Time Jump

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On the ranch and conclusion

On the Ranch:

In the Kentucky countryside, one rancher named Aaron Cassidy was overlooking his ranch full of horses and green pastures from his veranda. “Look this Mabel, beautiful green pastures outside this ranch. My late father passed his ranch onto me take care of” Aaron said to Mabel as she was happy to marry him as they were seniors.

In another part of town, our cops Brian and Farah had discovered one wanted con from the future in Louisville, KY. “Jon Martins, there’s no escape from us. You had escaped custody in 2169 from the police” Brian said, as they chased him into the alleyway but he hid in a dumpster.

Brian used super strength to lift the dumpster and turn it over, letting him out. “I isn’t going back there, you can’t make me” Jon said, nervously as he held a gun at them. “You don’t have the guts to do it” Farah said, ordering him to give up, when she took the gun from him using her super speed.

Both took turns saying what cops would say, and they zapped him with a red laser blast and their computers sent the criminal on his way. “All that crime fighting, work me up an appetite” Brian said. Their computers directed them to a restaurant down the street which they went to, a pasta house. That’s when Brian saw an ad about one famous rancher in the countryside named Aaron Cassidy who had one big ranch.

“Aaron Cassidy, he has come from a family that used to be poor but now his late father which was Eric Cassidy, won the lottery and own this ranch and passed to his son” Brian noted. “Also he and his wife had avoided city life, saying that country life is better more relaxed” Farah added. They thought about that giving him a visit at this ranch, also their computers sensed danger around him.

“We must protect the Cassidy at all costs because their grandchildren on their legacy in the future and become peace activists in the 22nd century” Vices said. Wasting no time, they left the restaurant and headed by car to the ranch. “The Cassidy clan were peace activists in our time trying to stop wars, but government corruption and greed stood in the way, so some of them went into hiding” Farah said.

Ricks mentioned that land developers were slated to destroy their home by building the area into another city, taking away their resources. They can’t let that happen to them, because it won’t look good. “OK Vices, are we nearing the ranch up ahead?” Brian said. “Yes, my captain, about 2 more miles down the road” Vices said.

“We arrived at our destination, the Cassidy Ranch” Ricks said, looking at the ranch with big green pastures. They walked to the entrance when 2 Doberman Pincher dogs came running out. They were barking like crazy at them, thinking they were unwanted guests and smell their fear.

“Hey sit, doggies” Brian commanded them, but they kept barking and chased them to the entrance. Knowing they can’t stun them with their lasers which they could, but Farah had another idea. “Hey there boys sit, we’re not breakfast for you” she calmly commanded at the sound of their voice, the K-9’s sat down.

“Good job detective, you’re good with animals” Vices said. Farah was lucky to have training to communicate with animals like dogs, because she was telepathically gifted. “Thanks, some animals were extinct in the 22nd century, I’d researched on dogs and their behavior, so that’s what I knew what to do” she said.

The dogs led them to the door of the Cassidy’s and the woman answered the door. “Hello, may I help you two” Mrs. Cassidy said. Both said they were cops to them and their ranch was going to be torn down and be made a city.

“Damn Laferty, he just wants to destroy our home by making money to build a city on my former ranch and build roads, houses and high rise buildings with pollution” Aaron said, saying that their son Thomas was persuading to reconsider. They invented them inside, Brian and Farah told them that they knew a lot about them that they well known in the state and the ranch has a lot of history in it.

Aaron showed them their horse stable were they keep their horses for racing and care for them. “What nice horses, they’re all yours?” Farah said. Aaron said yes to them and don’t want them to lose their home. One horse started to sneeze on Brian. “These horses need a check up dang, what a bad smell” he complained.

Farah wanted to see the horses more since her love for animals. One horse had a liking for her, a brown Clydesdale horse. “I like this horse and it likes me” Farah said as she pat it. She noticed it was thirsty, so she brought to a water well so it could drink water. “So you have a new animal friend my dear detective?” Ricks said.

She brushed the fur of the horse with a brush comb. “These large animals are stunning, what’s the gender this one?” Farah said to Ricks. He said it was a female, and was pregnant with this foal due to be born anytime soon.

She commanded him to visualize which he did. “Yes, this horse is a female one and by the look of his belly, it’s about to give birth to a foal any minute” Ricks said. Wasting no time, Farah had turned her PLLT as cutting laser to cut the abdominal cord. She calmed the mother by touching its body and the horse did as she kneeled down on the straw floor.

The birth was successful and the foal was born, but naming the foal or weanling is another story. “By the looks of the foal, it’s a boy, but what to name it” Farah said. The others came back and saw the mama horse gave birth to a foal. “A new addition to a horse family, how wonderful” Aaron said, noting that one day the foal with grow up to be full grown adult horse that people can ride on.

He thought of naming it Billy after his younger son and thanked Farah for assisting the birth of it. She was glad to help out and the horse thanked her. So she rid the horse on the ranch a few laps around the ranch. “Farah has a new horse friend, must get along well” Brian joked to Vices. Vices then told them they got a lead on the son Thomas, were he was in the city, so Brian went to the address.

At the address, he met him in the apartment building, 3A. “Yeah, I’m Thomas Cassidy” he said in a southern accent to Brian. He told Thomas about how land developers was going to destroy the ranch. Thomas told Brian they had permission from the city with the papers which he tried to stop.

Brian mentioned he was a good and his female friend Farah were trying to save the ranch from the land developers, not revealing they were undercover cops yet. The two went to the ranch to meet up with them. “Thomas, long time no see, my boy” the father said as he shakes his hand.

“Been a long pop, been to city hall and they turned down our plea” Thomas said. Pretty soon the land developers came by the ranch. “Mr. Cassidy, I thought we told you all to leave the ranch so we can tear it down, we’ve got land permits to do so” the developer demanded as they got many bulldozers to do so.

“No way son, we isn’t moving from here, family history lives here, passed down from many generations, can’t see this place gone” Aaron said. Knowing that they were a dozen bulldozers ready to tear the place down. Brian had a solution, having a letter from the city not to tear the ranch down.

“The city has cancelled the tearing of the Cassidy ranch because of family history and symbol of them” he read. But some of them didn’t want to hear it and went to physically move them. That’s when Mr. Cassidy fought back with his cane, pushing them back. “Leave my dad alone” Thomas said, as he kept them away from his father.

Brian and Farah had pleaded with them to stop this senseless fighting because they lost. One of the developers went to attack them, when Ricks had a plan by imitating one of Cassidy’s grandparents. “Hey, you cruel people, leave the ranch alone” he said in a old voice.

The developers were scared and ran away, saying the ranch was haunted. All were cheering that the ranch was saved from destruction and its family name preserved. The Cassidy’s thanked both of them from the bottom of their hearts for saving their home. 90“We did y’all, the Cassidy name is restored” Aaron said.

Brian and Farah were glad to help save it, and the horse did as well, allowing Farah to ride it once again. Brian joined in with his own horse. “Damn, I got the hang of this, don’t believe it, a coloured man riding a horse” he said, as the horse gained speed, and he couldn’t control it.

Farah laughed at him as he went at a fast pace trying to control it with his voice.“I just love the early 21st century with beautiful scenery and live animals. But I must remember we have a mission to catch runaway fugitives” Farah said and rode on.

Power of Music:

Nashville Tennessee, was known as the music capital of America, earning the nickname “Music City”. One female country singer named Cheryl Richards was the best singers in town, coming from a musical family background.

She sung in Sunday church when she was younger, signed up to singing reality shows and set to become the next Taylor Swift because she looks like the singer herself with long blonde hair, also tall. “Thank you, ladies and gentleman for coming out to see me perform” Cheryl said in her southern accent at a local soundstage.

“My next performance will be at High Spur tonight” she announced and the audience clapped for joy at her performance and left the stage. “Excellent performance out there” one stage guy said in the back. Brian and Farah were in Nashville hearing that Stone heart was in town for what purpose they will find out.

“Nashville, the birthplace of country music” Brian said to Farah, not forgetting they must find Stone heart and foil his evil plans. Meanwhile, the scientist was in his secret location, one building in the city. He was looking at a video clip of the singer Cheryl Richards on the monitor.

“Cheryl Richards, such a beautiful voice you have, it’s sad to see a talent go, but must be done. Your descendants were freedom fighters in my time with the war torn Serene” he said, as he looked at the holographic image of her descendant on the projection machine that looked like her.

That’s when his assistant, one fugitive from the future named Curt Edmonton, was sent to deal with the singer that night. With Cheryl out of picture, her descendants won’t exist that will fight for a better world. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah discovered an ad about the famous country singer, Cheryl Richards, that was given out to them on the street.

“Cheryl Richards, Nashville’s country princess. Blonde, blue eyed songbird. Wait a minute, wasn’t she the singer who had that Peace and Unity music video I seen back in 2169?” Brian said. They discovered that one of her descendants was part of freedom fighters in the 22nd century against the war-torn Serene City in what used to be the U.S. and that Stone heart might attempt to kill Cheryl so her descendants won’t be born.

Farah held Ricks close to the photo of Cheryl’s face so he could scan it. “Cheryl Richards is a 24 year old female who had singing in her background, her mom Diane Richards was a singer, won a singing reality show and won several country awards” Ricks said. It was imperative they protect Cheryl from danger from Stone heart because her descendants in the future are the key to stop the war which the cruel scientist created back there.

“We must protect her at all costs, her grandkids are key to stop this war back in the 22nd” Farah said, noting that she’ll perform at the High Spur, a club tonight. Brian said he had some love for country music, but he’ll add a R’N’B soul to it.

Their computers said that they had a lead to where the doctor was hiding out in town, at an vacant building in town. They went there, not knowing the doctor was watching them through surveillance cameras. “So they come to get me, huh? Well, I have something planned for them” the doctor said, as they move in his temporary hideout.

“Be careful you two, he might know we’re here” Vices warned them, as they were armed. “Vices girl, you worry too much, girl. We’re always careful, aren’t we Farah?” Brian said, as Farah agreed with that statement. They went further down the hall when they discovered some holographic projection image machine in front of them projecting the image of Cheryl singing Peace and Unity song.

“Peace and Unity for all humankind, stop the nations of the world fighting for greed and power” she sang, as Brian joined in singing along perfectly to lyrics. “Yes, Ferguson, sing to her song, be in the song” the doctor said from a distance. “Brian, snap out of it, she’s a hologram like Vices and Ricks” Farah said to him, knowing he can’t resist a woman’s pretty face, as most men would do.

“Peace and Unity for all humankind, stop the nations of the world fighting for greed and power” Brian repeated as he sang along to the lyrics. Vices had snapped him back to reality with a vibrating noise which he came back to earth. “What happened? I was just singing along to Cheryl’s song, where’s Stone heart at?”

Brian said. Stone heart appeared at the other end, and escaped through a secret door, saying he had something for them. That’s when overhead lasers started blasting at them. They both dodged the deadly blasts targeting them. “He knew he would we would be coming, so he planned this all along” Brian said.

“Yeah, but we need to do something and fast before we become French fries” Farah said. They commanded their computers to be in visual mode, so they can assess the situation. “Looks like the lasers are being controlled by a central device in the room” Vices said. So the computers had to find the source in the room and they found it behind them and Brian went to it, placed Vices on the control to disarm it which she did.

“Good job, Vices for saving us, feel sorry for hologram device, it’s now offline. I’ll reward you both with a upgrade when we get back to 2159” Brian said, as they got out the destroyed room and outside, heading toward the High Spur club, knowing that they must save her.

At their temperately place at the hotel, their computers had brought something up that Stone heart had got an wanted fugitive named Curt Edmonton, who sent to kill Cheryl that night after she performed. “Curt Edmonton was a wanted bloke back then and one of the Rebels of the war back in 2169.

Murdering a dozen civilians and escaped custody back there, he’s highly armed and dangerous, what Stone heart wants” Ricks said. They must go High Spur to stop the murder from happening, but a change of clothes was needed which they did. Meanwhile, at the High Spur, Cheryl was set to perform in front of hundreds of people.

The tall blonde was wearing a cowboy hat and attire, the theme of the club. “Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the High Spur club, now performing her song Peace and Unity, Cheryl Richards” the announcer said and she took the stage to sing. Brian was in the audience watching, as Farah was in the hallway seeing if the killer was coming. “So Bri, how’s everything on your end?” Farah said on her cell to him.

He responded things are ok where he is, until Farah noticed a bearded man wearing a hat and sunglasses walked in to the building which she took a picture with her phone and Ricks scanned the image saying it was him.

“Yes, that’s the bloke, Curt Edmonton” Ricks said, as he projected the image fitting the description, when they were alone, until someone walked by and the image. “Just checking my wallet” she said to the person, as he was curious to know who she was talking to and walked off. She then told Brian that Curt was in the building and in the audience wearing a hat and sunglasses.

Brian looked over to his left and saw him, following Stone heart’s orders to kill her after her performance. “Y’all having a good time tonight?” Cheryl said to the crowd and they responded with a clap. She sang her song from her album called Peace and Unity to a microphone.

Brian sat a good distance from the killer and saw the gun at his side under the jacket. He then went up to the stage to address the crowd that one man in a trench coat has a gun which he pointed out. Curt revealed himself and took out his gun and people started running out the club in fear.

He then started shooting at the security guard which he took a hit and fell down. Just then Farah came in armed from the back with Brian telling her to take Cheryl to safety which she did. “So Curt Edmonton, Stone heart sent you to kill Cheryl Richards, a talented songstress and her descendants will fight in the war against the rebels in the future” Brian said, saying he’s from the future, and that Curt was wanted from there.

“So, Ferguson you come to get me and bring me back, well fat chance” Curt said and fired at him. Brian using super speed, dodged his fire toying with him and grabbing his bullets. “Is that all you got, playa?” Brian said, as Curt charged at him and move out of the way. “Wow, Toro, Toro. Come get me” he challenged as Curt did, and crashed into a table.

“Stop fooling around and sent him back, Captain” Vices said, and Brian read him his rights and zapped him with a red laser blast, with Vices doing her thing by transporting him back. Just then, the girls came back from hiding, and Cheryl wanted to know what was going, so they told her they were cops and told the crowd they got everything under control.

“Well, I thank you two for saving me from harm and you are my big fans I hear” Cheryl said, as they helped putting things back together again. She then invented them back the next day for an song she sang about them called “My mystery saviours”. She sang it perfectly with Brian singing along to the lyrics.

“Well that was a good show” Ricks said to them. “Yeah, and now Richards is safe from danger, she’ll have a daughter in a couple of years from now that will be a singer when she’s grows up like her mom and the grandchildren will become freedom fighters in the 22nd” Vices said, as she finished her song and the audience clapped for joy.

“Thank you ladies and gentlemen for your support and keep buying my album” Cheryl said to them and went offstage to speak with Brian and Farah. She thanked them by giving them a free copy of her country album and working on a new one called Journey to Success with the My mystery saviours on it, she just sang. Then they left the High Spur on their way and on their mission to hunt bad guys.

In the Skies:

Somewhere in Utah, one experience helicopter pilot named Keith Commons, was giving helicopter flying lessons to people who wanted to learn to fly a helicopter. But he was one wanted convict from the future that murdered a few victims and stole their valuables, also on the loose.

“Nice flying there, you make a good pilot one day” Keith mentioned. The day was done, and Keith was about to close up shop. He oversaw the stolen valuables which got from the victims he murdered. “Look at this loot, easy pickings. If I keep this up, I’ll be one rich con” he said.

Just then 2 cops came by to ask him questions about the murders which they believe he’s responsible for. “Mr. Commons, what do you know about the murders of several of your students from your school after hours, following them home and killing them?” the cop said.

He said he didn’t know and ran away with them in pursuit. He then brought out his super laser firearm and blast both of them, vaporizing them to pieces. Commons drove away in their squad car. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah were in town seeking Commons, knowing he’s from the future, when they got a tip that 2 cops got murdered the order day outside his flying school.

They went to investigate with other law enforcement there at the scene. Both of shown their badges to them and they briefed them that they were murdered and the ashes is what left of them. “Looks like our suspect had somehow blew them up with a bomb or super weapon and he got away in one of our squad car” one of the cops said to them.

They said they’re tracking the stolen car and disguising himself under a new alias. “Damn, look at these ashes, can’t believe they were human beings that got reduced to that” Brian said, wanting the other cops to leave them alone for a while and they did. They used their computers to scan the ashes and tell them what killed them.

“Looks like a weapon not from this century, but 22nd, some laser cannon called SP-120.” Vices said. They were amazed that super cannon would do this much damage. So they had to find him before he strikes again and do anymore damage, but finding him will be the hard part.

“Was there any witnesses that seen the killer?” Farah said to the cops, which they said no. But with them being detectives, they took matters in their own hands by finding Commons. “OK, Vices do research on our bad guy, Keith Commons” Brian ordered her and she did, finding he wanted on several charges on forgery and murder in the future.

He fled justice by flying away on a flying chair from sky police and came here running his helicopter school in the past to unsuspecting victims and when the time is right rob and kill them, also he had rigged a sky copter to blow up killing his fellow pilot.

“So we got an experienced pilot and murdered all wrapped up in one” Brian said. Common could be hiding anywhere in the city which they researched on the computer and found someone who knew him and went there. Arriving at the apartment of Dudley Nicholson, who knew Commons and was his student, asked him questions about the murders going on.

He said he knew nothing about it and he has a helicopter job in the city flying tourists around Salt Lake City. They thanked him for his time and left. “Dudley doesn’t know Commons is a killer and might come for him” Farah said, knowing they must keep an eye on him. Elsewhere in the vicinity, Commons was planning his next training course and murder attempt.

He had a score to settle with an former student, Dudley who has tried to report him to the head boss for his rotten treatment of his students, including himself. “It’s imperative we protect Dudley Nicholson from harm. Commons might try to murder him over some dispute” Vices said.

Brian and Farah wanted to know why, and she told them that he tried to report him to the head boss for his rude treatment over him, being the brave soul he is. So they both knew that Nicholson would try to take him out because he might reveal his true intentions. First they had find Nicholson, their computers were one step ahead of them.

“Nicholson runs a tourist flying centre in town, taking tourists on a helicopter ride over the city, located on Main St. So they went to the address of the helicopter tourist ride building. They showed their badges to the receptionist, and she directed them to take the elevator to the 21st floor, which they did.

Commons was on his way as well right behind them, telling the receptionist to shut her mouth, when she text the 2 cops that the Commons was here. “Just received the text that the suspect is in the building and on his way” Brian read the text on his cell.

Arriving at 21st floor, they took stairs up to the roof and saw Nicholson. They alerted the crowd they were 2 cops and he’s wanted for his role in the recent murders. “You two again, can’t you do your police business elsewhere, have these tourists to take over the city” Dudley said.

The tourists wanted to go on their tour, when Commons showed up with a gun, and took the tourists hostage. “Dudley Nicholson, my prize student. Passed with flying colours and now have your own helicopter business” Commons said. He then addressed the crowd that Nicholson tried to report him for his rude attitude toward his students.

Their computers did their thing by activating the security alarm and the hostages fled for safety. “Forget them, I want you Nicholson” Commons said and took him hostage instead. He then directed him to his helicopter. “Me and Nicholson is going for a ride over the city so we can talk” Commons demanded.

Brian ordered him to let him go. “Dudley’s a innocent man who has no part in this, let him go” Brian demanded. “You’re surrounded 2 to 1, he’s not worth it” Farah added, when she went to grab his gun and Dudley escaped. They ordered him to stay back which he did.

“You two had spoiled my fun, me and him were going to get acquainted” Commons said. They informed him that they were from the future and that he’s going back to stand trial. He didn’t go out with a fight and brought his SP-120 laser cannon and fired at them. Dudley hidden beneath an air vent witnessed the whole thing.

“Whoa, this dude has serious laser power” Brian said. Farah agreed, wondering how to stop him. “His laser gun has power cells, maybe if I overload them, they will malfunction on him” Vices said, as they all agreed on it. They moved in closer to him, as Brian moved to one side and grabbed him.

He placed Vices on the cannon and she overloaded it and it malfunctioned. He then knocked him out and he cuffed him. Both of them read him his rights and zapped him with a red laser blast, with their computers sending Commons on his way. “Splendid jolly good show you two” Ricks said, congratulating them for nabbing the bad guy.

Dudley came out of hiding, witnessing the whole thing and promised them he will keep a secret. “So where are you guys really from?” Dudley asked. They said they were from 2169, on a mission to seek and nab runaway fugitives from their time and bring them back.

“So you two are from future, how awesome! How will this country look then?” Dudley said. “Well, it won’t be called the U.S. anymore because it’ll be broken up into districts and zones, also overpopulated” Brian said to him. Dudley then invented them for a free helicopter ride over the city.

All of them went on the helicopter, wearing proper gear like headphones, lifted off the helicopter pad and into the skies. “Look at this amazing view from a 1000 feet in the air!” Brian said. Farah enjoyed the view also of Salt Lake City. “We rode helicopters before in another time, and these clear blue skies is breath taking” Farah said.

Dudley guessed it was back in the future where those two were and the time was go back to the helicopter building. They both thanked him for the ride. Both of them called the police saying they taken care of business and don’t need their help. “Good luck finding bad guys from your time wherever they are” Dudley said, as they went on their way and home for a good shower.

Attack of the Mafia:

Trenton, New Jersey on the coast is a nice place. But trouble lurks in the city with the Mafia crime syndicate. Most of them being of Italian descent from the Italian island of Sicily, they were an organized criminals. Always escaping police custody, they paid a visit to one old man in New York City neighbourhood.

He failed to pay his dues to them which was overdue. The Mafia murdered him and his family, execution style. One of the members, Stefano Amoretti, is from the future and the guy the 2 cops Brian and Farah will be seeking.

News reports were saying about a death of a family in a NYC neighbourhood of Queens, the family was Sorrentinos who had ties to the mafia but wanted out. They had debts to pay them, but failed to do so, the mafia went to their home and killed them all. So Brian and Farah got over there so see the situation.

Arriving at the scene, the cops were already there and the bodies were being wheeled out. “Looks like a war zone up in here, definitely issues here” Brian said. The cop there who greeted them was Giovanni Agostino, an 3rd generation Italian-American.

“Definitely the work of the Mafia, must be a dispute between these two” Giovanni said. “I heard about the Mafia, mostly made up of Italian-Americans and well organized mafia, also like family” Farah said. But Giovanni has a daughter named Maria who could aid them in finding the Mafia and Stefano.

At the hideout of the Mafia, they were celebrating their victory of disposing the Sorrentinos and counting their earnings from drug smuggling, back in New Jersey. “We did well boys” the boss said who was known as the Godfather to them. “Yes, we did well, the coppers can’t touch us because we always escape from them and we’re armed” Stefano said.

Just then, a middle aged woman had came with their dinners to them. “Aw, ma, stop doing this to us by bringing our dinners to us, we’re grown men that do it ourselves” Godfather said. The woman left the room when the door rang, and they hid their weapons when they answered the door bell.

Looking through the window they discovered it was the cops and they opened fire from an open window at them. Shots were exchanged as the dead bodies on both sides happened. The cops were alive had arrested all of the Mafia, except for Stefano who had escaped through the back, running from police custody.

Meanwhile, Brian and Farah had did some investigating on their own. With obtaining the photo of Stefano Amoretti, they asked their computers to do a secret on him. “Stefano Amoretti is part of the Mafia, which had its roots on the Italian island of Sicily in the 19th century. After the Italians emigrated to America that time, they set up shop in New York City” Vices said.

She also said the Mafia is family oriented, mostly of men of Italian descent, crime boss family and the Mafia had lived on the 22nd century. “Stefano was also responsible for a death of a rival mafia group in 2164, when they tried to take him out and also cops who tried to stop them” Ricks said.

“All this murders for dominance and mafia power” Farah said. They also discovered that he’s a descendant of Amoretti crime family, the most powerful mafias in the country and always escaped police, so that where he’s heading to find them. But first they had to find Maria Agostino, Giovanni’s daughter.

They found her in a clothing store which they went to. “Maria Agostino, is that you?” Farah asked her. The petite brunette hazel eyed beauty said yes and said she knew Stefano. “Yeah, I knew Stefano from a month ago, but I knew he was part of the mafia, but I didn’t know he was murderer” she said. She knew her dad was a cop and her mom had to relocate elsewhere so they won’t find her.

“Have you heard of the Amoretti’s, the mother mafia crime family?” Brian said. Maria said yes she heard about them they got rich due to their crime spree and have a lot of guns. They knew he would go to them, see his great grandparents. At the Amoretti’s, they were laughing and talking, also heavily armed with their guns.

“Look at this loot, boys from the innocent bystanders who try to cross us and other mafias” the head boss, Don Amoretti said. Just then a knock at the door happened, they went to see who it was with guns in hand. The voice said Amoretti, and they opened the door. The boss questioned Stefano more, making sure he’s the real deal.

Stefano showed him the wound on his finger he got through the ritual and the cross tattoo on his right arm the same one the boss have. He let him in, and the men welcome. “Our long lost grandson has come to see us because he’s one of us” the boss said.

He gave the group super guns part of their arsenal, also seeing the Tommy guns of the 20th, still used today. The door knocked again, and they answered it. Maria came by to see them, having links with them. “So our little parmesan has come by” one of the mafia said. She come to tell them that the cops are on to them to take them down.

“Hey, does she have a dad that’s a cop?” Stefano said, as they figured out and tried to get her but she escaped their grasp. “Damn it, she’ll bring 5-0 to us! Mamma Mia, I’ve got idiots in my family” the boss said.

“Don’t worry Don, I got something to take those cops out” Stefano said, as he got his super PLLT weapon in a form of a Tommy Gun that shoot deadly green lasers that are fatal when shoot a person, 3 shots will shut down all body functions errantly. At the police station, Giovanni was questioning the mafia members where’s Stefano hiding out, but they refused to tell them.

That’s when Brian started to question them. “So you guys don’t know where our boy Stefano is, huh. You can rot in jail for life if you desire” Brian said as Maria came by the police station. She said that she knew where Stefano is and that they’re ready for them. Agostino was ready to get them with his team, but Brian and Farah wanted to have this one.

With the army of squad cars, they arrived at the house on Eastside Av., where the Amoretti’s live. Looking through the window, they knew it was cops and they opened fire at them. The cops ducked between their squad cars from fire. “Damn, their heavily armed mafia” Brian said.

He said that he and Farah will go in the house to get Amoretti. The other cops give them cover, as they went inside. In the house, the two moved slowly with guns in hand, when one of them tried to take Farah out but she fought back and then used her laser on him and went down. Both of them stunned the mafia members silly and walked towards the dining room where they meet the Don and Stefano.

“We have some unwelcome guests here in a form of cops here” the boss said to Stefano. Then they told them that Stefano is a visitor from another time, the future. “What nonsense. How can Stefano be from the year 2169, you 2 gone bonkers I say” the boss said. That’s when they revealed their PLLT s to him, and stunned him, so he don’t witness what they’ll do next.

“So you future 5-0 come and get me and bring me back, huh” Stefano said. They said yes, telling him he was responsible for the murder of cops in 2164 that try to bring him down. The other cops came in the house, and also Maria. What they’ll witness about Brian and Farah will amaze them.

“Well, as the late Al Pancino would say in the past 20th, say hello to my little friend!” he said as he brought his futuristic Tommy gun with green PLLT blasts. He fired at them which they ducked. “Whoa, what kind of green blasts are that?” Brian asked. Vices said they were deadly green PLLT capsules that give fatal shots that 3 shots will kill them and vaporized objects.

Several antiques were destroyed as they ducked for cover. “Come out and die you two” Stefano said. Both got a clear shot when Farah directed his attention. “Hey, big boy with the gun, smile for the laser” she said, as she zapped with the red blast, as they read him his rights and Ricks did his thing by transporting him back to future.

Just then the other cops came in and where amazed. “Wow, that’s was magnificent, some laser light show” Giovanni said to them. Maria was excited as well, wondering where they sent him. They then told them there were from the future, finding fugitives who escaped custody there and fled to this time.

The boss and other baddies woken from their slumbers as the cops took them away off to jail for their crimes. “So you two are from future?” Maria asked them and they yes. They were on the road again to find more bad guys from there. As for the Amoretti’s, they were into another jail far from the other mafia.

“These 2 cops, when I get out of there, if I do, I have a score to settle with them” the boss vowed. If he lives 160 years to do so. “The Amoretti’s are out of the way for good” Vices said.

Being in the Big Easy:

New Orleans, Louisiana is a lively city in the south, also known as the French Quarter. The city is still trying to repair its image from Hurricane Katrina and Rita in 2005 there was a hurricane that levelled the city, lot of lives lost and left a lot of people homeless.

One con named Eddie Lawrence had been hiding out in the Big Easy, pick pocketing people of their money and valuables during Mardi Gras, also elsewhere. Also he terrorized businesses in area demanding cash. But he’s from the future and uses technology like a illusion wave transmitter.

It makes the target see and witness their own fears which some victims did, by the hands of Eddie. Some tellers in a bank had seen their own demons trying to attack them and were too terrified. The security guard was also terrified as well, so Eddie went to the safe that the tellers led him to and cleaned out the safe.

“Look at all this money, I’m gonna be rich” Eddie said, not when the 2 cops Brian and Farah shown up at the scene. “Hey pal, you think you’re gonna make a clean getaway” Brian said to him. They introduced themselves to Eddie, say they were from the future like him and he has a lot of charges back there.

The horrified employees were too scared to know the truth about all of 3, so they ran out of the bank. “We must be careful of Eddie, he has a device that creates illusions, making people see fear like everyone in here” Farah said, and they ordered Eddie to surrender himself.

Eddie won’t go down without a fight, so he fired his gun at them and they ducked for cover. With Eddie firing at them, they separated with Brian going in. “Be careful Captain, he might use his device on you to see your worst fear” Vices said to him.

“Hey Ferguson, what do you fear?” Eddie said, and activated his gadget on a high setting, emitting waves at him, when Farah kicked the device from his hand and used her force field, to redirect it at him. Eddie faced his fear alright, seeing himself when the land was sinking into lava and him in the middle, sinking to his doom.

“Someone save me from sinking into the hot lava, so hot!” he said. They gave Eddie a taste of his own medicine and they zapped him with a red laser blast and the computers send him on his way back to the future. “Look what we have here, the illusion wave device. Made in Libya” Brian said, wondering if the device had a reverse mechanism on it, which it did and used it to bring back people to normal.

The people thanked them for bringing them back to their sanity, and left the bank. “That was easy, we saved the day from the bad guy” Brian said. On the street, they saw one strange old lady on the street. She sensed they weren’t from around here, but she wanted them to follow her which they did into her shop.

At her shop, they found out she’s a voodoo spiritualist with potions and stuff ward off bad spirits. “I see you two are protectors of good” the spiritualist said to them, showing them a face of man who was evil in the fire, which resembles Dr. Stone heart’s face.

“This is the man you seek who did great evil by releasing bad people from your world to here” the woman said. They wondered if she knew they were from 2169, which she did. Then someone came in to the shop, she knew they were under the power of Eddie’s machine and used her powers to heal them and became normal again.

The man thanked her, Brian and Farah was amazed by that. “You see that, Farah? This woman is a talented spiritualist here” Brian said. She was named Madame Vision or Colette. Then she disappeared into the darkness. “How strange, that woman just vanished” Ricks said.

They noticed 2 good luck necklaces on the table, designed for them so they took them. “Can’t believe we in this spiritual superstition” Farah said, as they hold on them for good luck. They walked down Bourbon St. when they hear music playing in the background and partying.

“Big Easy not a bad place, people enjoying themselves. Hurricane Katrina had destroyed this city and left people homeless in 2005” Brian said, and that’s when they heard a woman scream as a thief ran off with her purse. They stopped him in his tracks ordering him to give the old lady back the purse.

He fought back which they responded and they threw him into a dumpster. They give the lady back the purse and she thanked them. The good luck charm was lucky after all with the lady gave them. They partied along with the crowd having a good time as well. Then the old lady appeared from nowhere, congratulating them on a job well done and saying good luck on their quest. They saw her to say hi, but she disappeared again into the crowd, but they good luck on their side.

Send me an S.O.S:

In the Atlantic Ocean, about 500 miles east of the U.S., a ship called Coast Line, a cruise ship, was nearing land to dock at New York. The ship’s captain was called to assist with customer complaint on the board. The captain’s name Bobby Hensley that left the wheel on cruise control and another driver watching it. Bobby walked down the corridor, when he saw one man in front of him.

Bobby didn’t recognize the man, because he wasn’t on the list. Bobby went to call security for assistance, but the suspect shot him with a gun. The suspect’s name was Chris or better known as Stowaway, hid his gun and ran to hide in one of the rooms. People discovered the dead body of the captain on the board as the ship had neared land and docked.

The ship’s crew ordered everyone off the ship, but Chris disappeared in the crowd and got away, but he’s from the future and the next con, the two cops Brian and Farah will be seeking next. Police were called to scene to investigate which the two came. The entire cruise ship was under police property, as they rolled out the dead body of the captain under the blanket.

“So you guys know who the victim is?” Brian asked the other cops. They said he was named Bobby Hensley, a experienced captain, family man with 2 kids and well liked by people who travel on the ship that was coming back from the Caribbean. Like police detectives, both of them asked the coast guard which came to the scene on the ship if they seen the suspect and also the riders if they seen anything.

The crew employees had said the suspect was a stowaway, by going under a false name as he did by killing a fellow rider and took his boarding pass. “So we got a identity thief and a stowaway that got on board” Farah said, knowing the killer can be out there and can strike again anytime.

So both have to work fast to find him. “A murder of 2 people by this suspect, well organized con” Brian said. It’ll take time for the Coast line to be back in business until this murder is solved and Chris behind bars. Elsewhere, Chris need money for himself, so he one tampering chip he placed in an ATM, which disabled the security control on it and the camera overhead.

He successfully got away with the cash, when Brian and Farah gotten an alert the ATM on 5th St. was robbed with cash deposits gone and went to the scene. “The con struck again, got away with over $1,000” Farah said. They got their computers out to track any fingerprints he left behind and they did as they scanned the ATM. In a discreet location, the computers briefed them on their suspect Chris by projecting a virtual 3-D image of him.

“Chris Heath or between known as the Stowaway, is a runaway fugitive from the future. He’s wanted back in 2169 for stowing away on a flying cruise ship orbiting the solar system and hijacking it, causing it to crash into sun. He got away in a mini shuttle as the cruise ship crashed into the hot sun, burning every crew member to death” Vices said.

They knew he was a dangerous killer that must be stopped immediately. “This man is a very heartless cold blooded killer that must be stopped” Ricks added. Elsewhere, Chris is planning his next cruise ship taking. He saw an ad that Coast lines is back in business and sailing to Puerto Rico for 7 days.

So went to the Coast line ticket sales office and purchased his ticket. They went to the home of Bobby to tell his wife Julie, that they’re sorry for the loss and bring the guy to justice. The wife said he gone to a better place, but not like this. She was hoping they do bring him to justice, because she was the manager for her late husband’s business and had to tend to it.

So both had to watch her because they fell the killer will go after her. “Let us escort you to your Coast line business” Brian said, as she agreed to go with him under police custody. Julie thanked them for the ride to the company, until when they saw the suspect stop by in casual wear.

He came in to purchase the cruise ticket to Puerto Rico, when she looked at the photo and description of the suspect which was him. She activated the alarm that went off, and that’s when he brought his gun pointed at her. “So you’re that captain’s wife, huh? Yes I’m the killer that murdered him. Since you activated that alarm, you won’t live to tell about it” Chris said.

That’s when Brian and Farah came to the scene and ordered the suspect to surrender, the woman fled the scene. “Philly P.D., drop your weapon, Chris. We know you’re the killer of 2 innocent people, one passenger and a ship’s captain” Brian said. Knowing they were all alone, they said they were from 2169, like him.

“So you are cops from the future like myself, so you come and get me” Chris said. They recalled the charges which he did back there, and he made a run for it, which they pursued him. Chris went towards the waterfront which he took a boat and rode off in it. They showed their badges to the owner to borrow the boat to pursue him in the ocean.

So with Vices on top of the steering controlling the boat they rode out to the sea catching up to Chris. He saw them and fire his gun at them which they ducked. “Hey you two, take some led” Chris said. With him at top speed, they wondered how to get him, so they increased the speed to catch up to him and surround him.

They ordered him to give up, as Brian jumped into the boat and two fought while Farah was at the controls. Punches after punches, the two faces were bloodied up. “You ready to give up Chris? You’re under arrest for your crimes here and in 2169 with that flying cruise ship” Brian said, as he zapped him with a red blast and Vices did the rest by transporting him.

Both of them brought the boats back to shore with the owner praising them for a job well done that they’re in one piece. “Let’s take a look at wound on your face” Farah said, as she looked at the cut on Brian’s face, knowing the cuts will quickly heal and they did. He needed no medical aid at all because of his super healing powers, and they left the scene.

Julie thanked them for saving her from harm and wondering if they want a cruise on her when they’re off duty. They passed on it, because they couldn’t handle being out on sea for every long and know they have a mission to fulfill. “What a good offer of free cruise on her that we passed up” Brian said.

Their computers said important matters must be attended to before they can celebrate. “You guys are no fun for computers” Brian said. “I don’t think recreation is in our program” Ricks said, as they walked down the road.

Finding Stone heart:

Brian and Farah were close to finding Stone heart, their mortal enemy in the past. He was in Denver, Colorado promoting his new inventions to customers. So they headed there to nab him and bring that bastard back to stand trial for his role in destruction of Serene city.

At his session, Stone heart was discussing of solving the world’s hunger in poor countries, by multiplying food resources by a super serum dropped on fruit, vegetables, etc. to multiply it to feed the needy. People were amazed that his invention works and buyers were ready to buy it.

But there was a downside to it, it’s a temporary one and it destroys the crop in a matter of hours, leaving families starving. He didn’t really care about people’s true feelings, as he did back in the future, with the government’s help he persuaded to aid in the destruction of Serene city, saying he can reform the inhabitants of Lower Serene, which he didn’t and they cause havoc on it and doing the same to the past.

Our two officers arrived in Denver, not knowing what they expect there. “So you two got a lead in Stone heart being here?” Brian said, with them guiding the way, nearing the convention hall where he has his seminar and saw people walked out the building. So they questioned them if Stone heart was here and they said he just left the building.

They want to know where and thanked them for their time. “That went well, he can be anywhere in this city” Farah said, but they didn’t stop looking for him. Meanwhile, the cruel scientist was in his laboratory near the Rocky Mountains, devising a plan. He knows that Brian and Farah will be looking for him so he prepared for that moment by having massive firepower on him.

“These two don’t stand a chance against me, if they dare try to stop me” Stone heart said. On the other side in the city, the two were planning how to get him, knowing that he’ll be waiting. “We know he’s a genius and most scientists want to be alone outside the city” Brian said, so they discovered he might hide out in the Rocky Mountains west of Denver.

So they drove out to Rockies and ask the park ranger if they saw a middle aged man with grey hair that looked the photo of the cruel man. The ranger said he saw a man fitting that photo description of him passed through here, saying he’s a nice guy. They doubt he’s that nice and went in the park and went towards the Rockies.

Stone heart knew they were coming by seeing them through a surveillance camera. “I knew you two would come to get me, so I came prepared for you” he said, releasing a homing laser beacon targeting them out to get them. “Again with the forests, not a fan of wilderness” Brian said, but they had to find Stone heart.

They discovered some flying orb overhead them. “Look at thing, must be one of Stone heart’s inventions meaning he must be close by” Farah said, knowing by following it, will lead them to him. Then it fired at them, which they dodged the fire by hiding behind trees which it destroyed.

“That’s some firepower from small device, must be 22nd century” Brian said. A second one came by to attack them too, both had to split up to draw their fire. “Any bright ideas you two may have to stop these things, now is the best time” Farah said to Ricks and Vices. “These two laser emitting orbs are solar powered, drawing their power from the sun” Ricks said.

So if they lead them into darkness, they’ll shut down. Having no choice, they saw a cave and lead them in there. Going far into the cave, they lost power and malfunctioned. With the computers reprogramming them, they set them as GPS to find Stone heart. Stone heart couldn’t believe his prize inventions were defeated and fled the cabin laboratory, to the mountaintop.

They spotted him, and went in pursuit after him up the mountain. “Don’t you two ever give up finding me, so can I destroy the past in peace” he said. They not going to give up until they got him, so he fired his super weapon at them that was powerful enough to vaporize any object on target.

Farah using her super speed dodged his fire to get his weapon, but he got her captive. “Hey Ferguson, I got your lovely female partner Ramirez. If you want to see her live, you must surrender to me and accept defeat” Stone heart said to Brian. “Don’t do it, Brian, he’s bluffing” Farah said. But Brian had no choice but to drop their guns.

“I won this time and you two lost, so I win” Stone heart said. But as a fiery brave person Farah is, she stepped on his foot to break free. Brian zoomed in to deliver a right hook to him. “Next time, you learn how to treat a lady” Brian said to him. Wasting no time both zapped him with the red blast of their PLLT weapons, engulfing him in a powerful force field and him being so close to the edge, he fell off it, plummeting to the river below.

“He’s moving too fast for us to transport home” Vices said. They both tried again to transport him, and they locked on the coordinates, gotten it the 2nd time. He was successfully transported to 2169 to Serene City courtroom to stand trial for his crimes. “We did it partner” Farah said to Brian, as they leaned to kiss each other for their victory.

“What a display of human emotions here, most passionate” Ricks said, knowing their computers know about human love. “Let them have their victory and express their love for another. At least Stone heart has gone back to the future to answer his crimes, that evil mastermind” Vices said. They both knew more fugitives were out there in 2009 to find and not rest until they do.

They went to his laboratory and destroyed all his inventions, since he was gone. “I just love this law enforcement job and I get the girl” Brian said, loving the past 21st century.

End of Book 1

Hope you all enjoy reading this story about 2 cops from the future who travel back in time to get up 200 bad guys in 2009 from 2169. Stay tuned for my next book, Being on Duty the continuation of Time Jump book series.

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