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Being On Duty

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Follow three fugitives and two law agents deep into the past on an adventure that will twist the very fabric of time itself. Book 2 of The Time Jump Series. The second book of the Time Jump series presents us with Stone Heart, recently escaped 22nd century convict. With the aid of fellow fugitives Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw the three make for the past and dive into a forgotten world in the hopes of evasion. Following closely on their heels, two law enforcement officers determined to thwart the three before they do even more damage. Just how far into the past are they willing to go to escape justice?

Action / Scifi
Simons S. Gordon
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In total, Brian and Farah apprehended a total of 50 fugitives from 2009 back to 2169. The criminal mastermind, Dr. Jeremiah Stone Heart was send back also. Both being well rested from beating the scientist from his cruel plans, they knew something big will go down and it won’t be good. Fast forward four years to 2013, and things looking okay for both of them.

“Don’t you feel that bastard might try to break from jail in the 22nd century?” Brian said. Me and Farah thought about that since he’s very intelligent and charm his way out of prison and can come back to the present to get revenge on them, but they’ll be ready for his move.

Serene City, 2169: Stone heart was sentenced for 30 years in jail back in 2169 when he was retrieved by cops back then for helping criminals escape using his invention, thanks to Brian and Farah. He was in prison for 30 years, no chance for parole until 2199. But some wanted fugitive in the past will help him escape jail very soon in the 22nd century .

In the Philadelphia historic prison which once was the art museum of the past, Stone heart was reading an e-newspaper tablet when an article appeared saying “I’ll plan your escape for tonight”. Then one prison guard came with a envelope addressed him with unknown contents inside. “Stone heart, you have fan mail” the guard said as he gave him and went back to his duties. With his cell door closed, Stone heart opened the envelope with one card which was a time card set to 2013.

The opening has moist part laced with ARS, an chemical that aids with quantum teleportation, also protects with harmful radiation side effects. He licked the top of it and he teleported out of there to 2013, the present day. A blue flash went off in his cell. Just then, the guard came to check on him and he vanished.

Elsewhere, one prison guard was running which was the Outlaw member Saul Ebenezer, who was disguised as one. He was the one behind the scientist’s escape from prison. “Come on Victoria, where are you with our gateway?” Saul said. The sirens went off from the prison, signaling an escape happened.

Just then, an flying pod-like hover-jet (FPHJ), fuel cell powered, came landing down. “About time” Saul said. He got in the chopper with Victoria and took off. The guards couldn’t get to them because they escaped. At S.C.P.A. department, they got word that the criminal mastermind Dr. Stone heart, broke out of prison and disappeared.

“The bastard did it again, escaped from jail” Sgt. Watson said. “Jeremiah Stone hearts, millionaire guy, graduate of MIT of quantum teleportation?” Amanda said. But they discovered he had help in his prison break and might go to his lab which was Stone Heart Industries the building.

“We’re nearing Stone Heart Industries up ahead” Victoria said. Both knew that the scientist set up their escape by using his time machine to go back to 2013, where Brian and Farah are. But first they must get past the armed security guards. “Stop right there, you have no access in this building” the guard said.

Saul using super speed, dash toward one guard knocks him out cold and threw him at his buddy, both following to door. They fled with them in pursuit.

Victoria with her invisibility suit activated became invisible so she can go from behind and take off the guard’s helmet, so she can slit his throat with a knife, bleeding to death. One guard shot at her and she gave one green P.L.L.T. blast. “Wiseman, 2 wanted rebel members are heading in your direction” the still alive guard said.

With that, Wiseman got a steel pipe to defend himself from harm. “Hello Wiseman, I’m taking a trip with your machine” Saul said. “Stay back, you barbarian. Where’s your female accompanier?” he said. Silent footsteps walked in and Victoria appeared from behind and took the pipe from him. Wiseman dashed toward the com link to call the police, but she zapped him with a green blast being out for an hour.

“We got to get out of here before the cops come here” Saul said and with their time cards laced with ARS, they stepped in the device destined for 2013, 160 years to the past, teleported there. They arrived in past Philadelphia in an area where the future Stone Heart industry will be at. “Status report” Saul said.

“I’m all intact” Victoria replied. A car drove up towards them. “You Ebenezer and Crenshaw? Get in, the doctor is waiting for” the voice said and they got in. Back in 2169, Wiseman recovered from his stun and called for help from SCPA. “Chief Watson, the 2 rebels escaped by transporting back to the past” Wiseman said.

Paul and Amanda didn’t believe what they’re hearing, but now had a change of mind. “So Stone heart’s time machine actually worked. He was behind the fugitives escape. He set it all up” Paul said. Watson agreed with him, but many criminals used this opportunity to escape as well. “Amazing, the doctor would sink so low to aid the cons escape” Amanda said.

Brian and Farah will need help, but Paul and Amanda had 9 years on the force, graduating from 2160, so they have some fugitive retrieval but not ready for the tri-colored P.L.L.T yet like Brian and Farah or their own computers like me and RICKS.

But Amanda (Cardinal, because of her red hair) had to do something first, say goodbye to her 8 year old daughter, Meghan. A red headed girl like herself saw her and her hubby Peter Reid, a businessman at Stone heart industries. “Mommy, you have to leave me to go so far” Meghan said.

“So the bastard did it again, escape from prison. I admire you trying to help protect the innocent from criminals, but risking your life and our family to go back in time to get bad guys, we won’t see you ever, and even Meghan will miss you” Peter said. “Look Peter, I’ll get help from the 2 top cops in the past, Brian Streak Ferguson and Farah Ramirez.

They’re more experienced at fugitive retrieval than me. Plus Paul Low is coming with me” Amanda said. Then Meghan came in the room. “Mommy, you’re leaving right? I understand you’re doing a good thing. Mister Stone heart is bad, bad man. Hope you stop him” she said. The virtual com link came on and it was Chief Watson.

“It’s time to go back” he said and she went. At the industry, Paul and Amanda assembled. “OK, you two. JUMPS 2 been activated to 2013, your target destination.” Wiseman said. But he prepared them by giving them time cards laced with ARS. He gave them their invisibility suits used by the soldiers in the 22nd century for camflouge and change of clothes, early 21st century style which they tried on.

“Not bad, perfect fit” Paul said. “Enough chit chat, you two have a mission to do. Ferguson and Ramirez will show you guys around in the past” Watson said. “Bye Mommy, come back soon” Meghan said. “I will sweetie, when my job is done, I’ll be back, promise” she said, and stepped into the machine, transported to 2013.


Taken from the journals of Capt. Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez with newcomers Amanda Reid Cardinal and Paul Low Enforcer, A.D. 2169. Amanda and Paul arrived in the past which was 2013 in a disclosed open area. “Look at this, 2013. The past is not bad place if those rebels don’t screw it up” Paul said.

Amanda agreed and they had to find Brian and Farah fast and let them know that Stone heart had broke out of prison in 2169 and in the present with Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw, 2 lawless rebels responsible for the scientist’s escape. With them and the other 100 fugitives, no telling what they might do to the present, must be stopped at all costs.

Inside a political office building in Philly, Stone heart, Saul, Victoria meet their chauffeur face to face. “Hey everyone from 2169, I’m Ronald Moss, the man who saved you all” he said. He’s one wanted bad guy in the future, with the crime he committed in 2155 when he was in government back there where most of the world was controlled by.

He was behind the death of thousands of innocent lives who refused his dominance in the world stage and corrupt it, also gave the rebels weapons to fight and kill. “Ronald Moss, how you doing? Long time, no see” Saul said. “Last time we see you was in ’68(2168), when the rebel riot started and you disappeared” Victoria said.

He gave them a change of clothes, present day ones. Just then, the scientist appeared on the scene. “My everyone looks splendid today” Stone heart said. He wanted Victoria’s invisibility suit so he can alter it, also Saul’s. With a few modifications, the suits were made in addition to invisibility; they can walk through walls by reconfiguring their body molecules and reassembling them.

“With your enchantments, our adversaries won’t be able to stop us” the scientist said. He then said one of them have a child back in the future, which was Amanda’s daughter. He can use that to their advantage and not use a lot of violence, because Amanda will feel homesick and want to go back, knowing that’s how to get them.

On the street, Paul and Amanda walked down and saw the Philadelphia Art Museum. “Oh look, the Art Museum, which became a prison in the future to hold bad guys, which became a important land piece” Paul said. “The Philly Art Museum isn’t she a beauty?” one middle aged man said. He asked them if they were lost and they said no, he left them alone.

“We need some communicating device to find Capt. Ferguson and Ramirez in this city to warn them that Stone heart broke out of jail” Paul said. Elsewhere, Brian and Farah were pursing one female fugitive from the future named Eliza, a blue eyed raven haired who was wanted for several crimes back there.

“Holy molly, 2 cops from the future wanting me, well tough chance” she said, and jumped across several buildings to escape them. “Damn, some crazy stuff there” Brian said, suggesting he’ll stay on ground and Farah pursue her on top. “Well, I was a gifted high jumper in high school, class of ’56(2156)” she said.

Then she leaped high on the roof, with no witnesses around. Eliza jumped and was exhausted from all that. “You have nowhere to run to, Eliza. It’s over” Farah said. Then she pulled out a shotgun at Farah, and she shot her with red PLLT pellet. “Transport mode, RICKS’ she commanded and was sent back to the future.

Brian walked up the staircase to the roof. “Everything cool here” he said. She said yes, but they’ll have guests real soon. They arrived home when two people were in front of them. “Brian Ferguson and Farah Ramirez?” Paul said. They said yes and wanted to know what they want.

“Amanda Cardinal Reid as they called at SCPA because of my red hair and Paul Lowe. SCPA fugitive retrieval unit, we’re novice law enforcement from 2163” Amanda said as they were from the future. “Come inside, we have a lot to talk about” Brian said and they walked inside.

“So Jeremiah Stone heart broke out of prison in the future and here in the present” Brian said. They also noted he had from 2 rebels named Saul Ebenezer and Victoria Crenshaw both wanted dangerous people back there and here. Both commanded us to appear in visual mode, which we did.

“Wow, virtual holographic talking research data finders, definitely 22nd century tech” Amanda said. “And they can appear as anything you choose, like a woman” Paul said. “Hope that isn’t inappropriate comment of me” I said. “I’m VICES” I said. “I’m RICKS, detective Ramirez’s personal computer data finder” he said.

Paul was trying a beer, an alcoholic drink of the present, which was gone in the 22nd century, when didn’t like the taste of it. “How guys adjust to the taste of this drink?” Paul asked. “Mrs. Reid, I see you have a daughter back home” RICKS sensed. We knew she misses her, Meghan and she’s in good hands with her father, Peter.

“Nice P.L.L.T’s you two have, tri-colored and portable” Amanda said. The green pellet was introduced in the weapon upgrade in 2152 by Wiseman, designed to knock out the target for an hour. They have their own designed with the blue pellet to temporarily freeze the target, not ready for the tri-colored one like Brian and Farah.

They saw one flat screen computer with internet access of the present. Farah went on line to find the scientist, but a hundred Stone hearts shown up in the data base. “Of course he won’t put his name on web, computer access in this time period is ancient compared to our own where it’s advanced” RICKS said. On the other side of town, Saul and Victoria had an vacant apartment as their hideout.

“Can we trust that scientist, Stone heart? He isn’t called that surname for nothing” Victoria questioned. Stone heart had plans of creating his company in the past at Comcast Center office building and speaking there. So the entire gang went there that night to hear the doctor’s speech and know his intentions in the past, we put everyone’s name on the list so they can get inside.

“Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, glad you all could make it” Stone heart. He announced about his business of scientific innovations to end world hunger, pollution and deforestation. But it was all a lie which people believed he was doing a good thing for society, but in truth endangered it.

He then saw Brian, Farah, Amanda, Paul in the audience and then went offstage. “The bastard getting away” Brian said and they pursued him until Saul and Victoria appeared there. “We got unwanted guests here, let’s take of them” Paul said. While the others take care of these new threats they encountered, Brian went after Stone heart and Victoria.

“Hold it, Stone heart we need to chat” Brian said. The two were heading for the back to escape. “So you broke out of prison in 2163 with assistance, can’t stay long in prison, huh? Well you and your accomplice are going back” Brian. “Hey doc, hold on to me” Victoria said, and used her suit for both to make a quick getaway.

“What the heck was that” Brian said. “An invisibility suit the female assailant had on which they used to escape, Brian” I said. Meanwhile in the ballroom, everyone ran out, except for them. “So 3 cops from the future, 2169, to be exact” Saul said. “You’re Saul Ebenezer, the leader of Outlaw Rebels back there.

What brings you here?” Farah said. “We come to rewrite history or destroy the past unnoticed” he said. He warned them to stay out of their way or be dealt with. “3 on 1, good odds. You lose, chum” Paul said. But he shot his machine gun at them and they ducked. “Hey Saul, playtime is over, meet us outside” Victoria said, having their getaway ready.

“Well, adios to you all, until next time” Saul said, and he walked through the wall safely escaping. “That’s some amazing stuff there” Amanda said. Just then, Brian came in the room. “Y’all just standing there are looking pretty? They’re getting away” Brian said, and they pursued them, but they escaped. “Well, that was a planned getaway” RICKS said. With those 3 together in the past, no telling the harm they’ll do here.

“Deadly Model”

A humanoid robot named T-3000 is on the loose in Baltimore causing some destruction and havoc. But it has human skin on his metal body, making it appear human. It killed several people in one day and took their belongings and clothes to fit in with the public.

My team had to stop it soon before it brings anymore harm to anyone and anything it encounters, because the android robot is from 2169, an advanced model that is bent on destruction on its human creators and innocent people. “Look at this newspaper article from Philadelphia Scoop.

Some guy smashed building windows, murders of people, cops and belonging stolen in Baltimore” Amanda said. They also saw the story online as well and they headed to Baltimore to investigate. At the scene, the cops, forensics, and coroner were already there.

“Hello, you four are?” the cop on duty said. “Wait a minute, Brian, Farah, special agents. Nice to see you again” Sgt. O’Malley said. They introduced them to Paul and Amanda, the newcomers that have no personal information in the present day.

O’Malley informed them that the suspect was a white male must of killed and stole a police cruiser, also stripped it of its ammunition. But the suspect isn’t on any database at all, they wanted if they have a photo of him or it on hand. A photo was handed to them to see and they went to one side to investigate.

“Look at the photo, looks like an ordinary man, but looks like a cop” Farah said. I want to scan the photo as well to confirm his identity. “Look at the badge. It says Cameron, the suspect it killed to steal his identity” I said. Up the road, the T-3000 android was up ahead, wreaking havoc and destruction.

“Human oppressors must be terminated. Targets engaged” it said, as it saw some people up ahead and fire the machine gun at them. Some lives were lost there and it took up a cell phone from the deceased victim and links it up with its communication system.

“Electronics Ultra store on Main St. Must go there to wreak havoc” T-3000 said. At the other end of the street, the gang is figuring out what to do next. In the car driving around looking to where he would strike next, Brian and Farah commanded us to search for digital files on the deceased cop Cameron.

“Daniel Cameron had served for 4 years on Baltimore P.D.” I said. RICKS discovered something else about him. “Around 5 am this morning, on the start of his shift, one metallic being confronted him. He couldn’t believe it what he saw and he looked at him.

Then its right hand morphed into a sharp spear and stabbed him to death, took his police cruiser, clothes, identity by looking like him” RICKS said. So they all figured out it was the killer and from the future. We discovered it had killed several people in 2165, including its creators for robotic movement and reprogram it to kill and cause destruction.

“Just great, a tin can with a bad attitude” Brian said. Finding it will be the hard part and heavily armed with present day weapons, also having links to computer databases all around. They all wondered where electronics would be at and that is electronics retailer.

But there were lots in the city so they ask us to do research on a specific one. “Scanning for all electronic retailers in Baltimore, here’s one. Electronics Ultra Store down on Main St” Ricks said. So they all pursued there. T-3000 already arrived there going through security by shooting at it.

It need to find the main computer in the store to control every electronic in the city and world. Just then the team arrived at the scene. “It left its mark alright” Amanda said, noting the dead employees and security on the floor, also disable security alarm. So they walked further in the store and saw it.

“All humanity must die” the android said and shot at them. They ducked for cover from the gunfire by the T-3000. “If you guys have a plan, now it’s the best time for it” I said to them. “This android is one superior model with infra red sensors” Paul said. The android used it to find them and did.

Brian went forward to battle the machine and it picked him up. “Mission fulfilled when targets are destroyed” the robot said and threw him back at them. “That’s not one friendly android, has program issues” Brian said. The robot reprogrammed itself to destroy its human oppressors in the future and do the same in the present, unless if we stopped it.

“I have a suggestion” Ricks said. He asked Farah to go close to it, so he can shut it down. With that, the others provided a distraction when Amanda used her invisibility suit she put on from before and Farah held on to her so they go undetected.

“Angry terminator bot, you want some, come and get it” Brian said and he and Paul attacked it. “Hey, 3000 is strong and powerful, will it exhaust its gunfire” Paul said. I check for weakness on the machine. “Paul, I have an idea. Use your PLLT on freeze mode to freeze it” I said.

He did that, and the blue blast freezes it stiff temporarily. The girls appeared from behind and Farah placed Ricks on the back of it and shut it down for good. “System malfunction, databases destroyed” it said and it shut down for good. “Glad that’s over, the robot is no more” Amanda said.

But there was another problem. It started the reprogramming of every electronic device to cause chaos and destruction everywhere from the main computer in the store, and the gang went to find in the room and putting me in the hard drive, I shut it down for good.

“Humanity is saved from destruction” Farah said. Now wondering what do with the T-3000, send it back to 2163 so it can be reprogrammed for good or leave it in the present in some museum. They decided it so send it back to the future to the android centre which once was the Electronics Ultra Store in the past.

With one red blast from the PLLT of Ferguson’s and the command of “Transport mode” I sent it back. “Let’s get out of here gang, before the cops come” Brian said. Just then, Amanda saw a tablet on the display. “Look at this, an tablet, something ancient in our day.

People in the present are technology advanced” she said. “Don’t worry, Mrs. Reid. You’ll get the tablet courtesy of me” I said, noting I already purchased for her and sent in 2-3 days. “Wow, VICES, you’re good” Amanda said. Yes, I’m good. I’m a computer happy to be on side of Ferguson and Ramirez, also our two comrades on the fight of justice.

“To save a billionaire”

Dallas, Texas:

One wealthy billionaire named Bradley Hill, was one of the richest men in the country. But he had sided with the cruel doctor, Stone heart. “Mr. Stone heart, good morning to you” Bradley said, through video chat on his computer. “This inferior video chat on the computer I’ll get used to in time, no matter. You’ll help finance my company right?” he said.

He agreed to it, but not knowing he’ll double cross him in time. Meanwhile back in Philadelphia, the Captain and everyone were watching a TV news report about one millionaire named Bradley Hill from Dallas, who has an estate and fortune. He has joined with Jeremiah Stone heart as partners of his company.

That’s not good news to everyone because when the doctor is done with him, he’ll end him. So everyone went to Dallas to warn him and stop Stone heart’s evil skim from ever happening. On the airplane me and Ricks booked for everyone, Paul and Amanda had experienced travelling on a classic airliner for the first time.

“This flying airbus is marvelous invention of the 20th century and is popular in the 21st” Amanda added. “And we’re high up about 2,000 feet in the air” Paul added. Everyone prepared for landing at Dallas/Ft. Worth international airport. At an hotel in the city, we did research on Bradley Hill in our visual form.

“Bradley Hill has come from a long line of wealthy people in his family. His father Tom Hill was a rich oil tycoon in the state, when he passed on, it went to his son, Bradley.” I said. Farah wanted to know why Stone heart is interested in him. “Detective, Bradley wanted to live longer beyond 100 years” RICKS said.

That’s the main reason why he seeks the doctor’s help, but he won’t keep his word. That’s why they must stop the scientist’s plan. “The guy must own several oil businesses in town” Paul said. We went to work when Amanda discovering something on her tablet.

“Look at this guys, I found him on the database on here” she said. There he was on here under Google, Bradley Hill at 4170 Middle brook Road which we went to right away. Elsewhere, Stone heart was setting up his equipment for the life extension process. “So doc, are you really extend that old billionaire’s life?”

Saul said. “Of course not, this vital I have here put in this needle is deadly toxin called Sortax, shut down the body functions such as heart forever” he said. The toxin is like lung cancer when a person dies from constant smoking and the lungs turn black. They off to see Bradley to give him his life extension.

Outside the house, the gang was all there. “Wow, look at his place, an mansion he lives in” Paul said. As they walked up to the front doors, one doorman came in front wanting to know the reason for their visit. “We’re here to see Bradley Hill, very important” Brian said. The doorman said that Hill didn’t expect any visitors at all, until he saw them on the security camera.

“Let them in Nick” he said, and he did that. Nick showed them to Hill down the hall to living room where he is. Again they’re were amazed at the rooms of his mansion that can hold lots of people, even a large family no less. “Well hello visitors, welcome to my house” Hill said. The gang introduced themselves to him.

“Take a seat, you four look like you need it” he said. He offered them something to drink. Amanda wanted nothing alcoholic to drink, as do the others. The maid went to get their hot drinks tea and coffee.“Mr. Bradley Hill, we heard you’re one of the wealthiest men in America from your father’s oil company” Brian said.

Bradley agreed he is the richest man in the U.S. and the world. He’s was on TV, newspapers, and media. “We heard that you partnered with Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart to live longer 110+ years. Why do you want to do that?” Farah asked. Hill said that he wanted to see his wealth grow more and live extremely longer that the average person beyond 100.

But the doctor can’t be trusted at all because his inventions will fail and that life extension serum will kill him laced with Surtax, an deadly drug from the 22nd century. “Nice meeting with you all, but you must leave now” he ordered them and they did that through the front door. “The man isn’t listening to reason at all” Paul said.

“You’re right, Lowe. The man Hill, don’t know he’s in mortal danger at the hands of Stone heart” Ricks said. The only medical excelsior that can extend a person’s life is in the 22nd called Sortax, a drug tested by scientists in 2105 with elderly people and was successful making them live beyond their normal lifespan which was 100, to 200 years of age, being immortal.

But Stone heart had altered the drug Sortax making it deadly, when injected in the person, the toxin enters the blood stream attacking the heart shutting it down forever. “O.K. Vices and Ricks, check the appointment schedules of Bradley Hill for today” Farah requested. We found one for this afternoon at 3 pm with Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart.

The team must intervene and stop him from killing Hill with Surtax, so they went back and parked outside the mansion. “What a wait for that bastard, Stone heart” Brian said, as they sat in the car waiting until one black luxury car drove up the driveway.

Amanda used her super sight to zoom in on the vehicle’s occupants. “It’s them, Stone heart and Ebenezer, his bodyguard” Amanda said. They all knew with Ebenezer along with him, there’s double trouble there. “So you going to kill the billionaire Bradley and take his wealth for us?” Saul said. “Of course we will.

He thinks I’m making him immortal by living forever, but my dear boy, I have Sortax, an deadly toxin which isn’t developed in this time, but the next one” Stone heart said. He then went inside with the suitcase with the needle and the tube with it. He ordered Saul to be on the lookout for my captain, detective Ramirez, Low and Ms. Reid. If he sees them, he’ll deal with them.

Outside the mansion, they see the big brute Ebenezer and the bodyguards about five in total, in front of door. “How we get past them?” Brian asked. I got this one, so the captain commanded me to be in visual mode so I distract them and Paul and Amanda made everyone disappear so they can get inside.

“Hey boys, I need directions to downtown Dallas” I said. “Hold it, I think I seen you before. You’re with Ferguson and Ramirez” Saul said. I disappeared and they can’t believe it. Knowing it was all a set up, they moved in. Inside the mansion, Stone heart and Hill meet in person.

“Good afternoon, Mr. Hill. I’ve come to give you immorality. Behold, this needle contains Sortax, an life extension that will receive patents if successful and you’re my first test subject” he said. Bradley was preparing for the needle when an commotion was in the hallway. “Mr. Hill is busy right now” the maid said.

Farah gave the maid one blue laser shot, leaving her temporarily in an coma. “Let’s set everything up” the doctor said. That’s when the gang moved in. “Hold it, doc” Brian said. “The needle he has contains Sortax, an deadly drug that can kill you” he added.

“Listen to him, he’s right. There has been cases of deaths from it” Farah said.“Don’t listen to them. That’s nonsense. People are immortal from it, live past their normal life span” Stone heart said. The only way to make the billionaire believe them is that

Amanda did a web search on her computer tablet on Sortax symptoms. A few came up from the future. “Mr. Hill, look at this. This is the negative results from Sortax” Amanda said as she showed him the pictures of dead victims from the drug. “Jesus Christ, look at those horrible pictures of dead people. Is that what will happen to me?” Bradley said.

Finally, the billionaire came around to believe them the scientist was going to kill him to steal his wealth. “Well, look at the time, my getaway awaits” Stone heart said as went through the porch and into a getaway car drove by Saul. “You were all right about Stone heart. He’s one vile person. Thank you all for saving me” Bradley said to them. “Don’t mention it, Bradley” Brian said.

They told him not to call the police on them because they don’t want more trouble on their hands. One day they’ll get him and end his evil plans of ruining the present. So they left his mansion to pursue the doctor. “He’s long gone now, can be anywhere” Farah said. The rest agreed with that statement.

“It’s best to know he’s safe and has his wealth because it will better the U.S. economy in the future from bankruptcy” I said. “Let’s go stop that scientist and those cons from ruining the past” Paul said, knowing that they’re always on the beat.

Then something strange happened. There was a change of scenery and location. They landed in 1963, November 22 of that year at Dealey Plaza, far from the crowd. “What the heck is this crowd around the street for” Brian said. “Everyone, we jumped to November 22, 1963, the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated” Ricks said.

Everyone heard of this through digital files and historical records back home. “There’s the limo the 35th president came in” Farah said. It traveled down Houston St., turning on Elm St. after he made his speech to his female companion Nellie Connelly, first lady of Texas of that era.

Down the motorcade, shots were fired at the limo Kennedy was in. It pierced the windows of the vehicle and JFK was shot dead. “Oh shit, one historic figure of this country’s history dead” Paul said. They had to learn to see actual events in America’s past history to understand where they’re coming from.

On that day, they caught the shooter, Lee Harvey Oswald, who was charged for the shooting and many other charges. JFK was pronounced dead in the hospital and his body was laid to rest in the cemetery. “Look at the man’s family, friends and comrades mourning his death” Amanda said.

Just then, they were transported back to the present day 2013. “Wow, what a time jump to 50 years back to see that assassination of that important figure in American history” Farah said. Knowing they can’t change the tragedy back then to save him, their mission is now clear and always has, to preserve it from chaos and destruction.

“OK everyone, let’s get out of Dallas before the media get after us, because justice is our reward more than money and fame” I said. “Damn, Vices you’re no fun at all” Brian said. “Fun, what’s that? Oh amusement to you humans” I said, knowing I’m an computer who’s not programmed for leisure. So the journey continues on for retrieving fugitives in the present day, 2013.

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Paula: Really good read. Loved the plot and how the characters played out.

Nena: Loved the steaming sections of the book, just needs double penetrating sections.

Kristin: What the heavens to Betsy???Why??????I loved it but hated the ending ugh. Poor Monkey 😪😪😪

Lizelle Nel: Absolutely love the story. The mother is quite hilarious with the innuendos. Could feel every emotion the characters went through. You wanted to cry with them. Laugh with them. Highly recommended to read. Keep it up.

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