Time Jump

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Soulful Singer

Atlanta, GA:

“We’re in the Dirty South” Brian said. “Dirty South? Look at this place nice and clean” Farah said. “It’s an nickname for the South-eastern U.S. states, Detective, popularized by several hip-hop artists of the early 21st century” VICES said. “Enough facts VICES, also gospel, soul and where is Dayshuna at around here?”

Brian said. “She’ll be playing at a club in Downtown at a music festival in the city at the Fox Theater.” “That’s where we go later on…, look at this Brian” Farah said. At a bank nearby, there were shards of broken glass everywhere on the ground and a dead body of one security guard under a blanket. There were cops and forensics team at the scene.

“We’re cops” as Brian and Farah showed their badges. “Sgt. Branson of the Greater Atlanta P.D., glad to meet you two” he said in a southern accent. “Can we see the body?” Farah asked him. “Sure, since you two are like detectives” he replied. In the bank they saw a busted safe with money gone and a struggle took place with witnesses being customers and bank tellers that escaped as they view the camera footage.

Also that the suspect used a modern day weapon to murder the security guards and several bank tellers that refused to give in to his demands. “That must be our wanted fugitive from our time” VICES whispered to them. “He must of robbed this financial institution for something big” Brian said. At the hideout of Heavy Knocks in a vacant building, he was seeing the singer’s virtual image hologram appeared from portable device.

“My Beautiful Songstress, you are fine, and we shall meet again” he said. That’s when he saw her on TV performing at an outdoor concert. “I got you now” he said and departed for the venue. Meanwhile the Songstress was singing at a park concert with a lot of fans watching and after the show fans took autographs and pictures with her. She went backstage to do get her hair and makeup done when a hooded muscle bound man emerged from back and kidnapped her with a gun pointed at her right side.

“Don’t move!” he commanded as they both got away in his get away car to an unknown area. “The Beautiful Songstress was kidnapped by a masked kidnapper, tall, body builder type body” one news reporter said. “That’s must be our con” Brian said as they watched the TV at the hotel. “We have to the scene of the crime to gain clues to the whereabouts Knocks taking her” Farah said.

So went to the scene of the crime, the park concert to look for clues. In the backstage they found a piece of clothing from a struggle like the singer tried to fight him off and ripped part of his clothing.

“That’s one smart singer” Farah said. “Like she wants us to follow her to where she’s held” Brian said. “Let’s me scan the cloth” VICES said. “Definitely belonged to Heavy Knocks alright. He would take her somewhere musical and spiritual.” “A church!” both said. “The nearest one is the Ebenezer Baptist Church, the one late Martin Luther King Jr. civil right activist attended in the 20th century” VICES said.

Both departed to the church in the night, and they knew he was here by the busted doors. “We’ll together forever” he said. “Won’t happen Simon,” Songstress said, as she was tied up to a cross. “I come to this time to sing in peace and have spiritual connection with God. In the future we can go jail for reading a bible in public.”

“Well religion was outlawed in the 22nd century because of science, plus I wasn’t a church boy” he said, as he touched her hair, leaning to kiss her when they showed up. “Let her go, Knocks” Brian said. “Who are you two?” Knocks said. “We’re fugitive catchers from 2169 and we know you two are from there” Farah said. “You’ve murdered several people in 2168, give yourself up.”

“Ah, you two give me threats? Time to flex my muscles really.” he said, and his body weight grew bigger around his arms. “Get the girl outta here, Farah” Brian ordered. “Let’s go man to man.” Farah freed her from the cross untying the rope and both went to safety. “Captain, this a place of God, you can’t fight in here” VICES said.

“Hey ugly, let’s move out here” Brian said, and both went outside to an alleyway and both fought. But something was wrong with Knocks as he had strong headache. “The side effects of his strength is being exploited, Captain. Now’s your chance to get him” VICES said. “Right, hey Knocks, take a fist” as Brian delivered one right hook to his jaw and fell down.

“Heavy Knocks a.k.a Simon Paul you’re under arrest. You have right remain silent, and have a nice trip to the future” as Brian zapped him with a red PLLT blast and VICES transported him back to the future. “So he’s gone” Songstress said. “Yeah back to future” Brian said. “You’ve got a show at the Fox Theater tomorrow night” Farah said.

That night at the Fox Theater, Songstress scheduled to perform went to the stage but with a word of thanks. “Tonight, I would like to dedicate this song to the people who saved me called “My saviors” and sang it as Brian and Farah watched from their seats. “Guess we saved the day or night again” Farah said.

“Yeah, we did, isn’t she one soulful singer and fine too?” Brian said, as they got into the song and enjoyed it. After the performance, when everyone had left the theater except Brian and Farah they talked to Songstress. “Oh, I would like to meet our computer VICES” Brian said. She gone to visual mode under Brian’s command, appearing as a human database.

“Nice to meet you, Songstress, I’m Visual Information Computer Excellent Searcher or, VICES for short” she said. “You two have a lot of gadgets, heard about these virtual computer researchers that can appear in any form back home” Songstress said. “So you like it here or go back home?” Farah said.

“Nah, I like in this time, have many fans and friends here like you two” she said. “Good luck on your mission.” and she left the theatre to go elsewhere. “Back to Philly, and to home, need a shower after all this action” Brian said and they departed to the airport to catch their plane to Philadelphia.

They got game:

Philadelphia, PA: Brian and Farah gotten a lead on a wanted fugitive from their time named Ben Weston. That night in an alleyway, they confronted him. “What we have here? Two cops that come to get me?” he said. “Ben Weston, you’re wanted for taking hostages in the space elevator platform in 2169.

Cops arrested you for that incident, but you broke out of jail and escaped to this time” Brian said. “Well, this time period is good, not like back home where it’s boring and peaceful” Weston said. “Say hello to my little friend” he said and shot his portable nuclear rock launcher at them, only to destroy the power box on the wall. “Come out and play” he said.

“You two must die sometimes.” “I got a plan, get ready” Farah said and so she went near him gaining his attention. “I give myself up, take me as your hostage” she said to him, as Brian moved from behind, and she stepped on his foot, giving him one roundhouse kick to the face. He was very disoriented, that’s when Brian gave him one red P.L.L.T. blast from his portable car alarm and VICES did the rest.

“Good job girl, glad you came along with me” Brian said. “Thanks for the compliment, and to keep you on your toes” Farah said and they took the portable weapon for research. At their place they dissected the weapon made of 22nd century materials. “Made in Africa” Brian said, as they see the glowing rocks are from the planet Venus in the mines.

“He definitely stole it from the weapons shop in our time” Farah said. “Indeed, Farah it’s stolen. The creator of it is one inventor named Timothy Spencer the next fugitive we must find. He created a deadly weapon called an atom splitter, one blast of it sending deadly waves to an object can blow it up into pieces.” VICES said.

“If used on people it can blow them up too” Brian said. “His weapon inventions were too dangerous because he was trying to sell it to criminals, that’s when he used it on 2 police officers, exploding their atoms, in other words, blowing them to death” VICES said. “So where is he know?” Farah said.

“Near the Rocky Mountain Range out west” VICES said. So the next day they proceeded out to the Rockies in Montana through Yellowstone Park, not when Timothy, the professor saw them on the surveillance camera from the rocks hidden. “Let me watch these two and see if they be problems to me” he said zooming in closer and saw the badges on their belts. “What, nosy cops in my neck of woods, I left some traps for them” he said from his hideout in a cave setting in the woods.

“Damn, not used to the great wilderness so much” Brian said. “Well, the forests and woods are beautiful, unlike back in 2169 where it’s vanished entirely by climate change” Farah said as they walked through the path, and Brian stepped into a hidden lasso that grabbed his leg, hoisting him up into the air, hanging upside down under a tree.

“Don’t stand there ladies, get me down from up there” he said while they laughed. Jokes aside, Farah had a small Swiss army knife on her which she threw up at him, grabbing the knife in his hand. He grabbed his left foot with the left hand and cut himself free from the rope and fell to floor. “Oww, my back and butt hurts” as he got up from the floor.

“Did you get a good stretch exercise?” Farah joked. “After the hanging incident, that helped Ferguson sore to new heights” VICES replied as they proceeded ahead. “Let’s see here, my dear girl, let’s give you a visual call from home” the inventor said as he activated the simulation in the forest and projected Farah’s mother image.

“Farah my little girl, turn back it’s too dangerous for you” the image said. “Walk this way”, not knowing it’s a trap into a hole filled with deadly wires up ahead. “You two stop, I sense it’s a trap up ahead” Vices said. “Don’t listen to that damn computer” the image said. “I would never hurt my daughter.”

“Hold on, my real mom won’t let nothing bad happen to me or anyone, and she isn’t rude at all. VICES, shut down the program” Farah commanded and did that. “No, no!” the inventor said. “I have a few more tricks up my sleeve” and dispatched some android soldiers towards them. They encountered them holding machine guns in hand firing away.

“It’s party time, Farah!” Brian said as they ducked their fire and took action, taking their weapons and kicking android butt. “What a workout” Farah said, as she held one android up asking where their creator is and then self detonator activated for 3 minutes, but with VICES help been deactivated. They came towards the cave of his hideout and went in.

Tim was hiding with a pipe in his hand, when Brian grabbed it and held him. “What have here, is one snake” Brian said. “So is the atom splitting weapon?” Farah asked. “Why yes, and I tend to use it to dispose of you two” the scientist said as he broke free and went for it. “You killed 2 cops back home, our friends on the beat” Brian said. “They were complication I dealt with and you 2 will join them”, not until Brian zap with a red laser blast and VICES sent him back to the future.

“That was easy” he said. “So what we do about this place?” Farah said. Both set up explosives in the area to blow up his operations and both ran out before the place went sky high, destroying everything in there. “One bad operation out of the way, let’s go home” Brian said and departed the area for home. “One question Farah. Do you think I’m fine?” Brian said to her. “Well Bri, if were more than friends, so beat it. We’ve got cons to get and transport home” she replied as they drove on the road into the night.

Neo-Nazi: Both had another dream vision again this time about fall of the Berlin Wall in Germany 9 November 1989 that separated the capital into east and west, also the country in two. Young protesters were saying, “Tear down this wall for good!” in front of Brandenburg Gate. Many tried to escape the wall by climbing over it to freedom in West Germany to be with families and friends. “Where are we now?” Brian said. “Looks like the Berlin Wall is about to be torn down, in 1989!

We gone this far back” Farah said. “Yes, Ferguson and Ramirez” VICES said. “This is another one of your dream visions, your time cards must of activated again and sent you here.” “I heard about the fall of this wall and the end of the Cold War” Brian said. “The soldiers are starting to tear the wall down for good” Farah said. They witnessed the demolishing of the wall separating the capital and the entire country.

Families were reunited, communism was dead in the Eastern European Bloc, soldiers and strangers rejoiced knowing the Cold War is over for good. “Why all these dream vision of past events? Is it some sort of clue?” Farah asked. Once again, both had awakened from their dream state with VICES greeted them in their home.

“I see you had a good sleep in the same bed” she said. “Are these visions are giving us clues to who our next suspect is?” Brian asked. “Maybe, Captain, there is answer to everything.” she replied, when the TV was switched on, a reporter talked vandalism, arson, and swastikas on buildings, saying Aryan Power, Nazis rule!

“These are very hurtful, mean messages of hate by some troubled suspect in west Philly” the reporter said. “Hopefully the police get and nab the suspect before they do anymore damage. Here is description of suspect here, if you know of his whereabouts or seen him, call crime stoppers. You will remain protected” and the TV went off.

Both proceeded to the location that was broadcasted on the news. “Will you look at this” Brian said as they were outside one pawn shop and a cleaner beside it. “Some crazy nut wrote this hateful message, and murdered a few victims in his wake” one cop said. “Non-Nazis will be dealt with” Farah said as she read a note on the dead body of a shop owner.

“We’ll get a forensics team to send the dead body to the forensics center at 5th Ave and the coroner will tell us how he died” the cop said and they left. At the suspect’s temporary hideout in an vacant house, he saluted the Nazi flag and the picture of the late Adolf Hitler, general leader of the Nazis during the World War in 20th century Europe. But he’s a human clone from 2169 with Nazi DNA and personality, also superhuman powers of strength etc.

His name is Hans or Blitz, he was created in a science lab, the scientists gave him the wrong gene of a dead German Nazi soldier, breaking out the lab killing them, declaring war on all Non-Nazis and making a Nazi world. But he gone back to 2009, 64 years after the war ended.

His main objective is making the whole earth including America, under Nazi rule. So with advanced cloning equipment from the 22nd century, he created his own Nazi troops, to follow him. “By the end of this day, we Nazis will rule this earth, and anyone who opposes us will die. Hail Hitler the late leader!” If the late ruler were alive, he’ll be proud. At the forensics center, Brian and Farah couldn’t wait and decided to take matters in their own hands.

“I got his photo off the web” Farah said, as she held the photo him as VICES scanned it and brought up the virtual file of him. “He’s known as Hans Blitzkrieg or just Hans. A member of the 10th Reich, a group created in the 2130’s Germany. Mostly clones of Nazi soldiers from the 20th century, they mostly wanted to world to be under them. But the government caught them and locked them up in confinement for good.”

“But one escaped which is our guy Hans and got revenge on his creators by killing them” Farah said. “So he came back to the early 21st to make this time under the Nazis” Brian said. “Right, that’s why we must stop him before that happens. This world will suffer under Nazi rule by being in sweatshops and hard labor.”

“Not to imagine seeing black swastikas everywhere and saluting it” Farah added. “He’ll try to be with the Aryans which some exist in Philadelphia” VICES said. “So let’s get him” Brian said and both departed the building. At hideout of the Aryans, they were all saluting their new leader Hans. “Nice costume, but Halloween is couple months away” one member said as he saw his soldier uniform with the swastika on it.

“This is our world! Let no one stand in our way” Hans said to them. “All outsiders be dealt with. We are the superior race.” Just when sirens blared outside and a couple cops were outside. “You guys are all under arrest for vandalism and destruction of property” the cop said. Not until when they had 22nd century deadly guns that in one blast, disintegrated the cops to pieces.

“Cool space age guns Hans, where you get them, from Star Trek?” one member said. “This is the sample of our deadly power to those who oppose us. Now let’s go onward to Washington and make this pathetic nation kneel under our feet” Hans said. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah arrived at the scene, seeing empty squad cars and uniforms on the floor.

“Our man is here” Brian said as they noticed the busted open front door and they went in. Seeing all the debris on the floor and smashed objects, they walked closer to the living room when they encountered them. “We have guests, our Non-Nazi enemies” Hans said. “Those were good cops, you whack job” Brian said. “Anyone who isn’t loyal to Nazis will perish by our hands, get them” he says to his guys and they attacked them but both fought back physically, also stunned them with PLLT.

“Surrounded by dumkopfs. You two are good fighters, especially you my dear” he said. “Enough chit chat, I heard you’re a murderer of several scientists who created you back in the future” Farah said. “Yes, I’m part of the 10th Reich, and I come to this time to take it over in Nazi rule with my super soldiers” he said as he automatically opened the door showing cloned Nazi soldiers ready to be awakened.

“One flip of this switch, they wake up and we ruled this nation first, then the entire world under our knees.” “Not happening” Brian as he dash towards him and gave him punches and the two duke it out. Farah and VICES went to disable the controls so the Nazi clones don’t awake and were successful.

“No, my soldiers, now you must pay” Hans said as he went for his gun, not until Brian zapped him with a red blast and VICES transported him back to the future. “We shall meet again and I will have my revenge” he said as he teleported. Not when a bomb activated nearby for 4 minutes. “Damn it, one of things have a bomb in them and can’t be stopped” Brian said.

So they made a run for it, but the Aryans they took out with them and tying them up for the cops to get and the house blew up. “Home insurance will be all over this” Brian joked as they left wondering if they’ll see Hans again next time, hopefully not. There was bunch of robberies and getaways by a couple who are a 22nd century version of Bonnie and Clyde.

Their names are Bob and Helena the blonde. Both were wanted for a couple of robberies in 2166 and hacking a bank computer for large money withdrawals. They’re now in 2009 in Arizona on the main highway nearing Death Valley. “My dear Helena, we’re here in the past doing our thing and any cop gets between us is dead” Bob said. “Look there’s a gas station up ahead” Helena said.

“We can fill up and rob it, self-serve” she joked as they approached it and make the gas attendant give them all his money. He called the cops, but Brian and Farah were nearby on their motorcycle. They told the attendant they are looking for those suspects and said they went that way on that road.

In the rear view mirror, Bob and Helena saw them, showing their badges, using their super sight to zoom in. They fired at them, but they dodged their fire, shoot at their tires with a bullet gun, making their car stop. “Who are you guys?” Bob asked. “We’re part of the fugitive retrieval unit from 2169” Brian said. “Oh darn it, they’re from the future like us” Helena said.

“You two done a lot of things together like rob banks and hacked computers in 2146” Farah said. “So you two sending us back?” Rob said. “In your dreams let’s shoot ‘em” Helena said and they fired at them, but their force field blocked the bullets, and when time was right, they zapped them with 2 red blasts, been transported back to the future.

“We always make a good team, but I always wish to go back home for a little visit” Farah said. “Well girl, our home isn’t good place. Bad air, corrupt law, little food and water, also overpopulation” Brian said, until something strange happened and both were back in 2169. Just like how they left it, a once beautiful, clean and space age like Serene City, now it’s become a war zone with rebels vs. law enforcement soldiers.

“What we doing back here? I thought we had a mission to catch cons and sent them back here” Brian said. “It looks we come back for a brief moment” Farah said. As they walked across the street they saw damaged flying cars, robot soldiers, rioting, and gunfire between the cops and the rebels. “Get down girl!” Brian said to Farah as they went at it, ducking for cover.

Until when they saw their old police station down Triumph Sq., the same place Stone heart’s psychics lab which has his time machine is. “Ferguson and Ramirez, it’s nice to see you two again” Sgt. Watson said as he saw them. “Hey sergeant, nice to meet you” Farah said. “What you two doing back so soon? Don’t you have more cons to catch and bring back?” They witnessed their future home was peaceful place in the country that was once the U.S. long ago, most of it.

Now the skies turn grey because of pollution, corruption and power struggles everywhere, also food and water were rationed because of overpopulation. “Captain, Detective, rise and shine” VICES said and they awoke in a road side motel bed. “You two were asleep for approximately for 3.5 hours.” They told VICES their computer that they dreamed they were back in 2169 and saw the devastation of their future world in chaos.

Now they understand that to save the future is to bring back the criminals on the loose in 2009 back to 2169, to preserve the past from destruction like in their time. “Indeed you two have a mission to find the loose criminals in 2009. This time is beautiful, we can’t let them or Stone heart destroy it.” The next morning the two rode off in the sunset on a mission to get cons and protect the past from destruction.

“Yakuza Rising”

Philadelphia, PA: Brian and Farah were both sleeping comfortably in the same bed until VICES woke up with some urgent news. “Rise and shine both of you, I got a lead on our next fugitive named Daichi Yokusiro, a member of the Yakuza.

He and his gang were here in Philadelphia, jumped to Los Angeles and back to Japan” I noted. “That’s a Japanese crime syndicate” Brian said. “So we’re travelling to Japan? Awesome!” Farah said excitedly. “Remember, we’ve have a mission, not a sightseeing tour” VICES reminded them. Both looked for casual clothes to wear, load their P.L.L.T.’s with laser capsules and power cells. They both headed to airport bound to Japan.

On the plane, VICES wanted to speak to Brian privately, so he headed to the airplane washroom and locked the door behind him. “What do you have on our con, Daichi?” he asked her. “Daichi Yokusiro, was convicted for kidnap and murder of hostages in 2149, because of police not coming through on ransom.” she said.

“The Yakuza crime syndicate was created in early 20th century based from feudal times with the samurai”. “I heard those guys are well organized gangsters and well armed, but the Yakuza is alive in the 22nd century” Brian said. “Yes, Captain, and many escape police custody by dressing like normal citizens and being underground all the time.”

Tokyo, Japan: “We have a new recruit, Daichi Yokusiro” the head boss said in Japanese. “We done well in threatening businesses in the city and those who opposes us will be deal with” he replied. The Yakuza had murdered one shopkeeper for refusing to give in to their demands and a citizen who tried to stand up to them.

Meanwhile, Brian and Farah arrived in the country. “Damn, these people are technologically advanced” Brian said as he looked at the overhead billboards. They got a rental car to their hotel in the city. “So these people drive on the left side on the road too?” Brian said. “I notice that too, they didn’t allow the British and other Westerners into the country until 1858, with the exception of the Dutch before that time” Farah said.

“In feudal times, the samurai shoguns have their katana swords to the left side of their body, so transportation had to be on the left side so no one got injured, that’s why they drive on the left side of the road today” VICES said. They arrived at their hotel and access the internet to see where the hideout of the Yamaguchi is in the city, until one news report said that they struck again, resulting in the death of a business owner who tried to stop them leaving their mark with a scroll on the floor.

So they arrived at the scene with the police sergeant there. They greeted the chief there. “Sgt. Hideyoshi Shimata, and you two are” he said in accented English to them. “Konchi-wa, I’m Captain Brian Ferguson and this lovely lady is Farah Ramirez” as Brian introduced themselves. “I heard about you two famed police detectives from America and welcome to Japan” Shimata said.

“Looks like our victim got shot execution style by some .38 firearm and this is a mark of the Yamaguchi, their calling card” Farah said. “The scroll says for us to stay away or pay the consequences” she added. “That’s right, honourable guests” a young beautiful woman named Harkin Tanaka. “You’re a stunning woman” Brian replied.

“Don’t go too gaga over some pretty girl” Farah replied. “Are you two very close” Harkin said in good English. They replied no to her because their partners working together. “You two, I’ve read her body vitals and I feel she know where Daichi our fugitive is” VICES said. “You know our guy, Daichi, a member of the Yakuza?” Brian said. “Daichi, a very bad gangster, normally the Yakuza aren’t violent gangsters this is the first time they murdered innocent people” she replied.

Brian and Farah had a moment to themselves. “These guys are good, there are many groups in this country” Farah said. “Mainly there found in red light districts, vacant offices and buildings in Japan” VICES said. “Why don’t you two come by me so we can talk more” Harkin said and they agreed going to her home in an apartment. When they arrived, her apartment was neat.

“Your English is perfect” Brian said. “Thank you, I watched music videos in America where I went to study in California for law enforcement and learnt the language.” she said, as she was one of the detectives of the police force. Brian was trying master the chopsticks to eat noodles from plate being served. “I got this, no problem” Brian said as he ate with the two cheering.

Outside on the street, they walked on street to where the Yamaguchi is. “Look at these castles in the park and the gardens” Farah said. “Yes, and that the Akausa shrine” she said and they saw one of the Yakuza members there and disappeared, so they followed him to their hideout.

It was in an vacant office building in the city. The three had a plan to take these guys out, so they went in to the building not knowing the overhead surveillance cameras were watching them. “We have some unwanted visitors, go and take care of them” Daichi said to several of his men. The three encountered the thugs in the hallway and a fight heated up with them winning and taking their guns away.

“I’m going to come from above, watch my back from below” Brian said to Farah and Harkin. Both wondering what he was going to do, they walked slowly to the room where they hung out. “So, Brian, what are you going to do?” VICES said. “There’s one red cloth hung from the ceiling, gonna swing down on it and land on that table in front of them.”

“This portable device is called a P.L.L.T” he said in Japanese to them. “Daichi Yokusiro, you’re under arrest. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say could be used against you in a court of law in 2169. He then zapped him with a red blast, trapping him in a powerful force field.

“VICES, prepare to transport” he said to VICES, and he was transported to the future, with the Yakuza members looking on. The police came that time, due to Harkin calling them on her device. They said to them that Brian and Farah were from the future and that they transported him back there to await custody.

“That was awesome showing of your swordsmanship, Brian-san” Harkin said. “Thanks, now those guys won’t be causing anymore trouble, with them all being behind bars” Brian said. “So you two are really from the future?” Harkin asked them as they walked together. “Yes, Harkin, we been sent back to catch cons who escaped to the past and bring them back, preserving the past, protect the future” Farah said. “We just can’t alter the past that will disrupt with the space time continuum” she added. “Where is your Ginza Shopping district? I need some new clothes” Brian asked Harkin. She directed them to the area and they shopped until they dropped.

In the Ring

There had been a death of well known MMA fighter named Patrick Canning or better known by his stage name of the Demolisher. The cause of death was some unknown super drug known as Hype. The suspect is a fighter named Ambush, real name Steve Sobers, a escaped con from the future using the MMA as a cover up. He sold the drug to addicts in the future in 2168, which they got addicted it and wanted more.

They died of overdosing on the drug. So Ambush is here in the past, being an MMA fighter, having super human powers, to beat his opponents. He can’t kill them which is forbidden in the sport, also kicking them in the head. So he used his powerful deadly toxic 22nd century drug to take out his victims just to win.

Brian and Farah heard about the MMA tournament in town, also they heard about the death of the fighter Demolisher. They arrived at the octagon in the civic center, looked around and saw the dead body. “There he is, Patrick Canning,” the manager said to them. “This is the first time an fighter died of unnatural causes” he said. “Do you know where the suspect at?”

Brian asked him. “Don’t know the person could anywhere” the manager said. The two started to question the other fighters there, that’s when Steve “Ambush” came to them. “It’s sad to hear the death of Demolisher, was a great likable guy” he said. “I heard so much about you, win a lot of matches with your moves” Farah said. “Hey, girl, remember to keep focus on this investigation” Brian reminded him. They went to one side as VICES wanted to speak to them.

“I did a body scan on our fighter Ambush, and it’s real name Steve Sobers. He also have some super human powers like sight and strength” VICES said. “Visualize” he commanded and hologram mode she appeared, scanning Steve’s body, from foot to head secretly. “Born 2143 in Serene City, an orphan, as grew older he sold drugs to make a living until he discovered a deadly toxic drug called High Yielding Potion Extermination or HYPE for short.

Several died from headaches and destroying the heart.” Both understood that the fighter Ambush is wanted con from the future, and had to keep close to him. “Why don’t I step into the MMA ring to get to Ambush?” Brian suggested. “Are you sure, Bri, you have no MMA experience, plus the sport is outlawed back home for being too violent” Farah said. “Oh how hard can it be? Just have to not kick the opponent’s head, like wresting in way” Brian said and signed up for the tournament set for tomorrow night. He decided that his nickname will be Triumph.

“I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into, Captain” VICES warned. “Keep focus on getting Steve Sobers.” He went through training with a coach, and mastered every punch, kick and submission holds. “So Ferguson, you practicing your fighting skills you need them tomorrow night if we meet in the octagon ring cage” Ambush said. “By the way, what’s your nickname?” he asked.

“Triumph, and if we go against each other no holding back” Brian said. At their home, they did further research on the drug Hype, knowing is was originated in future South America, until a knock at the door, and Farah answered, knowing it was Ambush Tyson Sobers. “Come to take your partner out on night of the town” he said. “See ya, Bri” she said and went off.

So Brian out of concern followed them to one fancy restaurant to spy on them. At the table, Farah had to go the ladies room, that’s when Brian called on her cell. “What you’re doing being with our bad guy?” he said. “Don’t worry about it, keeping a good eye on him… what the?” she said as she witnessed one waiter fainted on the floor and Steve disappeared. She checked the body and known it’s same drug that killed others.

“Our guy did it again” she said. “I see him driving away in one SUV, license plate MA 234” Brian said, and they both pursued him, only to learn he got away. “Don’t worry you two, Ferguson got a MMA match tomorrow night and he’s the opponent” VICES said. They all went home to get some shut eye to prepare for tomorrow. At the octagon cage ring, both Brian and Farah took a look at their competition. After several fighters went at it, it was now Brian’s turn to take on Tyson Sobers, his opponent. The referee said no kicks to the head or illegal hitting, ring bell rung and both went at it. Brian delivering punches and kicks to him, doing the same in return.

“Way to go, Brian” Farah cheering in the stands. “I hope Captain can beat him, looks like Steve Sobers or Ambush is getting the upper hand” VICES said. Steve was victorious in Round 1, the second one began, fist touch, and fighting began. Brian with his face bloodied, but amazingly healed put Steve in an submission hold. Steve reversed it and flipped him over, but he broke free, and gave one kick, punch, went down for the count. Round 3 began and 5 minutes in play, Farah and VICES question if he can win this match.

But confidently he did, delivering a couple kicks and punches to him, his face bloodied up. Time was up, and referee had come to the decision. “The winner of this match by the number of hits is, Brian “Triumph” Ferguson!” the referee said. “Nice fight, Steve” Brian said to him, but Steve didn’t want congratulate him. After the interviews with the reporters, Steve started to run away from ring and in the back after the officials learned he’s the wanted con who murdered one fighter.

Brian and Farah pursued him to the back room. “So Tyson, I heard you’re from the future” Brian said. “Did one little birdie told ya?” he replied. “Yes, you killed innocent people with a drug named HYPE in 2168 you sold them, now you’re going back” Farah said. “Well, I got something for ya,” he said and got out his mini laser gun from his pocket and shot at them, both ducking for cover. That’s when VICES had distracted Steve with her voice.

With him being distracted, Brian zapped him with a red P.L.L.T. blast and VICES did the rest, transporting him to the future. “He’s gone back to the future to await sentencing” Brian said. Reporters and other media came to the back to interview them, asking where Steve went to. They said he disappeared somewhere and nowhere to be found.

Brian had won the championship belt that night for the MMA title which he took home with him. “Nice Job, Mr. Triumph” Farah said to him. “Indeed, my Captain, you proved to be one warrior in that octagon ring last night” VICES said, knowing that he will be big in 2159, when they dig up the time capsule of their past achievements in Serene city.

Family Reunion:

Kansas City, MO: There was one well known female psychic in town named Deborah Gordon, which she’s from the future, same time Brian and Farah is from, but she’s has a secret: she’s Farah’s long lost mother that came back in time to escape the corrupt future she fled from. Brian and Farah were in town looking for one fugitive named Paul Marks who had escaped custody in the future.

That’s when they heard of the fortune teller, Deborah Gordon who can accurately predict the future and gave her a visit. “Are you that well known fortune teller, Deborah Gordon?” Brian asked. “Yes, I am, wait a minute, Farah, is that you?” Deborah asked. “Wait, a minute, Mom, what you’re doing back in time” Farah said excitedly, and both hugged each other.

“Nice to see you, dear daughter and I predict I will meet you somewhere in time” she said. “I sense you two are part of law enforcement been sent back to catch criminals that escaped in the past and not go back until you get all of them.” They said yes to that response and sense they have a computer named VICES which she appeared in hologram mode under Brian’s command.

“Mrs. Gordon, nice to meet you” VICES said as she appeared, but the psychic gave Farah her own computer named RICKS, disguised as a debit card VISA. “RICKS, visualize” Farah commanded and he appeared as a human butler with a British accent. “Good evening, Detective Ramirez, Ferguson and my lovely VICES” he said.

Brian and Farah departed to their hotel and both VICES and RICKS briefed them on their next fugitive Paul Marks. “Paul Marks is wanted for stealing ancient 21st century firearms from a firearm gun museum in 2167, and murdering one security guard, also part of leading the Outlaw Rebels of destruction” Ricks said. “About your father Ramirez, he wanted the best for you growing up and he would proud that you’re a police detective if he was still alive” Ricks said to Farah, making her feel better.

The next day they meet up with the fortune teller after her last customer and she predicted that Marks is close by and she’s in danger, so they got out there. Just down the street, Paul Marks was close by wearing a dark ski mask, but he was controlling a hover laser gun that blasted a florist’s store window open and he demanded cash. The florist gave him the money and she ran out of the store towards Brian and Farah.

She wanted them to stop him and they ran to scene. “This is like taking candy from a baby” Rick said as he gathered his loot, and as he looked back of him, Brian and Farah was there. “You have some nerve stealing from the unfortunate and hiding your face under that ski mask” Farah said. “Hey sweet cheeks, try to stop me” he replied. “Paul Marks, I know you’re from 2169, like us three” Deborah said.

“I see all things and I see you’re going back to the future to stand on trial for your crimes in 2167 at a 21st century weapons museum.” “Yeah like what she said” Brian said. Paul’s little gadget, the hover laser gun appeared from below and start to fire at them. They ducked for cover, avoided being shot at. “I suppose you two have a plan” VICES said.

Indeed they did, they led the hover laser gun outside and near an auto garage dump. “Where are you three hiding, the psychic should predict you’re all going to die” Marks said. “Paul Marks, I know your parents abandon you when you’re small in 49 West Kansas City enclave 10, had to turn to crime to survive” Deborah said.

“No, shut up, you old fortune teller, or you all die!” he threatened. With him distracted, that’s when Farah had zapped him with the red blast of her P.L.L.T. and with RICKS help, transported back to the future. “Damn, Deb, you’re good psychic, you got a talented mom” Brian said to Farah. “Why don’t you join us, Mom, help us catch fugitives from our time and sent them back” she said to her.

“I’m needed here to help people solve their problems and cure them from addictions” she said. “Mrs. Gordon is right, she’s a regular fortune teller not a police one” RICKS said, and they left the scrap yard. “Good luck on your quest to find fugitives in the past and the man who’s responsible, Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart” Deborah said. With Farah’s mom advice, they left Kansas City back to Philadelphia on their quest to find the remaining cons hiding in the past.

Fallen Marine: At an army marine base near Richmond, VA., there were a string of marine soldiers, including a female officer. The suspect is still large, wondering if Brian and Farah will get to him or her in time before they strike again at Marine Corps base Quantico and combat center. They arrived at the base after they heard about the death of soldiers on the news, went to the sergeant mayor’s office.

“Sgt. Major Cole Branson, nice to meet you two” he greeted. “Major Branson, we heard about the death of your soldiers” Brian said to him. The major then directed them to the dead bodies outside under blankets on the field. “This must happen overnight by the same suspect who slip through tight security, know this base well” the sergeant said. “Any one of your dismissed soldiers who did for revenge” Farah said. “Not that I know of, Ramirez.

There is one former soldier I dismissed, named Brandon Summers” Branson said. “Dismiss him for not getting along with my cadets and charming one female officer named Madison Waters.” Brian and Farah were both thinking that he could the killer, so they talked to the fellow soldiers on the base. The soldiers said he would normally hang in a night club off the base called the Hard Hat. “Looks like we have a organized murderer on our hands” Ricks said.

“Brandon Summers, accessing information on him, here we go. He’s from future 2169, but has no criminal record from there.” “He must of fled from the future to here to escape the chaos, but turned to crime” Vices said.“Why he turned to murder? Just to get revenge of being treated harshly on the base by the commanding officer” Brian asked.

“Whatever the reason, we must stop him before he strikes again” Farah said. Later that night, they went to the night club to see if was there and he was drinking one bottle of beer down, which alcohol was outlawed in their time because of health issues.

“Brandon Summers, we’re police” they said to him as they showed their badges. “You were recently dismissed from Quantico weeks ago” Farah said to him. “I didn’t like that base, everyone was so mean to me, although we’re all serving this great country” Summers said. They asked him about the murders of the officers and he said he knew nothing about it and went his way.

“It’s best we keep an eye on him” VICES said to them. Just outside Brandon felt his head hurting. “My head is hurting, this damn chip is killing me” he said as he drove to this home and looked at the picture of his daughter. “My little Joyce, I did this for us” he said. “Gone back in time to this place to get away from there. Too much chaos and destruction back there. Paula will understand, be back soon.”

Just then, the voice spoke to him again. “Kill Branson, the one who wronged you” he said. So he went to do that, Brian and Farah followed in pursuit. “Our boy on the go again” Brian said. They noticed he was heading back to Quantico to murder Branson. Outside the base, Summers was armed with his rifle to murder the sergeant, until they showed up.

“Don’t do this Summers, this is not the way to solve your problems” Farah said as they appeared. “He’s not worth living” Branson said. Again the pain came back. “This damn chip in my brain, must come out” he cried. “We can help” Brian said. “We know you’re from 2169” Vices said. “Who said that?” Summers said, and with their command, both VICES and RICKS appeared in holographic form.

“Now you believe us?” Farah said to him. “I heard about these virtual computer researchers that can appear as anything you desire” Summers said. “Yeah, they were created in 2164 to replace people in the libraries and elsewhere” Brian said. Just then, the malfunctioning chip in Summer’s head started to haywire again. “It was that Stone heart doctor guy that put this chip in my head, to help me be strong and help my family” he said. “It seems my test subject is malfunctioning, started to gain consciousness of who he is” Stone heart said, as he watched from his car in a distance.

“Both of you must send this bloke back to 2169 to gain treatment and they can take the microchip out his brain” Ricks said, and so with that Brandon agreed to go back, which he did as they zapped him with a red blast and with VICES help, sent to a doctor’s lab for treatment. “You two have won this round, but I’ll be back to settle the score” Stone heart said, as he drove off.

“Again, it was Stone heart’s doing, can’t wait to get my hands on him” Brian said. “We will, Captain, just gain faith and we get him” Vices said. “Indeed, a smashing job we did tonight, wouldn’t you say?” Ricks said applauding. They went to Quantico to meet with Sgt. Branson and said that Summers is going to get treatment for his aggressive behavior and he’ll be fine, not knowing they already sent him back to the future for it.

Triad Trouble:

There were a string of robberies, break ins and attack on stores in the city of San Francisco, CA., by a group known as the Tongs, a part of the Chinese Triad crime syndicate. Also there was a fugitive from the future named Don Lo, the suspect that Brian and Farah must get before he strikes again.

So they went to San Francisco to meet with their police department. “There was a report of a murder of some Chinese immigrants who tried to escape from guys” Inspector Danny Yang said, and both saw the pictures of the suspects including Don Lo.

“Inspector, can we take the picture of Don Lo?” Brian said to him and he agreed to it. As they were alone, their computers Vices and Ricks scan the photo of Don Lo and put up a virtual profile. “This is one of our fugitives we’re looking for, Don Lo Chang from 2169. He was involved in the Chinese Triad Ring, that existed in China’s 18th century.

From there it went overseas to America in the 19th, known as the Tongs, which go underground.” Vices said. “So what’s our guy convicted of?” Brian said. “Kidnapping and murder of several people in our time, who tried to stop him from hurting their families and refusing to pay their ransom demands” Ricks said. Both know they need Inspector Yang’s help to find him, but one woman, Nancy Yang, the inspector’s daughter was the key.

At the hideout of Tongs in the basement of a house, they were drinking and playing dominoes, also counting their loot. “We have our new member, Don Lo. He successfully pass our initiation ceremony of Guan Yu, from our Chinese forefathers. Drinking the blood from a dead pig, walking underneath swords and reciting our oaths, he has passed the test” one member said. “I’ve done a good job collecting my reward from robbing a bank and taking care of business” Don said.

“I’m glad to be part of the Tongs, and not even the cops will stop us because of our super firepower” he said laughing. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah went to find Nancy in the San Francisco Bay Area. They found her where she worked as a waitress in a fast food restaurant from her dad. “Hello, are you Nancy Yang?” Brian asked her. She said yes and asked if they want anything.

They got coffee and donuts, a normal cop snack. “So my dad sent you here to see me, right?” Nancy asked them. “Nancy, what do you about Don Lo, a member of the Tongs?” Farah asked her. “Don’t talk about them, they terrorize my restaurant many times, making me send a message to my dad, if the cops don’t keep out of our business” she said, combing her long jet black hair, until trouble appeared from behind. The Tongs entered the restaurant.

“Hey Nance, who are your friends here and where is my loot?” Don said to her. “Hey Don, we’re police, enough terrorizing this place” Brian said as they showed badges. “Shall we take care of these 2 coppers?” the thug said to Don. He agreed as they attacked them, not knowing they know some kung fu.

“Bring it” Farah said, as she and Brian started to kick their asses. Other customers ran out in fear, as one thug had a knife swung at Brian, he took the arm of thug, took the blade from him and knock him out cold. Farah, on the other hand delivered one roundhouse kick to thug’s face, somersaulted on another guy’s shoulder, and zapped him with her PLLT.

“What type of firepower is that?” Nancy asked her. “Long story” she said. “Enough of this” Don said as he started to take Nancy and Farah hostage with the help of his thugs who came to. “Listen here Ferguson, you or the other cops follow us, they’re goners!” he threatened, as they drove off in their getaway vehicle. Brian was left in the damaged restaurant. “Vices, activate your GPS system to track them” he commanded her.

“Right way, Ferguson, Ricks will lead us in the Tongs direction, want me to summon Inspector Yang and his team to help us?” she asked. “Yeah, we need all the help to stop these guys” Brian said as he drove off. At their basement house, the Tongs had both Farah and Nancy tie up to chairs not knowing what they will do. “Oh look, a credit card, is it yours, detective Ramirez?” Don said, and the card shocked his hand, and she laughed.

“Looks like you have a bad touch” Farah joked. “Let us go, Don. Brian and my dad will stop you guys” Nancy said. “Not if I do this to you” Don said, as he activated some machine and it formed a virtual ball that came closer to them with deadly static waves inside that will shock them to death. “When these static waves come near you, you’ll be French fried girls” he said as he laughed and left them. “Ramirez, are you still here?” Ricks said as he was on top of the table close to machine.

“Visualize” Farah commanded as he appeared in holographic form. “So cool you guys have cool gadgets” Nancy said. “Me and partner are from the future. We come back to 2009 to get cons from our time and we can’t go back until we get all of them” she told Nancy. “Ramirez, I’m leading Brian and Vices to this location, also other law enforcement will come with them.

But I’ll try to shut down the static wave machine” Ricks said, as he worked on it. At the police station, Brian went to get Inspector Yang, telling him were the Tongs are and that they have his daughter hostage. “Okay, everyone, let’s get these guys” Yang said. “Thank you for helping me” Yang said to Brian.

“No problem Yang, it’s what we do” Brian said, as they went to the address at an house down the road. “OK, Parker, you and Karakas go to the back, me and Ferguson move in the front” Yang ordered. Both of them bust the front door open, a loud boom sound happened and the Tongs checked it out. “Hey you stay down here and watch them, so they don’t try anything” Don ordered the thug. “They’re here” Farah said. “Thank God for Bri, he came through” she said. A fight took place between the cops and the Tongs, trading gunfire.

Yang’s team won, cuffing the bad guys, but Don Lo escaped fleeing down the basement. “Let me get him” Brian said to Yang, and let him deal with him. Just then Ricks had deactivated the machine, and using a nail file the girls cut the rope freeing themselves. “What the…” the thug said as Farah gave one kick to his face, but as he reached his gun, she zapped him with a blue PLLT blast, and fell to the floor.

“Ah you two got free, now it’s time for you to die” Don said as he aim his gun at them. “Don, it’s over, give yourself up” Farah said to him. That’s when Brian appeared and lunged at him, giving him one right hook. “So you come to take me back” Don said. “That’s right, playa. What do you did in 2167 murdering innocent lives, is our business” Brian said. “Well, meet my electro-nun chucks” Don said, as he got them out and swung it at him.

“Watch out, Ferguson” Vices warned, as those things would shock him to death if it touched him. Nancy hit him over the head with the pipe and he fell down. “Thanks, I need that” he said to her. “Now Don Lo, take a trip to jail, 2169 style” he said, as he zapped him with a red PLLT blast, and Vices transported him. “That was awesome” Nancy said. Just then Yang came down and both greeted each other.

“My girl, nice to see you alive” Yang said to her. “Me too, Dad” she replied, as they thanked Brian and Farah for their help taking down the Tongs. “Well, these Triads are out of the crime business” Brian said. “Indeed, captain, and we have more to find in this time” Vices said, and they went on their way to fulfill their mission.

Don’t mess with Ramirez: At their home, Farah spent all night on the internet finding the history of her family in the past. “Amelia Ramirez, she has the same name is me” she said. “That’s which she’s your great grandmother, who’s in her mid 20’s in the past and live in San Antonio, Texas.

I sense she’s in danger” Ricks said. “A fugitive named Bob Parker is out to murder her from our time and also Deborah Gordon, your mother.” “Meaning I won’t exist, I must stop him” Farah said. Without waking up Brian, she departed to Texas to stop Bob. “Ramirez, is this wise going at this alone?

Should we at least let Ferguson know about this?” Ricks said to her. “In due time Ricks, he’ll know what’s going on. Keeping my past family is what matters now” Farah said as they drove on the interstate toward San Antonio. At the rest stop hotel, Farah went to get sleep and more briefing on the bad guy Bob Parker.

“Bob Parker is America’s most wanted in the future. Went on a murder spree in 2169, killing innocent bystanders who didn’t give in to his demands” Ricks said. “The same year we gone back in time” Farah added. “I’m betting this is Dr. Stone heart’s doing. He’s ordering and paying him to kill your fore parents, the Ramirez, so you won’t exist, just fade away” Ricks said.

“Visualize and give me more info on Amelia Ramirez” she commanded him. Ricks pulled up a file and background on her. Her birth surname was Amelia Morales and is one fashion journalist. She’s married to Antonio Ramirez, one U.S. Marshal, which explains law enforcement in her family background. “They live on NW 24th St., close to I10” Ricks said.

Farah paid her hotel fee with her card and departed the place, not knowing that where she was, Brian will follow her and help when she needs it. “Ferguson, wake up, Farah has gone off to save her great grandparents from danger” Vices said to him. “Dang, why that girl do something that risky on her own?” he said.

“She wants to see her fore parents and save them from murder by one wanted fugitive named Bob Parker, one assassin from our time. She don’t know how dangerous he really is” she said. Vices had pinpointed where she and Ricks went last, which was the hotel along I 20 and gas stations along I-35 in Texas.

So they went there and ask about if Farah stopped by there. “Oh yes, that beautiful brunette chick, she was here, was in a hurry though” the manager said. So Brian left and followed her trail. Just then, one gas station attendant was horrified because he was robbed of his money.

Bob Parker had struck there, but sparing his life. “Hope you remember your mission, Parker. Deal with the Ramirez, with them gone, Farah will never be born, and she faded into existence” Stone heart said over the phone to Parker. “Yeah boss, got it under control” Parker said, as went on his mission.

“I’m not at my phone right now. Please leave a message and I get back to you” her answering machine said as Brian called it. “Can’t get her, damn it” Brian said as they tracked her. Meanwhile, Farah arrived at the address where her past great grandparents meet, and knocked the door. A middle aged woman answered the door. “Can I help you, ma’am?” she asked Farah.

“I’m looking for Amelia and Antonio Ramirez, do they live here, come to ask them something important.” Then they appeared and let her in the luxurious house. “Forgive my mom, she’s like this around guests that she don’t know about, and you are?” Amelia said. Farah introduced herself to her and said she was in danger by some hit man who was going to murder them.

“If our life is in danger, my hubby is a U.S. Marshal, will stop that murder” Amelia said, just then she was need to cover a fashion show downtown and she left. “I think we must watch them, because the suspect will be after them and he has super firepower that’s superior to early 21st weaponry” Ricks said, and she went to keep an eye on her. That’s when the murderer Bob appeared at the front door, holding a gun at Antonio’s mom.

“Where’s Amelia your daughter-in-law heading?” he said. “I don’t know what you’re talking about” the mom said, and he shot her execution style, tore the house apart. He found out she was a fashion journalist, and she was going cover the San Antonio Fashion show downtown today, and went there to assassinate her.

“Ferguson, this is the place. San Antonio, P.D.” Vices said, as she and Brian arrived to meet Antonio, the marshal in charge. “Let me get this straight, me and my wife are in danger by some murderer by the name of Bob Parker, he’s off the radar, never heard of him, but if he’s after Amelia he’s my business” Antonio said. Just then they heard their house was vandalized and Antonio’s mom was shot.

So they arrived at the house and her dead body was under a blanket. “Let me see her!” Antonio demanded the forensics team, and they let him through. “Mom, no, no. That killer will pay for this, you were right, Ferguson, we must stop him before he kills again” Antonio said.

At the fashion show, Amelia was about to broadcast live from there. “Welcome to fashion week here in lovely San Antonio under clear blue skies. Our models will showcase the latest fashions that will be in department stores soon” Amelia said. “There she is, Ramirez, your great grandmother” Ricks said to Farah as she watched from crowd, wearing sunglasses.

She was on the lookout for the killer Parker, not knowing he was above, with a sniper rifle ready to fire. Using her super sight, she saw him on the stands with the rifle and move there. “Hey, Shaggy, put that gun down, Philly P.D.” she commanded him. “Calm down, sweetheart. I heard about you Ramirez and your partner.

From 2169 like myself. Stone heart paid me lots to kill your family in the past and you two” Parker said. Just then the gun went off and people in the stands started screaming. Lot of commotion and running took place. “What’s going here?” Amelia asked as she ducked for cover.

“Now you done it, you’re toast” Parker said, as Farah used her super speed to snatch the rifle and stepped on it with her foot. “Die, bitch” as he charged her, but she ducked and gave punches and kicks to him. Just then Brian and Antonio arrived at the scene. “There’s my girl, dishing out some whoop ass” Brian said as she saw her in the stands. He ordered the Ramirez’s to evacuate the premises for safety and went to help his partner.

But Parker got her in the choke hold. “Well, you must be Brian Ferguson. Your feisty partner is a goner unless you give up” Parker demanded. “Never, sucker” he said, as he commanded both Vices and Ricks to make a loud audio noise, Farah stepped on his foot to escape and both covered their ears as they made the noise, causing him to hollow out in pain.

“I got this, say hello to my PLLT, and go back to ‘69 to stand trial” Farah said, as she gave him a red blast and Ricks did the rest by transporting him. “Where’s Parker gone?” Antonio said as they came back. “It’s a long story if you have time” Farah said, and they did as they told the truth to them. “I don’t believe this, you two are from the future and you are our descendant” they asked. “Yes, she’s your great-great granddaughter who’s a cop, and I see where she got her spunk” Brian said.

“Mr. and Mrs. Ramirez, it’s imperative you keep their real location secret, because their on a quest to find fugitives from the future and can’t go back until they’re all found” Vices said and she appeared in holographic form and Ricks said. “No way, awesome FX, you two technology advanced” Amelia said. Both went on their, not knowing they will cross paths again in the past or the future.

The Amazing Magician:

There was one talented magician in town named Ivan Smirnoff who was dressed in a suit. “Today, ladies and gentlemen, I make my lovely Olga disappear” he said in a Russian accent. She stepped into a standing box and shut the door. He then waved the wand, when he opened the door, she disappeared. The audience was in awe.

“Now I bring her back” he said, waved his wand and the lovely blond appeared as she opened the door. The audience stood up and applauded in amazement. “Thank you for coming to our show” he said, they took a bow and the curtains closed. “Nice job, Olga, here’s a gift for you” and he waved his right hand, handing her a rose. “Why thanks, Ivan, you shouldn’t have” Olga said, and parted ways.

Just then a scream, gunshot and footsteps retreating happened. Smirnoff’s assistant was shot. “Call the police” he demanded. Brian and Farah came to the scene with their team. “Such a pretty face dead” Brian said. “So Smirnoff, the incident happened when you came by and you didn’t see the suspect” Farah asked him. “Just hear footsteps and see her dead body” he said. The forensics team took the body to an coroner to examine it more. Just then Vices want to speak to them privately.

“I read Smirnoff’s body vitals and he’s not from around here. He’s from 2169” she said. “So he is right, is he one of our guys we seek?” Brian said. “No he’s innocent and well known in our time, done acts in District 25, but must escaping from someone. But one convict is named Donald Brock.” “Access everything about Donald” Brian said.

“Donald Brock had stolen golden brick blocks from Fort Knox in 2169 was convicted and escaped custody” Vices said. “He fled here to hide from that person” Farah said. “Brock wants to use him to make him invisible so he can pass through security cameras in financial institutions since he knows he’s a well known illusionist magician” Ricks said. They’re hinting he could be one who shot Olga, and fled the scene that time.

So they knew the magician had to be protected before he strikes again, took hook him into protective custody at their place. “Nice place you two have” he commented. “Smirnoff, we know you’re from 2159 like us” Farah said. “You two must be joking, really, show me proof” he asked, and they showed their PLLT weapons to him.

“You guys come armed with portable lasers, you’re time cops?” he asked. “Enough chit-chat, Smirnoff, you’re a very well known magician in our time and one con named Brock is after you, to use your talents” Brian said. “Yes, that bad Brock guy, big, ugly and most wanted. Need me to make him invisible so he rob banks, not good.” Smirnoff said, thanking them for protection.

Meanwhile, he did various magic acts with their weapons and object to pass time. “For my next trick. I put Farah Ramirez to sleep by snapping my fingers for 1 min, and wake her up” Smirnoff said. Farah agreed to this, he snapped his fingers and she went to sleep. He snapped his fingers, but she didn’t wake up, went into a deep sleep.

“Where am I, and why I’m wearing a dress like in a fairy tale?” Farah said, as she was in a forest and a castle is up ahead which she walked towards. Into the castle she goes and Brian appeared. “Girl, it’s time for you to wake up now” he said, and she awoke back in reality. “Glad you awake, Smirnoff finally got you up the 2nd time” he said. “I must lose my touch, back home I was good all over the world” Smirnoff said.

The next day, Smirnoff was scheduled to perform again with them there watching him for anything suspicious in the sidelines. “He’s a great performer, but a little aloof. His tricks backfire” Vices said. “Visualize, you two” Brian and Farah commanded and they appeared in holographic form.

“Now watch this trick. I put cloth through my left ear and out my nose” he said, as he did it and was successful. “I don’t believe it, he did it, the cloth must be full of snot” Ricks said. “Ricks, please enjoy the show” Farah said. The show ended on a high note and audience left, leaving them there. “You’re awesome” Brian said to Ivan. “Why thank you Brian, and this time has been good to me, everything is peaceful unlike the future where is corruption everywhere” Ivan said. Just then their computers sensed danger.

“I sense a body vital outside the building.” Vices said. “Must be our guy, Brock” Brian said. “Hey Ivan the magician. You have a lot of nerve coming to the past, so I can find you easy and it looks you have friends” Brock said. “Stand back Brock, before I do something like dump water on you. Magic wand, make a bucket of water appear under his head” he commanded, but it backfired as the bucket dumped water on Brian and Farah.

“Looks like Ivan the Terrible magician” Brock laughed. “Aw, come on, man” Brian said. “You have been convicted for your crime in ‘69 for robbing Fort Knox” Farah said. “Move out of the way, sweetheart. Ivan coming with me to help me rob banks from this time, since he’s a well known magician” Brock said. He then brought out his own laser gun loaded with deadly green capsules. “Watch out for the fatal green laser shots that can kill you” Vices said.

“Darn it, I didn’t load up on PLLT capsules” Brian said. He then charged at Brock, giving him punches, but he fought back.

“I must help Ferguson, but have good idea” Ivan said, he then instructed Farah to distract him by turning off the lights which she did. “Who turned off the lights?” Brock said, and came back on. “Looking for your gun, Brock head?” Ivan said, as he was holding it in his hand. “Now you see it, now you don’t” Ivan said, as he made the weapon disappear.

“Why you illusionist, die!” he said as he charged, stepped into rope, which Ivan commanded to tie him up. Farah with her loaded PLLT, zapped him with the red blast and Ricks sent him to the future. “We make good team, yes?” Ivan said. “We sure did” Farah said. “I want to stay in 2009, more beautiful here and free to perform for people to make money” Ivan said. “Good luck to your magician gig, and hope to meet again” Brian said as they departed. “Wait, I have something for my lovely dear, Farah” Ivan said, and wave his hand to reveal a rose to give her.

“Well Ivan, I thank you for the rose” Farah said. “My next show is on house for you two, come my assistants, let’s go” Ivan said and departed away.

Stomp The Floor:

A well known dancer named Hakim Roberts had been a lot of dance competitions all across the country and worldwide. He won several trophies for his choreographed dance moves. But he was in danger which doesn’t know about, until he went missing and his body was found in a dumpster. “Oh boy, we got another one” Brian said, as he, Farah and a team forensics came to the scene.

“Looks like he Hakim Roberts a well known dancer in the country and worldwide” Farah said. They were thinking he had a grudge with someone he knew well, the body was sent to forensics lab which they examine. “Ok Ricks, examine the body for any cause of death” Farah commanded. “Yes, ma’am” he replied, scanned it for any wound, until he detected the wound on his skull.

“The wound on his skull is bullet wound, but it’s done by some deadly laser with gamma rays that melted his brain on inside, causing death” Ricks said. “The suspect must not be around here” Brian said. “Correct Ferguson, and I know who it is. Pat Stevens is our suspect, a former dancing student. Since dance and music were faded in the 22nd century due to technology advancement, it went underground, which he was a part of.

He had problems with the other students with his rowdy behaviour, he was booted out. So he went to the surface and went on a shooting rampage murdering civilians, also his former classmates” Vices said. “Look at this clue, the address of the dance school he went to. Living Arts Dance & Fitness Studios” Farah said, as they saw the address of 2247 N. Broad St. in Philly.

So they head to address and talk to the instructor. “Yeah, I knew him, was one talented kid. Master of every dance move from ballet, hip-hop, step, you name it” the instructor who’s name was Rick Matters said. “You knew anyone who Hakim knew here, a former student perhaps?” Brian said. “There’s one girl in here which he had a crush on, Laura Sanchez, one my students he love working with, here’s her address and also Pat Stevens” the instructor said. They headed to address, which was South St.

neighbourhood. “Here’s the place, 7th St.” Brian said. Laura, the petite beauty answered the door. “Laura Sanchez, you know Hakim Roberts?” Farah said, as they showed her badges. “Yes, I knew him, was a talented guy and funny too” she said. “The last I saw him was at a bar down where we hung out after class.” They left her home, and while at their place, they research more.

“So I’m pondering our Stevens criminal is a student at that dance school. We must get him before he strikes again” Farah said. “That means we must keep an eye on Laura, because she could he his next victim” Vices said. Later that today Brian, who was undercover, followed Laura secretly on the street, when she meet Stevens. They chatted up and he showed off some moves.

“Remember, we have rehearsals for tonight’s performance at Reilly Hall tonight, so we must practice hard today” Stevens said, as they went to the school. “I see our suspect with Laura, can’t nab him yet” Brian said over Bluetooth in the squad car. They’re heading to studio.” “Well, stay on them, I’ll join you soon” Farah said, and she went there. “Come on Stevens, get it right” the instructor said.

“Leave me alone man, I quit this!” he said and stormed out. “He’s leaving the building and going by car to the bar which our girl Laura talked about” Brian said and he followed him there. At the bar, Stevens was drinking away his sorrows, when Laura came by. “What was that back there? You need your attitude checked at the door” Laura said to him. Just then Steve pulled out his gun and ordered everyone out, except her.

“Hey babe, you got me mad, that’s not good, because there consequences” he said as he held the gun at her head, and she was terrified. “Stevens, let the girl go, it’s me you want” Brian said as he held his badge. “Farah, were you at?” Brian said, and she appeared at the scene. “Come on Stevens don’t this, just let her go” she requested. He then let her go, and they told her to go somewhere safe. “Who are you guys, cops?” he said.

“From 2169, Serene City P.D., and you are charged with crimes from there, killing several citizens and students with your gamma ray laser” Farah added. “Oh, that part, well here she is” he said and fire the weapon at them, ducking for cover. “What a powerful weapon, how we gonna stop that?” Brian said. “Maybe I can shut it down, but I must be closer to it, about 2 meters” Vices said.

With that, they charged at him, with Brian giving Stevens a beat down and Farah put VICES the card on the weapon and she shut it down. They cuffed him and zapped him with a red blast that the computer did the rest by transporting him to the future. “I hope this bar has insurance to fix some damages here” Brian said, as they looked around, and Laura came around. “Thank you for saving me, and where Pat go?” she asked.

They said he escaped and other cops will get him not knowing they already did their job. “We should tell her the truth” Farah said, not knowing if they did, she won’t believe them if they weren’t from here. Both started to move on the dance floor with the music playing in the background. “I’m getting my groove on, as they say here” Brian said, as he bust it on the floor. “Smooth moves Ferguson, at least you’re good at something” Vices said.

“Can I show some of my moves, hit the salsa music!” Laura said, and Farah changed the genre to salsa. She was a talented salsa music which runs in her family. “I’m just loving this” Brian said as he moved to beat of the music. “Ay muy bueno!”

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