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Cole's change of heart, leader arises continuation

Within seconds, he split into a million pieces, dead. “Damn, that’s powerful weapon” Brian said. “Shredded him in a trillion pieces” Farah added. That’s when Saul and company came following them. “You killed one of your own, you traitor!” said N.O.D.But I provided the distraction.

“Detroit, P.D., were coming in to get you terrorists” I said. “We’re of a hundred strong put your hands up!” I added. “Maybe next time we settle this, I swear” Saul said, and they disappeared out of the building. We did the same as well.“So you all came out alive. What is he doing with you?” Paul asked us. “Don’t worry, I’m part of the good guys now” Cole said.

He could be useful to us by stopping his former comrades by knowing their every move. “Cole, we thank you for stopping one of your members, you helped save us which I’m grateful” Brian said, and shook his hand. “I thank you all for saving the city from destruction and for that, I have extra tickets for Pistons NBA game to show my gratitude” Ramsey said.

But I shocked him to remind them of the mission. “Sorry mayor, we’ll pass on that” Brian said and walked on. “Why, Vices? Pistons NBA game, can’t we rest for a while?” Brian asked me. “Sorry Brian, we’ve got a mission to fulfill to stop these intergalactic invaders from taking the planet” I said. “Sporting event? How interesting” Cole said. “And the athletic players” Farah added.

“Safari Days”

In the open areas of Kenya in East Africa, a safari named Umoja meaning unity in Swahili language and the same name of the owner of it. Umoja, a black man was attending to his animals and entertaining tourists that come by daily to visit. “Look at this brutality, my elephants have been killed by poachers for their ivory tusks, there is lot of cruel people in this world” the man said.

That’s when three men appeared to him, which meant trouble. “Nicholas or Maangamizi, have you and your men cause enough trouble here?” Umoja said. “Quiet, old man. We’re going to take your safari and called it Nicholas Mambo park. Under me, the animals will be treated good for now, but torture awaits” he said. “You won’t get away with this Maangamizi.

The authorities and the army are looking for you, you son of the devil” Umoja said.“Ah, be quiet” Nicholas said, and stun him with the PLLT blue blast from his laser rifle and converted it back to a bullet setting. The lion was ready to defend their master by charging at them. “Oh look, Simba is ready to attack us” one poacher said.

“Don’t worry, man. The electric net will hold him” Nicholas said, and launched it at it, trapping the lion. The shock of the net was shocking the beast to death until a gunshot went off from the shooter. “Stand away from my brother” the voice said and appeared a man named Omari, Umoja’s brother.

“You three get out of here or be dealt with” said Omari. The three left the safari. “This isn’t over Omari. This safari will be mine after I get ownership if I have to kill to get it” he threatened and the poachers left. “Don’t worry about me brother. Let’s save the lion from death” Umoja said.

But they were too late. The deadly shock killed the lion, leaving a burned carcass. “Oh Uhuru, we’ll miss you” Umoja said. “Don’t worry, brother. I’m part of the special law enforcement team in Nairobi. I will get these thugs and bring them to justice” Omari said, and called for backup on his cell phone. “I feel someone will save us, but not from this world or present” Umoja said.

Nairobi, Kenya:

Time: present day, 2015

We arrived at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the Kenyan capital. “We’re in the Motherland” Brian said. “I thank you all for me coming along with you on this mission, what a magnificent airbus or airplane as they call it in this time” Wiseman said. “We need your scientific know how and you need to go places, lab boy” Farah joked to him, wearing her sunglasses.

I hailed a taxi for all five of us to go to our hotel in the city. At the hotel, me and Ricks briefed them about one Dominant named Maangamizi, a Swahili word meaning destruction and doom.“Maangamizi is one Dominant fugitive soldier that Cole told us about from 2169 who’s loyal to Headmaster that came back here to Kenya of this time corrupting it” Ricks said, showing his 3D image of what he looks like now.

“Maangamizi means doom in Swahili legend?” Amanda asked. “Yes it does Amanda. Whatever evil intentions he has, we must stop him or this region is doomed” I warned. A news report on TV was announced saying armed fugitives destroyed a car and murdered several people, taking their belongings.“I just sensed something bad.

The suspects had went to zoo park in the downtown area and wreaked havoc” Ricks said. Farah commanded him to be visual mode which he did. “It’s called Hakuna Matata Zoo. The owner was shot and several animals gone loose in the area” Ricks added. “Maangamizi has a triple setting firearm” he said. “Come again?” Brian asked us.

“It’s tri setting rifle gun. Part PLLT, electric net launcher that can shock anything with a hundred watt voltage, and bullet gun launcher” I said. “That’s some weapon not from this time” Farah said. “Of course not but from 2169. These Dominants created this weapon in the 2150’s when they were in space.

To rule the planet Earth this weapon came in handy, but feel into the wrong hands such as Maangamizi, a mercenary looking for power” Wiseman said. After seeing the virtual photo of him, knowing his appearance, we all set out to get him by rental car. In the downtown core, Omari and his team got his hands full.

“Hey Omari, with the animals loose, you have fun rounding them up” Maangamizi said, and his team left. A rhino charged at a car and crushed it. Several animals cause havoc too. “Sir, we can’t stop all these animals from destruction of Nairobi. We need animal rangers and the military combined to stop them” one officer said.

“Or why not us?” Brian said. We appeared at the scene. “I’m Brian Ferguson from Special Law enforcement based in Philly and this is my team, Farah, Amanda, Paul, and our tech specialist Wiseman” Brian said introducing us. “My brother, if your team can stop these animals from destruction be my guest” Omari said. We did our thing with their help.

Farah honed her psychic power to the giraffes, rhinos, and baboons. “Walk this way back to the zoo” she said mentally. The animals walked in the direction of the zoo, a few blocks down. The zebra joined in the march. “I’m just amplifying the mental link on my audio receiver” Wiseman said.

“Incredible, these foreigners are controlling the animals” Omari said.Finally, we all arrived at Hakuna Matata Zoo, and put the animals back in their cages. “Thank you all for your help. I think you know these poacher criminals well. If we can be any assistance, you can count of us” Omari said. “Glad to hear that” Paul said. I beep them to talk to them privately.

“Excuse us, an important phone call” Farah said. We went to an private area so we can talk. “A job well done saving the city from destruction, but this was a distraction for us” I said.“An distraction? Where are they now?” Amanda asked. “Somewhere in the vicinity, an vacant building” I said.

We researched several buildings which were vacant in the area, until we pinpointed one. At the vacant building in area, Maangamizi and his crew were there. “Boss, those four cops will be after us” one of the men said. “Don’t worry about them, with my weapon they don’t stand a chance against us” Maangamizi said as he got his tri-rifle weapon out.

We decided to go ahead to the building in the city. “I locked onto an address. It’s Mambo Street which is this one here” Ricks said. So we went down it. “Was it wise lying to the officers of Omari’s team that we choose to look for them by ourselves?” I asked.

“Vices, we don’t want the cops to know that our man Maangamizi is from our time, so let’s get him first before the cops do” Brian said. “Hold up, I think this vacant building is it” Farah said, as they went in front of the boarded up building.“Let’s do this” Amanda said, as she used her suit to open the automatic lock on the door and we broke in there.

“Looks like no cameras here, they don’t know we’re here” Paul said. But they were security cameras hidden in the walls, so they spotted us. “Gosh damn it, they’re here” one of the men said, seeing the video feed, downstairs in the basement, where they are. “Let’s go, Brad” Nicholas said, as those two went upstairs armed while the second poacher stay downstairs.

“OK, me and Paul look up here for them” Brian said. “Me, Amanda, and Wiseman look downstairs” Farah said. “Don’t misjudge Maangamizi. They could be waiting for us” I said. That’s when we heard footsteps coming upstairs. “Your computer is right. Don’t misjudge me, my brother” he said. “Don’t call me brother, I’m not related to a murderer” Brian said.

“The person Brad, he’s not from here but from 2169” Ricks said. “So you guys come from our time, to ruin the present” Farah said.“Yes we have, and now I got ownership to the safari owned by Umoja from some persuasion at the land office, no one can stop me” Maangamizi said, and used the rifle on them. We ducked behind the chairs for cover.

“These guys are heavily armed” Paul said. “I suggest Farah, Amanda, and Wiseman get the other poacher downstairs” I said to them. “OK, Wiseman, hold my arm” Farah said, as she and Amanda disappeared to escape the fire from the thugs to downstairs. “Those other three have disappeared, boss” Brad said.

“Forget them. I’ve have Ferguson to deal with” Maangamizi said, and shot in his direction. “Damn, two against one, what to do here?” Brian said. “With your permission, can I turn off the lights in the building so they can’t detect us?” I suggested. “Good idea, Vices. Do it. Let’s make it an even playing field” Brian said. I shut down the power to the building. Brian rose up from hiding.

“What this? A power outage? No matter, I’ve got ultra red vision, so I can see you, Ferguson” Maangamizi said, and shot in his direction. He moved out of the way using super speed. “Looks like you’re no ordinary earth man” Maangamizi said. “Let’s settle this alone” he said, and then shot his henchman dead.“Why boss?” he asked him. “I don’t need you anymore” Maangamizi said.

“If you and your team want to settle this, meet me at the Umoja safari outside of Nairobi by sunset” he demanded and escaped. “That was short” Brian said. Meanwhile downstairs, the others had found the third suspect. “Give yourself up, pal” Farah said, holding a gun at him. “Not if I got out shooting” he said, and fired at them. “Try this on for size” Farah said, and used the sonic wave on him.

He went flying into a shelf and fell down to the floor. That’s when Amanda got the cuffs on him. “What’s your name, sir?” Amanda asked him. “Charles Might” he said in a British accent. “Charles Might, you have the right to be silent, etc.” she said. Both brought Charles upstairs and meet Brian and Paul. “So you girls handled yourself well I see?” Brian asked him.

“Too bad for the other guy, Maangamizi got to him” Farah said, as they saw the poacher’s dead body. “What happened to Paul?” she added. “Paul decided to follow Maangamizi on his own to the safari, we need to catch up to him” I said.“Where is that female voice coming from? Is there a ghost in here?” Charles said. Amanda stunned him with the PLLT blast.

“Enough of his mouth, let’s go help Paul before Nairobi PD is all over this building” Amanda said. When we all left the building, one man appeared in front of us with a jeep. “I sense you four aren’t from here, but need my help” the man who was named Umoja said. “I’m Umoja, meaning faith in Swahili” he introduced.

“Sir, we thank you for your help but we’re fine” Brian said. “Let’s go with the man, he must know the safari well” Wiseman said. We had no choice but to go with the man to his safari in the wilderness. “I know you five are not from this time period” Umoja sensed. “What the?” Brian asked.

“It’s ok, he’s a good humble man that wants his safari saved from destruction from Maangamizi” Ricks said. “So you have supernatural voices on you?” Umoja said. “Much like our personal computers that turn into holographic avatars on command” Farah said.

At the safari, Maangamizi was there and shot several rangers guarding there. “That problem now solved, now where’s that old man Umoja at?” he asked. “Right behind you, Maangamizi” Umoja said, as he arrived. “We got your comrade right here” Brian said. “Yeah, and I followed you here secretly in your jeep” Paul said, as he appeared in the open.

“What’s this? I’m surrounded by you all, but I want to settle this with Ferguson” Maangamizi said. Brian accepted the challenge and took him on. “Nicholas, you’re scum that needs to go down” Brian said. Both Brian and Maangamizi got ready to fight. “No weapons, just hand to hand combat” Maangamizi said. “Agreed” Brian said.

Brian then revealed his super suit under his clothing. “Nice suit, did your tailor in 2169 gave you” Maangamizi said. “Nice humor, won’t help much” Brian said. Maangamizi threw the first punch, Brian dodged it. He fought back giving devastating blows to him, with Maangamizi following to floor. “That’s right Bri, let him have it” said Farah.

“You sir and your Dominant group are going down” Brian said. Not when Charles got free and held the Umoja hostage. “No more or the old man gets it” Charles demanded with a gun at his head. They stopped until Umoja got free from Charles hold and knocked him out. “Don’t test an old man, I got tricks up my sleeve” he said. Then a panther jumped on Charles from the bushes.

“Get this thing off me!” he demanded. “Down boy” said Umoja. “I’m outta here” Charles said and ran. “Let the fool run. I’ll take you all on myself” Maangamizi said. But his tri rifle is gone.“Where’s my rifle?” he said. “Right here. When you were talking, I stole it from you” Amanda said. “Your suits have invisibility programming into them” he said.

Amanda then set the gun on the electric net setting and launched a net on him. “What the heck is this?” he said. “Now’s the time to do this” Wiseman said. “Nicholas Maangamizi, I hereby sentence you to prison in quarantine 2169 style” Brian said. He shot a red blast at him. “Vices, transport mode” Brian said, and I did that.“My great stars, that’s one type of good magic” Umoja said.

“You all are heroes from another world” he said. “We also know that this country will become an industrial superpower by the 22nd century” Ricks said. “As will all African nations be developed” Brian said. Then a police jeep came to the area. “We got one of the poachers” said Omari, as he and his team approached.

“Where’s Maangamizi?” he asked. “He went down to hell” Umoja said. “Get me away from these people” Charles said. “Don’t worry, we’ll send you back to your country to stand trial for your crimes” Omari said.“Come strangers to my home” Umoja invited them. As we went into his house, we saw all his technology.

“I decided to keep up with the times, such as internet access and TV” Umoja said. “No kidding” Brian said. “Time for me to do the rain dance” Umoja said. He went outside to do the rain dance to the sound of the drums by the villagers. “Look, it’s raining” Paul said. “That’s a good thing, because in the safari, it never rains” I said.

The next day, we departed out. “Going to miss the safari” Brian said. “Hakuna Matata, meaning no worries” I said. “I second that one” Farah added. We journeyed to the airport to catch our flight. “Let’s move quickly, the mosquitoes are attracted to my hair conditioner” Amanda said, as they moved closer to us. “Activate static barrier” Brian commanded. The barrier was activated and the mosquitoes were repelled. “A lot better now” she replied.

“Trouble at the Indy”

Speedway, IN:

The Indianapolis 500 was the major race car event in the United States. Over millions watch the races in the summer to see which race car driver reigns supreme on the track. One well known racer named Kirk Owens had to do his duty in the restroom while the pit crew worker works on the vehicle. Saul was there and places the bomb underneath number 24 which he calls Shotgun.

“There, the bomb is placed, let the fireworks begin” he said. It was a random attack at the race, so they can control the sporting event. “It’s done” Saul said to Headmaster on his com link. “Excellent, Ebenezer. With one casualty at this speedway event, or more, will lead our enemies out here and to their end" Headmaster said.

"You and Crenshaw stay low" he ordered them. "Copy that" Ebenezer replied and went to meet Victoria at the side. “So the bomb been placed” she asked him. "Yes, and let's see the fireworks begin Saul said. He knocked on the restroom door which Kirk was in to let him know his car is ready. It's ready to go Saul said to him.

"What about the dead body?  Victoria said, as they killed one pit crew member by a neck slash. They dumped the body in a trash bin.Both moved out of the way by camflouge themselves in the scenery so no one could see them. They left the track in a getaway vehicle. "Let's head back to the hideout, Headmaster is expecting us" Saul said and drove off.

Minutes later, we arrived on the scene. To our delight, we saw news reporters there and Heather was there. When the cameras stopped rolling, we went to talk to the victims of the explosion. "Brian and Farah nice to meet you all again" Heather said. "Yeah man" Brian said. "What brings you out here from Philly?" Farah said.

Heather said if there were interesting news reports in the Midwest to check it out and to follow the Dominant terrorists."Let us take care of those guys and you stay out of trouble" Brian said, stating it's now a police investigation matter. I beeped them to speak to them privately. "Excuse us" Farah said, and we went to one side.

"These police don't know what they're up against" I said. Our enemies are well armed; strategic, intergalactic invaders from future that only want control of this planet in the present. "Pretty soon you four must reveal the truth to Heather and O' Malley of Philly P.D, you’re from 2169 sent back in time for a reason" Ricks said.

"In time, Ricks. We need to keep it on the down low for now" Brian said. We discovered another race will happen later on today."We won't let another bomb attack discourage our afternoon race" the announcer said. The manager ordered full police security in the area. "I and my news crew are leaving" Heather said, as they left. We did the same.

"We need to be here too" Farah said, to watch the track. At the hideout of the Headmaster in the town, a tech genius named Matt Adler was using 3D printing to print out the weapons and bombs for them. "Well done, Matthew. Your 3D bomb did its job blowing the race vehicles to pieces and the occupants" Dani said. "Thanks Dan.

All through my life I was teased for being socially inept in high school, straight A student, un athletic" Matt said. "But we praised your talents, so you can get back those who tormented you in your life" Dani said. Just then, Saul and Victoria came around. "So you two are back" Dani said. "Yeah, a whole lotta cops swarming the track looking for clues" Saul said.

"Have you two covered your tracks so Ferguson and his team don't find you two?" Headmaster said. "Just about" Victoria said. "So the genius got our guns ready?" she added. On the printer scanner, two AK 47's appeared, just as the real thing. "Bullets are already in the guns, unlimited firepower" Matt said.

"Let me kiss you" Victoria said, and kissed Matt on the cheek. "Never got kissed by a girl before" Matt said. "Don't rub in it, kid" Victoria said."Ferguson won't find us in this discreet location" Headmaster said. "Let us go back to the track" he said, and all left. On the street, we were looking for clues. “If Crenshaw and Ebenezer are here, then Dani is here too” Brian said.

“And they would have to hide in a discreet area” Farah added. “Can I suggest something here? I said. They said yes. “Let’s find if the late Owens have anyone close him like family, girlfriend, female companion” I said. “Go do your research” Farah said.With the last vital image Brian and Farah took with the camera in their suit arms of Owens, I and Ricks brought one person he was linked to.

“Olivia Owens, the wife of Kirk” I said, bringing up a female image of her on their suits. “Caucasian female, in her 20’s, brunette with bangs” Farah said. “Olivia works as a race car cheerleader, signaling the race cars to start” Ricks added. They wanted to know where she resides.

“129 South Side St” I said to them. “Just a few blocks down from here” Farah said. They drove to the house and knock the front door. Olivia answered the door for us.“Hi, are you Olivia Owens?” Brian asked her. “Yes, I am” she replied. She invited us in her home. “I’m Brian Ferguson of Philly P.D.” he introduced himself as. Both showed their police badges to her.

“So you two are cops?” Olivia asked them. “Yes Olivia. We want to know if saw anyone suspicious at the track when the incident happened” Farah asked her. “Not that I know of. I was in the stands most of the time” Olivia said. Olivia asked us if we want anything to drink and went to get us coffee and tea.

“By reading her body vitals, she knows more about the incident, but not want to tell us, is scared to” Ricks said.In the kitchen, Olivia made the call to Daniel to let him know we right in front of her. “Those cops Ferguson and Ramirez are here in my house” Olivia told him.

“Excellent, Olivia. Sorry about the loss of your racecar husband. He got into the wrong race vehicle, blowing him up” Daniel said. “Just let me know of their every move” Daniel said. “You guys will keep your promise of keeping me safe?” Olivia asked. “Don’t worry, a promise is a promise” Daniel said, and hung up. “Are we really going to keep this Olivia safe?” Victoria said.

“No. She’s an idiot to think we’ll keep her safe. She, Ferguson and Ramirez will meet their end at the race track today as we invade it again” Headmaster said. “Here is your coffee and tea” Olivia said to us. “I think we pass on it” Farah said. “Hey hold up, the woman is giving us coffee…” Brian said. I zapped him to remind him of our mission.

“Have a good day, Mrs. Owens” Brian said, and we departed. Not until Farah placed a tracking chip discreetly in Olivia’s purse so they can follow her to the track. They left the house. “Tracking chip placed in her purse, so we can follow her every move” Farah said. So now we wait for her move. Meanwhile, Headmaster, Saul, Victoria, and Matt were heading to the track.

But Headmaster had another decision. “Matt, you stay here to keep watch of the house” he commanded him. “Yes sir” Matt replied. “So y’all think Olivia is with the Dominants?” Brian asked. “A person body vitals and facial expressions don’t lie” Ricks said. First we decided to find our enemies first in the town.

“Looks like she’s on the move” Farah said, as she watched the tracker on her suit arm. “Coordinates south east, near an vacant house” she added. “If it’s not the track, she going to meet up with our bad guys” Brian said. We proceeded to the coordinates. Meanwhile, Olivia went to the house of Headmaster, but Matt was there.The doorbell rang and Matt answered it.

“Olivia Owens” she said. “Oh Olivia, is anyone following you?” he asked her, as he looked into the peephole of the door. “No, let me in” she demanded, and he did that. “So what you need?” he asked. “Some cops are on to you guys saying they’ll catch you” she said. That’s when he heard a beeping noise in her purse. “What’s that noise?” Matt asked her.

Olivia open her purse to find a tracking chip. “What the heck is this?” Matt asked her. “Must be some computer chip. Those two cops must of plant it on me” she said. “So either you’re with them or they’re coming here soon” Matt said. They were ready to depart when we showed up. “What is this? A party for two and we’re not invited” Brian joked, as we appeared.

“Nice house, where are the Headmaster and his group?” Farah asked him. “They’re at the track trying to terrorize everyone there” Matt said frightened. “You two come with us” Brian said. “Look at this” Farah said, as they saw a 3D printer, the source of their weapons and gadgets.

They decided to let the local police take care of this, as we went with Matt and Olivia to the track to stop our enemies. Outside the racetrack, Daniel, Saul and Victoria were viewing the race using super sight. “These people are good as dead” Daniel said. All three went in disguise as pit crew workers.

They showed their badges to security, until when they discovered what wasn’t right. “Hold on here, are you three on the list? the guard said. Saul took out his gun and shot them cold. “Shut up” he said, and went in the track. “Let’s set up the explosives under the stands” Headmaster said. “Right” Victoria said, and they went to place them. “I’ll go to the left side” Saul said.

Victoria went left, and Headmaster went to the pit area to place the 3D bomb under the race car, being invisible. Finally we arrived at the race track.“Looks like they we’re here” Brian said, as they look at the dead security guards. We went in the racetrack as news crews were there. Brian raced to the news microphone which Heather was holding.

“Everyone in the stands, terrorist bombers are here, disguised as pit crew workers, evacute the premises immediately!” he ordered. “Are you sure? Then we must beat it!” Heather said, to her camera crew and left. The spectators quickly departed leaving just us there. Farah used super sight to locate the Dominants. “I see them, by the pit area, killing several drivers and workers” Farah said.

We headed down to pit area to get them. “Hey home boy, we have a score to settle with y’all” Brian said to Headmaster. “We got your head genius” Farah said, having Matt and Olivia. “You three are no good terrorists and murderers” Olivia said. “My dear, we don’t need you anymore” Saul said. Matt somehow got free and went to them.

“These are my friends now” Matt said. “You’re an idiot to side with them, making you on the wanted list” Brian said. “Remember we need to diffuse the bombs?” I reminded him. “Ahead of you there” Farah said, as she got the first one under the race car.

She stopped the countdown by cutting the red wire. “Gosh damn it, let’s go before the police come by” Headmaster commanded, and all disappeared. “Forget them, let’s stop the bombs from exploding” Ricks said. We went to work finding the other bombs. “Behind the stands they sit” I said. Brian went to left, Farah to the right side.

We found them and diffuse every one. We saved the race track from total destruction. “Looks like we did it” Brian said. As we left the Speedway, we faced news cameras. “No comment” Brian said, as we walked past them. But Olivia faced them saying thanks to us saving her. “Well, that day went well” I said. The police went to the Dominants house, took 3D printer and weapons away.

“Sad they got away from us again” Farah said. “Don’t worry we’ll get them someday and stop their evil plot of earth conquest of present, they must be on their way to Philadelphia by now” Ricks said, as we headed back there.

“Need a lift back to Philly?” Heather said, as her news van had space for them. “Sure, why not?” Brian said, as we got in to it. “This is a start of a good friendship” Farah said. “You can say that again” Brian responded. With present day help, we can save the present to preserve the future.

“Water Scare”

Back in Philadelphia, Headmaster devised a plan. “Everyone, what resource do people rely on the most?” Headmaster said. “That would be water, the important resource” Rampage said. They decided to pollute the water supply in the city and the American east coast, country and world, making it unsafe to drink and use.

“So you think of poisoning the water resources of city?” Kathy asked. “Yes, with a deadly toxin that spread into the water system along the Delaware River, Philadelphia's main water source” Headmaster said. With Philly’s water contaminated, people could get sick with deadly diseases and eventually perish. “I hope we get safe drinking water” Matt said.

“Of course we will, these citizens will have to pay us for the water filter system we have to clean it” Headmaster said. At our home in the West Philadelphia area, we’re relaxing waiting on our enemies move. “These guys can anywhere in the city, how we go about finding them?” Farah said, as we searched the databases for them.

“Hear that, they are hiding out in Philly, laying low, but we’ll find them” Brian promised. “They’re somewhere in this metropolis, blocking us from tracing them” I said. Me and Ricks worked on breaking the block from us searching for them. Meanwhile, our enemies were at the water filtration centre, going inside with a contamination device to pollute the water for the city.

But had to deal with security guards first. “Hey boys, about to check the water if any deadly toxins are in there” Kate said. “Are you authorized to do so?” the guard said. “Here my authorization, ok boys, get ‘em!” Kate said, as Headmaster and company emerge from hiding. One guard got shot, dead cold. The second tried to taser Daniel, but he was too strong to be stunned and took the wire out.

Rampage appeared from behind to use the taser on the second guard. “Sleep tight” he said. He stepped on the walkie talkie so he don’t call for help. “Let’s do this, a tight schedule we have” Daniel said. They walked toward the main reservoir of the plant. “This supplies water to the entire city and surroundings” Daniel said.

They start dispensing the deadly toxins in the water to contaminate it. “Within hours, the water supply in the city and the East coast will be affected” Kate said. “Yes, and the citizens will pay for water purifiers at a high price” Daniel said. The very next day, a report about a break in at a water filtration plant went on the news.

“A break in at the water plant in South Philly had happen over night. Two dead security guards were slain on scene by unknown suspects” Heather said on TV. “Looks like our Dominants is causing trouble again” Brian said. With no time to waste, we headed to the water center in South Philly.

At the scene, O’Malley, Paul and Amanda were there. “We blocked off the crime scene here so no one except for us can pass through” O’Malley said. “Could it be our Dominant terrorists again are responsible for this?” he asked. “What happened at my plant last night? Two of my best security are dead” the water plant manager who was Chester Ronaldson said.

“Now sir, let us handle this matter” Brian said. “Chester Ronaldson, would you speak to the camera and tell us what happened” Heather said. “Ms. Wassermann, you and your crew just leave it to us” O’Malley said. The officers directed Heather and her camera crew away.

We went inside the plant towards the main reservoir to see the two dead bodies under blankets. “Definitely their handy work” Brian said. “Yeah, why would they come here for? Unless to poison the water system in the city” Amanda said. Amanda had the right spot on guess which we found out soon. At the water fountain in the Olney park neighborhood, a young boy took a drink from it.

The deadly toxins had disguised itself with water. Minutes later, the boy fell ill. As of several other people fell serious ill from the tainted water. At our enemies house in an disclosed area of the city, they watch and hear the news reports of people falling sick to contaminated water.

“Excellent, my plan is working. The E-13 contaminate from our time that disguises itself with any liquid source such as water is working” Danny said. “What if our enemies discover the toxin” Kathy said. “Then we end them, right boss?” Rampage said. “Our course we will, when they discover the virus, it will be too late” Danny said.

They headed to the TV station to broadcast a ransom. That’s when Heather received a text from Bill saying he got sick from the tainted tap he just drank. “Oh no, Bill got sick from the tainted water” Heather said. Close to a hundred people got infected and more. “This is serious, we must do something” Farah said.

That’s when an unknown news broadcast came on the TV in the store and the Jumbotron screen in the area.“Citizens of Philadelphia, you already heard your water supply has been contaminated with deadly toxins named E-13. A very powerful toxin that attacks the body functions making the person sick” Daniel said.

“I have the cure, the water purifier. It will clean the water supply and the Delaware River, just ask for your loyalty to us for a ransom of hundred grand ($100,000) for the purifier” he added and end the broadcast. “So what now, Ferguson. This madman had poisoned the city’s water and will reach the American east coast in hours” O’Malley said.

“Just tell the people not to consume the water, we’ll find them” Brian vowed.Brian told Heather to look after Bill, as she went to. “Brian, how we going to find them? There’s several TV station affiliates in Philly” Farah said. “Not if we find the exact TV station” I said. We called Wiseman about the water scare to create a water purifier to clean the water.

“Can you call me Eric from now on?” he said. “Whatever. Look, the Dominants poisoned the water supply with E-13, a contaminant must be from our time, can disguise with the liquid” Brian said. “So you want me to create a water purifier? Will take time, need to get parts” Wiseman said, and went to work.

“Do you believe that the Dominants have a water purifier?” Paul said. “Of course not, just bluffing” Brian said, and went to find our enemies. At the TV station channel six, Heather’s employment area, our enemies had finished the broadcast.

“That’s set. Now the people of this city will pay us for this purifier” Headmaster said. “The device is faulty, won’t clean the water, just make it worse” Kathy said. On the road, we were on the search for them. “The nearest TV station affiliate in the area is TV 6” I said. “Then let’s go” Brian. We decided to tell the police to accompany us for backup which we did. We arrived at the station and we went in. “Hold it, you guys.

We got you” Brian said. But they had a bomb on them. “Ferguson and his crew. I’ve got a mini hydrogen bomb in my hand. If you want this building to stand longer, let us settle this elsewhere and not fight our way out this time” Headmaster said.“Alright you win” Brian said and let them go. “Besides, this purifier is faulty, won’t clean the water” Rampage said, laughing as they left.

“You guys figure out how to save the city’s water” Victoria said, and disappeared. We left the station and outside, the police were there. “So now what, they escaped, what the heck?” O’Malley said. He was wondering if this assignment is for us. But the Dominants were from the future like us, so we know more about them.

“O’Malley let us handle it” Farah said. “OK, you four have one chance to get them, or else we step in” O’Malley said. Then a call came to them. It was Eric Wiseman on the cell phone. “I’m finishing the water purifier to clean the contaminated water in city” Wiseman said. “Can you come by the water plant on 56th Street in South Philly?” Brian said.

“Sure right away, this water purifier has 100% chance of undoing the E-13 virus” Wiseman said.At the home of Heather, she was tending to Bill, who was sick from the tainted water. “You need to go to the doctor soon, because I don’t want you to die” Heather said. “Heath, I thank you for your kindness, glad to have met you” Bill said.

That’s when she called us to find out if we have the cure for the poisoned water. “Yes, we have the cure. Our scientist friend will be at the South Philly water center in the hour” Farah said. She said to come alone with no cameras to make it public yet. At the water center, we all gathered outside.

“Here’s the water purifier, in a form of an extinguisher” he said. “Is it 100% effective?” Paul said. “Of course it is, 101%. I’ve tested on the tainted bottle water, killed the E-13 virus, make the body immune system stronger” Wiseman said. “Then I need it for Bill” Heather said. “Here you go, miss” Eric said. Heather got the bottle, and departed. Not when Headman and his crew showed up. “Remember about us settling the score” Headmaster said.

“Of course, homeboy” Brian said, as he sprinted towards him. “Heather, get out of here quick” he ordered her. She did that, not when Kate and Vicki stopped her. “Hey bitch, you isn’t going anywhere” Kate said. Not when Farah appeared behind Vicki with a gun at her head. “Wrong bitch, she’s out here” Farah said. Kate had no choice but to let Heather go which she did.

Wiseman quickly went to the main water tank to dispense the purifier. “After him, Rampage” Headman ordered him. Rampage went to do so, when Paul stopped him. “Back off, boy” Rampage said. Paul stunned him with the PLLT and went down. The fighting began, when Eric said he cleaned the water. “The water system of Philadelphia and the Delaware river will purify in minutes” Eric said.

The sound of police sirens were outside the building. “Until we meet again” Headmaster said, and departed without Rampage. “You’re going to leave Rampage so these police get him?” Kate said. They will get Rampage back from police custody. “Wow, look at this. You got one of them” O’Malley said. “No problem sir” Brian said. They arrested Rampage and took him into custody.

“At least got one of them” Amanda said. “Glad for that, Amanda. But we can’t celebrate too much” Ricks said. The Dominants could free Rampage for maximum security prison. At our house, the news report of the water scare is over. “The water in Philly and the east coast has been cured, thanks to known heroes for saving my guy Bill” Heather said.

“That’s good news, the water is safe to drink, and the Dominant’s water scare foiled” Brian said. “Hope the security of this time is perfect” Farah said. Or so we think.


Amanda and Farah were on their way home by SEPTA subway when Ricks sensed something wrong. “Wanted suspect on the subway train, has a bomb on his wrist, behind you” Ricks said. Both saw the male in the car, about to make an announcement. “Give in to the Dominant cause, or we all blow up in flames” he threatened.

“We have another nut jack here, why don’t you shut up and sit down” one person said. Then Amanda and Farah introduced themselves. “Philadelphia P.D.! Now young man, I want you to sit down and not cause anymore, or you be arrested” Farah warned him. The train car was really crowded, giving Amanda the opportunity to disappear and go behind the bomber to take the bomb off his wrist.

“Where’s the bomb?” the suspect said. It was in Amanda’s hands, as Ricks went to work alerting everyone on the train of suspect on there. “Everyone stay calm, under police control” Amanda said. The suspect went to attack to them, but they block his blows and kicks. Farah responded with punches and kicks herself to the suspect and he fell.

“Didn’t your mom teach you not to hit women?” Farah asked, as she applied the cuffs to his hands. “Bomb deactivated” Amanda said. People were applauding them for a good job. As the train pulled into 11 street station, we decided to call our station to retrieve him. “O’Malley and the team can get him” Farah said, as we proceeded home.

Not when Cole spotted us on the street, to speak to us. “Hi ladies, long me no see” Cole said. “What do you want?” Farah asked. “You know that Rampage won’t be in Philly P.D.’s custody for very long” Cole said. Rampage could try to break free of imprisonment. “We know that, the cops of this time, their prisons and security systems aren’t that great” Amanda said.

That’s when Brian appeared in the car driving. “Hey Cole, what up?” Brian asked. “All you better watch your back” Cole said, as he walked away. “What was that about?” Brian said.

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