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Defeating Sort once and for all

But the six of us, Brian, Farah, Amanda, Paul, VICES and RICKS need to see Wiseman to replenish their weapons and how to beat Sort. We departed to Wiseman’s lair to speak to him. “We’re here” Brian said in the intercom with Wiseman’s face in the video screen. “Enter” Wiseman said, and they proceeded.

“We need to find some way to take down Sort” Brian said. The team agreed to that one, but how to do it. “Sort used to be known as Chris Matter, one of the astronauts on Venus” Wiseman said. Sort, formerly Chris, had decided to modify his human body with robotic limbs and legs to survive on the hot planet Venus, named after the goddess of love in Roman mythology.

“We know that the gold pebbles in the mine gave him the golden skin color combine the ruby dust power, and the mutant genes, made him appear like that today” Vices said. “So the Glorians are the Sun soldiers” Amanda said. “Correct, Cardinal. The Glorians are a myth” Ricks said. All their are full with laser pellets, enough ammo to defend themselves with.

A beep came on and the team gathered to the video monitor. “Big Brother did its job, look at building in the city” Brian said. A pyramid shape building no higher than six floors was Sort’s new hideout. “Must be nanotechnologies that build that structure in less than a day” Farah said. Sort’s Nanobots build his new base of operations in a couple of hours. “Looks like the hideout are on Benjamin Franklin Avenue” Ricks said.

Brian, Farah, Amanda, and Paul decided to check it out while VICES and RICKS stayed behind with Wiseman to help figure out how to beat Sort and his troops for good. They flew off in the hover plane. At the new hideout, Sort was producing new weapons and recharging his troops. “Master, the troops are fully recharged, but must keep out of darkness because they may malfunction again” Death Bite said. In front of them laid two dead people, two males that crossed their path with venom launched from Death Bite’s nails into their neck poisoning them to death.

“When those who oppose me, pay the penalty” Sort said. The battle cannons roof sides were operational, as for their own fire power. “If Streak and his team were to attack us, we’re ready, let’s go make our announcement” Sort said. A camera drone flew in front of Sort, filming him as he made his announcement on camera, being uploaded to every online news outlet.

“Citizens of Serene City and Earth, this is Sort. I’m a Trans human android that came from Venus, to superiorize all Homo sapiens, humans in English. I’m giving you a second life in Trans humanism, having robotic android bodies. You never die, worry about food and water, just recharging your power core by electric power” Sort said.

Outside, the team saw the televised message on flying TV drone. “Second life in Trans humanism my foot, he’s going to turn humanity into his android slaves serving him” Brian said. They pressed the invisibility function of the hover craft so it won’t be detected by Sort’s overhead drones.

“Now we know it’s important to stop Sort and his bad agenda” Paul said. “So true, Enforcer. Have you all considered how to get past all the guards and surveillance?” Ricks said on the communicator. First, all four had to be invisible to get past the surveillance cameras, and invisible they did. “Let’s do this team!” Brian said.

“For justice!” they all said, and went invisible. At the entrance, they took two Sun Trooper guardsmen and took their weapons. “You two stay tight for SCPA” Amanda said. They all can’t go in together, so Farah went topside to the floor. “I’ll use my virtual wings and go up” Farah said. “Now you’re a true angel, Angel” Brian said. The team went separately inside. Inside the compound, Sort and Death Bite were looking at the video feeds.

“Those protective agents or law enforcement will try to stop us, Master” Death Bite said. “I know that, that’s why we must be ready for those cops” Sort said. In a nanosecond, they saw them on the feed. “Impossible, how did they know where I was?” Sort asked. “Must be their computer friends” Death Bite said. “I see only three of them, that other girl must be somewhere around here” Sort said.

He ordered all of them found and brought to him. On the rooftop, Farah landed. “That’s one loaded cannon, ready to fire” Farah said. She stunned the trooper with the PLT blast and he was out for the count. “Sleep tight, sweetheart” Farah said, as she went inside. She somehow disabled the cannon from firing.
That’s when the troops saw her.

“Fire!” said the trooper and they fired at her. She hid behind the box. “They have more firepower to take over this city” Farah said. “That’s true Angel” Wiseman said over the intercom on her suit sleeve. “If you can make the room dark, they’ll malfunction” Wiseman said. “Worth a shot” Farah said, and she shot at the lights, making the room dark. But they’re still standing. “Not working, Eric” Farah said.

“Sort must have upgraded their circuitry, making them function without sunlight like solar energy” Wiseman said. “But there is one way” he suggested. “Any idea is great now” Farah said, with her shield blocking the firepower. “Give several red explosive PLT at them, will shut them down and explode on contact” Wiseman said.

Farah shot at one of them with a red blast, and the laser power blew it up, causing a chain reaction. “That did it” Farah said, as she put her shield down and visor up in her helmet. “I’m in the building safely and one floor secure” Farah said on her intercom to the others. “Good to hear that” Brian said as they were on the first floor. On the video feeds, they saw them. “Damn it, Ramirez is close to us” Sort said, as he was on the top floor and a matter of the time she finds him.

“Go take care of Ferguson and his friends” commanded Sort to Death Bite. “Yes Master” and he went with some troops. Farah was walking towards the door where Sort is behind, when she saw Death Bite walk out of them. She quickly became invisible so he won’t see her. “Activate viral scan of the room” she commanded her visor scanner.

Sort was in there with his Trans human making device. “Are you sure you want to go in there alone, Angel?” Vices said over the com link. “Yes, I do. Just delay his evil plans long enough until the others come” Farah said. She used a wireless door opener to get into the room. Meanwhile, the team was heading towards the elevator to go to upstairs. “The Nanobots did their job building this place” Paul said.

“Indeed they have, Enforcer” Amanda said. Towards the elevator, the doors opened and Death Bite came out with a few guardsmen. “You four must past through me and my troops” Death Bite said. He was right, as both sides were evenly matched with four. Both of them attacked each other, as team delivered the smack down on the troops. “I hope Angel has luck finding Sort” Brian said.
Inside the room, Farah walked towards where Sort has his android making machine. A silent alarm went off and Sort saw the first video feed. “Well, well, the angel has landed” he said as he saw Farah walking down the hallway towards him. He prepared for Farah’s arrival. “So Farah Ramirez, code name Angel, welcome to my hideout” Sort said.

“Angel was given to me because I have a positive good spirit” Angel said. “So you came on your own to stop my plans which are bad?” Sort said. “Why would kill off humanity if they oppose being an android like you? Nobody on this earth is perfect, we praise our imperfections” she said. “I’m giving humanity a chance to live forever in a robotic way” Sort said. Then he had one more surprise to show her. “Behold, I show my true face” Sort said, as he took off his face place. He had no face, just a virtual one. “My real face was truly scarred off due to the heat on Venus and mutant genes, causing my skull to disappear” Sort said.

That is the reason he needed a computer chip to project a virtual holographic face in his body. “So you have no face basically?” Farah asked. Sort wanted people suffer if they choose not to be robotically perfect like him, by scarring their face and skull off. “You’re mad, Sort” Farah said. “So be it, your fate is sealed” Sort said, as he shot red lasers from his eyes at her, she ducked.

Then he had his firearm and shot machine gun blasts at her. Then she dashed, gave punches and kicks at him. He countered them and grabbed her. “Not so mighty now, are you?” Sort said. She activated taser function in her uniform and shocked him, freeing her from his grip. “Eric, get SCPA here at our location soon as possible” Farah said to Wiseman. “Right away” Wiseman said over the com link.

“Look at the video feeds, your friends doesn’t stand a chance against Death Bite, my creation” said Sort. Downstairs, Brian, Amanda and Paul were up against Sort. “Prepare to meet the kiss of death with my venom nails” said Death Bite. He shot his sharp nails at them. “One hit of those fingertips of death, were goners” said Amanda. With the mini body cams in the team suits, Wiseman can see the action happening live.

“There might be away to beat this Death Bite” suggested Wiseman. “OK, shoot, give us the information” Brian said. He scanned Death Bite’s body, his mind especially, and thought giving him a virus stopping him. “Good enough plan, distract him you two, as I go forward” said Brian.

“Hey bat boy, take on us” said Paul, as he and Amanda fired at Death Bite. Brian moved forward dashing behind Death Bite. “My team has short circuited your nails from dispensing venom by PLT calming your body down” said Brian. “You may have stopped my poison in my body, but I can do away with you all” said Death Bite, as he threw Brian at the others.

“VICES and RICKS need you two to upload a virus to Death Bite’s mind to make him sick” Wiseman said. “The others will have to be close to Death Bite, by using their weapons to shoot out cables at him to transfer the virus to body” Vices said. The team heard Vices advice and shot wires from their guns grabbing Death Bite.
“You think blasted cables could stop me?” Death Bite said, as he struggled. “Do your thing VICES and RICES” said Brian. They uploaded the death Trojan Virus with them connecting to the computers and to their guns, travelling to the wire cables to Death Bite. It quickly worked as they released him.

“What is going on… feel sick” Death Bite said, as his body malfunctioned and sorted out. He fell down deactivated. “We did it!” Amanda said, as they celebrated. “NO, no! My beautiful creation destroyed” said Sort. “Too bad your android was destroyed by my team” Farah said, as she was tied up on an operating table.

She was going to be dealt with by injecting a destruction microchip that will blow her mind up. Meanwhile, VICES and RICKS had an anti virus system to cleanse their system. “That did it. Let’s see if law enforcement arrived at the pyramid” said VICES, watching the video feeds. The police arrived at the scene. Anyway, the team was on the elevator towards the top.

“Farah, come in” Brian said to his communicator. “She must be in trouble” said Amanda with concern. They all arrived on the top and the elevator door opened and Sort was there with Farah. “Let her go you scumbag” Brian demanded. “You three came on time to see your friend’s demise” said Sort. “Why go through all this destruction for power?” Amanda asked. With the distraction going on, Farah got herself from the electric cuffs around her wrist with an electric laser knife. “Your plans for earth domination got cancelled” Farah said.

A holographic facial image of Chief Watson appeared. “We have this building surrounded Sort, give yourself up” Watson said. “No way. Sun troops, deal with them now” said Sort. But the team took care all the troops. “Sort, you android, surrender now” said Watson and the officers as they appeared on the scene.
The police hovers surround the outside building on the sky. “I will achieve perfection if I have to burn this earth by directing the sun’s heat to this city” Sort said. He had a remote to control a portable orbiting mirror putting 25,000 feet in the sky, redirecting the sun’s rays to earth, turning it into a fireball. But Brian grabbed the remote from Sort.

“Too late, the mirror is up in the sky, facing the sun harnessing the rays” Sort said. Just then, an hover craft unknown appeared from nowhere, shot at the mirror with disintegration blasts and it blew up. “You all need help” Vices said in the aircraft. “Thank the heavens, you go girl” Farah said. “No matter. I’ll self destruct and we all go to hell together in ten minutes” said Sort.

He set himself to self destruct for ten minutes. “Let’s move out of here now” said Brian. Everyone quickly departed the building. The team went to the window so VICES can get us. “Get inside now” Vices said. Everyone departed the building and far away. The pyramid blew up in pieces and Sort was no more.

“Amazing story for the nightly virtual news” Heather said, as she appeared. “Sort is gone for good” Watson said. “You five have proven to be true law enforcers. All you have moved up in rank, especially you Streak, or Brian. You will become Chief in the near future” Watson said.“Why thanks Chief” Brian said. At the apartment of Brian, everyone continue celebrating. Look at this metal, I’m now Chief, moved up in ranks” Brian said. “Yes, you all are. Every one of you is equal to one another in one way” Ricks added. “First Stone heart, second Headmaster and third Sort all defeated” Brian said.

“You’re a hero to me” Farah said, as she kissed Brian on the cheek. The others were in cheery mood. “Now that our assignment is done, can we take a vacation?” Paul said. “I hear the Moon colonies are a nice time to visit this year” Amanda said. “Or Mars, which is quickly being populated due to terraforming of some areas” Farah said.

“Heads or Tails will settle this” Brian said, as he had a coin in his pocket. He threw it up, moon being heads and Mars as tails. “Tails” he said. They all agreed on going to Mars on their intergalactic vacation. But they saw the news report of Heather on the wall. “Welcome to the nightly news. As you all know, SCPA and the military took down the space criminal Sort and his cronies for good in an effort to conquer Earth” Heather said.
“I thank the Streak and his comrades for saving us; the city is now safe from crime. That’s it for this evening’s news. I thank you all for your undivided attention and for the next broadcast” Heather said, and her virtual image disappeared. “That’s some compliment” Paul said. Amanda need to see her family again and she did a few floors down.

“We saw the broadcast of you guys saving the earth from that bad android Sort” Peter said. “Are the bad guys gone for good?” Meghan asked her. “Yes they are, and the city is now peaceful” Amanda said. Knowing that her daughter will be the mother of the nomadic resistance fighter Starr, the future will look bright for them.

Just then, a beep came on. Amanda touched her right side of head and virtual image of Cole. “Congrats to you and your team Amanda for stopping Sort. If he had won, life on Earth would be doomed. See you later at City Hall” Cole said, and his virtual image disappeared. “City Hall, that’s right! Mayor Radcliffe is thanking us for taking crime of the streets” Amanda said. At City Hall, the team gathered to get medals from the mayor. “We’re here today citizens of Serene City (Philly enclave) to give our law enforcement medals of honor” the mayor.

The team came up on the stage to receive their medals. “As the current chief of SCPA, I thank you citizens for your help on making us your protectors” said the chief. “Just like what he said and I honor being a cop” Brian said. “Also, no more crime” he added. The crowd applauded team and everyone stepped down.
“Great speech” Cole said, as emerged from the audience. “So you all go your separate ways?” Cole asked. “That’s our choice, but we celebrate as a family or close to it” Brian said. “That’s good to hear” Cole said. At SCPA precinct, everyone meet to give in their weapons to the chief so they can all go on their intergalactic vacation.

“Well team, this is the end of your assignment. Have a good time on Mars” said the chief. “Will do, sir!” they all said in their military stance. The team dismissed and gave in their badges. “The rest of the day is ours” Brian said. Vices and Ricks booked the team’s space flight to Mars from the launching window in New York enclave northeast of Serene. Everyone have to hurry to get the best seats in the spaceship.

At the New York enclave in the former NYC of the past, the largest city in the former U.S., everyone was lined up to board the spaceship bound to Mars. “Have a nice trip and bring back a souvenir” Heather said. “What souvenir? 80 percent of Mars is of red rock and extreme cool air pressure” Brian said. “But all your lungs are strong enough to hold oxygen for hours” Vices said. “That’s true, we have super senses” Farah said. They were close to the boarding gate of the launch window, everyone said their goodbyes and aboard the space shuttle.

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