Time Jump

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Rebel Rider

“What are you, Superman?” the giant said. “Maybe I’m super cop” Brian joked, he was ready to charge until Farah hit the back of his head with a empty beer bottle which cracked and he fell down. “Thanks, I need that” Brian said to her. They put the cuffs on him so the actual police come. “Thanks, you two.

Giant Timmy won’t be causing any more trouble” Larry said. All of them threw out the giant out of the bar. “I don’t want to go back there. My home is here in Sturgis” Larry said. But the giant had awoken from his slumber, seeking revenge. “You two, look out behind you!” Vices warned, and Brian gave one blue laser blast from his PLLT, making him go down.

“Those PLLT lasers from the 22nd, useful devices and your computer that shows a 3D holographic talking avatar” Larry said. “Yeah 2 good inventions back home, especially the augmented reality computers named Vices and Ricks. Visualize!” Farah commanded and they appeared in holographic form.

“Nice to meet you Larry Welling, well known motorcyclist” Vices said. “If you all are done talking, we have a mission remember?” Ricks said. Brian and Farah went their separate ways on the highway bound for Philly with helmets on their head and their biker gear.

Bring it on:

The cruel scientist Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart was in Philly promoting his scientific research at a civic center downtown. “Captain and detective, we got a lead on Stone heart. He’s in Philly to promote his research on life extension, making an individual live beyond 110 years” Vices said. “110 years, my foot, finally we can get him” Brian said. But the scientist would expect both of them to try to stop him.

At the civic center downtown, Stone heart was making preparations for his session. “I know that Ferguson and Ramirez will try to get me and sent me back to the future but I’ll turn them against one another” he said laughing, having created one hate gas that can turn a person and animal against one another. He successfully tested it on live mice and worked.

The audience won’t know his true intentions, because they won’t be around. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I have here a pill that can extend a person’s life beyond 110 years” he addressed the audience, and also a invention of making a disabled person walk on their feet again. “You sir, come up here on your wheelchair, I have something for you” Stone heart said. The disabled guy rolled up to the stage with the help of an assistant.

With the help of another assistant, the man stood up and Stone heart placed an super exoskeleton on his legs which he invented. He was walking on his feet normally again. “Thank you Dr. Stone heart, I can walk again thanks to you” the man. “Why thanks, glad to help people out” he said. Brian and Farah appeared in the audience.

“This guy can help destroy lives” Brian said. “Now, Ferguson, hush. We’ll get him after the meeting” Ricks said. The meeting was over and Stone heart saw both of them. “So you two come to stop me, huh. Then come and get me” he said as he ran away from them. They were on hot pursuit, both of them having to split up. Brian went one way after Stone heart leading him in one room.

“Hey girl, I’m in one room and the door the bastard went through closed shut and can’t open” Brian said to Farah on his phone. “Well, I don’t see him either too. Must of given us the slip” Farah said. “Captain, I sense a trap here” Vices said. Then red fumes started to come through the vents in the same room Brian was in. “What the heck is this smoke?” Brian said, as he was coughing, and breathed the gas in.

He turned into a mindless slave. “Captain, Captain, snap out of it!” Vices said. But it was too late and he under Stone heart’s control. “Now I have you, Ferguson and you will do my bidding” Stone heart said on a speaker and watching him and Farah on surveillance cameras in the building. “What’s your first order?” Brian said. “Find and kill your partner Farah Ramirez, you don’t need her” Stone heart said.

“Don’t do it, she’s your good friend and much more” Vices said. Just then down the hall, Farah walked into the room where the door automatically shut behind her. “What the hell is going on here?” she said, as the red fumes came through the vents and she coughed and inhaled it. “Farah, the red fumes are a mind controlling substance. Don’t inhale it!” Ricks said, but it was too late. She too inhaled the hypnotic gas and she was under his control like Brian.

“The lovely Farah Ramirez, you too are under my control” Stone heart said over the speaker. “What’s your orders?” she asked. “Seek and destroy your partner, Brian Ferguson” he ordered. “You’re a well known archer when you were younger, use that to your advantage.”

So both of them went to seek one to the battle of death. “Once both of them kill each other once for and all, I can rule the past by ruining it with crime and corruption” Stone heart said, laughing liberally. “Vices, we have a major problem on our hands” Ricks said to her. “Yes, Ricks I see it and we can’t let these 2 destroy one another, that’s what Stone heart wants” Vices said.

Both of them found each other in the hallway and fire their lasers at themselves. “You 2 stop this right now, it’s senseless fighting each other” Vices said, but they ignored their computers. “This is my mission, you’re standing my way” Brian said. “No you are” Farah responded. “This is excellent entertainment, 2 cops battling it out and under my command, but we must move this to another location” Stone heart said.

He then ordered them to leave the building and head to the Appalachian Mountains to his other hideout to finish their duel. They left the building, bound for the mountains. Stone heart ordered to Farah to get a bow and arrow from an weapons shop, which she broke into. “Hey, miss, what you’re doing?” the owner said as she went to steal a bow and arrow and stun the store owner with her PLLT.

“Ramirez, you just committed theft and you’re an officer, which is bad” Ricks said. “What have you come? My dad resurrected?” she joked and headed to the mountains. Brian had a head start by arriving there. He went into the cave and walked in. “Captain, fight the hate gas, don’t give into him” Vices said.

“Ignore your computer, she’s just a program, not even human like you and I” Stone heart said. “Where are you, my master, I want to serve you” Brian said. Just then Farah showed up. “Hey, you ready for target practice because you’re the target” Farah said, and shot her arrows at him. “That’s one bad aim, can’t catch me” Brian said as ducked at it and fired back.

“Hold up, this don’t feel right” Brian said, as he was slowly coming to. “Yes, Ferguson snap out of it” Vices said. “Yeah me too, doesn’t feel right” Farah said. “Come on, both of you snap out it, Stone heart took away important people in your lives” Ricks said. “Nonsense, I sent them to a better place” Stone heart said.

“You’re a murderer, killing Farah’s father when she was younger, just so you can use her and the mother for your evil plans” Vices said to Stone heart. “Mr. Ramirez was an inference to my plans and must be dealt with” Stone heart added. So he ordered both of them to commit suicide by jumping in the deep cavern.

“Welcome you two, and we meet again. Ready to take the plunge so you can go heaven?” Stone heart asked. He has a camera to record the events. “Heather, why I’m remembering her now?” Brian said. “Heather once was my companion. The reporter was fascinated by my intelligence and charm” Stone heart said.

“No, he wasn’t. He’s a liar and a cold hearted killer who let his parents die in his teen years by not caring for them as he was studying physics in high school” Vices said. “My parents were a joke, my mom was drug addict like my drunken dad who beat me when he was in that state, so they had to let them die” Stone heart said. Then something happened and they gained consciousness.

“What’s this, they’re free from the gas how?” he wondered. “Love and a good heart” Farah said, as they leaped over the ledge to where Stone heart is, and he fired his laser at them. “You won’t get me” he said as ran to the entrance with them behind. “Time to leave a parting gift for you two” Stone heart as he dropped a time bomb in the cave and got away.

“The bomb is set for 4 minutes, let’s haul ass” Brian said, but the computers want to see if they can diffuse it. “The bomb can’t be stopped, he must of put a anti stop mechanism on it” Ricks said as Farah held him scanning it from a distance.

So they dashed out of there and the bomb went off, sealing the mountain entrance. “There goes the neighbourhood, mountain one that is” Farah said, jokingly. Both were happy to be in one piece and fought Stone heart’s mind control. “Let’s go home, we had enough crime fighting for one day” Brian said, vowing one day they’ll get Stone heart and answer for helping criminals escape, also for murder.

Luck of the Irish Mob:

The Irish mob is one of the most organized crime groups in America, since the 19th century when they migrated there. There was a fight between the 2 mobs in Boston, the Winter Hill Gang and the Southies from South Boston. “Hey Southies, stay out of our Somerville turf” says Paul “Deadly Fingers” Anderson to them. “Make us or are you chicken?” challenged Mark O’Leary, better known as Protector.

The groups were even with 7 members on each side. The fighting began between them with punches being given and shooting galore. Then the sirens started ringing, knowing that the cops were nearby. “There you guys are, you all are charged for murder of innocent people” the cop said.

“Hey copper, look at this baby” Paul said and show his laser gun from the 22nd century, vaporizing the cops and the Southies to nothingness. “Wow that some space age firepower, you got it from space” one Winter Hill gang member said to him. Paul was from the future now in the past, also the next con Brian and Farah must get before it’s too late.

“Look at this article in the newspaper. Two Irish Mob gangs in Boston were fighting amongst themselves recently because the Southies were in the Winter Hill Gang territory” Farah said. “Also a member had some space age weapon that vaporized several cops and the Southies in one shot” Brian added. They figured out that one Winter Hill Gang Member named Paul “Deadly Fingers” Anderson is the wanted fugitive from 2169.

“Vices and Rick, access everything on Paul Anderson” Brian ordered and they went to work as they scan his photo in the newspaper. “Paul Anderson, also known as Deadly Fingers, is a wanted con artist. He had murdered several innocent people in the 2160’s when they tried to conquer Northeast City, which used to be known as Boston in the present” Vices said.

“The Irish Mob originated in 19th century Ireland, when they came to America to escape the potato famine. Heavily organized criminals of pure Irish descent, they control streets, having weapons and coming to power. Their descents are alive in the 22nd century” Ricks said.

“Yeah, I heard about them, in the 1960’s there was war between the Charleston’s and Winter Hill a whole of deaths there” Brian said. So they departed to Boston and went to the FBI, who knew the Winter Hill Gang well. “The Winter Hills, are organized criminals” Peter Moore said, head of the police department.

“Every time we’re close, they always give us the slip” he said. Our forensics and coroner is still shocked because the Southies member Mark O’Leary is vaporized, so they have nothing. Both thanked him for his time and they left. “Damn, the luck is with them” Brian said. “What they don’t know that Paul has a futuristic weapon that superior to the firearms in this time” Farah said, wondering where they would hide out.

At Winter Hill HQ, which was a house in the neighbourhood, the mob was counting their money. “Ah look at this, boys, the suckers keep coming to our horse races and lose their money to us when we rigged the games” Anderson said, as he smoked a cigarette. Donna Nugent, one attractive tall redhead young woman with green eyes, entered the room.

“You guys won’t get away with this at all” she warned. “Look Donna, your old man was one of us, and he’s in jail because we let him get caught, tried to double cross us by taking us out” Paul said, knowing that he be the key of finding Anderson. Just then, their computers thought something.

“You two, one member of the Winter Hills, a man named Tommy Nugent, a middle aged man in his 50’s, might know where Anderson might be hiding” Vices said. “He being held at the Somerville Jail, on charges of rigging horse bets so they win” Vices said, so they went to the jail, to have a visit with him. “Hey Tommy, were cops wanting to know if heard on Paul Anderson” Farah said, as they showed their badges.

Tommy sat on the chair across from them in a orange jumpsuit, prepared to answer their questions. “Yeah, I know Deadly Fingers, a.k.a. Paul Anderson, an acquainted of mine” Tommy said as he looked at the picture of him they showed Tommy. He then said that he was set up by them when the cops was searching for them when they ripped off with their bets.

The cops were asking where the Winter Hill gang hid in the city and refused to tell them, so he went to jail for 12 years for fraud. “My daughter Donna might know where the Winter Hills are. Since my lovely wife Barbara left me for another man because she found I was mob member, I had to watch my daughter” Tommy said.

“Last I hear that she work at the horse race track as a waitress” he said. They thanked him for his time and the guard took him back to his cell. “That when well, Tommy wanted to protect the mob, that he didn’t want to but he was forced to and pay the consequences” Brian said.

“It proves people can change, he want a better life for his daughter” Farah said. At the horse track slots, Donna was serving some customers when Brian and Farah showed up there. “Are you Donna Nugent?” Farah asked her and she said yes. “We’re cops wanting to ask you questions” she added. Donna agreed to answer their questions.

“This guy named Paul Anderson, you know where he’s hiding?” Brian asked him. “Well, I know the mob hides out in Somerville, I don’t live with them a lot” Donna said. But the 5’9’ beauty said something about a house there they hang out on Liberty St. “Today boys, we need to leave our mark.

That inferring cop Peter Moore and his merry men must taste the might of the Winter Hills” Paul said, introducing his guys to 22nd century weaponry like super lasers. “Nice space age weapon you gave us” the member who named Ripper said. With power cells in the weapon giving them unlimited firepower, those cops don’t stand a chance against them.

Meanwhile, Brian, Farah and Donna were on the hunt for them at the house on Liberty, when they discovered they left the house. “Where would they go?” Brian wondered. “To settle the score with Moore and the FBI police department” Farah said, as she sensed it.

“They have those space age weapons like the ones that killed those cops the other day” Donna said to them. The Winter Hills did some damage on the way by blowing up cars, glass windows, and terrorizing people to attract Moore and the police. “Come on Moore, get out there and try to stop us” Anderson challenged.

“Why not us, playa?” Brian said as they appeared in front of them. “It’s over Anderson, the Irish Mob is going down” he added. “Hey, Donna, you siding with them, red?” he said. “Come on Paul, give yourself up and answer for your crimes” Donna pleaded to him.

The mob then revealed their laser fire power to them and got ready to fire. “Duck for cover!” Farah said, which they did as they fire their lasers. “Ferguson, can I suggest I summon the police department for this?” Vices suggested, which she did. Couple minutes later, the cops came.

“You guys are going down for your crimes” Moore said as they arrived. Not knowing the real firepower the mob inherited, they blast the squad car and it vaporized to pieces. “Now you believe us?” Farah said to him, which he did. “How we going to stop them with futuristic guns?” he asked. They started to tell him the truth of where they from and Anderson is from the future.

“Now let’s me get this straight you two are from the year 2159 and travel through time to get bad guys that escaped to the past” Moore said. He then let them deal with them. “Paul Anderson, we know you’re from the year 2159 like us” Farah said. “Oh yeah, I like it here, more beautiful for me to destroy and conquer” he said.

“Like what you in 2169 with murdering innocent people” she added. “So get me” he said, and both of them used super speed to grab their lasers from their hands. They then attacked them, but they whooped their asses. “Wow, amazing, they’re like super people” Donna said as she witnessed. “Deadly Fingers, no more.” Brian said, as they showed their P.L.L.T.’s to them.

“This here is called a P.L.L.T., something your great grandkids will experience 126 years away” Brian said, as he zapped Anderson with a red blast. “Ok, Vices, send him away” he commanded which she did. “Awesome light show and technology. Is he really gone?” Moore said.

“Yes, he’s gone back to the future, so you understand our mission?” Farah said. Moore understood their mission and would like to help them, but they decline his help. “That was a cool show and you’re really time travelers, don’t worry your secret is safe with me” Donna said.

They trusted her with their secret and they went on their way.“Donna won’t live in fear of the mob because they’re all in jail and she worked at her job so she can help bail her dad out of jail” Vices said. “I got a good luck charm, look at this 4 leaf clover” Brian said, as he held it in his hand, wondering how he got it.

“Good luck you two” Donna said, as she was the one who gave them it. “A gift from my late grandfather, said to give you luck.” They thanked her because they need it, more than never.

Hello Dad:

There was a well known cabbie in town by the name of Jeffery Ferguson, which is actually Brian’s lost long dad from the future who came back in time to 2009 for a better life. Jeffery was calling it a day after his last fare when he thought about something. “One day, Brian my son we’ll meet again, the time is nearing” he thought.

At the home of Brian and Farah, Brian couldn’t stop thinking of meeting about the father he barely know after he left him when he was little for another planet back in the 22nd century. “I have these dreams and visions of my old man I never knew. What do they all mean?” Brian asked them.

“It means that one day you’ll meet him” Farah said, wondering if he’s here in the past looking for him. Just then a robbery was reported in the outskirts of the city, so they went to investigate. They arrived at the scene and the horrified bank teller said that they escape in the getaway van.

“This is a easy getaway, look at this loot” one masked robber said as he drove the getaway van, when a car up ahead blocked his way. “You know what girl, I have no time for these petty bank robbers” Brian said. “Yeah, I know what you mean. Looks like our bank thief want to make a clean getaway, but he won’t” Farah said.

Just then their two computers detected something about him. “This suspect named is Brad Peters and he’s from 2169, running from the law back there” Vices said. “Who said that?” the thief said. “Our computers, Vices and Ricks sensed you’re from the future by scanning your body vitals” Farah said.

“And you’re going back to stand justice” Brian added. Refusing to go back easily, he got his gun out. “Hey coppers, taste some led” Peters said, as he fired at them. They ducked behind their car, while he was shooting away. “Aw, hell no, the fool is ruining our baby, let’s get him” Brian said.

They got up, and moved around him, to get a clear shot. When the time was right they shot a red laser blast, trapping in a force field. “Brad Peters, you’re under arrest for your crimes in 2169 and here. You have the right to remain silent, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law. Happy travels, Vices” Brian said as his computer transported him back to the future.

“Now things are good, let’s return the money back to the bank” Farah said as they went to the bank to return the money. The bank tellers thank them for their kindness. At their police station, the chief thank them for heroics. “You two are a great them” Chief Williams said of Philly P.D. “We’re always undercover, sir” Brian said.

Later on that day, Brian did research on finding his dad. “Ferguson, Ferguson. Oh hold on, that’s him, my pop” he said as he saw his photo online. “Visualize” he commanded to Vices. “That’s the man in your dreams which is your father Jeffery Ferguson” Vices said. It was the same middle aged black man Brian envisioned in his dreams.

“Not a bad middle aged guy and you two have the same resemblance to each other” Farah noted. “Says here he’s a employed taxi driver in the city called Best Cabs. He can be anywhere” Farah said. So they went to the head office to see if he starting his shift, until on the street, they saw some robber trying to hijack a cab.

They got out the car and saw the thief trying to rob the cabbie. “Hey old man, give me your money” the young thief said to him. “No way, get out of my cab” as the cabbie got out and it was Jeffery, Brian’s dad from the future. “Is that my dad? Looks like him” Brian said. “Yes, it is Ferguson and we must help him” Ricks said. They waste no time as they called out to the thief.

“Hey punk, leave the man alone. He’s a honest cabbie making fares, you have no right to harass him” Brian said, as they point their guns at him. He fled away, but not too far as Brian pursued him. “So are you going to stun him with the PLLT?” Vices asked. Brian stun him with a blue laser blast and he fell down, cuffed him to a street lamp so the other cops can get him.

“Are you alright, Mr. Ferguson” Farah said to them. Brian came by to see him and the man wondered if he was his long lost son. “Could it be, Brian my long lost son. What you’re doing here” the father said, as Brian said it was him in his dream. They hugged each other. “Been a long time, son. We need to go to my place to speak more, and who’s is this woman here?” Jeffery asked him.

Farah introduced himself to him and they went to his place to talk more. “So you two are cops in this time?” Jeffery asked them. “Yes, Mr. Ferguson, were cops from the future sent back to this time to nab fugitives that escaped there and bring them back” Farah said. “I fled 2169, when I came back from Mars. The future has a corrupt law and government, can’t trust them at all because they’ll stab you in the back” Jeffery said.

He talked how the cruel scientist Dr. Stone heart will grant him freedom from the hellhole society if he keep quiet about this true intentions, which he did. “So Stone heart planned all this along, to destroy the future with chaos” Brian said. They showed him their computers Vices and Ricks, which appeared in holographic form. “Hello Mr. Ferguson, nice to meet you” Vices said.

“And you’re a healthy middle aged bloke” Ricks added. “Nice to see augmented reality from the 22nd century, your programs are useful, which version are they?” he asked. They said their versions 2.0, and showed their PLLT to him. “Nice portable PLLT weapons you have here, disguised as car alarms” Jeffery said. He offered them some coffee to drink, which was outlawed in the 22nd to restriction of caffeine by the government.

Brian did, but Farah passed because she wanted to keep her good looks and not caffeine ruin it. “That’s a nice girl cop you have as a partner there. If she’s right one in your life, you have my blessing” Jeffery said to him. Brian thanked him for the compliment and Farah as well.

He told them about the teleportation concept was his idea he shared with Stone heart in 2160 and he serious about being his dream to reality, when the doctor stole his idea to build his own time machine with the controlled government that he persuaded to help make it happen by funding it for him.

“That’s a sad story, Stone heart stole your idea and make his own” Farah said. Jeffery like the past, more peaceful and freedom. In the future corrupt society, law and people living in poverty. Trouble was down the street, a jewellery store was broken into and they went to investigate when their computers alerted them.

One masked suspect was making off with some jewellery.“Freeze there buddy, put back those diamonds, don’t want any trouble” Brian said. “Yeah, like what my son said” Jeffery added. “OMG, father and son team, also the chick, this will be fun” the robber said, and brought his gun.

Ricks did his impression of one cop to fool him. “This is Philly P.D, put down the gun and surrender peacefully” Ricks said. The robber was startled by the demand, that’s when Jeffery took his gun and gave him one right hook. “That’s smarts” he said after that punch. The robber got up to get him when Farah stunned him with a laser blast.

“Good job you two, we make a great team, now I need to get some ice for my hand” the father joked. They all cuff and tie the thief for the police when they came by after the security alarm tripped. “Everything OK here, we did most of the work” Brian said as the cops took him away. “The owner of that jewellery store has a lot of work ahead of them” Vices said to them.

“If your mom were alive now, she would be proud of what you become” Farah said. Brian’s dad wanted to challenge them to a baseball game. “Still got that swing with the bat? I want to see if my throw is still good, since the Toronto Blue Jays won the 3rd world series in 2092” Jeffery said.

“Remember your right hand is still sore, let’s get some ice quickly” Brian said and they went home to do so. “So what now, dad? Will we meet again?” Brian said. The father said that one day they will meet up, whether in 2009 or 2169, and had their baseball match with the father winning 20-10 in a park.

You got hacked:

A well known hacker named Bill Lincroft had been hacking into the web of every computer in America. By day, he’s a computer programmer with Microsoft. One day he quit that job, went into hiding and went on the computer to hack into bank accounts in the city of Cincinnati, OH, by giving the bank computer a virus and infect security systems.

Accounts were frozen and money disappeared from there which Bill stole. “Look all this money, all mine! People will have to pay me Bill Lincroft, computer programmer to repair all the bank computers for a price” Bill said, as the sound of sirens were outside his house. “Bill Lincroft, we know you’re in there. You’re charge for hacking and infecting the bank computers across the city. So come out with your hands up” the cop ordered.

Bill opened the door and came out, but he had a bazooka gun in his hand and shot the squad car which blew up in flames. Bill ran away down the street, with the cops in pursuit. At a good distance he launched his bazooka again and blew the 4 cops to death. “No more cops to worry about anymore. This time period will be mine to dominate” Bill said.

Just then, Brian and Farah got a message on their cell saying some suspect blew up 4 policemen with some super bazooka and is a well known computer hacker named Bill Lincroft who enters bank security computers and disables the system so he can go to banks to rob them dry.

“That’s one dangerous computer geek that’s gone bad” Brian said, knowing they must stop him soon before it’s too late. So they went to Cincinnati to find him. Meanwhile at Bill’s house, he had a meeting with some of his pals who didn’t know his true intentions, thinking he was introducing a new computer software.

“My buds, I call this meeting to tell you that I’m introducing a new software called Invincible. It protects your computer from viruses, Trojan horses, and keeps it going” Bill said. “So it’s going every tech store in town and we split the profits” one guy said. “Well, that’s if you live to tell about.

You know those watches I gave you all as a gift, they conduct a powerful 1000 watts electricity” Bill said, as he activated it and they all where shocked to death. “Don’t need you all to share my wealth. With my Invincible software program, the buyers won’t know it will destroy every computer in town and in the entire world.

People will have to pay me millions to find a solution. I can break into Fort Knox computer security and infect it” Bill said, but he had a date with his former electronic store which he quit. “Ok, you two access everything about Bill Lincroft by the photo of him” Farah commanded of their computers.

Vices started scanning the photo of him and discovered he’s from the future. “Bill Lincroft was a former computer programmer for Microsoft creating programs. He quit that job to run his own computer business, but he’s a well known computer hacker from 2169” Vices said.

Both were stunned that the con is from the future. “Bill has hacked into programs in 2169 and infecting them with a virus known as Invincible. Every computer and surveillance, not to mention bank security was shut down and people had to pay a heavy price for him to fix it” Ricks said. “So when cops tried to stop him, he blew him up with the bazooka” Farah said.

Both knew it was imperative that they must stop him, until a report about deaths of 4 people in Bill’s home police had found. They arrived at Bill’s house, just as the forensics wheeled out the bodies out of the house. “You two are too late, the suspect got away, but we recovered the stolen money and we got his laptop, might contain evidence” the officer said. So they went to the forensics centre with them.

While there, the forensics team had a break for lunch, so Brian and Farah checked on the bodies. “Ok, Vices, do your thing. Check the bodies to see the cause of death” Brian ordered her. Vices went to work scanning the bodies that were uncovered. “All 4 of them must have been electrocuted to death with a dark mark on the left hand, must have been a electrocution device called Mini Shockwave, in a form of a watch” Vices said.

“Like Kentucky Fried Geniuses. Had no need for his pals, so he took care of them” Brian said. They wondered if Bill had got to Vices and Ricks, their computers would be infected with the virus. Farah had searched Bill’s computer to see his next move. “With this program I have called Invincible from my time, I’ll infect every computer in city and the world.

Even Fort Knox will have this virus and people will have pay me millions 2 fix it, not even the computer geniuses of this time will fix it.” he wrote on his computer. “This computer geek is extremely loco and dangerous, we have to stop him” Farah said. Just then Farah found another message in his email. “I’m going back 2 my former electronic store Sell Shock and have them sell my program because I’ll infect the system” she read.

Wasting no time, they headed for the electronics store. Bill had already arrived at his former employer, Sell Shock. Their computers and electronics were infected, and him having a solution. “William, my former boss. I’ve got the solution to fix the problem in the store. My software program on a CD called Invincible, will heal your computers from the virus, only if you take me back” Bill said.

“So you’re the hacker the police are looking for, call 911, now!” William ordered his employees, not when he brought his bazooka and shot the boss to death. “See that, that’s what will happen to you when you don’t cooperate with me” Bill threatened them. He then tried to take a female employee hostage.

“You and me will make a good team. With our combined computer skills we rule the world” he said to the glass wearing woman. “In your dreams, Bill, hope the cops stop you” the woman said. Then Brian and Farah showed up. “Bill Lincroft, let the woman go and give up.

The cops are on their way here and they won’t be nice to ya” Brian said. “That computer software Invincible is no anti spy ware program. It’s a deadly virus in there” Farah said. “Another chick with fire in her, need to find women like you, but I wasn’t lucky back then when I was in university but I graduated with honours in computer programming” Bill said.

“We know you’re from 2169, like us, Bill” Brian said. “What is this, are you serious?” the woman asked. They said yes, but Bill freed her and she ran for safety and out the building. “Now it’s me and you two. Even though it 2 on 1, I have the advantage with my super bazooka here” Bill said as he held it and fire at them, which they ducked as it a flat screen TV and blew it to pieces.

“This guy will tough to get” Brian said. He keep firing demanding they show themselves. “He’ll blow this place to kingdom come if we don’t stop him” Farah said. That’s when Vices suggested she speaks in his mom’s voice while Farah distracts him. “Bill, I give up, you win” Farah said to him, when Vices went to work. “Bill, my son. You used to be a good boy educated from District 36.

Don’t be a criminal, what would your father say?” Vices said, when Brian sunk from behind and took the weapon from him and cuffed him. “Bill Lincroft, you are under arrest and charges for your crime in 2160, so adios partner” Brian said, as he got his PLLT out, but he forgot to reload it with capsules.

“Oh damn, not now.” he said embarrassingly. Farah took over and zap him with a red blast and their computers did their thing. “Really Bri, I reminded you to load your PLLT with blue and capsules a while ago” Farah said, as they got the bazooka and the Invincible software. “So what we do with the software?” Brian asked.

Their computers ordered them to store in a safe place so it don’t fall in the wrong hands. “At least we saved the computers from infection” Farah said, as they tried to repair the store back to normal. Bill’s house was up for sale and everything there was gone.

“At least the guy’s house is up for sale, cops think he left the country for good and chasing him, not knowing we took care of that by sending him back to 2169” Brian said, knowing that computers and technology will keep advancing towards the 22nd century.

“The desktop computers will be obsolete by 2100 because of augmented reality and portable ones like me and Vices which are more efficient.” Ricks said. The cops on patrol had thanked them for saving the day and every computer in society. They said that he was doing justice elsewhere, helped clean up the electronics store with the help of repairs that their computers had requested and not to worry anymore, knowing everyone is safe.

Just then Brian had a gift for Farah, a brand new necklace for her to wear. “Oh thanks Brian, I like it” she said, and then they shared a kiss. “Looks the day is going to go out good” Vices said as they left the scene. “I see what you mean, Vices. These two can’t stop showing their feelings for one another on the mission, they make a good team” Ricks said as they were out of the city limits on their mission to find bad guys.

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