don't date thugs like you." Farah said. "Let's mess these two up" the thug said and charged forward, not until both used their super speed and right hooked, kicked them down.

"I got her, Slick" he said. "Oh no you don't you asshole" Farah said and stomped on his foot, kicked him in his groin, followed by a punch in the face. "I'll get you" the 2nd thug said attacking with a knife at Brian. "Wow, bro, you can poke an eye out with that thing" Brian said and right hook him falling to the ground.

"Forget this, let's shoot 'em" the thug said and broke out the guns firing at them, but they dodge them. "WTF?" Slick said. "Say night, night" Farah said and both zapped him with a blue PLLT blast and they fell to the floor stunned leaving them for the cops to deal with. "Good work you two" Vices said. "You two have an interview to do". "Right on" Brian said and headed to the studios downtown. "Good morning Vancouver, this is your host Heather Wassermann" she said.

"We have guests here, Capt. Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez from America visiting us." "So you are like adventurous U.S. Marshals, I hear?" "Yes, like that" Brian said. "Rumors are two are an item. Is it true?" she wondered. "No, we're not an item" Farah said. "We just like working together all the time" Brian replied. "There you have it, folks.

They're not an item" Heather said. "That's it for our show, until next time" and the camera went off. "Where did run off to?" she said, just wanting to thank them minutes later. "Our mission isn't over yet" Vices said. "We have more fugitives to pursue and bring back to 2169 to face justice." "But they introduce a lot of 22nd century weapons to the cons here" Farah said. "We'll get 'em, Farah" Brian said. "Also that bastard Stone heart, he'll pay for his wrongdoing." "Take a chill pill, Bri. We'll get him" Farah said.

Beverly Hills, California: The Socialite Driving into L.A., Brian and Farah were to watch over a socialite in an upscale Bel-Air home in Beverly Hills. Her name was Kathryn Wright, a blond bombshell and spoiled one. "Look at these bracelets, necklaces and clothing girls" She said. "Thank God I came from rich and prosperous parents". "So you're gonna max out your dad's credit card in Beverly Hills?" one of her friends said. "For sure, where you born yesterday?" Kathryn said.

"Let's hit Beverly Hills!" she said and they drove off to the Zak's Jewelry on Santa Monica to shop for good necklaces. That's when two hooded armed robbers hit the store. "Give me your loot!" the robber demanded. "You ladies shut up over there!" 2nd robber said.

Secretly one of the other girls call 911 on her cell, until when Brian and Farah arrived at the scene. "Hey boy, you come up in here try to steal jewelry or bling-bling as they call it" Brian said. "You two are going down" Farah said. "Everyone leave the store now!" she said. The hostages ran out of the store, including Kathryn and her friends.

"So you come to play, huh?" the robber said. "Well let's dance" the 2nd robber said and both charged at them. Brian and Farah cleaned house by deliver a lot of whoop ass on them and they fell to the floor. "Good job you two" VICES said, until one of the robbers staggered up, reaching for his gun. "Brian look out" Farah said.

He then zapped the robber with a blue PLLT blast from his car alarm. "Like, totally awesome" Kathryn said, watching the whole action from a broken window. "You girls were watching all this time?" Farah said. "You two have advanced weapons that shoot out laser beams, and that guy went down" she said. "Oh boy, here we go again" Brian said. "It's best you tell them the truth, you two" Vices said.

"We're from the year 2169, on a mission to catch and apprehend convicts from our time, running loose in the past." Brian said. "And we have one more surprise" Farah said. "Vices, visualize" she commanded. "Hello, ladies, I'm Vices (Virtual Image Computer Excellent Searcher). I aid these two in finding the fugitives that hiding here." "That's terrific!" one of her friends said. "So you're like, Time Cops?" Kathryn said. "Yeah" they said.

"We'll pay for the damages to this jewellery store" Brian said. "No prob, Brian" she said. "My dad will cover the damages, he's out of town in NYC". "May I suggest we all get outta here before the actual police come by?" Vices said. "After we tied 'em up and bow tie 'em for them" Farah joked. They all went into the rented SUV and drove off to their Bel-air mansion in the suburbs. "Bye ladies" Brian said. "Should we watch over them?" Farah said.

"We will secretly" he said. That's when a flying camera orb was watching the action. "There you are Kathryn, you and your friends will dealt with soon, by my hands" the fugitive named Paul Corruption watching in his secret hideout. At their hotel, Vices deliver some bad news. "The two armed suspects, a man, a fugitive named Paul Corruption from the future "He was charged for kidnapping a powerful Senator in 2152 for ransom, SWAT team got him, but he escaped justice."

"So Kathryn's great grandson will became a very powerful senator in the future and influential in a positive way" Farah said. "That's why we must protect her at all costs" Brian said. Kathryn and her girlfriends were strolling along Santa Monica Blvd. when an unmarked van stopped and the hooded passengers took them all hostage. In an abandoned run down building in the outskirts, Corruption had them hostage.

"You young Kathryn Wright will have a great-great grandson who will become a powerful man in 160 years from now. "What you're talking about? My dad or my heroes Brian and Farah will come save us" she said. "I would to see that" he said. "Ice 'em" he ordered and brought out their guns to shoot, until a sound of an motorcycle had erupted. "You're having a big party not inviting us, eh?" Brian said. "Hey ladies, I'll cut you free" Farah said, turning her PLLT blast into an cutting laser.

"Get out of here, now" Brian said. "Sure" they all said and ran out, but not too far, they want to see the action. "So you two come to take me back" Corruption said. "Yup" he said. "Not before I bring out the big guns" he said and shot an energy rock cannon at them. They dodged every shot and the way was clear, a red laser blast was shot and with the help of Vices, he was transported back to 2169. "That was kewl," Kathryn said.

"Thanks" they said. "Should y'all be going home now?" Brian said. "Thanks for saving us" she said and planted a kiss on his right cheek. "Don't blush, Romeo" Farah joked. "Should we chaperone you guys home?" she asked. "Why not, let's go" she said and guide them home. From then on, Brian and Farah said good bye and rode off in the sunset on their next mission. "When will be done our mission?" Brian said. "One day, Captain Ferguson, one day when we catch and apprehend fugitives hiding in this time, back to our own" Vices said. "I just love this time 2009" Farah said.

New Mexico: The quick hand of Brian

Arriving in the New Mexico desert need to rest an inn from driving around the country. "Look at this wonderful plain you two" Brian said. "What's their to see, boy?" Vices said. "Just a desert full of nothing, just sand and cactus plants" Farah said. "According to my data banks, the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas were ceded to Mexico in 2074 by the U.S. when Mexico won the U.S.- Mexico war of 2067-70" Vices said. "Yeah, yeah." Brian said.

"Don't y'all see beauty in this plain? The wild west was born here with cowboys and sheriffs keeping the law I read so much about". That's when they saw a hitchhiker on the road wanting a ride into town. "Thanks for the pick up, you two" the long haired guy said. "No problem, what's your name?" Farah. "Buck Philips" he said. "I'm Brian Ferguson and this is Farah Ramirez" he said.

"Well you two, get out of the car now" he demanded, pointing a gun at Brian. "Maybe me and this little lady here can keep me company" he said. "Get a life" Farah said and both tried to escape with Brian try to seize the gun from Buck, but he was no match for his strength and got thrown out the car with Farah being held hostage and drove away, not until she secretly activated the G.P.S. on her mobile for Brian to follow.

Stranded in the desert, Brian was looking for Vices, his super computer which he dropped in the fight. "VICES, VICES, where you?" he yelled, staggering in the hot humid sun. "I'm right here Capt., but I'm surrounded by a cold blooded reptile with a rattling sound" she said. "It's a rattlesnake" Brian said. "Don't worry, I got this" he said. "Hey snake face, come to daddy" he said, being calm and patient when he picked the snake up by its throat and threw it far away. "Whew, what a close one thanks, Capt." Vices said.

"No, prob, VICES" he said. "I'm picking up the G.P.S. signal Ramirez left on her mobile phone for us to follow" she said. "Then let's go" he said. "Not so fast, partner" the voice said and then a cowboy man appeared a long haired white man named Quick Hand Murphy with a black hat on his head. "Hello, young man" he said "And you may be?" "Brian Ferguson, a U.S. Marshal.

My partner Farah Ramirez was kidnapped by some man named Buck Philips in our car." he said. "Hmm, Buck Philips, that's one bad outlaw. Burned down a house in these parts, went to jail and got out". Murphy said. "I'm an hero in these parts, son" he said. "Live by the code of west, want to learn to be a cowboy upholding justice?" "Sure, sure, been my life dream being an cowboy" he said. Brian went to learning how to fire a bullet gun from a distance, horse riding, and lasso rope throwing. "How did I do?" he asked.

"Perfect Brian, or I say, Sheriff Brian Ferguson" he said. "Here's your honorary sheriff's hat and badge" which he placed on his red shift at his left side. "Your female companion is at the salon in Tuse" he said. "Let's rescue her" he said on his horse. "Let's ride, giddy up" Murphy said. "Capt. this Murphy man is from 2169" Vices said. "How you know that?" Brian replied. "Because I scan his personal data and discovered he's from the future". "Murphy, are you from 2169" Brian said.

"Yes, I am" he said. "This time is better than 2169, back there in Serene city, the city is plunged into chaos and destruction. The law is corrupt and the rebels from Lower Serene took the city in their hands". "I was one of the few civilians that wanted to escape the destruction, I was one of Dr. Stone heart's test subjects" Not a bad story" Brian said as they sit in an open campfire.

"We'll save your friend at dawn" he said. "Let's rest up 'til tomorrow morning" he said and slept around the campfire under the night sky. "So you're one of the good guys?" Brian said, as they rode towards Tuse. "Yup, I'm one of the good guys" Murphy said. "Here's the place, Tuse Salon Inn". They walked into the inn and noticed that they weren't there after they ask the owner. "Capt., they're outside" Vices said, and they ran out the place seeing them. "Brian, help!" Farah shouted.

"Hey keep quiet, you little lily flower" Buck said. "Hey buddy, learn how to treat a lady right" she said, stomping on his right foot so she can escape. "OK Buck Philips, you’re one bad outlaw in these parts. Your bad boy days are over" he said. "Hey old man, draw your gun" Buck said. "OK" Murphy said and fired the first shot and missed. Brian and Farah were watching on the sidelines cheering Quick Draw on. "Is that your best shot?" Buck said.

"Here's mine" he said and shot several times at him, but he dodged until one bullet hit his stomach and bled out. Buck had escaped during this. "Murphy hold on man, let's bring you back to 2169, we'll have a medical team waiting for you." Brian said. "No, I want to die here in this time" Murphy said. "Remember you two, uphold the law always so the world can be a better place, whether here or 2169" he said.

They pursued Buck into the forest first. "So you two come back for more?" Buck said. "Then draw!" aiming his gun at them. "Farah, I got this fool" Brian said. "That's kind of ya, making a woman watch you die, us going man to man" he said. "But, pal, I got something better" Brian said and took out his PLLT and stun him with a blue blast, dropping to the ground.

"Good job, Brian" Farah said. "Let's go bury Mr. Murphy, you two" Vices said. In a desert plain, they both buried the dead body of Quick Draw Murphy. "He was a good guy, died trying to save us" Brian said. "Being a cowboy or cowgirl has its sacrifices like saving others from, just as we cops experience on a daily basis" Farah said. "I need some grub, starving from all that sheriff work" Brian said. "There is restaurant serving prime rib steaks 20 miles from here" Vices said. "Lets vamoose" he said and they drove off in their vehicle.

Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN: Young and gifted An 12 year old kid named Jamal Radcliff had excelled in middle school academics, sports like baseball and running. But the boy's father Ron Radcliff is another story. Both are from 2169, which explains for Jamal's increased intellect because he can predict the answers for the test on any subject, can run faster than his classmates of past, can see a far distance that them and good memory of things. His dad unfortunately, is petty thief.

He robbed a bank in 2152 in Boston and killed a security guard with a machine laser rifle, blowing him up. Ron was watching his son play baseball against St. Paul Devils. He was up to bat against the pitcher and used his intellect to know how and hard high to hit, also make a good home run. As the ball was thrown to his direction, he gave a swing at it and it gone up, up and away past the catchers to the field. "Run, boy, run" the father yelled.

Jamal ran the bases and running home, winning for him for his team, Spitfires. His team-mates congratulated him by hosting him up in air. Even the coach was surprised and applauded him, even the visiting team. "Good job, team" the coach said. "We Spitfires are improving at home with 4-2. Let's celebrate on me at my favourite restaurant.

" Meanwhile, Brian and Farah were riding through on a mission to catch cons. "Who are we looking for now, VICES" Brian said. "The fugitive name is Ron Radcliff. He was convicted for robbery and a death of security guard in Boston 2152. He escaped from prison and now in this time" Vices said. "But he has a child, a boy name Jamal Radcliff 12 years of age, in grade 7, but he has a gift". "What's that?" Farah asked.

"He's a super genius academically and athletically. He's a straight A student in every subject, can run faster that any sprinter of this time and can see from a far distance." "Wow, that's a kid of the early 22nd century" Brian said. "Where does he go to school?" Farah said. "Highlands Middle school" Vices said. "It's imperative you two watch him, the boy's father is an abusive man.

He used to beat his wife in 2154 for disobeying him." At the house of Ron, Jamal had come home from dinner with his friends guiding him, saying goodbye. "Boy, you're late" the father said. "You were supposed come at 4". "Dad, I wanted to hang at park with my friends" Jamal said. "Come here boy, we need to talk" Ron said and was about to beat him.

” No Dad, don't, I'll be good" he pleaded. The very next day at Highlands Middle School, when the kids were dismissed, Brian and Farah stood watch to see him. "Hey kid, are you Jamal Radcliff?" Brian said. "Yes I am. Who are you two?" he said. "I'm Brian Ferguson and this Farah Ramirez". "We know your dad Ron Radcliff very well" Farah said.

"Where" he said. "From somewhere far" she replied. "We're like your big brother and sister" Brian said. "Let's meet your dad" and they drove him to meet his father. "So who are you two?" Ron said. "Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez. We're both um..." "Tutors" Farah said. "We heard he's gifted in academics and sports, just want to witness his gift up close."

"OK, good bye now" he said. "Both of you he's the one we're looking for" Vices said. "Let's watch him" Brian said. "If they leave the house we follow them". The following night Ron and his boy Jamal drove around town until they saw a closed bank. "Stay here, boy" the father. "Some business to take of" and got out, walking towards the front of the bank and using is laser pick to blast the knob open, he got in. Not until Ron saw what he was doing. "Dad what you're doing?"

"I'm helping us to get by" he said. "Making some dough after I take care of the security cameras by blasting them down" he said and went towards the bank vault, not until Brian and Farah. "This not the way to go, Ron" Brian said. "Aw, it's Brian and Farah Ramirez" he said, held and took the boy hostage. "We be on our way" he said and walk out of the bank towards the park. "We know you're both from 2169" Farah said.

"Let the boy go and surrender". "Not until you say please, Ms. Ramirez" he said. "Please let him go" she said and pushed him away. "Farah get him somewhere safe" Brian said. "So Brian Ferguson, a cop from future, huh? “he said. "When I'm done with ya, you won't make it back in one piece".

He then started to fire his laser at him, but Brian dodged behind trees, avoiding his fire. "You give up, Ferguson?" he said as he approached him. "I have to do something first" he said placing VICES, the disguised credit card in front of him. "What is this?" he said and fired at him, not knowing that the shot reflected off the card and at him, blasting him to pieces.

"Where is my dad?" Jamal said as they came back from hiding. "To down below, which is not a good place" he replied. "So everything now resolved?" Farah said. "Yes, let's all go home" Brian said and departed. The next day, Ron asked them about the future. "What 2169 like? Does it have You tube, Face book, and Twitter?" he asked. "Those things are ancient" Brian said.

"What about junk food, MMA and wrestling?" he said. "Junk food and wrestling were outlawed in 2100's" Farah said. "The world in chaos because of the underground rebels destroying Serene City". "About your weapons the PLLT, are they deadly?" he asked. "No way, just the blue pellet stuns a target for 30 minutes and the red one traps the target in a powerful force field until when my computer which is VICES transports them back to the future" Brian said.

"So cool, I would like to visit 2169 one day" he said. Brian and Farah both rode off in the sunset, when Vices has good news. "Ron's mother is alive and well in 2159, a healthy 37 years of age" she said. "That's good news" Farah said and rode off on their motorcycle.

New York City, NY: Siren's call

A female fugitive goes by the name of Siren, a.k.a. Natalie Cicerone had tried to break into Kay Jewelry Store on 5th Avenue in the Manhattan area at night. A security guard saw her and tried to stop her, but she had portable hypnotic audio wave device that hypnotizes men in a siren's voice.

Once the guard was under her trance, she ordered him to shut down the security cameras and open the safe for her. Not until she walked off with $100,000 worth of jewelry and cash in bags. "Thanks, Mr. Security guard" she said and left. The next day police and TV reporters were outside the store, talking to night security guard. "I don't remember a thing at all" he said.

That's when Brian and Farah were present. "Looks like Christmas came early" Brian said. "More like a clean sweep" Farah said. "This suspect definitely cleaned house here, walking off with $100,000 worth of jewellery and cash". "The Security guard Paul said she used some hypnotic machine on him being under the suspect's will" Sgt. O'Malley said.

"The suspect was female wearing special shades so she won't get blinded". "May we go inside by ourselves?" Brian said. "Sure go ahead, man." O'Malley said. As Brian and Farah walked into the jeweler store, they discovered it was a clean robbery with no broken glass anywhere, except for an open cash register and safe in the back.

"OK Vices, do your thing" Farah said. "Accessing the security camera footage of the female suspect, uploading the image for you two to see" Vices said. "There the suspect's name is Siren, former name Natalie Cicerone. She used an portable hypnotic sound wave machine that only men are immune to. She went into psychics lab in 2169 and stole parts, making the male scientists build the device by hypnotizing them".

"There's a story about a siren who led male sailors out to sea to certain doom" Brian said. "Yes, Capt. Be careful of the deadly siren's song. She can get you too." Vices said. Meanwhile at Siren's counselling business in the city, she was busy with clients until Brian decided to see her to if she was the suspect they were looking for. "Hello, and you may be?” she said.

"Brian Ferguson, come to seek advice in my problems in love" he said. “Come right in Brian and make yourself comfortable” she said. “Let’s start the session with some hypnosis” and wave a locket at his face, with his eyes following it. “You’re getting sleepy” she said and Brian started to fall asleep. Then Siren went into his pockets, seeing his wallet and finding out he’s a cop by his badge.

“Excellent, he can be useful to me in some crime sprees” she said. “When I snap my fingers you will be under my command” she said and snap her fingers, waking him up. “What happened, am I America’s #1 Bachelor?” he joked. “No silly, I just need you to do a task for me” she said, also discovering his credit card disguised computer. “Where are you from or what time period?” she asked.

“From the year 2169, come back to 2009 to catch fugitives from the future and bring them back. I have a one female partner named Detective Farah Ramirez who aids me.” “How interesting, she’s going to be a problem to us” Siren said. “Let’s get rid of her”. “No problem Siren” he said and both were off to get Farah. Not until VICES had warned her about the Siren the convict they’re looking for and that she had Brian under her control.

“Detective Ramirez, we found our missing fugitive” she said. “Her name is Natalie Cicerone better known as the Siren. She has got Capt. Ferguson under her clutches. They’re coming to murder you.” “Thanks for the warning, VICES” she said. “Let’s go towards Carnegie Hall” Siren said to Brian, holding the portable sound wave machine which is controlling him.

“Detective Ramirez, Siren and Brian are heading towards Carnegie Hall” she said. “I’m on the way” she said. “Stop this bitch and sent her back to the future” Farah said. Outside Carnegie Hall, Brian and Siren arrived at the entrance, murdered the security guard as they went in. Farah was not far behind and she walked in the building towards the stage, the lights went off automatically and the spotlight shined on the stage and on her.

She walked on the stage and both appeared when all the lights came on. “Welcome Farah or Detective, Ramirez” Siren greeted. “Drop the act Siren or Natalie. I know you’re from the future” she said. “You’re responsible for the murder one security guard in a laboratory in 2169”. “Why yes, he was useful to me in helping steal parts for hypnotic sound wave device” she said.

“So I know you had a troubled love life in the future, but you can’t force men to love you” Farah said. “Enough of this argument!” she said. “Brian, my love, kill her for me”. “Right away, Siren” Brian said and pointed the firearm and shot at her. She ducked for cover. “I got no choice but to stun you, partner” she said and fire her PLLT weapon at him, but he dodges it.

“Capt. Ferguson, this is senseless fighting, you two are friends” VICES said. “Come on Bri, fight the Siren’s control over you” Farah said. “So damn confused, don’t know who to obey” Brian said. “I’m the good one around here. She’s standing in our way” Siren said. “Finish her” pointing the gun on him. “Wait a minute, love isn’t just romantic, but also about friendship.” Brian said, dropping the gun and charging at hypnotic device and smashed it, freeing himself from her control.

“No, no, my lovely device, now you two will pay.” Siren demanded. “Say cheese and hello to jail in 2169” Farah said and zap her with a red blast, and with VICES help send her to the future. “That’s was good girl, you’ve saved me thanks” Brian said. Not until Farah had one vision about the tragedy of 9/11, in which both were transported to September 11, 2001 when the twin world trade towers were destroyed by out of control planes. “Oh damn, look at those towers go down” Brian said.

“Yes this was a bad time in the early 21st century” VICES said. “About over a thousand lives lost in the building and on those airplanes. We should be fortunate that people who had experience this and survive to tell future generations about it”. “And to get those terrorists that are responsible for this destruction on past America” Farah said. “What are you two standing there for?

Run for cover!” one man said running from the chaos and then both woke up back 8 years later in 2009. “We’re not home yet, are we?” Brian said. “No Capt, still in 2009, the early 21st century.” “Let’s get out of here, need a shower after this” Farah said and both walked out of the building, to their car, driving towards Philadelphia, their temporary home.

Power of the FARC:

Medellin, Colombia: A deadly fugitive from the future named Hernando Alvarez, or better known as the Executioner has been part of the rebel group known as FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) in Spanish. The Executioner has one futuristic weapon, a laser beam that shoots a deadly beam at the target. He used on one victim who tried to defy him by not surrendering and the beam went though his skull and melted his brain inside, killing him.

“Come on boys, let’s take this old coot’s stuff” he said and they help themselves to his possessions and left to the countryside. “No one can’t stop us. Viva Los FARC!” Hernando said driving in the heavily armed truck. Not when a hidden car bomb under one police squad car blew up 2 cops inside to death. “If any of you muchahos in blue follow us, you’ll share the same fate as your comrades” he said in Spanish.

In the Colombian countryside where the FARC hung out, the soldiers had lot of guns weapons 21st and 22nd thanks to the Executioner, also cocaine. “This cocaine is very strong, man” one soldier said. “This cocaine is last kind from my time” Executioner said. “Colombia in the 22nd century is too peaceful, the blasted government put all rebel guerrillas underground for eternity and destroyed all drugs. Not until I escaped, cause death to those who opposed me.” he said.

“Yeah, yeah, you been smoking too much” one soldier said laughing. “Believe what you want, no one can stop me” Hernando said. In Philly, when Brian and Farah were getting some shut eye, VICES alerted them of a wanted con from the future named Hernando Alvarez, better known as the Executioner.

“We have to go to Colombia right away to catch him and sent him back to 2169. He’s part of the rebel group known as FARC guerrilla group, one of the deadliest in that semi-corrupt nation. “Damn VICES, why does it has to be Colombia? Some areas of the country are dangerous” Brian said. “Colombia used to be developed peaceful nation in 2159” Farah said.

“In the past it’s drug producing nation”. “Yes detective Ramirez, but it’s the bad element giving that nation a bad name” VICES said. “So you two with me or not?” she asked. “Yes we are” they said and headed to the airport, got on the plane bound for Medellin, not knowing of the dangers there. On the plane, Brian went to the washroom and VICES had appeared by his command. “Executioner committed several deaths of 2 police officers, civilians and hostages in 2153, execution style, with the murders unsolved” she said.

“The FARC was no more in the future, so our con had gone back to revive it and give them some future firepower” Brian said. “Ladies and gentlemen, we’ll be arriving at Medellin International Airport in 10 minutes.” the pilot said, and with seat belts they landed in Medellin.

“This isn’t a bad country at all” Brian said. “Yeah and humid too” Farah said. “Taxi!” 25 “Take us to the nearest hotel” she said in Spanish to the cabbie. At the hotel, both watching the news about the explosion downtown of the cop car leaving two dead. So both had proceeded to the disaster area in the city. There were a few cops and onlookers at the scene.

“We’re cops” Brian said, showing their badges. “Can we see the accident and what cause the bomb to go off?”. The cops let both of them through and they checked the exploding debris and dead bodies. “What you make of this, girl?” he said to Farah. “The suspects planted the car bomb well beneath the vehicle.

The explosion happened when the cops turned on the engine and causing the bomb to detonate, blowing them to kingdom come” Farah said. “By looking at the ID and information of the two, they have a common link” Brian said. “Take a look at this address. It’s at Nishta Nightclub, ” he said. “Hey, you guys know this place?” Farah said to the onlookers in Spanish. “Just down 5 blocks from here” one man said. “You want us to come with you?” the other cops said.

“No let us handle this one here” Brian said, and with they proceeded by car to the place. “Alma nightclub” he said in the car. “Must a be good place with good looking ladies there”. “Brian Ferguson, we have important matters on our hands” VICES reminded him. “Like getting the Executioner before he murders again.” “Right, right” he said as they both approached the nightclub at sunset.

“Whoa, look at this place, drug lord and hooker heaven” Farah said as they arrived in. “Hola, welcome to Alma” the attractive female bartender said. “Habla Ingles?” Brian said in Spanish. “Yes, I speak English. What can I get you two?” “How about one margarita on ice?” Brian said. “Remember we have important matters to take care of?” Farah reminded Brian. “Do you know of this man, called himself the Executioner, a member of FARC” as he showed the picture of him to the bartender. “Hernando, yes I know him” she said in accented English.

“He once was a good customer here, friendly and social.” One of the male customers wearing a hat heard that name and called him. “Hernando, there are 2 nosy cops looking for you” he said. “They’re named Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez”. “Hmm.. Heard of those names before. Rough them up a little and dispose of them” he said. “No problem, boss.” and the guys and his pals took out their guns and fire at them.

“Oh damn, it, everyone evacuate the premises!” he ordered and the other customers fled the scene. That’s when both Brian and Farah kicked the thugs asses. Punches and kicks were delivered like crazy. “That’s what you get fool,” Brian said. One thug had a machete from behind him ready to strike. “Brian, look out behind you” Farah said and she stun him with a PLLT blast, falling to the floor. “Thanks” he said. “No problem, partner” she replied.

“What was that blue flash?” the bartender said. “Ah well, it’s a long story” Brian said. “By the way, I’m Nina Morales, and you are?” she said. “Brian Ferguson Capt., and this is Detective Farah Ramirez” he said. 26 “Now my man, where’s your boss hiding out?” he said to the thug who gained consciousness. “In an vacant warehouse in the suburbs” he said in English.

“What should do with him?” Farah said. They tied him and the other thugs up to chairs for the other cops to take them in. “Wait” Nina said. “I may know the area better that you two” she said. “Alright, come on” Brian said and all departed to the area. “So you two are from where?” Nina said. “2169, the future, we’re sent back to this time period to catch cons from our time” Farah explained to her. “So like, Time police, huh?” she replied.

“Yup, like that, we can’t go back until we get all 200 of ‘em” Brian said. As they approached the warehouse, the outside was heavily guarded by FARC soldiers who we’re armed. “Stay here” they said to Nina and she stayed in the car, but not for long. “Hey big tall and handsome” Farah said in Spanish to them. “I lost my way around here and was hoping to get help”.

“Get lost senorita,” the soldier said. “Hold on, why don’t you get on your knees and attend to our sausages?” they joked. “Hey yo, take a nap” Brian said and stun him with a laser blast. “WTF?” the other soldier said, not knowing Farah took his gun from him when distracted. “Now move!” she ordered, holding the gun behind his back, leading them to his boss Hernando. Salsa music was playing in the background when they noticed that one of their own was caught by them.

“What the hell?” he said. “Hey Hernando” Brian said in Spanish. “Long time, no see Capt. Brian Ferguson and Detective Farah Ramirez” he said. “So you two gringos come to take me back?” “You’re dangerous criminal Executioner. Kidnapping a few hostages and assassinating them in 2169” Brian said. “And selling super deadly cocaine pills as well” Farah added. “Hey boys, let’s kill both them” he said and they all fired their guns at them. Both dodging the fire and stunning them with laser blasts.

“Forget this, I’ll use my bare hands and dispose of you” he said in English and charged at Brian. He traded punches and kicks at Hernando, went down for the count, bleeding on his face. “Just shoot me” he said. “No you’re not worth killing here, time to send you back to 2169 to stand trial for your crimes” Brian said and zapped him with a red blast, “VICES, get ready to transport him back.”

“Right on it, Captain” she said and transported him back. “That was amazing, muy bueno” Nina said witnessing. “Well, let’s get out of here, let the other cops clean up this mess” Farah said and all proceeded out of the building. “Why don’t we celebrate our victory?” Brian said. “At Alma with a salsa dance lesson from the lovely Nina Morales here?”

“Of course, you two got some rhythm?” she said. “Of course, rhythm my middle name” he joked and all three rode in the Colombian sunset. “When will I get my credit card disguised computer?” Farah said to Brian. “Maybe one day Ramirez” VICES said to her. 27 “Having two data resource seekers can be good to you two, will tell Wiseman about it on the com link in 2169”and both of them departed on plane back to America for their next assignment.

Pearl Harbor Experience

Honolulu, HI, 2009: Brian and Farah travelled to Hawaii to nab one con named Jake Watts or well known as “Numbers”. One night he planned to rob one bank. So he proceeded to Citibank in downtown Honolulu, shot the night security guard, sniper style with a rifle, broke into the bank and went directly to the safe. He envisioned the safe combination numbers in his mind, “17,32,49” he thought.

“There’s the green, easy pickings”. “Boy, you’re cleaning house, or bank?” Brian said. “Looks like both” Farah added. “Who are you guys?” he said. “We’re law enforcement from 2169, you my man Numbers, are wanted back there and we come to take you back” Farah said. “Well, fat chance, I like here” Numbers said and fire his super gun at them. “Duck!” Brian said.

“This photon cannon can destroy any object to bits, like you two” Numbers said. “Hey big boy, have a nice trip back” Farah said as she zapped him with a red PLLT blast. “VICES, your up”. “Right away, Ramirez, locking on coordinates, and there” she said, teleporting the con back to 2169.

“That was too easy” Brian said. “Yeah, it’s like he wanted us to win” Farah replied and both left the bank. On the 6 am morning news, reporters were talking about the robbery last night and the suspect vanished, but one note was left there saying the suspect was in custody elsewhere and the money returned. Also they reported that famous millionaire Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart is building a virtual reality test lab near Pearl Harbor that was part of World War II in the past.

“Stone heart, that’s the guy we must get. That VR lab looks suspicious, gotta check it out” Brian said. “Yeah it’s true, a Stone heart founded operation” Farah said as she researched on the internet at their hotel. “Whatever project he plans to do, isn’t good at all.” So they went to his VR computer lab in Pearl Harbour. “Philadelphia P.D. come to check out the place” Brian said as they flashed their badges at the security guard and let them through.

“What a place, high tech, employees here are paid greatly by him” Farah said. “The jerk will soon oversee his franchise” Brian said as they look and move forward to one video simulation area. “Oh look, it’s the nosy detective Farah Ramirez and the Captain Brian Ferguson” Stone heart said as he was watching the security camera from a control deck.

“Well look at this photo, it’s Pearl Harbor when the U.S. naval forces were fighting the Japanese Imperial Army in World war II” Farah said. “Yeah, in video history class” Brian said as both walked in the simulator. “Start the teleportation simulation to 1940” Stone heart commanded. “Right away, sir” the employee said and sent them to Pearl Harbour 1940, when World War was going on. “What’s going on here?” Brian said.

“The virtual simulator is starting up, you two are going to experience a war in America’s history” VICES said, and they were sent to 1940.Pearl Harbour 1940: “Damn, this is 1940 Pearl Harbour in World war II” Brian said. “Let’s take cover, war planes are shooting at each other” Farah said. “Look it’s the U.S. fighter jets against the Japanese fighter jets.” “They’re doing a good job at keeping them back in the air and on land” Brian said.

“Indeed, Capt. The Japanese soldiers took over most of East and Southeast Asia under their grips” VICES said. “Howdy people” one soldier said as he saw them. “This war isn’t for women to participate in” he said to Farah. “Well excuse me sir, we’re not from around here.” “You two don’t look like it” the soldier said. “We’re from the future” Brian said.

“My name is Brian Ferguson and this is Farah Ramirez.” “Sgt. Patterson is my name” he said. “Sgt., the enemy forces are approaching land” one fellow soldier said. “Ok, fellow comrades, we can’t let the Japanese Imperial Army take our great nation under their hands, fall out!” “Is this all for real?” Brian said. “This is a computer generated simulation, Capt.” VICES said.

“They’re all holograms like myself, but look real”. Both sides exchange fire and bombs, until Sgt. Patterson got shot by one J.I.A. soldier. “Patterson are you, OK?” they said. “We’ll win this war, God bless America!” he said and passed on. Not when a bomb near them that was thrown by the soldier was set to detonate in 2 minutes. “Oh damn it, the bomb grenade is set to detonate in 2 mins” Farah said.

“I can try to deactivate it with your help, VICES”. “Put me on the top of the bomb and I’ll deactivate it. There we go, bomb deactivated. Bomb threat stopped.” “Yes, yes, we did it” Brian said and the simulation was over. The doctor escaped the building during the simulation. “Next time, you two won’t be so lucky” Dr. Stone heart said.

“You win for now.” The VR lab was shut down for repairs and renamed the Pearl Harbour VR history lab for viewing computer simulation of World war II. “Well he got away this time” Brian said. “Don’t worry we’ll get him and the other cons in this time period” Farah said.


One night in their 2 bedroom apartment in Philly, Brian started to dream about events.

24 August 2158: “OK Jeremiah, we got our two test subjects here” one scientist said. “Excellent, Brian Ferguson and Ms. Farah Ramirez will be first to have bionic implants in their bodies” Stone heart said. “Start the process” he ordered and they got the parts to put in their bodies by A.I..

Within a few minutes, the process was done. “Excellent, when these two wake from their coma, they will know some differences in their bodies” Stone heart said. “They’re invincible withstanding a hundred gunshots, see far away, run faster,super hearing, live to 150 years old, and jump higher than an average person” he said.

“Bring them outside so they can wake up and be on their way. I’ve got other business to take care of, like my latest project, a time machine” he said. Farah Ramirez was born in Serene city what used to be known as Philadelphia in the past century, a metropolitan area is known in the Near North Side, District 12.

Her mom was an Anglo or Caucasian/White named Natalie Wright and the father was Hispanic named Don Ramirez who was a cop. As a child she had some psychic ability, the main reason why she excelled in her studies, because of her computer named RICKS (Research Information Computer Knowledge Searcher) who appeared as a hologram her parents set.

Farah was home schooled because the cost of outside education was very expensive, and was a gifted athlete like her partner Brian, excelled at virtual archery, gymnastics, soccer, etc.and academically start. She went on intergalactic tours of Mars, the moon and other planets in space in her teen years. She was nicknamed Angel because of her heavenly like nature.

That’s when she predicted her own future career as a detective in law enforcement, so she went to West Point’s law enforcement school to study. But she knew she won’t see her dad ever again. “Don Ramirez, you have something special I need” Dr. Stone heart said, as his associates captured him in a take down and to a disclosed location.

“You leave my daughter and wife alone” he demanded. “Why, Mr. Ramirez, that’s no way to talk to an old friend. I helped your wife hone her telepathic skills” he said. “That’s why I need both of them to help research stuff for my new invention and be alongside me”. “Never!” Don said.

“Fine, dispose of him, men” Stone heart ordered and the associates shot him down. Farah sensing the death of her old man and her mom as well. “Farah, you’re now an adult, we must separate for now so this bad man Jeremiah, don’t get us. “I’m leaving Earth to the newly terra formed Mars to hide out” Natalie said.

“I’m going to West Point to study law enforcement, good luck Mom and hopefully I see you again in my life” Farah said. With that, the two departed ways, being the last time they met. Not knowing that she will meet the cruel scientist in the future with help.

“Wow, what a dream” Brian said, as it was morning. “Farah girl, get up. I had one strange dream, it was home, but in 2168” he said to her. “Yeah Brian I got the same dream, about us, the death of my dad by Stone heart and my mom’s disappearance, also my special ability” Farah said, as her long raven hair was let down. “The truth will be revealed eventually”.

That’s when Brian had a vision of his biological father speaking to him saying, “My son, you’re the hope for the future” he said. “I left you and your mother when you were small with Intergalactic Tours exploring Mars, the Moon, Venus and the solar system. But I was attracted to Mars, the developing and terra formed red planet so I stayed there permanently.”

“Why, Dad you had to leave me as a kid?” he replied. “So you can be responsible at a young age, son” he said. “Sorry to see your mom go and good luck in your law enforcement career as a cop.” That’s when he felt a push and Farah was trying to bring back to reality. “Hey, earth to Brian, hello?” she said. “So, Ferguson, mind to tell us your dream?” VICES asked.

“I seen my long lost father, tall, black male like myself” Brian said. “Let’s see here, surname, Ferguson. One microsecond, oh there, Jeffrey Mikhail Ferguson” VICES said. “Yup, that’s him” Brian said as VICES showed his picture to them. “He’s alive and well in 2169, in his mid 60’s, permanent resident of Mars and the moon colonies which he has free travel to.” she answered. “It’s good your dad is still alive in the future. One day you’ll see him again after we nabbed all the cons in this time” Farah said.

The foreign threat:

Washington, DC:

One intergalactic tourist called an Reigndonian, an alien species which developed in space on Phobos, one of Mars moons. They were created by a man made accident in 2103 when scientists developed human DNA, lizard and mutant genes. The reigndonian was born and been sent out to space, also one escaped in the past, having an human form and skin.

“Hey lady, give up your purse” the hooded robber said to the female victim. “No way!” she said and as the robber dash forward for the purse, the woman fought with the attacker and ran with her purse until when Brian showed up. “Hey boy, why don’t give back that lady the purse?” he demanded. “Come on buddy, show me what you got” the suspect said.

That’s when Brian gave one ass whipping of him in an second and the suspect fled, not when Farah gave him one stun with her PLLT blast and gave the purse back to the woman. “Why, thank you two for giving back my purse to me” the woman said. “No problem” they said and walked off. “I think we make a good team together” Brian said. “Likewise” Farah replied. “There’s some life force, like a person crying for help in a park just down the street.” So they went to the park and one young man was sitting on a tree branch. He was speaking gibberish.

“Hello my man, you’re alright or do you need some assistance?” Brian said. “I speak English and I’m not from here at all” the boy replied. “I’m sensing he not from this time period at all, from the future” Farah said. “Your predictions are right, Ms. Ramirez” VICES said.

“Can you climb down from that branch to the ground?” Farah said to the guy and he climbed down to the ground. “Let me sense his body functions” VICES said. “Wait a minute he may look human on the outside, but he actually a extraterrestrial, alien in other words” she said. “It’s true, I’m a Reigndonian, the good ones” he said. “My human name is Terry, real name Triag 4.” “I thought you Reigndonians were no treats in the future, just a mutant mishap” Brian said.

“Not when some of us escaped the laboratory on Phobos, escaped to Earth, killed several human citizens in their paths.” Terry said. “One of us named Plunder is looking to take over this earth in the past and having as much simple minded humans on his side, not knowing his true intentions.” “Where is he now?” Farah asked.

“We must find him and stop this threat” VICES said. “He must part of some resistance group in the city named Ultimate Rebellion”. In an secret hideout, Plunder with his members was preparing his speech. “Tomorrow morning we take back this great nation. We’ve been neglected by the U.S. government and the world, been treated like outcasts” he said.

“We march towards the White House and announce our causes and some respect. Who’s with me?” “We all are” the members said. “Hail, Mack (Plunder), Plunder, Plunder!” “Humans are just simple minded idiots” he said. “I’ll destroy this planet with my own kind from the future. When the time has come I’ll open the gateway so they can pass through” he said.

“So Plunder, are things going according to plan?” his boss Lord Recon said. “Don’t worry my lord, you should easily pass our spaceship through the portal by tomorrow morning at 12:40 hours” Plunder replied. “See to it that you activate the portal on your end. We’ll take this resource rich planet of the past and destroy it, turning it into a dead world. Recon out.” “Yes, my Lord, bye.”

Plunder said and started to activate the portal gateway and his soldiers came through and they put on human flesh to hide their hideous faces and they killed the human followers, taking their firearms heading towards the White House. At the police station, Brian, Farah and the other cops heard of the killing of innocent people by the Ultimate Rebellion group led by Mack going by the name Plunder.

“That’s the dude there” Brian said. “Suspects are armed and dangerous. Proceed with caution.” Sgt. Chief Williams said. “They went to an correctional center and freed several cons to build their group up.” “Let’s go to scene of the crime” Farah said and they all proceeded out. Near the scene of the crime at the building on West 24th St., they check for clues, until when Farah discovered advanced firearms and a letter, also an invention.

“Can me and Farah be alone here?” Brian said to their fellow squad members. They agreed and left them alone. “OK ladies let’s get to the bottom of this” he said. “Right, Ferguson” VICES said. “Scanning the scene, downloading the images of attackers. There we go.” “By the looks of this virtual file, the suspect name is Plunder, but I’m sensing an inhuman image of him” Farah said.

“Show his true face, VICES” and Vices showed his real face, a lizard like completion with yellow pupils. “Damn, he and his friends are ugly” Brian said. “Our con isn’t human.” “Yes, Capt., he and the other Reigndonians are going to take over this planet by destroying it.” Both know they had to stop his evil plan from succeeding through until they found a DVD that they play on the player connected to TV.

“Tomorrow, my fellow comrades, we’ll all march towards the Washington Monument to the White House, demanding the president to yield to us” Plunder said on the DVD. “You two can’t let him succeed” VICES said. “If he does, he’ll destroy this earth and we have no future to go back to.” “Plus, we won’t exist” Farah added. “So true, we got stop this madman or alien from wiping us out” Brian said.

Tomorrow morning, a live television broadcast by Plunder was on. “People of the earth, I’ve got important news. Me and my followers are going to make our voices heard. We’re going to take this planet, its inhabitants and destroy it with our advance weaponry, unless our demands are met, Surrender yourselves and resources to us.

You have 12 hours to meet those demands”. At the president’s suite in the White House, Sen. Bradshaw, assistant to the U.S. President Barack Obama, heard the demands. “Sir, two people outside want to speak to you that’s important” an assistant said. “Bring them in” he ordered.

“Hello, Senator Bradshaw” Brian said. “I’m Capt. Brian Ferguson, and this is Detective Farah Ramirez” as he introduced both of them. “This is one troubled madman” Bradshaw said. “We have put a stop to this before he succeeds. Call the troops in.” “Hey, Senator thanks for helping us out to save the country from ultimate destruction” Farah said.

“No problem, let’s end Plunder’s reign of terror.” Bradshaw said and they proceeded out to the front. At the Washington Monument, troops were standing by the area, until VICES alerted Brian and Farah secretly that Plunder’s henchmen are attempting to destroy the U.S. Capitol in the National Mall in downtown near 1st and 14th St.

“Okay, troops, let’s go the National Mall before Plunder destroys it” Brian said to the troops over a P.A. system. They all proceeded to the National Mall to save the Capitol and the city from burning down. “Hey, why don’t you all stand back?” Plunder warned. “We’re all heavy armed with super weapons.” “We know you’re from the future like us” Brian said.

“Are you delusional, sir?” one soldier said. “No, fellow its true me and my partner are from the year 2169 A.D. fugitive retrieval unit” Farah said. “They have advanced weapons that are no match for your modern day firearms.”

“She’s right, soldier, let’s give you a demonstration” Plunder said and one soldier shoot a deadly laser cannon, tearing a marine to shreds and vaporizing several tanks. “Hold them back while I set up the portal for our ship to come through and destroy this beautiful planet with missiles” he ordered and the gunfire began. Shots fired between the alien invaders and the troops, knowing they have no chance.

“You two look, Plunder is trying to set up the time portal to bring his spaceship through” VICES said. “Can he really do that?” Farah asked. “Yes, he can, by increasing the frequency” Brian said. “The mad nut is mine, you help them hold them back” he said to Farah. Brian went to take on Plunder. “Hey, didn’t your mama, if you have one, teach you any manners?” he joked to him. “Why don’t keep your nose out of my affairs?” he warned.

“No way, your Reigndonian kind had murdered several innocent people on Phobos back in 2153, also some scientists”. “Now we’re going to stop your operation for good.” “As you humans say, fat chance” and revealed his true face. “God, you’re ugly” Brian said and the both fought, keeping away from his sharp claws and dagger that shot laser blasts.

“Why Brian Ferguson, do you give up now, the portal almost opening and my master will come and bring doomsday to your planet” Plunder said. “Not on my watch” he replied and gave one punch to him knocking him out. “OK, I give up, you win” Plunder said surrendering, having a knife being his back, ready to throw at him.

“Brian, heads up!” Farah said, as she zapped him with a red laser blast and VICES helped send him back to the future. They also shut down the portal as well. With bodies of Reigndonian soldiers and human troops both understood that male and female military officers risk their lives more than law enforcement to protect their country.

“Mirror Image”
St. Louis, Missouri:

There were a string of break ins at banks and jewellers overnight, by mysterious suspects, but their faces were caught on security camera. Brian and Farah were in town tracking down Jeremiah Stone heart, the mastermind responsible for the escape of 200 cons to 2009 and so far they got 12.

But he had something planned for them. By having their pictures in his secret laboratory in an disclosed location, he created 2 android copies of them that speak, walk, and have their characteristics, but they obey only him. “OK, my clones, you two have the likeness of my enemies, Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez” he said.

“You two obey only me, and your 1st assignment is to ruin their reputation by giving them a bad name. You two are going to a jewellery store in this city, in the West End.” “Yes Dr. Stone heart, our master” the androids said.

With that the doppelgangers walked out, wirelessly controlled by him and watching their every move on his security camera. At the jewellery store in the west end of the city, the clones did damage on the way by killing the innocent, damaging vehicles, ruining their good names. News crews were at the scene reporting it. “This have been the same number of destruction and break ins across the city.

Here are some cops of the Washington P.D., Capt. Brian Ferguson and Detective Farah Ramirez, two mysterious people. What do you say about this?” “All I say about this, we’ll get the suspect or suspects by finding clues” Brian said. “Yeah, likewise, I found a piece of electric debris here” Farah said.

“They have found clues” the reporter said. “Well that’s all the time here, Deborah Lewinski, 6 o’ clock news.” and then the cameras stop rolling. “Enough cameras” Brian said. “Let’s do some research on this robotic piece.” In an rented apartment, both of them got to work. “VICES, start scanning these parts” Farah said.

“The parts are from an android robot that are humanlike.” “A.I. wasn’t perfected until the early 22nd century, when they are everywhere, taking over certain jobs” Farah said. “But the machines are in your likeness, look like you two” VICES warned. “Only one person that wants to see us dead is Dr. Stone heart, the guy were pursing” Brian said.

“Good deduction, Sherlock” Farah joked. “We have to find our clones before they do anymore damage like ruin us.” “You two must know where your doubles strike next and I know it’s near the arch gateway at a bank. They will tell you where Stone heart is hiding” So they followed the trail of their path to the parking lot.

They caught up to the androids there, the machines turn around ready to fight them. “Look here, it’s our human clones” the robot said. “Yes, and they must be destroyed permanently by the order of Dr. Stone heart, our creator” android Farah said. So they fire their machine guns at them, and dodging their fire behind cars.

Meanwhile on the hidden surveillance cameras in the lot, Stone heart was watching the action. “This will be the day that I witness the demise of Brian and Farah. With them gone in the past, this world will look like 2169, in chaos” he said laughing. “These robot duplicates are heavily armed and know our every move” Farah said.

“Girl, I got an idea” Brian said as he saw a rock on the ground near to them. “Distract them” he said to Farah. “The things I do to for my career” she joked as she got their attention by yelling, and Brian moving from behind with a rock and threw at his look a like’s gun, which fell out its hand. Farah did the same thing and her android’s gun fell from its hand as well. “Good job you two, but this fight is far from over” VICES said. “Visualize” they commanded to her and she appeared virtually.

Both shot laser blasts at them but they did nothing to them. “Look out, detective,” VICES said to Farah, as her clone grabbed from behind, grabbing her neck, strangling her to death. So has Brian fighting his double, with his body slamming him on a car. “Come on VICES, give us some help here” he said. “I’ve one idea” VICES said. “Androids, I order you two to stand down and let them go.”

The androids heeded the computer commander and stop fighting them. “We apologize for attacking you” they said. “No problem, now all this has resolved, where is your creator’s hideout?” Farah asked them. “Tell them what they want to know” Stone heart instructed them through the audio link. “His hideout is a few blocks down the street” the robot said.

With their androids leading the way, they proceeded to the address, only to find out he had escaped with a note written saying “Till the day we meet, you two won’t be so lucky, that’s when I’ll have the upper hand.” “Don’t worry, doc, we’ll be ready for you” Brian said.

“What we do about our doubles?” Farah asked. “Have them destroy his laboratory” VICES said. “And have them lay low for a while, never know when we all meet again.” So the robots destroy the doctors lab, but not everything they destroyed, the plans to make cyborgs that will helpful to mankind in the future.

Soulful Singer:

Philadelphia, PA:

There was talk about a female R’N’B single named Dayshuna Wright, an friend of Whitney Houston. She has been singing at a young age in her Baptist Church as a gospel singer in Atlanta. But there is one secret about the young woman: she’s not from the past. At the home of Brian and Farah, Brian been on the net seeing the singer’s videos which had a million hits on several music sites and reading her background.

“Isn’t she something?” Brian said to Farah as they watched the music video. “Yeah, she’s something alright, she’s going to do several concerts in the city” she replied. “I sense she will be in danger” VICES said. “I’ve done a background check on Dayshuna Wright, stage name Beautiful Songstress, she has a psychic power, explaining that’s she’s a good singer and she’s from the same time we are” VICES said.

“You sure about that?” Brian said. “Yes, Captain and Atlanta in 2169 is in ruins due to deadly rioting there and she’s running from one fugitive named Simon Paul smith or known as Heavy Knocks.” “Heavy Knocks,” Farah recalled, “Is it the guy that got superhuman strength in a scientist lab and used his abilities to rob several banks, murdered innocent bystanders and guards in 2168?”

“Yes, Ramirez, and he’s more stronger than both of you combined, also the two were in love. Dayshuna left him because of his abusive behaviour.” “So Heavy Knocks must be looking for her, trying to win her back” Brian said “Let’s head to Atlanta”.

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