Time Jump

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Birth of a Nation

Birth of an Nation:

Both Brian and Farah were at their place relaxing, and working on their case as their computers brief them on their next con when they researched online about American Independence and the freedom speech by Samuel Adams dated August 1, 1776, at the State house in Philadelphia.

“Look at that the speech by him, made after a month after America gain independence from Britain, July 4 of that year” Farah said. “People back then had definitely fought for freedom, through war, and not to be bossed around our former colonizers” Brian said. “Would nice to witness that freedom speech said by him in the flesh” he said, and their time cards started to activate, sending them to that date, August 1, 1776.

August 1, 1776: “Where the heck are we? Could it be?” Brian asked. “Yes, Ferguson, we’re in the late 18th century, America, August 1, 1776” Vices said. “After you said, you wanted to witness the freedom speech spoken by Samuel Adams, the cards activated and granted your wish” Ricks said. It was 1776 Philadelphia, with the Victorian style homes, and people in 18th century fashion, also horse drawn carriages.

“Amazing to see all this and the history of America in old times” Farah said. Just ahead, they saw the sharply dress Samuel Adams walking down the street, with some soldiers at his side. They moved to one side, so he don’t see them. “Visualize” Brian commanded them, and they appeared in holographic form. “We’re still functioning well in the 18th century, thanks to 22nd century technology” Vices said.

Vices and Ricks scanned Adams, making sure it’s really him and was. They also sensed danger around him. “You two must protect Adams from danger, because someone from our time is here to assassinate him” Vices said. “He’s known as Timothy Knox, a wanted fugitive from the 22nd and part of the Outlaws who came back here to ruin U.S. history.” So with that, they had to watch over Adams, but first they had to look the part.

“Like these 18th century duds, how your dress, Farah?” Brian asked her. “Wow, the women of this time put a lot baggage at their rear end of their dresses, they have to handle the weight and these tight girdles” Farah said. They went to his house and introduced themselves. “Hello strangers, what you want of me?” Samuel asked them. “Samuel, we heard so much about you, being from Boston, studied at Harvard, and part of Revolutionary war” Brian said.

“I guess an adviser told you about myself. Our troops fought the British for independence from them and we gained it in 1776. Now I must prepare my freedom speech for later today before I go back to Massachusetts to become the senate there.” He had his men lead them out of his home. “He doesn’t know he’s in real danger” Farah said. “Yes, Detective, and he’ll assist in writing the U.S. Constitution in 1787 in Massachusetts.

He can’t be murdered before that, because it will sabotage American history which he’s important part of” Ricks said. Just then they saw the guy Timothy marching in the military parade. After he was dismissed from the parade, he went to the side and went to his video com link, disguised as an I phone from the early 21st century.

“You know your orders, take out Samuel Adams and if anyone like these cops from our time, Ferguson and Ramirez show up, kill them too” the Outlaw leader said. “Stone heart is paying us good to take them out, and we destroy a piece of past American history, that causes consequences like lawlessness” Knox said as he laughed. “There he goes, did you get the conversation he said over the com link you detected?” Farah said to Vices.

“Yes, I did, and if he succeeds, he’ll mess up American history for future generations with lawlessness” Vices said. They followed him and confronted him. “Timothy Knox, hold it!” Brian ordered. “What, so you’re two cops from the future, eh? I have orders to take you two out, stand down” Timothy said as he fired his rifle at them. They ducked for cover, soldiers and townspeople came by.

“These two are trying to murder Samuel Adams, who has a speech later today” he said, and the soldiers arrested for assassination. “What ye have here? Plastic square objects?” one soldier said, as he searched their pockets. Just then Farah fought back, not letting them frisk her anymore. “He’s lying, you’re letting a murderer get away, who’s set to kill Adams” she warned them. “You’re one crafty witch” the soldier said.

“Let them go soldier” Vices said. “Visualize now!” Brian said, as the computers appeared in holographic human form. “What manner of sorcery is this?” the soldiers said, as they ran for cover. “These two are cursed, run for your lives!” and they ran away. “I’ll be back for you two, just wait” Daniel said as he got away on horseback. “Damn it, he got away” Farah said.

“The most important thing now is to save Adams from Knox killing him. Let’s go State Hall” Brian said, and they went there. “Look at that place, we need a reservation to go in there” Brian said. “Perhaps I can be of assistance” Ricks said. So he had made an announcement. “Bradford, you’re needed elsewhere, report to me Washington, right away” Ricks said, and the soldier walked from the entrance. Both of them move in and saw Adams about give his speech.

“People of the free 13 states of U.S., it’s a momentous time in our history to celebrate our independence and being a light of this world” Adams said. Just then, they saw Knox with a rifle in the crowd, aiming for him. “Everyone evacuate the premises” Brian ordered leaving them there. “What is this, am I being murdered?” Adams said.

“Samuel, take cover” Brian said, as he departed with the soldiers at his side. “You two magicians again, seize them” the soldier said, and they charged, but Brian and Farah defended themselves. “What manners is this, a woman fighting back, how odd, she‘s like Joan of Arc” the other soldier said, as he got ass kicked by her.

“Farah, behind you” Ricks said, as the soldier took out his sword swinging at her, and she stunned him with PLLT laser. “My word, she’s a real witch with that weapon, real dark magic” he said and they ran for cover. “Witch huh, maybe in 359 years, you will understand” Farah said.

“So you two come to send me back, huh?” Knox said, not if my rifle says so, and he aimed it at her, but Brian’s super speed took the rifle from his hand, and crushed it. “Now you done it” he said. “Timothy Knox, I wish you fair travels, and hello to jail in 2169” Brian said as he zapped with a red blast and Vices did her thing by transporting him. “Look at this com link” Brian said.

“What’s this, you’re not Knox” the rebel leader said. “He’s gone to back to jail and we’ll be looking for you back home, Sayonara, sucker” he said and turned it off. “Mr. Adams, you believe us now?” Farah said, as he came back in the place. “Yes, I do, and I thank you both for saving my life and this country. Where are you two from anyway?” he asked them.

“Long story if you have time” Brian said. So they told them their from the future 383 years ahead, but they said they’re from 2009, to find criminals hiding there, and preserve the past. “Nice crafty magical devices you have, so superior to 18th century guns” Adams said. “I’ll mention you two heroes in my speech” he said. Just then the time cards activated, and teleported 233 years in the future, which was 2009. “Glad to be back, but not our real home which is 160 years ahead” Farah said.

On the internet, they saw Samuel Adams speech, saying thanks to them for saving his life and the country. “We did it, we saved Adams, and preserve the past from destruction. We gone through time for good reasons to help preserve it from chaos” Brian said. “Yes, were both heroes in our own right” Farah said, keeping the 18th century dress she brought back on display at their place and Brian his soldier suit. Both were tired, awaiting their next case of finding cons from the future.

The Heat is on:

South Beach, a Miami neighbourhood, was always booming with activity with its nightclubs, restaurants and tourism. But there was a death of a young man in the Di Lido area, named Jason Lambert. His body was burned alive by some torch, and a passer-by discovered it the next day in South Beach Park. That’s when both Brian and Farah showed up at the scene, looking for one con from their time. “What happened here?” Brian asked the cop in charge.

“One passer-by discovered the dead body of this young man named Jason Lambert” Don Pacheco, the cop said. “Caucasian/White male, early 20’s, 5’7 and a college grad of hospitality” Farah said. “The body must have been burned alive.” she added. “Can you leave us for a bit?” Brian said. With the other cops away, they started to scan the charred body. “Showtime for you two” Brian said, and Vices and Ricks scanned the body.

“Looks like he was burned by a device like a torch or flame thrower” Vices said. “There’s no flame torch stores that would give them out without a permit” Farah said. “I sense a life vital nearby” Ricks said, as they saw one hooded man walking by the scene. “He looks suspicious, must keep an eye on him” he added. So they did that, but first they had to find the passer by who saw the body.

“The passer-by is named Ron Johnson, a friend of his. He’s often hangs out on the beach” Vices said. So they went to the beach and found him. “Are you Ron Johnson? We need to ask you some questions” Brian said. He took off his headphones and told them that Jason was nice all round guy, studious and always chasing girls. “He shouldn’t go out like this, he’s innocent guy, at the wrong place and time” Ron said, and they went their way.

Just then, they see the same guy jogging on the street. Their computers took a viral scan of the guy. “The suspect’s name is Steve Harrison. His weapon of choice is a automatic flamethrower he must of stole from our time and burned one security guard to death.” Ricks said. “So he’s one that killed Jason last night” Farah said. “And he’s very dangerous wielding that weapon” Rick said. As they studied the flamethrower weapon image, it was a powerful device with unlimited firepower, they had to stop him before strikes again.

They went where people in South Beach go to the nightclubs to ask around if someone seen him. The owner said he was here and left the place to go home. “We’re getting nowhere at all, he must be miles away by now” Brian said. Steve was low on cash, so he went to an ATM on the street, touched it with his hand, and using telepathy, disarm the alarm, making the bills come out.

“Easy Pickings, thanks my telepathy” he said. Just then, one passer-by witnessed what he was doing. “Hey sir, how did you take money out of the ATM with no debit card” the passer-by said. “Well, why don’t you take the heat?” Steve said, and revealed his automatic flamethrower, turned it on and burn the passer-by to death, with him screaming.

“Good riddance to that nuisance” Steve said, and walked away. Later, the next day cops were at the scene. “Again, Harrison strikes, killing one person with that murder weapon” Pacheco said. Brian and Farah knew they had to work quickly to find Harrison before he strikes again. At their hotel, they tried to find leads to where he could be. “He’s definitely a pyromaniac” Brian said. “Two deaths of innocent people by Harrison” Farah said.

“And the bloke successfully robbed one ATM down the street last night, using telepathy to go into the machine and commanded it to withdraw money from it” Ricks said. “So our guy is telepathic, controls things with his mind, not good” Brian said. So both of them went to the same beach again to see if he was there, and witness said that he be at one club later tonight called the Sizzle.

“So it’s Sizzle, let’s go there undercover and see if get him” Farah said. Later that night, they appeared at Sizzle, Farah wearing clubbing get up and Brian wearing sunglasses. “Don’t believe the young adults of this early 21st century wear revealing clothing, mostly women showing their stomachs” and short shorts” Ricks said. “You got blend with the crowd” Farah said, having fake tattoos on her arms and wearing a necklace.

Just then, Farah saw their con, Steve near the bartender area. “I see him Brian, going next to him” she said to Brian, who was watching from a distance, turning down every girl’s chances of getting with him, focusing on the mission. “Can I sit next to you? Are you Steve Harrison?” Farah asked him, and he agreed for her sit next to him.

“What drink do you want and nice tattoos” Steve asked her. “None, I’m good thanks, I need to ask you a few question if you don’t mind” Farah asked. “She looks like she’s handling herself well” Vices said to Brian. Just then, Farah showed her badge to him. “Philadelphia P.D., me and my partner know you’re the killer of 2 people and robbed an ATM last night. Steve Harrison, you’re under arrest for murder and robbery.

Anything you say will come against in a court of law…” she said to him, and he ran from the bar to outside. Both of them ran after him. “Here’s a tip for the drinks” Brian said as he gave money to the bartender, with curious people running out to see what’s going on.

“Too much people are following us, don’t want to reveal our real weapons to them” Farah said to Brian. “Right. Ok party people, there’s nothing to see here, police business, go home or back to the club” Brian ordered them, and they left. “Ok Harrison, you tried to escape arrest which is not good. We know you’re from 2169 like us” Farah said.

“Ok then, so you two are time cops that get bad guys from the future that escape. Well, not if my baby say so” Harrison said, as he brought his portable flamethrower and activated the flames at them. “Damn, duck for cover!” Brian said, and they ducked. “Yeah, baby burn, burn to death.

Roasted cops on the menu” Harrison joked. “With that flamethrower, he’s unstoppable, how are we gonna beat him?” Farah asked. “There’s a beach ahead of us with a body of water. Lead him there and his flamethrower will go out of commission” Vices suggested to them. So they lead him to the beach, they off their shoes and swam in the ocean.

“Where the hell are they, have they sunk to death?” Harrison wondered as he walked in the water, not knowing that the flamethrower will short circuit when water touched it, which it did. Both were under water holding their breath for a long time when Brian appeared from behind and took the weapon from him.

They threw punches at each other, as Farah was getting to shoot Harrison, avoiding hitting Brian. “Detective, you have any bright ideas?” Ricks said. “Yeah one. Harrison, I got your flamethrower, come get it!” she said. Harrison came and tried to get the weapon from her. “Hey, look behind you, idiot” Farah said, as Brian was getting ready to shoot. “Hey, smile for the PLLT” he joked and zapped him with the red blast, their computers did the rest transporting him.

“Jolly good show, both of you” Ricks said, as they soaking in their clothes. “Let’s go home and change our clothes, we had enough con snatching for one night” Farah said, as they departed to the hotel.

“What an advanced flamethrower, made in Pakistan-India Republic?” Brian said, as he read the label. “Let’s disarm it” Vices said as she shut the device down for good, as Brian placed her on top of it. “Let’s hit the town for some parties” Brian said as they hit South Beach for a fun time and time off. “Here we go again for pleasure, we have a mission to do” Ricks said. They put their cards in the bag so they can have them.

Speed Demon:

In the streets of San Diego, California, there were a lot of illegal street racing going on at night, with tricked out cars. But one man named Dale Conway, had his own pimped out car with super gadgetry like advanced rockets, car booster and GPS. He won every street race there is and when the cops come, they scatter and hide so the 5-0 won’t get them.

That’s when one car exploded into flames, and the racer that was inside was blown to death. Other racers and spectators looked on at horror, when some were arrested for illegal racing. Meanwhile, at Brian and Farah’s pad, they were watching a viral video of a street racing car exploding on line at a social site. “A deadly crash of race car that blown to bits last night in San Diego.

A racer was killed by the explosion and some arrests were made by the police” the announcer said. “Street racing… Damn I like the cars that they drive but it’s first hearing that some racer got killed” Brian said. “And it’s illegal to race on those streets” Farah said. “Correct, detective. But we a case on our hands” Vices said.

“A wanted fugitive from 2169, is named Dale Conway” Ricks said. “Is he that well known street racer that has his known tricked out car?” Brian said. “Tricked out? Is it a early 21st century term for adorning ornaments or attention getting devices to get noticed” Ricks said. “Yes” they said. “The reason Dale is winning that he has 22nd century technology like space rocket boosters that enhance the speed of his car” Vices said.

“Street racing was illegal in the 22nd century, so it went underground from the law” Farah said. “Could he be behind the death of the racer?” Brian said. “Could be Captain, but he dangerous, he stole space rockets and fuel from a space center in 2154” Vices said. So that’s why they must apprehend him before he gets away.

San Diego, CA:

They arrived in San Diego to the scene but they had to go undercover in the street racing circuit. “I volunteer to be a street racer, how hard can it be? Just need a car to trick out with your help, Vices” Brian said. He saw one Ford Mustang unused. “That’s what I’m talking about, love me some Mustang. With some work, I can get this car going” Brian said.

“Need a hand, sugar?” one female mechanic said. “The name Nicole Mroczkowski. My dad used to love cars, always taking me to car shows and fixing his old Jeep with him” she asked. “And you two are?” “Brian Ferguson and this is my friend, Farah Ramirez” Brian introduced them.

“What do you know about Dale Conway, the racer?” Farah asked her. “He’s a well known racer in the city, but we had to be discreet, avoiding the cops getting us who are secretly watching. Just today, the explosion that killed Mike, the guy I was seeing at the time. I’m in the dark about the explosion.”

Just then, Dale and the other racers shown up. “So are you new to the races?” Dale asked them. “Yes I am, and I’ll win this one” he said, as Nicole adjusted his car for racing. “Wow, you two are good at fixing cars” Brian said to them. “See you at the starting line, if you’re not chicken” Dale joked. Brian accepted the challenge and the race was scheduled to begin.

Every racer with their cars and female models ready to give the green light to go. “On your marks, get set, GO!” the model said and were off. “Ok, Vices don’t fail me now” Brian said, as she was on the steering wheel, controlling the car. He was off, but in 6th place. He quickly gained speed, passing several cars ahead of him. “Dale, I see him in front. Time to put on the juice” he said.

“Are you sure it’s wise, Captain?” Vices said. “Vices, I know what I’m doing here, and here we go!” Brian said, as he put the pedal to the medal. “Look, they’re neck and neck” Farah said. “Looks like the bloke can win this car race, hoping that no one here knows we’re police” Ricks said. “You worry too much, Ricks said. “What, that Ferguson dude, is behind me?

Not for long” Dale said, as he activated the turbo booster, until something happened. The rockets were not working. “Ah damn it!” Dale said, as Brian passed him, winning the race. “You did it, Captain, you beat Conway fair and square” Vices said. “Not bad, Ferguson, you’re the man behind the wheel” Dale congratulated him as he went to take a smoke from his cigarette.

“These young adults smoking tobacco in the early 21st is illegal in the 22nd century. Can’t believe they would destroy their own bodies and lungs” Ricks said. “Yeah, spare us the lecture” Farah said. “Who are you two talking to?” Nicole said. “Ah… ourselves, hearing voices in our head we’re responding to” Brian said. Just then, police sirens sounded as the cops came by.

“5-0, 5-0, let’s scatter” one racer said, as the crowd ran and hide. “We have to run from these cops and we’re one” Brian said, but they didn’t want to blow their cover, so they laid low for a while. “This what we deal with every time” Nicole said, as they hid from them. As for Dale, he discreetly had a 22nd century deadly laser rifle and shot at the police cruiser, blowing out one of the tires.

“What was that shot came out of nowhere?” one cop said, knowing it came from that direction. Dale started to run from the scene. “This isn’t good, attacking a squad car with some weapon” Brian said, and the cops went to area but Dale disappeared. “That’s one space age weapon, wonder where he got that” Nicole said, understanding she can’t get arrested because it will look bad for her.

“Why don’t you two come by me?” Nicole invited, they agreed and went to her apartment. At her apartment, they saw pictures of her racing with her pink speed car named Barbie. “So you’re a racer and this is the picture of parents?” Farah asked her. “Yeah, it is, and my dad used to street racing, made money from it winning to provide for us.

But he was caught one time by cops and was in jail throughout my childhood” she said. They were shocked to hear that from her, but their computers wanted to speak privately to them. “That girl Nicole has a trouble family background. She has come from a family of criminals, father was a illegal street racer, she’s a street racer to clear her family name. So glad you two didn’t arrest her” Vices said. “But we’re going to protect her from harm and danger. What do you get on Dale right now?” Brian said.

“That’s he planning to take out the competition by putting bombs in all the race cars, even Nicole’s” Rick said. So they had told Nicole what’s going on and they all went to the shop where all the cars are to disarm the bombs. “That’s everyone of ‘em” Brian said. “Now Dale can’t blow everyone up, not even you, Brian” Farah said. Hours later, the race began.

When the signal was given to go the cars started to revive their engines and Nicole joined the race for the first as the lone female driver in her pink tricked out car. “So Nikki you racing to win my heart?” Dale said. Nicole just ignoring him, just raced, him speeding past her. Brian was in 4th place and Dale roaring into 1st place after one lap. “So how Ferguson doing in the race?” Ricks said.

“Not good, with Dale having rocket booster power to his car, he don’t have a chance beating him, unless Vices come through for him” Farah said to her. “Oh baby, Vices, let’s boost the speed of this Mustang” Brian ordered. “Ok, Captain, hold on to your rear thrusters!” she said, and boosted the car’s performance and sailed past the 2 cars before him, on the designated track.

“Now you’re cooking with gas” Brian said, as they passed under tunnels, streetlights, etc. “So you want to beat me, huh?” Dale said, adjusting the rockets on the car to go faster in the 4th and final leg with Brian in dead 2nd, aiming for 1st place. “Let’s boost the rockets on my baby” Brian said. “Are you it’s wise, Captain, don’t want to crash” Vices said.

“Just do it” Brian said and she adjusted the rockets to blast through Dale and win the race. “He won again, how exciting” Ricks said. Brian again celebrated his win and went to congratulate Dale, but he refused his handshake. “This race isn’t over, until I take out the competition” Dale said, as he tried to make the bombs in the car go off, but they didn’t. “Dale, me and my partner Farah Ramirez disarmed the bombs in the cars” Brian said, with the help of Nicole.

“That’s right Dale and you’re going down, trying to take out the competition to win” Nicole said. All the racers and spectators were shocked to hear that and went to get Dale when Brian and Farah revealed their badges to the crowd. “We’re cops, and we’re here to arrest Dale Conway for the murder of one racer the other day” Farah said.

“And also he not from around these parts” Brian said. Dale made a run for it, also the spectators and racers for cover. “Dale Conway, wanted con from 2169, which were from. We come to get you and bring you back” Brian said. “You’re wanted in 2164 for stealing some space rocket boosters from NASA” Farah said.

“Take this!” and he shot his laser rifle at them and they ducked. So must shots, hitting objects and cars blowing them up. “Where are you two hiding?” he said. Knowing Brian and Farah are goners, they had work fast to stop him, until from behind Dale, Nicole hit him over the head with a pipe and fell down to the floor.

“Thanks” Farah said. “No problem, need to return the favour” Nicole said. With Dale, they had to reveal their secret to her. They zapped him with the red blast and with their computers help, they transported him back to the future. “How cool was that? You two space age weapons” Nicole said. “Nicole we’re from a different place in time and you must keep this a secret” Brian said.

Nicole agreed to keep what she seen a secret. The next day, Brian and Farah were off, but Nicole challenged them to a race and they agreed to it. “Time to eat my dust, Nikki” Brian said. “Oh yeah, we see about that” Nicole said and they were off in the sunset. “What’s this, she’s now superwoman?” Brian joked, as she won the race. “I still got it, and I continue racing to win money to bail my dad out of jail” she vowed.

“Good luck to you and hope you see him in the future” Farah said. Both were off in the sunset. “This day came out great. We got the bad guy and Nikki is competing in racing again, also the cops won’t bother them again because they’re moving the races to a discreet location in San Diego, cop free” Brian said.

“Come here hero, need to thank you” Farah said, and they started to passionately kiss each other. “Damn, what was that, a thank you kiss?” Brian said. “Of course it was, you’re always my hero” she said.

Farah’s makeover:

A new reality show is coming to town called Makeover Plus hosted by Erica Lovelace and metro sexual guy Jacques Pierre who’s a fashion conscious guy. They were looking for contestants to appear on the show, mainly female who are 18 and up. “Look at this ad for the reality TV show called Makeover Plus, looking for new faces” Farah said, wondering if she would give it a shot, because she need a makeover real bad.

“You’re serious detective? Be on reality TV to get 15 minutes of fame? Don’t know why people do these things for popularity and spotlight” Ricks said. “Aw, Ricks, don’t be such a critic. I’m off duty now and I need a new look. Wearing jeans and fighting bad guys all the time isn’t good. Need to bring back my feminine side” Farah said, and went to the audition session in the shopping mall a few blocks, taking Vices with her because she need female companionship.

“So Ramirez, you’re going along with this reality TV? You look alright” Vices said. “Oh not, you too, Vices” Farah said, as they approached the audition table in the shopping mall. “Ok fill out the application and wait your turn” the agent said, and Farah filled out and gave it back.

“I’m sending a text to Brian, telling him I’m going for the reality show Makeover Plus” she said and sent it to his cell. “Mrs. Ramirez, Erica Lovelace here. I love the info on your application, so you’re a business consultant for a law firm?” she asked. “Ah yes, the best consultant in town” she said, keeping her law enforcement a secret.

“Detective, a business consultant?” Vices whispered. Erica loved her skills and saw she need a makeover. “Can you come back tomorrow for taping of our show?” Erica said to her. She agreed to come back tomorrow for taping of the show in a studio. “Did you hear that, Vices? I thought I heard that one guy saying that he’ll take out the competition with my super hearing” Farah said, knowing that being in the competition she’ll find out what’s going on.

“So you’re going to be on Makeover Plus, that reality show?” Brian said, as he found out through Vices. “Enough chit-chat you two, I found out there will be trouble on the set, because one man will try to murder several innocent people on the set, so Farah will go undercover as one of contestants” Ricks said. “So I guess I’m on duty again, but at least I’m getting my makeover” she said.

Just then, a knock at the door and the camera crew, also Erica and Jacques appeared. “We come to interview the contestants at their homes for national TV” Erica said. Both were stunned, but Farah kept it cool and talked to the camera. The next day at the studio, Farah met the other women competing on the show and they too need makeovers.

“So you’re Farah Ramirez right?” one girl said to her. “Yes, I am and you are?” Farah said. “Bridget Jennings, and I need this makeover. May the best woman win” she said. The girls were set up and had to go a department store such as Macy’s to shop for clothes not going over $500.

Farah got a couple of dresses, blouses and shoes, trying them on and purchasing them. “Well ladies, we have a winner for this round, Farah Ramirez for getting nice clothes and good fashion sense she has” Jacques said cheerfully. “Next round, you ladies get your hair done with my hair stylist and myself” Jacques said.

The girls went to the hair stylist, Good Cuts to get their hair done with cameras rolling. “You my dear, need curls in your flat hair” Jacques said to Farah, as he shampooed, added the curly hair solution to her hair. Few girls cried as some of their hair was being cut shorter.

“Look at my girl getting her hair done” Brian said, as he watched her on TV. “Yes, captain, Ramirez is getting a new look” Ricks said, as visual avatar mode. “Now it’s time to cut some women from the competition” Erica said, as the judges went into discussion. “Farah, you are safe from elimination” Erica said, and she was relieved and sat down.

As for other 5, they were gone, say their goodbyes, but at least Bridget was still there with her as one of the 5 remaining. “Until the next time on Makeover Plus, making over one woman in America at a time. The cameras stopped rolling, and the ladies went to their rooms until one scream erupted.

One female contestant was dead on the floor and everyone was shocked. “There’s no blood showing from the body, she must be shocked to death” Farah said, not revealing she’s a cop for now. “Wow, a killer is on the loose and on the set” Bridget said to her. Just then police and forensics team took the body to the coroner to examine the cause of death.

The ladies were ordered to stay in their rooms until the investigation is over. In the dorm washroom, Farah wanted to know where the killer is and when they will strike again. “Visualize, Vices” Farah commanded, and she appeared in holographic form. “Look in your archives for the last body vital in this house who’s negative” she said.

Vices started to bring up the files of the last body vital. “The victim name is Vanessa Reid who died, come from a good family who had everything, the suspect that killed her must have been jealous of her and wanted her eliminated.” Vices said. “Well, we must keep watch for that” Farah said.

Out of curiosity, Bridget saw everything through the open door and quickly went back to sleep. “Brian, there’s been a murder on set of a young woman named Vanessa Reid, but my Farah senses are betting on that one of the crew could be a con from the future” she said on her cell on speaker mode.

“Well, keep digging and I come there soon” Brian said, and the conversation ended. “Well, we have to protect these people from harm and danger from the killer” Vices said. The next day at the set, the girls arrived at the studio from their dorms by car. “Detective, can I have word with you because it’s important” Vices said and she went to the side to hear her out.

“Hold me up in your hand to scan everyone” Vices said, and she held her up, scanning every person. “Hold it, that man there. Allen Edwards, he’s from the future, and he wanted for several things. Reprogramming 2 battle bots and making them attack humans, murdering them.” Now knowing that the murderer was among them, it’s stopping him that matters.

That’s when he took out his gun. “This entire set of Makeover crap is out of business” he threatened, ordering everyone on their knees. “I’m too good looking to die” Jacques said. “Shut up you metro sexual nut” Allen yelled at him. Farah activated her phone to signal Brian. “That’s my girl, let’s go” Brian said, as he departed for the studio.

Just then, Allen heard a beeping noise and he noticed Farah was calling for help. “Turn off that damn noise, what you have there, a credit card?” Allen said as he grabbed it, but the card gave a electric shock to his hand and Farah had kicked him in the balls and punched his face.

“Everyone, I’m a cop with Philadelphia P.D. This guy here is the one who killed Vanessa last night, so here’s your killer.” Farah said, but he got the upper hand and grabbed her, threw her across the room but she landed on her feet successfully. “What are you, superwoman?” Allen said to her.

“You can say that, big boy, come on, you embarrassed a girl will beat you?” she said to him. Allen charged at her and she somersaulted over his head behind him. “Everyone, go back to your dorms” she ordered, and everyone departed out the building.

“I heard you’re from the future like me, wanted for your crimes back there in 2169, such as reprogramming 2 battle bots and make them kill several people” Farah said. “Yeah, and I was gonna get away until you followed me here and you must die” Allen said. “Can I join in for some ass whooping?” Brian said as he arrived.

The two fought him, and they looked like they were winning until Allen got his gun aiming at them, but they zapped him with a red blast and their computers transported him back to future. “Nice job we did it again” Brian said. Farah came back to set for the show and she won the competition of $50,000 spending money for herself and the makeover.

“I love this look, new hair, clothes and 50 grand to buy a new vehicle, a flying one in 2159” she said, saving in her time capsule for 160 years, in the future it’s dug up and the money still there to be converted in money chips when they‘re done crime fighting.

Rebel Rider:

Every summer, Sturgis, North Dakota has its bike rally, attracting the very best motorcyclists in the country. Brian and Farah were in town finding a lead on a con from the future, Matt Bromley. Both of them caught him and making off with stolen loot from an bank. “Hold it, Matt, we got you surrounded, no where to hide!” Brian said, as they headed to the park.

“How did you two find me here, you’re detectives” Matt said. “Yes, Bromley, we are detectives, cops from 2169 like you, and you have charges of robbing a bank in District 50, Northwest City in the 22nd century, now you’re going back” Farah said. “Not a chance, copper” Matt said, and shot at them with a gun, but they dodged it.

Brian used his super speed to get behind Matt, take his gun and crushed it with his bear hands. “Matt Bromley my con, you are under arrest for robbery. Anything you say in the courts of 2169 will used against you in a court of law” Brian quoted. Matt started to run away, but he zapped him with a red laser blast, trapping in a force field, and their computers did their thing by transporting him.

“Another good show, both of you” Ricks said. “Like I said before me and Farah make a good team” Brian said. Further down the street on their motorcycle, they saw the ad for the bike rally in the city for the afternoon. “Don’t tell me you’re going to enter it” Farah said to him, which he did.

So they went to sign in booth, which Brian signed up. “Nice motorcycle, and the chick” the guy said. The motorcycle driver’s name is Larry Welling also known as Road Hog with his hair in a red bandana and have on biker gear. “Watch the comment pal, I’m not just a hot chick” Farah said to Larry.

“Relax lady, I didn’t really mean it. The name is Larry Welling, and also known as Road Hog and you two are?” he introduced himself to them. “Brian Ferguson and this lovely firecracker is Farah Ramirez” he said as they shake hands. “I’m not a firecracker, don’t want a lot of guys hitting on me, except you” Farah said to her.

“Well, hope to see you in the race” he said to them and drove away. “At least we got rid of one bad guy for the day” Brian said. “Well, you can have your leisure riding your motorcycle in the bike rally” Vices said. But she detected that there more to Larry than more than meets the eye. Brian went to get some biker gear at a motorcycle store, jacket, bandana, wrist braces and sunglasses.

“Damn, I look like one fly black biker in race” Brian said. “Now if you focus” Farah said, as he was checking out the biker chicks in the store. Brian was working on tuning up his motorcycle for the race later. “Just a little more adjustments to boost the engine and there we go” he said, as the engines roar. Later, the cycle rally was scheduled to begin on the main street.

“Ok boys, start your engines, and go!” the announcer said and they were off. Brian using his super sight to analyze the cycles and how to pass them. “Be careful not to reveal your hidden powers to everyone like super speed” Vices said. So Brian rode normally with the other bikers around the block.

Farah being in the sidelines and using her super sight, zoomed in on the race. “How he’s doing, Detective?” Ricks said. “I think he’s doing fine” Farah said, as Brian was moving ahead of the competition down the street and they came to finish line. “Nice race, Ferguson. You got motorcycle skills” Larry said to him.

“You and your lady friend coming to the Drunk Hog bar down the road?” he invited them. They agreed to go there, a hangout for bikers and female strippers entertaining the customers. “So where you two from, anyway?” Larry asked them. “Philly, travelling along interstate and landing here” Farah said as they were drinking beer.

“Attention, both of you” Vices whispered to them. They went to a private area so she can talk to them. “I have a lock of hair from Welling and he’s from 2169, a runaway maybe” Vices said. “How can it be? He looks like a normal 21st century guy” Brian said. “He must have been studying about 20th and 21st century motorcycles back in the future, fell in love them” Vices said.

“So another civilian from the future. He must be fleeing the destruction back there” Farah said. They went back to bar and asked Larry to come outside with them. “Larry, we hear you’re from 2169. In fact me and Farah are from there too” Brian said. “It’s the truth, I’m from there. I had to leave there to avoid corruption back there” Larry said. He told them he paid Stone heart a lot of money from fixing flying vehicles at his shop.

“You feel in love with motorcycles of this century and biker lifestyle so you want to stay here” Farah said. Just then a loud commotion in the bar happened. One customer gotten rowdy with another. They went inside and saw the two men fighting one another. “Where’s my money, man?” the guy said.

“Look, you’re drunk, been drinking too much” the other guy said. “Hold it, were police” Brian said as he and Farah held their badges. “Yeah, you heard right, undercover..” he added as the 6’3’ giant looked down on him, and threw him across the room, landing on a smashed table. “Brian, you alright” Farah asked him. That’s when he got up and challenged him to a fight. “Come on, playa, you game?” Brian asked him. The giant then charged him and he move out of the way, using his super speed.

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