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In my third revised book of the Time Jump series, Brian and his team deal with a new villain named Headmaster, a intergalactic warlord and his troops from their future. The book is split in two parts

Action / Scifi
Simons S. Gordon
Age Rating:


In 2169 Serene City back in the 22nd century, a scientist named Dr. Joseph Ackerman, a bio scientist and his team discovered an asteroid that they got at a space station called Talon. But it was no ordinary purple colored asteroid, but a tracking beacon to the owners of it called the Dominants.

An evil, intergalactic humanoid alien beings bent on controlling the planets and galaxies in the solar system.They were armed as well, the five of them in their spaceship called Conquest, which landed on Earth, outside Serene City. “The asteroid has landed here on Earth” Kathy or Nails of Death said, having long hair tied in a ponytail. “Excellent, Nails of Death.

These blasted scientists took the asteroid not knowing it’s our homing beacon. We take it back, rule this primitive planet and enslave the inhabitants of this place” Headmaster said. “No problem in that, look at city, how it’s in ruins” Negotiator said. He said they get the asteroid and leave Earth.“What are you, a coward, Negotiator?” Chaos said.

“You’re a Dominant, remember? Rulers over everything and everyone” Rampage said, as he adjusted his tech to boost his strength and firepower. “No need for a nail manicure, these nails are made for killing” Kathy said. Just then, they saw overhead surveillance camera drones.

“Activate invisibility mechanisms in suits” ordered Headmaster/Headman and they started to disappear. The drones went past them. “Let’s go into this city and control it” said Headmaster and walked forward. But they hitched a ride by stealing a hover vehicle, killing the occupant inside. “Setting coordinates to track the asteroid in Serene City” Chaos said.

“About twenty-five meters ahead” N.O.D. said, and proceeded forward, but threw the dead body on the street. A hidden security camera saw the whole thing owned by S.C.PA. “Look at this, sir” one officer said. “This doesn’t look good, another murder of a civilian by unknown murders” Sgt. Watson said.

“Keep an eye on these five with our officers” he said, which they did. At Ackerman’s lab, his crew got the asteroid on the operating table. But it glowed rapidly, which they became curious. It’s really glowing for space asteroid, let’s cut a piece for examination” Ackerman ordered, and they got the tools.Minutes later, they arrived outside the laboratory on Unity Road.

“There it is, the asteroid is in there” Headman said, as they landed in front. But they saw the surveillance drones again. “Take them out!” Headman said, and they shot at them with the laser rifles, blowing them up. “That was easy” Rampage said and they went forward into building. “Security Alert, Security breach!” the automated telecom said. “Who are those guys?” one scientist said. “Don’t know, but they must coming back for this asteroid” Ackerman said. The Dominants proceed down the hallway corridor, when armed lawmen were behind them. “Stop intruders” the officer said.

“You have murdered a civilian in cold blood and stole a vehicle which is in violation of Sector twenty six” he added.“Let’s rumble with them” Chaos said. “Agree” N.O.D. said, and they went to battle with the ten officers. “Activate strength functions” Rampage said, and lounged forward, and took one of their guns and broke it. N.O.D. gave a deep impaling slash to one officer’s chest, leaving him bleeding out to death. “This is not good” one officer said, and they fell back in defeat. “Let’s move forward” Headmaster said.

Using their super sight, they scanned the building to where the asteroid is. “That way through that door” Cole said and they proceeded to the door down the hall. “There it is” he replied, when the voice started again. “Stop right here you unknown presences” the computer said. That’s when they shot the com link to pieces with their guns.“Shut up you blasted computer” Headman said, and went inside the laboratory. “They’re coming” one scientist said, as they moved to one side, terrified. “Move aside earth people, that asteroid is ours” Headmaster said.

“Who are you guys?” asked Joseph. “We’re called Dominants, a race of humanoid alien descended from humans from Earth, conquering galaxies, planets” said Cole. “Really Cole, you had told them our history, that brought no fear to these earthlings eyes” N.O.D. said. “Let’s get out of here and get help” said Ackerman. But they blocked their exit. “Where you boys going? We need to chat more or see your fate” said Rampage.

The evil Dominants had murdered all the scientists beheading them with their swords. “So much for them” Chaos said. They went towards the asteroid to retrieve it. “Look at this asteroid, came from space from the Conqueror, our space station” Headman said. “Foolish earthlings were going to examine it by destroying to pieces” Rampage said. With the asteroid being the key to their power, it split up into five pieces and used it to power their guns, giving them deadly shooting power.

“Destroy this place and let’s rule this planet” ordered Headmaster and blasted the place down, until it was destroyed. Then they fled the building.“This is still not right, why kill those innocent scientists for the asteroid?” said Cole. “What’s with you, developing a human heart of compassion?” Rampage said, as they went on a destruction rampage of Serene, killing innocents in their path who opposes them.

Peter and Meghan saw the news report of these alien invaders wreaking havoc in the vicinity and downtown core. “Oh Daddy, they’re causing trouble here and Mommy is elsewhere” Meghan said. “Yeah, Amanda, Brian, Farah and Paul are 160 years back in time. Hope to God these monsters don’t have any ideas to go back into the past, because if they did, it won’t be good” Peter said. Everyone was ordered to stay inside their home by police to be safe from these murderers.

Outside, the Dominants keep wreaking havoc on the streets destroying flying drones, taking out armed soldiers and law enforcement with super powers. “This is too easy, Headmaster. Not a real challenge here” said Chaos. Then they saw the virtual ad of two rebel criminals Saul and Victoria execution will be tonight at the Old Philadelphia prison. “Should we save these two humans from their end?” N.O.D. said. “Why not? They will be useful to us for now, later on we take them out” Headmaster said, knowing they don’t care for anyone else but themselves. So they headed to the prison to stop the execution from happening.

Old Philadelphia Prison:

September 9, 2169 19:49 pm:

Saul and Victoria were in the execution center in their prison jumpsuits under heavy guarding with armed prison guards as they hear their sentence. A virtual judge appeared in front of them speaking. “Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw, you two are charged for your crimes in Serene city, ordering your followers to wreak havoc and destruction on our beloved city, taking a thousand lives. For this, you two face the death penalty by shock treatment. That’s all” the judge said and faded away.

The prison guard ordered them to move forward into the path of the center where the head braces for the shock death treatment they’ll receive. The execution was interrupted by noise of the door blasted open by a laser blast. “There will be no execution here” Headmaster said. “Stop these intruders” said the voice of judge who appeared again. Chaos destroyed the virtual halo camera with his blaster, and did battle with prison guards.

Nails of Death freed Saul and Victoria from their neck braces. “Damn, you got very long nails, are they real?” Saul asked her.“No time to chat, I’m known as Nails of Death because of them, long and deadly sharp” she added. “That girl can defend herself” Victoria said. All left the execution center only to face guard bots in the corridor.

“Gosh darn it, this prison is too well guarded, take them all out!” commanded Headmaster and they blasted right through them. Finally they escaped the prison. “Prisoners Ebenezer and Crenshaw escaped the prison, urgent red alert to SCPA” the downed robot said to the police station. On the outside, they all disappeared by camflouge with the scenery so overhead cams don’t detect them. When the coast was clear, they all reappeared.

Saul and Victoria wanted answers from these Dominants. “We’re called Dominants, a group of intergalactic humanoid beings from space” said Headmaster, which he introduced himself as the leader. The others introduced themselves too. “So Headmaster, Chaos, Negotiator, N.O.D. and Rampage” Saul said. “What are your evil intentions, world domination?” Victoria said. “Of course and with your help we rule this city” Chaos said.

But Saul suggested another idea. “There are four cops from 2169, the time were in, are 160 years in the past that sent both of us back here” Saul said. They both showed them virtual digital files of my captain Brian Ferguson, Farah Ramirez, Amanda Reid and Paul Low. “So these are the earthlings that sent you here, so are you two going to your revenge?” questioned Headmaster. “Our old scientist boss named Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart built a time machine called JUMPS, a time gate at the Stone Heart labs in the downtown area” said Victoria.

“Hear that, boss. A time machine” Rampage said. The evil Dominants can use the time machine to go back in time to rule the past and ruining by enslaving everyone leading to controlled corrupt future with them as the rulers. But decided to plant the time travelling mechanisms on their spaceship Conquest to travel back in time with. Not if Brian and his team stop them from achieving their goal. “Let’s tell our master Doom star were going back in this planet’s time period to rule and destroy it” said Headmaster which they did. With the time travel technology on the Conquest, they soar high in space and teleported to 2015.

“Well, I got Brian and Farah’s old military battle suits, just finished adjusting them so they can disappear and camflouge with the scenery, also ingrate with VICES and RICKS their computers” Wiseman added. What Wiseman didn’t know they stole the time travel technology and place on their ship. “Wiseman, Headmaster and the Dominants had came in here and stole the time travel technology to place on their ship to travel in” JUMPS said.

They wanted to travel to 2015 which Jumps adjusted the coordinates to. “2015, here we come to destroy the past and rule it” Headmaster said. “Go back like this in our soldier wardrobe with super powers” Rampage said. They know all will change clothing once in 2015. “We all have time travel tech on our ship” Chaos said. When the coast was clear from the intergalactic law patrols looking for them by SCPA in space, the Conquest teleported to 2015. The war begins.

“Arrival of Destruction”

Washington DC, present day 2015:

Wiseman had arrived in 2015 in the past. With Brian and Farah super suits in one bag, he set out to find them in the city. “Superb, so this is what Serene City used to be known as Philadelphia in this time” Wiseman said. He knew that onlookers were looking at him because of the futuristic clothing he had on. He need a wardrobe change, so he needed to find a clothing store. He used the halo GPS computer to project the map of the city to find the nearest one.

“What a inferior time, hello madam, you’re wearing inappropriate clothing” Wiseman said to the young woman who wore a pink tank top showing her navel region and her short shorts.“Hey pal, you dress inappropriate too. Are you from space or something?” she said in her Philadelphia accent. He walked ahead until he found a clothing store and walked in there. He looked for business type clothing and got it.

“How are you paying today?” the cashier said. He got out money chip credits as payment for the merchandise. “Sir, is this a joke? You have no cash like paper money, VISA or MasterCard?” the female cashier said. “MasterCard, I have” he said, and got a old fashioned MasterCard debit and gave her for payment. He left the store and set to find them. “Ferguson, where are you in this metropolis?” Wiseman thought.

On the other side of town, Brian and the team had their hands full with one fugitive from the 22nd century who was dangerous for his crimes back in 2169, named Paul Darnell. “You four have guts for tracking me here, but I am not going back” he said. “You see Darnell, you’re surrounded by four of us” Brian said. “And you’re not going anywhere but back to a 2169 jail cell” Paul added. “You four, there’s something you should know about Darnell” I said. Darnell had camflouge technology in a form of a wristband which he activated.

“That was you were trying to tell us?” Farah said. “Muy problemas” she added. “You four must find me in the surroundings” Darnell said, as he attacked from behind with a PLLT blast.“Get down, down!” Brian said to us, which we did. “What we heck we do now?” Amanda said. “Well, two can play this game. Amanda and Paul become invisible with your suit. When Darnell exhaust his camflouge technology, Ferguson, you come in” RICKS said.

Amanda and Paul started to disappear, to distract him. Not when try Farah tried to talk Darnell to surrender. “Darnell, why don’t you give yourself up and own up to the crimes you did in 2169, murdering the security guards and scientists in the South Serene lab? Farah said. “We’ll tell them to shorten your sentence” she added. “Well alright, you win” Darnell said and complied with them by appearing, when Paul held him appearing. “Amanda, take the wristband now” Paul said.

Amanda appeared and did that.“Brian, now do your thing” Amanda said. “What the heck?” Darnell said, as Brian zapped with the red pellet, trapping him in a force field. I did my thing and transport him back to 2169. “These bad guys from home are too easy to beat, no real challenging criminals” Farah said. “Well, Farah, the real challenge is keeping a good name in this time” Ricks said. “Girl, its 2015, two years after the death of old Stone heart, the head honcho bad dude” Brian said.

“Besides, what real bad guys threaten us, we’ll be ready” Amanda said, not knowing the unearthly treat, Dominants from the 22nd century, have arrived in the past in space.“We have lost the intergalactic law enforcement patrol unit” Negotiator said. “Of course we did, no one knows about our presence yet” Headmaster said. “But there are several criminals from 2169 here scattered in the world” Saul said. They know they’ll be useful to them, but need to land the spaceship on Earth, which they did. They found an unfinished condo tower, which they landed on. Headmaster scared off the construction workers.

“We need present day firepower, new wardrobe, and resources” N.O.D. said. A crew worked called the police on the villains and the police came.“We want your firepower” Headmaster said, and they attacked the two officers killing them. One tried to call for reinforcements that N.O.D. used her long nails which grew long and slice the cop’s neck to bleed internally, killing him. The Dominants got the weapons from the two slain officers.

“We must leave now and get a new wardrobe” Saul said, as they targeted a clothing store to steal clothes from the store owner, but they were spared death. “We should stop this killing soon, the law enforcement of this time period will be on us very soon” Cole said. “Of course I know that, Negotiator.” You’re not a fighter, are you?” Headmaster said. “Yes, I am, but not to kill” he replied back.

“Doom star, send our troops to this time to help us control this planet’s past history by travelling through the time gate in Serene City” Headmaster said. “It will be done, about a hundred of them will come through to aid our dominance of Earth’s past” Doom star said. If their plan succeeds, this planet and the time period are lost forever.At the home of Brian and Farah, the news report of the dead officers and stolen weapons on 29th street was airing, but someone they knew was there. But they would needed to go DC, the American capital.

Heather Wasserman, the blond young woman from Vancouver, BC, had resided in Philadelphia for better job opportunity. “Son of gun, Heather here in Philly” Brian said. “The events leading to our time are falling into place” Farah said. “I feel she wants to be close to us as possible” I said. As our great adversary Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart killed himself by a suicide bomb two years ago in 2013 and destroying his old office tower, taking many lives. Slowly the future is being rewritten.

“Hold on, I sense something or someone has traveled from 2169 to 2015” Ricks said. “Who could it be?” Farah asked. “Someone we know well, Wiseman” Ricks said. “He would travel back for several reasons, either he running from something or someone dangerous” Brian said.

He commanded us to appear in visual mode which we did. Then our old friend Wiseman appeared on TV as Heather approached to question him about the attack on the officers and the clothing store a few blocks which they were at. “Oh, no comment” Wiseman said and left. “The human interaction and media in this time period is great” he said.

“We must find Wiseman at once before the media gets on him” I said, and we left. We informed Amanda and Paul that Wiseman was here in this time and he could be danger. On the street, near the memorial of destroyed Stone heart towers, Wiseman was founded at. “Don’t believe it, my old nemesis and partner, Stone Heart is dead in this time. Hallelujah! Take that you monster!”

Wiseman said. That’s when a car stopped in front of him and Amanda came out, seeing him.“Wiseman, I don’t believe this, you’re here in this time” she said to him. “Yes, I am, and I’m glad to be here. I’ve got something in this bag for Ferguson and Ramirez that will be useful to them” Wiseman said. With no hesitation, both went in the vehicle to talk about this at a discreet location. “So what you’re doing in this time period?” she asked him.

“Amanda, there’s a evil alien group from 2169 calling themselves the Dominants. Their spaceship was discovered by scientists lead by Joseph Ackerman. They took some meteorite from the ship and went after it” Wiseman said. He told Amanda that they followed the scientists to their laboratory, murdered a lot of security guards and them. They got the meteorite back to enhance their abilities and weaponry. But they fled on their spaceship and disappeared.”

“This isn’t good” Amanda said. This evil organization had taken Serene City and the civilians by force by invading it and the former U.S. east coast by storm. But they wanted more by going back in time to conquer the past, starting with the 21st century.

They broke into the Old Philadelphia prison and busted our old enemies Crenshaw and Ebenezer from their execution, killing several prison guards. “We must tell the others about these guys” Amanda said, and used her super suit to activate the call link to Brian and Farah. At the home of Brian and Farah, I received the call from Amanda.

“Receiving visual transmission from Amanda, will project the video call” I said, and projected the visual from her car.“Brian and Farah, I have Wiseman from back home with me and I show him to you” she said and showed him. “Greetings Brian and Farah, nice to see you again” Wiseman said. “Son of a cat’s foot, Wiseman you here?” Brian said.

“He says that evil human looking aliens called the Dominants from 2169 have come here, seeking Wiseman” Amanda said. “So it must have been them that stripped the police cruiser of ammunition and break in of that clothing store” Farah noted. “No dice here, this group is up to no good and the police alone in this time can’t stop them with their super powers” Ricks said. Amanda mentioned Saul and Victoria are with them. Both Amanda and Wiseman were on the way to them, and the door knocked.Both were invited in the house and talked this new threat.

“Wiseman, how are you? So what brings you to this time?” Brian said. Wiseman had something to us which took out his bag. “Can you two command your computers to be in visual form?” Wiseman asked us. Both Brian and Farah commanded me and RICKS to be in visual form. We became visual and out the bag he showed us two of special suits that Brian and Farah used in 2169 in law enforcement with super capabilities.

Both of them tried it on and the enhancement of their super abilities happened. “You two wearing the suits have the ability to disappear from head to toe, camflouge with scenery, bulletproof, and your computers can integrate with you” Wiseman said. They both tried to change the color of their suits by thinking it. “Not bad Wiseman” Farah said.

“Farah, you have the sonic wave dispenser in the arms of the suit” Wiseman said. Farah tried it out on a vase and it broke in one blast. “Darn it, sorry about that” Farah said. Wiseman will work on that one. “Vices and Ricks give us some information on these Dominant guys” Brian said and we did that.“Dominants were descended from people being on earth.

When the war of 2112 started here on Earth, a group of genetically enhanced soldiers who called themselves the Dominants because they wanted to take this planet over were finally defeated by the world’s forces. Those soldiers were sending in exile to space for fifty years. They landed on several planets, adapting to the lifestyles on there.

One day they sided with an intergalactic warlord called Doom star, who will help wreak havoc in the galaxy by new weapons, armor and superpowers to conqueror the former Earth. He provided their spaceship to travel in. One by one, the solar system and planet were conquered” I told them.First, they took the space station of Talon and the inhabitants there in 2165.

They did hard labor, stole resources and some died of overwork. Then they invaded Earth in 2169, taking Serene City and the former U.S. east coast and Midwest also the Capitol, formerly Washington DC. We brought the visuals of our new enemies. “The names of these evil soldiers are The Headman, their leader of the group, strong, wise, and powerful. Chaos, second to Headman, ruthless, scale face like, destructive and has a scar on his left arm from past battles.

Nails of Death, beautiful female soldier, don’t let looks fool you. She has long nails that can extend ten inches and sharp that can kill. Rampage, a strong powerful soldier genetically enhanced, can destroy a brick wall with his fists. Cole the Negotiator, always the peacemaker, sometimes he’s bad or wants peace, he’s the intelligent one of the group” I said.

“We have one of them as a peacemaker that can side with anyone to get his way” Amanda said of Cole. “Remember, all seven of them together are dangerous and proceed with caution” Ricks said. Then we all set out to find them before it was too late. At the scene we arrived outside the clothing store to look for clues and saw Heather.

“Hey Heath, nice to see you here, new reporting opportunities?” Farah said to Heather. “Well, nice to see you again, will you guys find these hoodlums that did this?” Heather said. “Don’t worry we’ll find them alright and make them pay” Brian vowed to her.

“Being in the Hamptons”

Long Island, NY:

In the eastern half of Long Island belonging to the state of New York are called the Hamptons. It is where the affluent and wealthy people live in America. It’s where one man by the name of Nathan Hollingsworth, a Caucasoid male, who owns several seaside resorts boasts about has wealth.

He has one announcement to make one day in back of his mansion backyard in front of hundreds of people. “Good afternoon people, I would like to announce my gain in wealth of the seaside resorts and the money it brings in” he said. His business dominates most of the Long Island area towards New York City.

In the audience, Nathan’s wife Barbara and his bored sixteen year old daughter, Cheryl was in attendance.“Is Dad done his speech yet?” Cheryl said, being the typical teen she is. “Show your father some respect” the mother said. Cheryl being disappointed walked away.

“My teen life is no fun, being under control by wealthy parents, I would like some action here” she said. Cheryl and a few friends left the mansion towards New York City to do the town. In the big apple (New York City) Manhattan neighborhood, is where Kathy and Danny Headmaster/Headman is at.

“So this where they called this New York City the Big Apple, huh?” Danny said. “It will be rotten one after we’re through with it” he replied. “Manhattan has a lot of jeweler stores around here” Kathy said, so they can rob, steal, and kill the owners as well. At the same time, Cheryl and her gal pals arrived in Manhattan. “Cheryl, is this likewise?

Your focus doesn’t know where we are” her friend Laura said. “What are you Laura? Mom numbers two?” Cheryl said. “Forget what I said, let shop and find some available guys” Laura said in the neighborhood. Brian and company arrived at Grand Central Station from Philly by Amtrak train.

“It’s great to back in the big apple” Brian said. “Remember, we’re here to get the Dominants, two of them here, Danny and Kathy” I said. “No problem, Vices. We all have our super suits with 22nd century tech to find them” Farah said. Being in the largest city in North America, Danny and Kathy can be anywhere.

“Let’s not wait another minute and stop them” Ricks said.Outside the Mega Jewels store in Manhattan, Danny and Kathy arrived to steal jewels and money, also taking lives. Cheryl and friends witness the incident and hid behind the trash bin in the alley so they don’t spot them.

“Finally, some action like a robbery by some unknown thieves” Cheryl said. Outside the station, a news report about a robbery of Mega Jewels store on Broadway and 5th Ave had happened. “Damn, looks like them” Brian said. With no time to waste, they headed down there. I called for a taxi so we drive towards the scene and we got in.

“That was easy” said Kathy, having jewelry on herself. “Earth jewels in this time are valuable and precious” she added.“Well Kathy, these jewels can provide fuel for our weaponry” said Headmaster. “They’re walking this way, let’s go” Cheryl said, and left the alleyway, until one of her friends tripped on a stone and they heard it.

“Over there, in the alleyway” Kathy said and both went there. “Hi ladies” Danny said. “Don’t hurt us, we mean you no harm” Cheryl said, pleading with them to spear their lives. “We don’t tend to hurt you” said Kathy. “Are you Cheryl Hollingsworth, the daughter of Nathan Hollingsworth the wealthy resort owner of the Hamptons?” said Danny.

“Yeah, I am how you knew that?” Cheryl said. “Through the news, you idiot” Danny replied. “We let you ladies go” Kathy said, as she secretly put a tracking chip on her purse so they could follow them.The girls went on their way, when Brian and company came to the scene. “Shoot, Ferguson and his gang are here” Kathy said, as their gadgets sense their vital signs.

“Let’s give them a distraction” Danny said, and he used a mini missile launcher in his arm brace and shot a vehicle on the street. “Look out, a missile has been launched” Paul said, as we ducked for cover from it. Several bystanders witnessed it, and we told them we’ll take care of it. We pursued them on foot.

“Stop you two, we must get acquainted with y’all” Brian said, as he used his super speed to catch up with them.He went in front of them to stop them. “Finally, we meet you guys in person” Brian said, as the others caught up. “Yes, the great top cop Brian Ferguson, Ramirez, Low and Reid the novices from 2169 like we” Headmaster said.

“Yeah, and you Dominants have evil intentions for the past and we will stop you” Brian said. “Brian, I sense they’re more of them are here” I said. “You should listen to your computer” Kathy said, as Chaos, Rampage and Cole appeared from camflouge to take on us. “So the whole Dominant gang is here” Farah said, as we were ready to take them on, but Cole the Negotiator suggested something.

“Let’s not fight them but delay them” he said. “Why not? N.O.D., use your force field to contain them in” commanded Danny, and Kathy used her force field to contain them in.“What the heck, a force field!” Amanda said. “Let’s disappear out of here” Paul said, but unable to. “Oh no, you don’t. My force field is powerful enough, you can’t even disappear out” Kathy said, as they left to go after Cheryl and her wealthy family in the Hamptons.

“How we get out of this one?” Farah said. But Ricks and I had a brainstorm. “Scanning for weaknesses in the force field... A ha, the top of it” Ricks said. “Yes, there’s a small hole on top, you four use your blue PLLT blasts and blast it open to free ourselves” I said. The four did that, shooting it several times until the dome broke free. “We did it” Brian said. “Where are they’re going so fast not wanting to take us on?” Farah said. “I took the liberty of scanning their vital functions and thoughts” Ricks said.

We discovered they’re going after one young teen female who has wealthy parents in the Hamptons on Long Island.“Hamptons? Hollingsworth, the wealthy resort owner on Long Island?” Brian said. “Yes and the young teen girl named Cheryl Hollingsworth is the daughter of Nathan Hollingsworth, a wealthy man owning most property on Long Island.

A tracker chip is placed on her whom she doesn’t know about” I said. “Not a bad looking chick” Paul said, as we saw the visual holographic picture of her so we know her face. “We have important matters to think about beside her looks” Amanda said. With their suits having GPS, we followed them to the Long Island mansion to get them. Meanwhile, the Dominants caught up to the girls outside the mansion.

“There it is the old rich tycoon’s home. With them out of the picture, we have their wealth, one step of ruling this blasted island and the planet” Headmaster said, as they were set to murder all who opposed them, the Dominant code. So using their suits, they shut down the CCTV cameras outside the mansion so they can make their move.

Inside the mansion, they noticed that something was wrong with the security cameras. “The security cameras are down” one guard said. That’s when the lights went off and windows broke. The lights came on back and the Dominants appear. “People of this Hollingsworth mansion, you all are our prisoners” announced Headmaster.

“You terrorists can’t get away with this” said one man. He went charging at them when Headmaster brought out his gun and shot him. “You see that? Anyone who opposes us will share the same fate as him” warned Headmaster.“Wow, you guys are killers” Cheryl said, when Kathy appeared from behind and held her. “If you don’t want your daughter and her friends to die, you hand over all of your fortune and estate to us” N.O.D. said.

“Let’s do as they ask” Barbara said. “OK, you win, let my daughter go” Nathan said. That’s when we appeared on the scene. “You should take a rain check on that” Brian said, as all four us appear. “Headmaster, you and your goons must go down” Brian said. N.O.D. let Cheryl go and push her into Farah’s arms. The guests evacuated, except for the Hollingsworths.

“Cheryl, I want you and your parents and friends to go somewhere safe” Farah said to her. “You’re Farah Ramirez, that Philly cop, you Ferguson, Reid, and Low” Cheryl replied. “Let’s leave, this is police business now” said Nathan and they departed. With everyone gone, we revealed our super suits. “Time to get the party started” Brian said, as they were in their super suits.

“Nice spandex suits, you all have good tailors?” joked Headmaster. “We can’t let you all do damage here” Brian said, and brought his PLLT to send all of them back to 2169. “Brian, Farah, are you sure it wise to sent them back?” asked Ricks. “Yeah, no sweat, just get ready” Brian said. Both him and Farah got ready to use the red pellet on them.“Let’s do this” Farah and both shot them multiple times but the shot was reflected by a shield they had.

“You think you can rid us that easy?” said Chaos. “That’s was what we’re warning you all about” Ricks said. “Damn it, they have shields on them” Farah said. “This is our domain now, let’s destroy them” Chaos said. They charged at them and attacked. We fought back throwing punches and kicks. “You ladies aren’t bad” Kathy said to Farah and Amanda.

“You aren’t either” Amanda said. “Let’s go” Headmaster said, and they went out the window. “I sense the Hollingsworth’s are in that cabana over there” Kathy said. Headmaster ordered Rampage to set it on fire and he fired a mini torch which lit the cabana.“It smells like smoke in here” Cheryl said. The fire lit the cabana on fire from outside and penetrating through. “Get some sand to cover the fire” said Nathan.

Everyone got sandbags to cover the flames, but weren’t enough. “We know your weaknesses” said Headmaster and they left the scene. “Damn, they got away” Brian said. “Forget them, let’s save those guys” Farah said. “She’s right, those flames are over a hundred degrees Celsius, and they have minutes in here” I said. So they all used super speed to race to the house and bust their way in.

“Hey, focus. I want you all to come outside” Brian said to them. The Hollingsworth’s went out of the house escorted by Farah, Amanda and Paul. “OK, how do I put this fire?” Brian said to me. “There should a cooling system of liquid hydrogen water, in other words, a cool air like from a fire extinguisher” I said to him.Brian used his left arm of the suit to activate the liquid hydrogen to cool the flames of the house. Within minutes, the flame was out.

“The fire is out, but the cabana is destroyed” said Barbara. “At least you all are safe” Paul said. The mortgage broker and NYPD will cover the damage to the Hollingsworth cabana, and plus they’re wealthy. “We’ll take care of this, thank you all for saving us” Nathan said. They said they’ll reward us financially.“All in a day or night’s work, to help out, but the thousand dollar check” Brian said.

I shocked him to forget about the check and be grateful they’re safe. The next morning, we’re off from the mansion. “So you’re off, huh. Nice meeting you and bye” Cheryl said. We departed the mansion back to Philly. “I think these Hollingsworth will have a large debt to pay off in damages” I said. “We still have to nab these Dominant characters wherever they are in this country and planet in this time” Amanda said.

“Leader Arises Part one”

One day Brian was looking on the online history about the late Martin Luther King Jr. who was assassinated in 1968 at the Lorraine Hotel in Tennessee. “Look at this, Vices. MLK, the late African American civil rights leader, ended racial segregation” Brian said. “Can be in visual mode?” I said to Brian. “Visualize” Brian commanded, and I did that.

“Martin Luther King Jr. late civil rights leader, born in Atlanta, Georgia, January 15, 1929, to Martin Luther King Sr. and Alberta Williams King both religious..” I said. “I know all that through history in 2169, a preacher and civil rights leader, also used non violent ways influenced by the late Gandhi” Brian added.

Until then, Brian was transported to April 4, 1968, Memphis Tennessee, in the Lorraine Hotel, directly in his room where the murder took place. “This is where King got shot” Brian said. Sounds of protest by a mostly Caucasoid/white mob telling King Jr. to leave. “Remember, we’re in spirit form, he can’t see or hear us” I reminded him.

King went towards the balcony to address the crowd saying “I have a dream” when a shot rang out and hit his chest as someone shot him from the crowd. “Can’t believe I’m seeing this, MLK dead” Brian said. “When you’re trying to better the world, certain people fear this and do this. Hatred for another person because of skin type still exists in the 21st century” I said.

“But racism declined in the 22nd when whites became a minority and tides had changed” Brian said. Suddenly, we’re back in 2015. “What a trip back to 1968” Brian said. That’s until a call from Farah about the Dominants whereabouts in the Midwest.

“Leader Arises Part 2”

“Chaos, Cole, Saul and Vicki have gone to Detroit must to wreak havoc there” Farah said to Brian on the cell phone as she and Paul were already there. “I’ll be there as soon” Brian replied. “So we’re going to Motown, are we?” I said. “You know your music history, Vices, home to the Temptations, etc.” Brian said, and we departed. “What are we doing here to kill the city mayor?” Cole said.

It as if Cole don’t want be part of the Dominant team anymore.“So Cole, you gone soft on us?” Chaos said. “You should go join Ferguson’s team” N.O.D. said. Their orders to kill Bobby Ramsey, the mayor of Detroit and take over the city making the inhabitants do their bidding. When we show up to stop them, they’ll be ready, not if we have the upper hand. In the city, Farah and Paul were in the downtown area, looking for the mayor. “This city is nearing the poverty mark” Paul said.

“Yes, a lot of unemployment in this city and remains the same in our time” Ricks said.There was no problem that our enemies were here, broken glass and destroyed street lamps to the floor. “They can be anywhere in the city” Farah said. “Look up ahead, some civilians got hurt and killed must be by them” Ricks said. Forensics and police were at the scene that we started talking to.

“So you two know these suspects that we’re dealing with?” one cop said to us. “Yeah, we do” Brian said as he arrived on the scene. “Don’t worry officer, we’ll deal with this” Brian added. That is when the city mayor was scheduled to speak at city hall tonight, where our enemies might strike.

Meanwhile at the Ramsey House in Midtown on Woodward Avenue, the mayor Bobby saw the events unfold on television. “Good Lord, look at this Shirley. Havoc on the streets again with these new hoodlums causing it” he said to his wife. “Don’t worry baby, the police will get to the bottom of this” his wife Shirley said.

“The heck they will, I have a speech tonight to make this city better, ridding it of crime and corruption” Bobby said, and he left the house to city hall in his private limo. Outside the house, Dominants saw the vehicle leave the house. “Put tracking chip on the vehicle” N.O.D. said to Cole.

Cole launched the tracking chip from his gun discreetly to the back of the limousine so they can track him.“Let’s follow him to his city hall and kill who stands in our way” Chaos said, and were on the move. But they decide that they needed to persuade the mayor to take Detroit, so they kidnapped the wife by breaking in the house.

“Mrs. Ramsey, we want you to come with us, your husband will bow to our will” Chaos said. Shirley had the phone secretly behind her back dialing 911. Not when Victoria sensed she had a mobile device behind her back and teleported behind her to get it. “No need to get the cops involved in this, if you don’t cooperate with us, the consequences will be severe” Vicki warned, and took her to city hall with them.

A couple of blocks away, we were on the pursuit of the city mayor by car. “Are you two sure the mayor lives on this street?” Farah said to us. “Yes, Farah, he and his wife Shirley lives here” Ricks said. That’s when we noticed the door hinges were tampered with, noting our enemies were here. “They beat us to it” Brian said. We went out of the car into the house to investigate.

“House no. 35, looks they blasted through the door handle, not with a present day weapon” Paul said. “Right on the money, Paul my man” Brian said. “Could a PLLT laser blast they amplified to make a strong destructive hit to anything it touches” I said. The Dominants can make even PLLT’s blasts deadly, killing anything. “Vices, make a call to Wiseman. Have him help us to visually replay what happened here” Brian demanded.

I make the call to Wiseman and his face appeared on a projected hologram through Brian’s suit. “Hello, everybody. How can I technically help you today?” he asked. “Wiseman, the Dominants were here in Detroit at 35 Woodward Avenue. They violently broke in here, kidnapped them both” Brian said. “I sense in Mr. Ramsey vitals, he isn’t captured yet, but heading towards him at City Hall” I said.

“OK, you three. I’m going to upload the replay program to our suits so it shows the visual of kidnapping of Mrs. Ramsey” Wiseman said. The replay program was activated in their suits and visual of the kidnapping appeared.“There it is, the bastards broke in this house” Farah said. The Shirley image appeared, as she was surrounded by them. “Is that a phone behind her back?” Paul asked.

She was going to call the police behind her back when Victoria teleported behind her and took it. Then they captured her and took her away. “They’re going to use her to persuade city hall so they can hand the keys over to them” Brian said. “One more image to show you guys” Wiseman said, and upload another one. “This is when they stole an SUV from a driver and shot him to death” he said.

“Terrific, these guys are heartless murderers” Farah said. Our enemies could pin the murders on us, so we must go to city hall to stop them. “Let’s enable tracking mode” Brian said and we did that. In the stolen SUV, our enemies were nearing city hall. “You cold heart murderers won’t get away with it, so help me God” said Shirley. “I had enough of her mouth” Saul said, as they got out the vehicle.

So Vicki gave one PLLT stun to put her to sleep. “No unnecessary chatter from her” Chaos said. Outside the building, they saw tons of security outside. “No problem, let’s shoot them down” Chaos said and took their guns and shot at security from behind parked cars, killing some of them.“Shots fired behind those cars” said one officer and shot back.

“Let’s fade away” Chaos said, and they disappeared to get past them and into the building. “Look at that, no one’s there” said the officer and warned people in the building that trouble is outside. We arrived at the scene. “Hey officer, the mayor is in danger from some terrorists calling themselves the Dominants, wanting to murder him” Brian said. “The mayor didn’t ask for you guys, you’re not scheduled here” the security officer said.

“Hey tough guy, say cheese” Farah said, as she gave one blue PLLT blast to him, knocking him out. “Good work, Farah” I said. We headed in the building before the guard came to. Inside city hall, the Dominants had gone upstairs to the second floor where Ramsey had his meeting. “Everyone, including news media. I plan to make Detroit (Motor city) a safe place by eradicating crime off the streets with more cops or even send the U.S. army to patrol the tough neighborhood” Ramsey said and vowed.

“Why not give the city to us?” Chaos announced as they walked in with Shirley. “Shirley, what the heck? Let her go!” said Ramsey. “Just do what these terrorists say so I can live” Shirley said to him. “She’s right, old man. Give us the city and no one gets hurt” N.O.D. said. With them surrounding the room armed, there was no hope when we arrived.

“Sorry to wreck your party, but you must be stopped” said Brian. They started shooting at us and we duck. “Everyone, evacuate the building” demanded Farah. Everyone fled the building except us. “You two, come with me” Paul said to Bobby and Shirley and they followed Paul out.“So Ferguson, you and gang came to take us down, the two of you against five of us” said Saul. “Yeah, and I want my rematch with you” Brian said to Saul.

“We’re outnumbered two to five. Is this wise taking them all on?” Rick questioned. Anyway they came forward; Brian and Farah had to fight back. “Let’s take on tough chick here” Vicki said to N.O.D. and they did that. “If you can see me” Farah said, and disappeared to go behind them. “She disappeared” Vicki said. That’s when their guns were taken from them by her.

“Behind you, ladies” she said as she appeared. “Let’s slice her up” N.O.D. said as her nails grew to attack and Farah dodged. “You need big nail clips for those things” Farah joked, and they fought.Meanwhile, Brian and Saul fought with punches and blows. “Come on Saul, is that all you got?” Saul said. Meanwhile, Vicki had her gun to shot Farah.

“Farah, behind you” said Ricks. “Take a time out” said Farah, as she used sonic waves from the suit arm to push Vicki down to the ground. “That goes for you too” she said to N.O.D. and push her down as well. “Let’s get out of here” Farah said to Brian as they were outnumbered. Both left the room, but Cole went after them.

“I’ll get them” Cole said, to them.Cole was on pursuit of them. “Hold on you two, I don’t want to hurt you” Cole said. “What do you want with us?” Brian said. “A truce, with me. I’m not like them, just playing along” Cole said. Inside him, he isn’t as evil as them, has good reasons to come back in time. “Let me be your ally to stop these monsters” he said. Just then Chaos came to them.

“As I would expect, you sided with our enemies” Chaos said. “Of course I have, don’t want no part of your evil organization anymore” Cole said. “Then you all must die” Chaos said. But Cole had a special PLLT laser rifle meant to kill Chaos and used on him with a deadly laser blast.

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