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Saving Heather and Death of Stone heart again

At the hideout of Sort, Stone Heart had made the last preparations on Heather’s new android body which she’ll be Trans human forever. “Ready to be an android for eternity?” asked Stone Heart. “Hell no. I don’t want to be a robot with my mind in it. Be a perfect being to serve in your evil group? NO!” Heather said. “Ms. Wassermann, you have no choice in the matter. Don’t you want to be perfect like him? Sort is our true God” said Stone Heart.

He ordered the soldier to take her out of her cell and onto the chair so he can put her to sleep with a sleeping aid and cut her skull open to take out her brain and put into the android skeleton’s head. Little do they know, Heather had a tracking chip in her right index finger so the team could locate her whereabouts?

In the second aircraft, the tracking chip was activated. “I see a beep on the screen, must be Heather” said Wiseman. It was a wise decision of Wiseman placing a tracking chip in Heather’s finger so the team could locate her.

“We see the image of her, strapped to the operating chair by Dr. Stone Heart?” said VICES. “Must be the flesh and blood version of him” Brian said. Both parties landed on the ground and proceeded out. Sun Troopers greeted them. “Get down!” Brian said. The team decided that Stealth, Paul and VICES go inside the compound.

“We’ll cover you” Brian said, and shot at the soldiers.
Inside the building in the laboratory, Stone heart’s super hearing heard a beep from her finger. “What’s that sound I hear?” he said. Using x-ray vision, he saw a tracking chip in her finger. “So who were you telling our location, the law enforcement?” Stone heart said. “They’ll save me from you guys” Heather replied. A message on the video screen appeared. “We’re under attack courtesy of SCPA” said Sort.

Stone Heart knew he had to speed the mind transfer process by injecting Heather with sleep serum to put her out for hours so he cut her skull open to take out her brain to put into the android’s head. “The Sun Troopers armor is low on sunlight energy in the darkness” said Stone Heart. Then a bright flash appeared from nowhere and it was Starr Hope again. “Release her now!” demanded Starr.

“So much unwanted guests you inferiors” Stone heart said. He picked up a machine gun and fired at her. “Sun Troopers low on sunlight energy?” said Starr.

This gave her an idea. Using her orb, she raised it above her head that short circuited the lights, making the room dark. The troops malfunctioned in the darkness. “Come Heather, let’s get out here” said Starr. She used PLT tube gun to destroy the replacement body. Both escaped.

Inside the compound, the team got their hands full dealing with the troops. Gunfire was exchanged on both sides. “The only way to beat these sun troopers is to make the room dark or take off their helmets” suggested Vices. “Good idea, keep me covered” Stealth said. He and Paul moved forward, using their shields to block their fire and batons to take out their guns.

They took the helmet of one and discovered they started to disintegrate right away. “Look, they’re disappearing” said Paul. “Good job team” Brian said, as he appeared with the rest of the team. “Hello everyone” the voice of Starr said, as she and Heather appeared. “She saved me from being Sort’s robotic servant” Heather said. “I did it in return for her older self saving my grandparents in an asteroid storm in the next 30 years from now” Starr said.

Without Heather’s help, Starr would have never been born. “Did I really do that in the future?” Heather said. “Yes, Ms. Wassermann” Starr replied. The lights came back on and the overhead screen came on. “I applaud you all for beating my troops with darkness. But it’s not over yet because this place will your final resting place” Sort said, and the transmission ended.

“Final resting place?” Amanda asked. Everyone discovered this warehouse has a bomb in it, set to go off anytime soon. “We need to depart now” Brian said. Just then, the Stone Heart appeared. “Nice to see you all again. Sort said this will be your final resting place” Stone Heart said.

“Scanning Stone Heart for anything unusual” RICKS said. They discovered he’s the bomb with a detonator in his heart set to go off in ten minutes. “All four of you fire red pellets at him” Vices said. The red laser pellets will speed up the detonation process. “Fire!” said Brian. He, Farah, Paul and Amanda fire red blasts at him. It caused the body to go in shock.

“Everyone come around me, I’ll teleport everyone out of here” said Starr. Using her orb, she held it high to form a 180 degree force bubble, transporting everyone out. The warehouse blew up immediately. “Everyone accounted for?” Brian asked. “Yes Streak, everyone present” Farah said. An overhead aircraft appeared and Sort’s face appeared on the video function on everyone suits. “This isn’t over; I’ll be triumphant over you all!” Sort said, as he flew off.

But the team will be ready for him more than ever. “I thank you for saving us” Brian said. “You’re welcome. Your future selves have already done that” Starr said. She teleported back to the future with hope in her heart that the future will be right. “Ok team; let’s head back to the station to replenish our weaponry” said Brian. But a shocker happened. Their aircraft was destroyed by Sort.

“Me and Sort will talk, not talk, just dismantle his body parts” Brian said. With no transportation to the station, two hover vehicles appeared. “Need a lift?” the voice of Watson and his face on trip computer screen appeared. Everyone got in the two vehicles and flew off. At the station everyone gathered to plan their next move. “Sort got away again” Paul said. “Don’t worry, Enforcer or Paul. We’ll get him, this Sort character and bring him to justice” vowed Watson.

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