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This is the end of my Time Jump book series. In conclusion, Brian, Farah, Amanda, Paul, Vices and Ricks have vacationed in Mars for three weeks. They stayed in pod like hotels on the planet near the tent city of Gather, one of the cities, seeing the sights with robot tour guides. The planet’s rotation must be in stable condition. Vices and Ricks can walk on Mars with no problems because their android bodies can withstand the elements.

On the red planet, while the team was getting water from one of the terra formed lakes for them to purify at their hotel, Brian popped the question to Farah with a wedding ring he had on him. “Farah will you marry me?” Brian asked on one bended knee. “Yes, I will” Farah replied to him. The others celebrated with them. “When will the big day be?” Paul asked. Wedding arrangements will be done back on earth.

Back on earth, Brian and Farah were planning for their wedding day six months from now, with the help from their friends in Serene City. As for the old laboratory of the now deceased Dr. Stone heart, who created the Time Jump portal machine JUMPS, authorities wanted the device shut down for good, which Wiseman has done. “There, JUMPS has shut down for good and dismantled by my team” Wiseman said.

“I hope so, don’t want a crazy person to use it in the wrong way” Chief Watson said. The team was relieved that JUMPS was shut down for good. “No more time travel, guess the time barrier is stable” Amanda said. “That it is, Amanda. The wedding of Brian and Farah is six months and five days from now” Ricks said. “This will be a perfect ending of good friendship” Heather said.

April 19, 2171:
The marriage of Brian and Farah commenced in an old vacant building that was old restaurant in the past century. The attendance was about 100 in person. Everyone was well dressed for the event. Brian walked with Paul as the best man, while Farah was with Amanda as best woman. “Everyone sits down” the virtual speaking marriage union counselor said. In the 22nd century, married couples are low in number because of people fascinated with technology and science more than being united in being together forever.

“May the rings be presented to one another?” said the marriage counselor. Both Amanda and Paul gave the rings to Brian and Farah. “Brian Ferguson, will you take Farah Ramirez as your wife?” the counselor said. “I do” Brian replied, and places the ring on Farah’s finger. “Farah Ramirez, do you take this man Brian Ferguson as your future husband?” the counselor said.

“I do” Farah replied and placed the ring on Brian’s finger. “From this day forward, Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez Ferguson, I pronounce you husband and wife” said the counselor. They both kissed, and walked down the aisle as a married couple, with bouquets thrown in the air. “Finally, a happy ending is created” Vices said, sitting down. “That’s for sure, Vices” Ricks said. “Definitely a happy ending” Brian said, as he was holding Farah in her white dress.

The marriage counselor disappeared a second later. Brian and Farah made their way to the hover craft to whisk them home. “So Streak, where will our honeymoon be?” Farah asked. “Probably in the lunar moon colonies” Brian said, as they flew back to the apartment. “Looks like I can retire from the reporting business because things will be quiet now since crime is done with” Heather said.

“That’s for sure, Heather” Amanda said. Both Amanda and Heather spend girl time in the virtual reality world of any domain they choose in the VR center in the city. It was sad that Brian and Farah didn’t see them get married in person; both of them died of old age in past century, but are happy in spirit.

Well, Serene City is peaceful now in the Philly enclave since crime is eradicated for good. People can walk on the street sidewalks safely with no concern at all. Weapons were locked away for good once and for all. “So when will the after party begin?” Paul asked. “Just begun” Ricks said at the apartment.

The day came of the intergalactic honeymoon on the lunar moon colonies have come. At the launching window at the New York enclave, Brian and Farah gathered to say their goodbyes. “Good bye everyone, sadly we would like to take our vacation on earth, but because extreme heat in some parts of the world, we go into space” Brian said.

“Just watch out for the meteor showers and aliens” Vices joked to them. “Your humor has improved” Farah said. Vices and Ricks are now the team’s guardians now while Brian and Farah are away. “Have a great trip” Meghan said, now ten years of age. Both of them boarded the space shuttle to the moon colonies and it blasted off.

“Have a safe good honeymoon you two” Ricks said. The team has tears in their eyes. “They’ll be back safe” Peter said to them with confidence. “We know that” Amanda said. The others travelled back to Serene on the next hover craft. They arrived safely home. “Who wants to play Laser Tag? Loser buys steak flavored food pills” Paul said. Everyone likes the idea and set up the laser tag hologram room in the apartment.

The End

This is officially the end of my Time Jump book series. I didn’t really want to continue my book series after the third series, but I choose to because I want show the outcome of the characters hopes and dreams to a better future in their time. Hope I written the fourth story to best of your reading approval. On the lunar moon colony, Brian and Farah taught of children, Brian said maybe.

On earth, Paul, Amanda, Heather, Peter, Vices and Ricks temporarily parted ways, Heather visiting Cascadia for the first time to see it. Amanda finally being with her family for the first time, Paul being in a virtual reality simulator testing his skills. Vices and Ricks recharge themselves with a portable recharger being in a temporary sleep when needed.

The city was safe from evil villains because they none to worry about anyway as I said earlier. This story is a fictional future setting of the world, especially in North America, overpopulation, advancements in science, technology and the end of religion in the 22nd century. You never know, maybe some parts of my story come true for the future. This story is inspired by my fantasies and science fiction programs I see on TV.

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