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Breakout, and Fight for freedom

In the Chestnut Hill neighborhood of Philly, Daniel and his companions went to look for a new hideout in the affluent area. They went towards a house on Stetson Avenue. “Real Estate Company, you’re ordered to move out of your house” N.O.D. said. “What is this bull? I’m not moving till I get proof” the man said.

Then Daniel, Saul, and Vicki emerged from hiding and attacked the man, beating him to death, eventually shooting him. “That nuisance problem solved” Saul said. “We’ll feel right at home here in this boring neighborhood” Vicki said. “We’ll liven things up here” Headmaster said. They decided to put the dead body into a freezer for now.

“We’ll feel right at home here” Matt said, looking at the pot plants outside in the backyard. “Pot or marijuana is what these people in this time called a mental soother” Saul said. They went to work to look for Rampage by activating the tracking chip in his body of his whereabouts in the city. At the police station, they have Rampage in a room.

“So Rampage is your street name? No real name?” O’Malley said to him. “Well, I choose Tony” he replied. “You’re a funny suspect, you know that. You and your gang that poisoned this city’s water is a crime and murder. Is 15 to life behind bars” O’Malley added. Then Paul wanted to speak to him privately, O’Malley fulfilled his wish.“So young officer, glad to see one of us caught?” he asked Paul.

“Well I am, and if your Dominant pals come to save you, we’ll be ready for you” Paul said. “Strong statement from you” Rampage said. We decided to let him suffer in this time period first by imprisonment. “Let’s bring to a courtroom tomorrow morning so the judge can set his first” O’Malley suggested. The officer escorted Rampage back into holding. “I won’t be in captivity any longer” Rampage said.

“Yeah, yeah, get him out here” O’Malley said. “Are you sure you having tight security at the court hall tomorrow?” Paul asked. Not knowing our enemies had overheard the audio chip in Rampage’s skull of where he’s heading tomorrow. “Courtroom meeting tomorrow? Let’s interrupt it!” Daniel said. “Find the nearest courtroom building in this city” Daniel said to Matt. “On it. It’s in Downtown area by 26th street” Matt said.

They proceeded to the courthouse, when Daniel suggested that N.O.D. and Matt stay behind to watch the hideout just in case we come by, she deals with us. Brian’s mobile started to ring in the car. “Activating speaker Bluetooth. It’s Paul” I said. “Ferguson, what’s up Paul?” Brian said, as we drove. “O’Malley put Rampage in holding until his trial tomorrow” Paul said. “Don’t worry Paul, we’ll be at trial at the courthouse tomorrow” Brian said, and ended the call.

“I bet our Dominant friends will attempt to rescue him tomorrow” Farah said. “So true. We can’t take any chances, we must present at Rampage’s trial tomorrow to prevent any mishaps” Ricks said. “We have Headman and Cole is one character we can’t trust either” Amanda said. We all decided to get shut eye until tomorrow morning.

The next day was the trial. Amanda with her red hair in a bun, went to meet us at the trial, when Cole saw her in a restaurant window of a diner and called in her in. “Amanda Reid, do come in. Have a large breakfast of scramble eggs, bacon, sausage and toast” Cole said, encouraging her to have some. “What is it, Cole” she asked him, refusing the breakfast.

“About now Philly P.D. is bringing Rampage to the courthouse in cuffs for his trial of poisoning the water system. Daniel and company will try to free him. The cops alone can’t stop them because of the guns they have” Cole said. “But we’re there, and see they fail” Amanda said. “Plus news crews will be there as well to cover it” Cole said.

“Damn it, Heather! I must warn them to keep her safe from those monsters” Amanda said. “At least take the pancakes to go” Cole said. He ordered the waiter to give Amanda the pancakes to go, which he did. “Thanks for being helpful” Amanda said, and left. Down the street, she saw a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk, and gave the pancakes to him.

“Here you go, sir. More than money” she said. The man took without hesitation. Amanda called the others on the cell. “Hey you guys, the media will be at the trial. We must keep them safe” Amanda said. “Yeah, roger that” Brian said. We were at the courthouse with the jury, news crew and judge preparing for the trial at 11am. Meanwhile in the van, Paul was with Rampage being transported to the courthouse.

“Boy, why don’t you tell only O’Malley the truth of where you four are from?” Rampage said. “You sure can talk” Paul said. “You four aren’t going back to the future until all the bad guys are caught, can’t send us back, so tell him” Rampage encouraged Paul.“You lost all sanity, have you?” Paul said. “Tell him Low, you coward! Tell him!” Rampage said.

“What’s going on here, Tony?” O’Malley said to Paul as they arrived at the courthouse with Rampage in chains. “Nothing, just Rampage giving me a hard time” Paul said. The police hauled Rampage out of court van truck into the courthouse. Inside the courthouse of Benjamin Franklin, Brian, Farah and Amanda gathered.

“Looks like jury, judges and news crews are here” Brian said. “Where’s the witness?” Farah asked. Then Heather showed up. “I’m going to the witness stand because I saw this Rampage guy poisoned the water and my guy, so I’ll help put him away” Heather said. Her second reporter named Will, is doing the reporting.“Let’s put this jerk away” said Bill.

“He sounds too anxious” Farah said. Just then the judge came in. “All rise” the judge named Erica said. Everyone stood up briefly and Rampage was escorted in by security. Rampage went to the prisoner’s box and Heather went towards the podium with the bible on top of it. Then the news cameras started to roll. “Good morning everyone, I’m Will Harlot of TV6 news.

The trial of the Dominant gang member Rampage is set to begin for the poisoning water in Philly and the east coast” Will said. “Heather Wassermann, do you swear on the bible, tell the truth so help you God?” The judge asked her. “Yes, I do your honor” Heather said. I and Ricks had access to the security cameras in the courthouse to see if the Dominants will interrupt the trial.

Outside, the courthouse the Dominants arrived. “Here we are, the Ben Franklin Courthouse” Daniel said. They proceeded inside and shot the security guards cold. “Scan the building to see where there are” Headmaster said. N.O.D. went ahead to do that using her super sight. “Upstairs second floor is the courtroom” she said.

“Then we go upstairs, right?” Saul said. “Well yes, let’s go up” Headmaster said. They saw a overhead camera and destroyed it. “Can’t let them know we’re here yet” he added, and took the elevator to the second floor. In the trial, I and Ricks sensed that several cameras were out of commission. “Yesterday about the water poisoning, did you consume the tainted water?” the judge said.

“No, your honor, I didn’t.” Heather replied it. “Of course she didn’t. She will fall ill like her boyfriend who is cured from the disease” Rampage said. “You keep quiet. I didn’t ask you to speak” the judge said to him.I beeped Brian to warn them of trouble and send a text on their smart phones saying, “The Dominants are here in the building, keep your guards up” I texted.

Then the doors busted open and they arrived. “Good morning courtroom. We come for our buddy Rampage” Headmaster said. They were heavily armed. “So Headman, you decide to bust in here unannounced?” Brian said. Then N.O.D. appeared behind Judge Erica and holds her hostage with long sharp nails at her throat ready to slit it.

“You want her to live, release Rampage to us and we all go home in one piece” N.O.D. threatened. “Release him, release him!” the judge said. The officers released him and Rampage went with the gang. “Bye suckers” he said to us.“So you’re going to let them get away with it?” the judge said. “Hell no we won’t” O’Malley said.

“Have every cop on standby. Seal off their exit” he commanded to us. “Let my team head out first to track them” Brian said. O’Malley allowed to us do so. “We’ll have eyes watching you four” O’Malley said, and we proceeded out. “Get Miss Wassermann home” Farah said, so she can be safe. In the hallway, I mentioned something.

“They will know of tight security of police and try to escape” I said. “Yeah, but we know our Dominant baddies well than them” Brian said. We started to discover that their hideaway will be in a quiet part of the city.“Find their location in the city” Brian said to us, and we did that. We passed through dead security guards in body bags by forensics.

“They left their mark here” Amanda said. At the house of enemies where Matt and N.O.D. are, a call from Headmaster came in. “Blasted Ferguson and his team are tailing us, disrupt their computers of finding you” Headmaster said. “I see the vehicle on the road in Center City. Activating GPS scrambler, now” Matt said, and blocked our GPS from finding them.

“Our GPS system is blocked, getting static reception” I said. “Same here” Ricks said. “Visualize you two” Brian commanded. We did that on the street corner where no one saw us. “Our holographic avatar abilities still work, static reception is temporary” I said. “We need to go to Wiseman to fix us” Ricks suggested.

We went to him by the car and we went back to our audio mode. “Good job Matt, they’ll never find us here” N.O.D. said. “Thanks Kathy. I’ve been time jumping to 1989 as a kid from 2169 to experience life in the past. Ran from authorities back home who want to take me away in asylum. Dr. Stone heart granted me my freedom as a 12 year old” Matt said.

As a teen growing up in Philly, he excelled in math and science in school, but was socially inept, even through university to be a scientist. He dropped out of university and his foster parents shunned him. We arrived at Wiseman’s work area in an abandoned building in the lower level. “Like what you did to the place” Brian said.

It had close to twenty plasma TV screens on the wall. “To see all of Philly utilizing the security cameras and in your suits” Wiseman said. “Eric, our bad guys had disrupted Vices and Ricks GPS systems from tracking them” Farah said. “Tell Vices and Ricks to be in visual mode” he suggested.

“Visual mode” Brian said. We did that. “Looks like you two are slowly fading” Wiseman said. He worked on reliving our static pain by putting plus positive shocks in our main frame. “I think that did it” Ricks said.“Now let’s find these guys before them do real damage” Brian said. I tried to bring up the last image before the block of my GPS.

“They were driving a SUV, towards the Chestnut Hill neighborhood” I said. We knew they would lay low in the quiet neighborhood. “Should we let O’Malley know we found them?” Paul asked. “Not yet. We don’t know if more of them travelled back to this time along with our current ones” Brian said. “Plus we can’t sent them back” Farah said.

“Touching on the subject of firepower, I’m downloading your new PLLT’s in the form the 3D transformer gun” Wiseman said, as he was on the computer receiving the program to send to the 3D printer in front of us.“Look, the weapons are being printed in front of us” Amanda said. The four guns in the form of mini sticks were created.

He adjusted it to look like our weapons from our time. “Press the button on the right side to morph into a firearm” Wiseman said. We did that, and it was in gun mode. “Now the red pellets are explosive, when it hits a object, automatically blows up” Wiseman demonstrated. Our weapons had three modes like our old launchers. “Just change the setting like this” he shown us.

“How awesome. We have the same guns” Paul said. “About time you two have it” Brian said, showing they earned them. “Now you four getting going” Wiseman said, and we departed it. At the house, Headmaster and company arrived. “Now those protective agents are on us” Headmaster said. “Let’s destroy them” Rampage said.

“In time. We can’t stay here” Headmaster said. So they decided to hail a taxi to wait outside the house. The cab arrived and they told the driver to drive to the Benjamin Franklin bridge. Once there, when no one was around, they shot the cabbie dead and put his body in the trunk. They dumped the body in the river so no one could find it.

“That was easy. Got rid of the cabbie and a free ride” said Headmaster. “Where to?” asked N.O.D. “We must separate for now. Make it difficult for them to find us” Headmaster said. They all agreed to separate temporarily by laying low. We arrived at the house where our enemies were at. The door was left unlocked and to our surprise, they weren’t there.

“Do a vital scan on this house” Brian commanded me. I did that, from top to bottom. “They’re not here. Must of escaped, knowing we will be looking for them” I said. “Hold on everyone. I’m reading a human body in here with no vitals, surrounded by frost, seven feet ahead” Ricks said. We walked towards the kitchen, to the freezer.

To our horrors, we saw the dead body of the house owner.“The frost cut off the dead stench” Farah said. “The landlines are cut off in this house, so no calls come in” Amanda said. “Should I call forensics here to take care of the body?” I suggested. “Do that to take care of this” Brian said. I called forensics to the scene. “They definitely had to hitch a ride, if not murder the driver” Paul said.

In minutes, the forensics team arrived along with O’Malley. “Don’t tell me, the Dominant gang was here” O’Malley said. They saw the body in the freezer and took it out, covered in the bag. “These guys are good and organized” said one officer. “This gang always slips from our fingers when we get close to them” O’Malley said.

“I’ve got a feeling they won’t stick together” Brian said, knowing they will split up, being elsewhere. “I leave this task to you four to bring them down” O’Malley said. “No problem sir, we’ll get them before they hurt anyone else” Farah said. The police left us alone to bring the body to the morgue. “We have to find them and take them down” Amanda said.

“Don’t worry Amanda. With our new PLLT’s with the special red explosive pellets, we can’t send them back, but kill them before they make this time a hellhole” Brian vowed.

“Fight for freedom”

30 April, 1975, was the fall of Saigon and the end of Vietnam War, causing the north and south to unite in one country. The communist north wanted to invade the south, making the entire country communist. That’s when America stepped in to end the war and liberate the country. The Viet Cong were a dangerous bunch of soldiers, murdering a lot of innocents and enemy soldiers.

I decided to let everyone witness this.“Where are we?” Brian said. “April 30, 1975. Fall of Saigon and the end of Vietnam war” I said. “This is another virtual reality setting, is it?” Farah asked. We saw the Vietnamese south soldiers fight the Viet Cong backed by the communist nations of China and former Soviet Union in firepower to liberate the country.

“Some Americans opposes the war by fleeing to Canada to hide out in the late 1960’s” Paul said. “Good knowledge of history, Paul” Ricks said. We witnessed the deaths of soldiers, the tanks and warplanes attacking. But finally, the South Vietnamese won the war with the help of the U.S. Marines and other nations that oppose communism.

The two countries united in one democratic nation in 1976. Finally we came back to 2015. “What a great war, man. People fighting to liberate themselves from hard struggles” Brian said. “Plus they suffered under communism and the Viet Cong” Farah said. “The point of seeing that virtual simulation is that one will fight to uplift themselves from despair and trouble” Ricks said.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania:

A man named Donald Nyugen whose father once fought in the Vietnam War against the war, has got murdered by a landmine, blowing him to bits, and the mother had to send her son away as a baby to America through sponsorship of an American family, Caucasian named the Riley’s, took him in. The mother Lin Tran got executed when she refused to move by Viet Cong.

Now Donald is a rights leader opposing war, workplace equality and ending homelessness. “We must voice our complaint of how the rich treat the poor unfairly by low wages to the unfortunate” Donald said.“The mayor and state governor won’t listen to us” one member said. “Maybe we have a solution” Daniel, the Headmaster said.

“This is Nathan Lords. An expert of breaking down walls and getting the point across” Daniel said. “Don’t worry Donald. I’ll or we see everyone gets equal rights” Nathan Lords. He gave him his calling card so he can get back at him and they left him. “Nathan Lords, the Dominant organization. Conquering one problem at a time” he thought.

“He thinks we support equality, ending war and homeless right?” Nathan said.“He’s a fool to think we support his vision. Let’s make our mark by bringing this city to its knees” Daniel said. They decided to go to the Point Park University in the downtown core where Donald went to study political leadership at the Lawrence Hall campus in the night.

They went inside the building shot the security guard and get the people who tormented Donald during his time there because of his upbringing and how his family and links to the Viet Cong in Vietnam which he had no part of. “Looks like we avenged Don by disposing of his tormentors and causing damage as well” Nathan said. Both Daniel and Nathan got away by a getaway vehicle that night.

The next morning the janitor saw the carnage and called the police to investigate. That’s when Brian and Farah came to Pittsburgh to find our bad guys. “We’re in Steel City. What would Headman want to come here?” Brian said. “To get away from us which won’t happen” Farah said. “So true. Whatever our Dominant enemies want here is to make their mark in a bad way and need to stop it” I said.

We were in the east side of the city when saw posters of one man named Donald Tran of the Pro Liberators his organization’s name.“Doing a scan on the poster now” I said. What I discovered about him was amazing. “A refugee survivor from Vietnam who’s parents died in the fall of Saigon in 1975, the mother Ann Nuygen, sent him away to the U.S. as a 2 year old to an adopted family named the Riley’s, before she was killed by the Viet cong for refusing to move from their village” I said.

“Was his family fighting for peace in his former homeland?” Brian said. “Yes, his late father Ken Nuygen was a soldier for the South Vietnam liberation army. One day he stepped on a land mine, killing him” Ricks said.That’s when we saw a news article in the stands about a shooting rampage in Point Park University. “That’s our guys” Brian said, and we proceeded there.

At Point Park, we saw police and news crew on the scene. We showed our badges to the cops and proceeded in the building. To our amazement, we saw a blanket over a dead body which was a security guard. “They came in like hit men and did damage” Brian said. “Were they any survivors of the shooting?” Farah asked the cop Inspector Bradley.

“There could be a few, these unknown suspects must of did it for a point” he said. The police had ordered the news crews and reporters away. We went to one side and they talked to us. “The local police can’t stop them, we must get to them first before them” I said. But finding them will be the difficult. In the car, we discovered something.

“Donald lives in South Side Flats, 340 East Carson St, an apartment building” Ricks said. “Then let’s go and warn him about Headmaster’s intentions which his bad” Farah said. Donald needs our protection immediately. At the east part of city in an house, our enemies were planning their next move.“Everything is set.

The more we make our statement by killing innocent bystanders, Donald has no understanding of us taking the city and the end his organization” Daniel said. “What about those protective agents?” Nathan said. “Don’t worry about Ferguson and his team. Matt is watching the security footage in the city to track their whereabouts” Headmaster said. “They’re somewhere in the south end in the city, nearing East Carson Street, Donald’s area” Matt said.

“Let’s keep our guard up, shall we?” Daniel said. Nathan took the strength enhancement serum in an needle to keep his strength up.At 340 East Carson Street, we arrived at his apartment and buzzed the intercom. Donald saw our faces on the security cam. “Donald Nyugen Riley, detectives Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez come to talk to you about the shooting and the organization you have” Brian said.

Donald decided to let us in and went to apartment 306. They showed our badges to him and we went in. “Donald Nyugen, we know you’re part of the Pro Liberators” Brian asked him. “Yes I am, and I hope I’m not getting arrested here. I didn’t do anything wrong or criminal” he said.“No, we’re not pressing charges on you.

There was a violent attack on Point Park campus last night, by unknown suspects called the Dominants, a criminal organization from Philly” Farah said. “We’re wondering if you have links to them” Brian said. “So you two come all the way from Philly to Pittsburgh to follow some criminal group who wrecked havoc at a university?” Donald asked.

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