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Sun Trooper Introduction, 2225 we go and Back from the Dead

The team was in gasp and shock. “That’s one hideous guy” Paul said.“The extreme heat of the sun on Venus combined with radiation that came in the greenhouse vents one day when I tending to plants” said Dung, formerly Alex Scott. The deadly radiation scarred his face, turning it brown, saliva coming out of his mouth and his hands turned brown like animal excrement.

“That’s my story. By this day forward, I’m known as Dung” he said, and put his helmet back on his head. “I see you met Dung and the Sun troopers, Trans human” said Sort who appeared from the building. “What are you up to, Sort?” Brian said. “The great Brian Streak Ferguson asks of my intentions” says Sort. “Well I’m sorting out the inferiors and the superiors of Earth, which I’m programmed to do” he said.

Sort’s main goal is to purify Serene City and the Earth from inferior life forms such as humans. “The two scientists you were with, what happened to them?” asked Amanda. “They have been dealt with for not being open to my cause” said Sort. “You murdered them, did you?” said Ricks. “Yes. Why don’t you six leave your law abiding jobs and join me and my cause purifying the world of inferior beings” encouraged Sort.

“No deal. We may have bionic tech upgrades but we won’t wipeout humanity” Paul said. “I knew you all disagree, take them out” commanded Sort and they shot their laser blasts at them that were harmful. “Duck for cover!” Brian said and team ducked behind the rubble.

“These are disintegration blasts” said Vices. “So one hit, we’re shattered to death into million pieces” Farah said. They shot back, until Starr showed up. She had her weapon and shot a laser blast, stunning a trooper. “So you come to help us?” said Amanda. “Yes, and I come to show you 55 years in the future” said Starr, and all of us came close.

Starr activated her orb and transported us to the 23rd century. “Wow, what a trip” Brian said. The team arrived in the 23rd century in the year 2225 Serene City. High rise towers combined with destruction of Sort’s dominance. “Welcome to 2225 in the 23rd century” Starr said. To everyone’s amazement, Sort, Dung and the Sun troopers won the population over.

Now destruction, chaos, and dominance have begun. The inferior people are captured and murdered for not being obedient. A surveillance air ship flew by and the team ducked for cover. “Don’t tell me this all happened because of us disappearing” Farah said. “Sad to say to tell you this Angel, it is. With you six gone for 55 years, Sort had been triumphant in his conquest of society” Starr said.

Normal people who refuse to be technologically perfect like Sort are terminated by his troopers. Those who give in are given bionic implants to their bodies, followed by a hypnotic chip so he can control the population, enslaving it to labor in the factory buildings in the city, building weapons and battle vehicles. “What have become of my daughter Meghan and Peter?” asked Amanda.

Starr said that Peter helped Meghan escape when she got older by leaving Serene. “When the Sun troopers caught Peter, they question him on Meghan’s whereabouts at Sort’s headquarters through mind uploading but refused by thinking hard to destroy the invention” Starr said. They murdered Peter right here and threw the body in the generator heat to burn it.

“Sad to hear it. Don’t worry Cardinal we can’t allow this future to happen” Vices said. Just then, a homeless man walked on the street going through the rubble when the troopers saw him. “Beggar lowlife, come with us to labor in our factories” said the trooper as they took him to the ship. “No don’t, I lost everything to you guys, not my life” the man said. “Shut up and get in!” said the trooper holding the gun on his back and push him the ship.

“Hey those bastards can’t do this!” Paul said. “We can’t help him now” Ricks said, as the team held Paul back. “Let’s follow that ship” Brian said, and the team dashed to follow the air craft to one factory where it went in through a door. “Look at that place, like a fortress” Farah said. “Yes, it is. Once you go in, you don’t come out ever” Starr said.

“Well, isn’t it Starr Hope Reid, and you got company” said the Trans human creation Death Bite, holding his weapon, laser rifle. “You won’t get away from me, join our crusade of superiority” he said. “No way Bite, you fanged tooth jerk, enslaving humankind to labor for evil tasks” Starr said. Knowing the team was surrounded with ten Sun troops ready to disintegrate them with their laser rifles, isn’t looking good at all. “10 on 4, isn’t good odds” VICES said.

The team had no other option but to surrender themselves. All had their wrists bound with electric wires and marched into the factory. In the factory, they saw people working on weapons like robotic zombies. “We have the prisoners” said Death Bite. “Excellent” said the voice as he walked forward towards them in the light.

“Headmaster?! You’re alive!” Brian said. “Yes Streak, nice to see you all in the 23rd century only be destroyed” he said. But there’s more to him than meets the eye. “According to my data, that’s really him” said RICKS. Headmaster came back from dead 30 minutes after the team killed him in the past, so he can have knowledge of the past villains the team faced. Headmaster isn’t the only villain that returned.

“Headmaster, our prisoners are here” said the revived Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart. “Looking for this orb, Starr” the doctor said. The android had gotten the time orb in the fight. “Not you too” Farah said. Just then, a disintegration blast ripped through the building hallway at the troopers blowing them up.

Their electric wires disappeared from their wrists. “Can we join this party?” the voice which was Cole Negotiator appeared in the flesh as an old man. “Hey Cole, you age well” Paul said. Everyone’s nanotech activated their special suits to appear over their clothing. “What advanced technology is this?” Death Bite said. Cole shot his disintegration blasts at Death Bite and he blew up in a million pieces. “No one hurts my friends” he said. “Everyone, prepare to depart, I’ll blow up these guys” VICES said, by overriding the operating functions.

“But first, I need to get something” Brian said. He dashed to get the orb from the Stone heart robot’s hands and punched it down. “Operating denotation function for two minutes” Vices said. “Hold on, my orb is also a teleportation device” said Starr. Everyone came close and teleported out the warehouse. The androids blew up inside. Outside, everyone gathered out. “Where’s Meghan?” Amanda said.

“She’s safe grandma...Cardinal in the hut town west of here” Starr said. “We’re part of the resistance league formed by her” Cole said. Meghan formed the resistance group that fought against Sort’s termination to humanity. “You see, you six must prevent this evil threat from coming to reality” Starr said. A sun trooper and injured Headmaster came towards them.

“Time to send you six back 55 years to 2170” said Starr. She activated her orb to transport them back to the 22nd. “Let’s fire at them, for the resistance!” said Cole, and they both fired, killing them.

Back in 2170, the team was amazed by what they saw. “What a trip to the future” Paul said. “Yes, it was, but it’s up to us to prevent this destruction from happening” Brian said. They all agreed to fight Sort and his evil forces against this destructive future. A beep came on their battle suits. “Where you six been at for over four hours?” said Wiseman on video com link in the sleeve of their suits.

“Been away 55 years in the future, what’s up?” Brian said. Wiseman said that Sort’s creation, Death Bite, has awakened terrorizing the citizens. The chief said that he and the officers can’t handle the threat alone, that’s why he needed them for assistance.

“Where to?” said Farah. “Old Preston St.” said Wiseman. “That’s a good ten minutes from here” Paul said. “I summon a hovercraft taxi to our location” VICES said. She hailed one instantly, an autonomous one inputted with our location destination. It landed smoothly on the ground to pick us up. We departed right away flying to our destination.

“Hold it, and no one gets hurt” warned the chief to the group. “Well Chief Watson, I would to like to give up, that won’t be any fun” Sort said. He used his red eyes which are mini laser cannons embedded in his pupils and shot at the police tank which blew up. “Activate shields!” commanded Watson. Every cop was protected from blown debris flying around.

In the sky the hovercraft landed and everyone got out. “Well you all finally came” said Watson. “Interesting, you six came to help your fellow comrades” said Sort. “Yes, we have” said Cardinal. All four activated their nanotechnology in physical makeup to make themselves indestructible from the suits. “Neat trick with your nanotechnology for protection, but you should watch your officer” said Sort.

An orb filled with a deadly toxin landed on the back of the officer, penetrating the armor, destroying it.

Next thing a toxic anti nano gas had formed spots on the man’s body, shutting down his body functions killing him, turning to ashes in twenty seconds. “You damn murderer, I pluck your eyes out” threatened Brian. Just then, Sort’s creation, Death Bite, glided down. “Hello Master, await your instructions” Death Bite said. “I downloaded your instructions in your mind” said Sort.

“Right, I destroy those who oppose us” Death Bite said. The troopers fired their pellet lasers in their rifles at them.
The team fired their PLT’s (pellet laser tubes) back at them. “Fall back everyone, they have disintegrators on them, one hit, and you’re gone for good” Watson said. So true that VICES and RICKS had left to seek Wiseman to upgrade their firepower.

“All you put down your weapons or the girl gets it” said Dung, has he has, Heather, Peter and Meghan hostage with his troops. Everyone dropped their weapons. “OK, we stood down, now let them go” Brian said. Dung released Heather, Peter, and Meghan. But Sort had other plans by grabbing Heather and put her in the take away hovercraft.

“Let her go, I thought we had a deal” said Watson. “Well, you know I’m not that honest, she’ll serve as a bargaining chip” said Sort, who flew off the aircraft with Heather and Death Bite. Dung and the Sun Troopers held off the team. “Oh great, we have these guys to deal with while Sort has Heather” said Farah. “Ramirez, we can do this” said Watson.

Sun Troopers Trans humans are powered by the sun hence the name, the team thought of something. That’s when Wiseman showed up with VICES and RICKS. “These Sun Troops are powered by the sun from their armor” said Wiseman. If they can block the sunlight by leading them into a shaded area like tall buildings they won’t function properly.

“Good idea, Eric. Lead them to the shade around those high rises” said Watson. The team led the troops to the shaded area, when the troops started to malfunction in the shade. “Fire PLT red lasers of denotation!” said Brian. The team shot red laser blasts at the troops that blew them up. “Fall back you fool!” said Dung. “Hey Dung, this one is for Heather” said Brian, as he shot him and Dung blew up to pieces.

Everyone had their helmets on with their visors to protect them from the explosion. “That was amazing” said Peter. “We still have Sort to deal with and that hideous Death Bite” said Cardinal. Watson ordered Peter and Meghan to go home for safety reasons by hovercraft escorted by Cardinal. “I will join all you later” Amanda said, as they flew out.

“Ding dong Dung is dead forever” Paul said. With Dung gone, Sort has Heather at his hideout captive for whatever he plans to do. “We’ll get Heather back and bring Sort to justice” vowed Brian. But first we calm the citizens down” said Watson. “Citizens of Serene, please stay in your homes until SCPA resolve this attack” said Watson on the virtual com link that viewed his face on the overhead screens on buildings.

At the lair of Sort, he hadn’t heard back from Dung and ten of his henchmen. “Sir, Dung hasn’t responded back to us” Death Bite said. “No matter. Dung was a bit of nuisance to me, thinking he’s more powerful than me” Sort said. Downstairs, he had Heather hostage in a cell. “Let me go, you creep” said Heather.

“Ms. Wassermann, are you ready to be perfect being?” said Sort. He pointed to her a chair where he will place Heather to make her Trans human, a machine being obedient to him with a hypnotic chip in her brain. “No, I don’t want be a Trans human whatever, machine being obedient to you” pleaded Heather.

“Don’t want to be Trans human like myself, a perfect human, just implant robotic hands and feet in your body” said Sort. Then someone walked in the room. “Ms. Wassermann, nice to meet you again” the voice said. It was Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart as a Trans human, with robotic body parts of himself. “I thought you died in the past” said Heather. “My human flesh and blood body, yes but was revived recently” said Stone Heart.

Sort had done research on the teams past enemies, Stone Heart was one of old enemies they encountered. “By uploading the data of Streak and the others the past villains they faced, Dr. Stone Heart was one of the main criminal masterminds that built a time machine sending wanted criminals to the past to rule and conquer it” said Sort.

He took Stone Heart’s picture and his DNA to create him in the flesh of the scientist. “The android body transfusion device is ready to make her Trans human” said the Stone Heart android. “Excellent, proceed to make her perfectly robotic” commanded Sort. At the apartment of Amanda and Peter, the family was safe.
“I have to go, duty calls” said Amanda. “Take care. We want you back in one piece” said Peter.

“I know Mommy will be okay” replied Meghan. Cardinal always is with her super human powers. She headed out to the street to hail a hover vehicle. “SCPA, please” she said to the autonomous air craft, and it flew off. At the station, the team gathered for instructions.

“VICES and RICKS had located the hideout of Sort and it’s heavily guarded by Sun Troopers and drone surveillance” said Watson. “That’s true. You six don’t want my help” an officer named Stealth. “Emmanuel, or Stealth, we hadn’t forgot about you” implied Watson. Stealth was their backup if necessary.
They split up into two teams of four: Brian, Farah, Amanda and Paul in one team, VICES, RICKS, Stealth and Wiseman in another.

They flew off in the hover craft. “The skies are clear today” said Farah in the aircraft. “Yeah, it is. What does Sort wanted to do with Heather?” asked Paul. “Perhaps hold her at her will or prefect her, by turning her into a Trans human android like Sort” VICES said. That means that Sort will kill Heather’s flesh human body and transport her mind to an android robotic skeleton with a hypnotic chip to obey only him.

“That’s not good. Killing her human body and transporting her mind to a machine, butchering” Brian said. “Now you all understand what Starr said about stopping Sort’s future destruction of humanity” Ricks said through the telecom. The team flew towards the hideout of Sort when attack drones attacked them with gunfire. “Activate stun cannons!” commanded Brian. The team fired stun blasts at the drones, which cause them to malfunction and disintegrate.

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