Being On Duty

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Message on Air, Ghosts of Alcatraz, Day of Judgement

“Boy, we had a fun time in Toronto. See the Rogers centre, and stopped the bad guy which is Khan” Brian said. “Look at the bright side. At least Amelia is safe, SFC is looking for a new boss, because of Khan’s disappearance and we stopped cyber theft” Farah said.

“That’s right Farah, we saved the day” I said. “Well, let’s get out of T.O. Our time here is done” Brian said, avoiding the actual police to be on our trail, for allowing a criminal to disappear, but we didn’t, just doing our job.

“Message on Air”

Philadelphia, PA:

There was one well known female radio personality named Martina Cortez. But the truth is, she’s from 2169 and Paul’s ex-girlfriend. “Good morning Philly to the Martina Cortez show on Hits 103.6, where you listeners comment on the music and ideas to improve the station” Martina announced on the station.

She was a virtual call center announcer in 2169, so she had experience in being behind a microphone. Her show had ended and she was signing off, until a sound of gunfire erupted in the background. A receptionist, security guard, and other radio personalities were shot by two shooters which were Victoria Crenshaw and Wendell Corral, a wanted fugitive from 2169.

“Martina Cortez, I presume? You’re coming with us. Stone heart has plans with you” Victoria said. With both of their rifles pointing at her, she stood up, giving in to their demands. “You two won’t get away with this” Martina said. “We just already did, sweetheart. Stone heart has this master plan..” Wendell said, until Victoria interrupted him.

“Shut up, you idiot!” Victoria snapped. They put a bag over her head, and got away in the car. One personality was still alive and called the police. They arrived on time with news reporters for TV and newspapers. At the home of Brian and Farah, they saw the events unfold. “Damn, a local radio station attacked and broken into by two unknown suspects, kidnapping a female radio host named Martina Cortez” Brian said.

When the name of Martina Cortez was recalled, I started to light up. “Martina Cortez is Paul’s former love in the 22nd century, she must of came to this time for a better life” I said. “Come again, Vices? Paul’s former love?” Brian said. Then Ricks decided to tell the story about them.

“Paul meet Amelia in the Philadelphia enclave of Serene in 2167, she was a virtual call center personality announcer. Paul was viewing her program and decided to meet her in person which he did. The two automatically fell in love. When Paul turned eighteen, he wanted to be in law enforcement for S.C.P.D. by going to do some time in the military at West Point Academy.

Fearing that they won’t see each other so much at time, she broke up with him. Paul was devastated at that time, putting his dream career of fighting crime ahead of their relationship” Ricks told. “How sad, I feel sorry for Paul, leaving her forever by going to West Point Academy to be in military and a cop” Farah said.

They saw the virtual video file of Martina so we know what she looks like in the flesh. “Don’t you feel Stone heart could be involved in this?” Brian said. “Could be, Brian. If that’s the case, we must stop him, because he might use Cortez to get Paul and us out in the open” I said. So Brian decided to tell Paul about Martina.

But his phone was on the answering machine mode. “Paul’s isn’t home. Must be going to the scene to find the kidnappers” Farah said. With no time to lose, we headed there, letting Amanda know what’s going on, so she can join us. But Paul arrived at the scene, wanting to know what’s going on.

“About the kidnapping at Hits 103.6 radio station, did you see the attackers?” Paul said to the announcer. “No I didn’t, they took out several security cameras, destroyed half the building, but I have a camera in a secret area of the building” the announcer said. He invited him in the station to show the footage from the camera to Paul. “There, the two gun welding suspects stormed in here, shooting the sectary and several employees” the announcer named Mad man Dick said.

“Freeze that part” Paul commanded him. He did that, and zoomed in to see the faces. “What do you know, the bitch Crenshaw and some unknown dude” Paul said. “Thanks for your time” Paul said, and left the building. “Stone heart, the old bastard is going to use Martina to get me.

Not by my watch” Paul said, and went to call us. The phone rang and Brian answered it. “Brian Ferguson here” he replied. “The shooters of the radio station are Victoria and some unknown dude” Paul said. “Come meet us at the Liberty Bell monument” Brian said.

“I got the footage of the unknown dude on my suit which I took secretly and sending to you two” Paul said, and sent it to them. We received the photo of the fugitive Wendell Corral on our gadgets. I did a scan on the photo, and discovered something. “Everyone, the second shooter, Corral, isn’t from this time” I said. “You’re kidding me, right, Vices?” Brian said.

“No, I’m not. Wendell Corral is wanted back in 2167 for petty theft and murder. He escaped custody and now here” I added. “So another wanted con in this time and teamed up with Stone heart” Farah said. At an vacant warehouse in the city, is where Stone heart, Victoria and Wendell have Martina tied up to a chair.

“Let me go, you creeps” Martina said. “My dear Martina, you have a job to do for me. You came to this era from 2169 for a better life” Stone heart said. “Back there is like hell for me, pollution, and limited food and water supplies” Martina said. Stone heart was using her to draw Paul and the others out by audio frequency, such as radio.

“Is the radio frequency set up?” Stone heart asked Victoria. “Yes, the radio frequency is set, just give the word” Victoria said. A computer was there too, to track the hits to their private radio station and also GPS to track us. Elsewhere, the team gathered at the Liberty Bell monument. “Glad to see you all here” Paul said. “We’re here for you, Paul” Amanda said.

“All we need to do now is to figure out where Stone heart and his comrades have Martina” Brian said. That won’t be that easy, because they’ll be locations that be difficult for us to find. “We’ll find the bastard, free Martina, make him and his colleagues pay” Farah said.

“Those three can be anywhere in Philadelphia. They’ll be an vacant building in a disclosed area” Ricks said. “Well, let’s get cracking” Brian said, as went to their car to do the search. “There are over a hundred warehouses in the city, I need to pinpoint their exact position” I said.

“Well, get to it, Vices” Paul demanded us, and we did it. At the hideout of Stone heart, he was about to go on air with Martina on the microphone. “OK, Victoria and Wendell, activate the radio feed” Stone heart commanded. “Radio on, check” Wendell said. “OK, doc. You two are on air” Victoria said.

“It’s show time, my dear Cortez. Make the law enforcement and Ferguson don’t track our exact location” Stone heart said. Victoria put the GPS block on so we won’t detect their exact location.

“Good afternoon Philadelphia. This is Stone heart on air. I have somebody here which you all know very well and I will introduce her” he said, over the radio. “Hold up, it’s Stone heart on air” Brian said, as they listened to the broadcast in the air.

“Hello Philly, it’s me Martina Cortez, the fire cracking diva. I have a message for one listener named Paul Low. Don’t try to stop the Stone heart crew in their dominance of the airwaves in the city” Martina said. She said if we don’t fall back, she dies. “That’s right to our listener to Paul and his friends. Don’t stop us, just surrender yourselves to me and the police department for constant use of false names and impersonating others” he said.

“What bull shit is he talking about?” Brian said. “Vicks, Ricks and Amanda, find where they have Martina through GPS” Farah said. “Easier said, than done Farah. They have some GPS block on my suit and tablet, can’t find them” Amanda said. “She’s right, Farah. With the GPS block activated, it’s utterly impossible to find them in this city” Ricks said.

“I had a thought, where would Stone heart hide out? In an vacant building of an urban area” I said. “South side of Philly has several of them” Farah said. “Good thinking, girl. Let’s head there and find them. Keep cracking the GPS block” Brian said to us, which me and Ricks are still doing. “You bastards, Paul and his friends will find me. Your GPS block device they’ll crack it and find you all” Martina said.

Then Victoria got up to slap Martina, but she was going to kick her when Stone heart stopped them. “Now, now ladies, no cat fighting in here” Stone heart. “She has fire in her for a Latina” Victoria said. They put a cloth over her mouth to keep her quiet. “This warehouse in the South Philly area is good place to hide out boss” Wendell said. They thought they had us when their GPS block had malfunctioned.

“Doc, the block has shut down on us” Wendell said. “Impossible, how can superior technology be terminated so easily?” Stone heart said. “That means they can find us anytime now” Victoria said. It was a glimmer of hope for us when our GPS came back online.

“Look, the GPS is working again” Farah said. Now we can find them. “They must be in a big warehouse to have a great radio frequency” Brian said. “The only warehouse in South Philadelphia is the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard on South Broad Street” I said. “How many blocks from here?” Paul asked. “About ten blocks away” Ricks said. So we headed there with no time to lose.

“Bitches, Paul is on the way to get you all” Martina said. “Do you ever shut up?” Victoria said to her. “Wendell, me and Victoria will leave you to guard Cortez. If they try something, kill them” Stone heart ordered and they left on the yacht boat in the back on the Delaware River. Minutes later, they arrived outside the building. “Look at this place and the boats in the back” Brian said.

They all went inside with caution. “They are here somewhere” Farah said. They moved down the corridor until they came near a door where they saw Martina tied down to the chair. “Paul, you came for me” Martina said. “Yeah, I did, been 160 years” he joked. “Stone heart and that bitch Vicki left, but the other guy Corral is here somewhere” Martina said, when gunfire erupted suddenly.

“You bitch, spoiled the surprise, must kill you all” Wendell said, as he fired at them. Paul got Cortez free just in time. “Thanks” she said, as the beautiful radio host gave Paul a kiss and he blushed. “Wendell Corral, we all know you’re a fugitive from the 22nd on the run here” Brian said. “Detective Farah Ramirez and we’re all fugitive retrieval specialists come to send you back” Farah announced.

“Like hell you wouldn’t” Wendell said, as he kept firing at them. “Paul, get Martina out of here” Brian ordered. “Right, hold on to me Martina, we’re doing an vanishing act” he said, as he activated his battle suit to disappear mode and both disappeared. “WTF is this? The other guy and his girl disappeared” Wendell said. “To safety, you deal have to deal with us” Brian said.

With Martina in safe custody by Paul, the team took on Wendell. “Eat some lead for supper!” Wendell said, as he fired at them. Everyone ducked for cover behind some boxes. “We can’t hide behind here, he’ll soon find us” I said. “I know that, Vices. I have a plan” Brian said. He instructed Amanda to be invisible so she can take the rifle from Corral to disarm with Brian’s help while Farah stands by to assist us.

“Sounds like a good plan” Farah said, and they went to work on it. Amanda and Brian both disappeared with ease to go behind Wendell, when Farah came from hiding to pretend to surrender. “Corral, you got me, I give up” she said. “Are you sure you know what you’re doing, Ramirez” Ricks said. “Of course, I do, now quiet” she replied.

“Who you talking to, your computer?” Corral said. “Yes I am, you should know about the computer talking researchers since you’re from the 22nd century, came out in 2144” Farah said. “I heard of those things. So the other two, they turn chicken and ran away, well no matter, I’ll get them and others after I deal with you” Wendell said.

Out of nowhere, Amanda and Brian appeared from behind to take the weapon from him. “Still here ugly” Brian said, as he grabbed the gun from him, and two fought each other. “Come on Corral, you getting soft on me?” Brian said. “Not soft, just getting started” he said, as he delivered one punch and Brian ducked it. Amanda had worked on shutting down the radio frequency in the warehouse.

Farah was standing by to zap Wendell with the red pellet, but had trouble with Brian being in the way. “Can’t get a clear shot” Farah complained. That’s when Brian gave an Wendell an uppercut and he fell to the ground. “Wendell Corral, you are going into police custody for your crimes in 2169” Farah said, as he zapped him with a red pellet and with her command of transport mode, we sent him on his way to 2169.

“That was that” Brian said. Just then Paul and Martina came back in the building. “Is that thug gone?” Martina asked. “Yes, he is, back to 2169” Farah said. “Well, I want to stay in the present day 2013. This is not a bad era, they have HD radio here, people can hear me clearly” she replied. “Plus she has a radio show to do” I said, and we left for the radio station the next day.

At the 103.6 Hits station, the construction crews had finished rebuild the station from the destruction by Victoria and Wendell. “How did they rebuild the station so fast?” Paul said. “I told the construction crews to repair the station” I said, noting that Martina has a show to do. We went inside and new radio announcers appeared.

“Martina Cortez, you’re live in an hour” the staff member said. “Thanks for everything you guys and Paul” she said as she kissed him. “Don’t worry Martina, hope we meet again in the future” Paul said. “Well, this has been an action packed day” Amanda said. “Yes, my dear Amanda. Action packed it is. Too bad Stone heart and Crenshaw got away, but we’ll find them eventually” Ricks said.

An hour later, Martina was live on the airwaves. “Good Morning Philly. Yesterday I was kidnapped by unknown criminals but Paul and his partners who are cops managed to save me, but they got away. This song is for them” she said and played it. “Isn’t she something?” Paul said.

“Ghosts of Alcatraz”

Alcatraz Island prison, off the coast of San Francisco, California was closed in 1963 and became a tourist attraction in the States. It housed some well known criminals in the past 20th century, such as Al Capone, Robert Stroud (the Birdman), and was a military prison in the mid 19th century to 1933.

But Stone heart had plans to use the tourist attraction to give life to some dead cons of the past fifty years to attempted to escape the prison but failed to. One night, Stone heart and Crenshaw arrived at Alcatraz Island by boat. “Can you tell me the reason of coming to Alcatraz prison by night when I could get some beauty sleep?” Victoria said.

“Stop your whining Victoria” the doctor replied. “The reason we come to Alcatraz by night is that security is less around here” he said. As they got off, one security guard stopped them. “Hey, you two, what’s your purpose here?” the guard said. “Well, we can’t tell you” Victoria said, and stunned him with the green blast from her PLLT weapon.

“Works every time” she said. With an hour to spare, they took the guard’s keys to open the door of the prison to go in. “Look at this place, we know that this place will be part of the Spanish States of Mexico, when they use it as a historical site like now” Victoria said.

“Correct, Victoria. According to the databases, some well known deceased criminals like Al Capone and others were prisoners here in the past 20th century. With this resurrection device, we can resurrect some other dangerous criminal of the past fifty years when this place closed in 1963” he said.

Their plan is to use the criminals of the past against Ferguson and everyone. It’s their souls he’s bringing up in holographic form to be lifelike. Once they leave the prison, they become flesh and wreak havoc in 2013 when they reach to the mainland. Not if we have something to say about it.

“Here we are, the main prison hallway. Let’s set up the device” the doctor said. The resurrection device was a form of scanner scanning for spirits and controlling them. “It’s still scanning boss reaching fifty percent” Victoria said. Then the device found something and brought up the soul of a dead convict.

“Devious snake here a.k.a. Jon Barrett, who summons me?” the spirit said in his holographic form. “Devious Snake Barrett, I’m Dr. Jeremiah Stone heart and this is Victoria Crenshaw, my female assistant. I’m giving you a new lease on life” he said. “What time period is this?” he asked. “This is 2013, fifty years later after the prison closed” Crenshaw said.

“No fiction there, this place is a ghost town” Barrett said. They said that the Snake can revive his dead inmates with their help to leave the prison so their life forces be stronger and become flesh to lay low in present day society. Meanwhile, Brian and Farah arrived to San Francisco the next day on a tip that Stone heart was here at Alcatraz.

“San Fran, glad to be here again” Brian said, as they left the airport. “We can sightsee after we get Stone heart and that bitch Vicki” Farah said. “See, we agree on something here” I said, communicating through their earpiece. “The doctor is planning on doing something bad, but he’s not in the city” Ricks said.

Then we saw a brochure on Alcatraz. “Alcatraz Island, hasn’t that place shut down fifty years ago? It used to house some criminals well known in the 20th century” Brian said. “Could they be there up to no good?” Farah said. With no time to lose we went to our hotel to relax for a little bit.

“Hey boys, we got some creators who gave us new life” Devious snake said. The cons introduced themselves as Slick, Hawk, Doomsday and the Executor. “Nice line-up of thugs here, doc” Victoria said. “So you two are from the future?” the con known as Slick said.

“Yes, from 2163, and we need you to take of some nuisances we have” the doctor said, as he showed our pictures to them so they take out. “So that’s their mug shot, huh?” Devious said. Now they’ll be prepared for our arrival to the island. Back at our hotel, we done our research of the prison.

“Alcatraz was around for almost two hundred years, I still don’t get why Stone heart is going to do there” Brian said. “There was a report that a robber was stealing some junk from a scrap yard in New Jersey and still hadn’t caught them” Farah said. “Must be Crenshaw’s doing. She must of stole that junk for Stone heart to do something big” Ricks said.

“Well that guy is a scientist, must be using that material from this time to make a weapon of some sort with 22nd century know how” Brian said. So we set out to Alcatraz Island in an hour’s time by boat. But some tourists were on the same boat on us. “Look at these people, they don’t know that Alcatraz will be haunted, thanks to Stone heart” Farah said.

We had to keep a watch on the tourists to keep them from danger. On Alcatraz, Victoria had spotted our boat from a good distance. “Hey doc, I spotted a boat” she said on her communicator to him. “Who do you see coming of the boat?” he asked her.

Using her zoom in technology on her binoculars, Victoria got a closer view of the passengers and spotted us. “It’s Ferguson and Ramirez, they’re here” she said. “Since you’re disguised as guide of Alcatraz, go meet them and lead them in the prison, they’re will be guests to greet them” Stone heart said, noting they killed the tourist guide and stole his communicator.

“Hello, visitors to Alcatraz prison. If you walk this way, I lead you in the building to take pictures” Victoria said, known as Kathy. “You two, that’s Crenshaw under that disguise” I said to them through their earpiece. “Copy that, Vices, that means the doc isn’t far behind” Brian said.

They went along with caution in the building. People started to take pictures and filming movies. “This prison housed some well known criminals of the past 20th century like Al Capone and others. This place was closed down in 1963 because they can’t afford to keep it running any longer” said Victoria.

Then she gave the signal for the spirits of the dead prisoners to appear. Then the near life like souls of the cons came. “Look at this, some entertainment” one tourist said, and took pictures. “Hey no pictures here” Slick said, and went to destroy the camera.

“Holy crap, this is not funny” the tourist said and ran, but was stopped by the spirits. “Visitors to Alcatraz, welcome. So that you know, you all are prisoners of the island and be remembered for generations to come” the announcement over the speaker which was Jeremiah’s voice.

“Tourists evacuate the premises, let two people handle this” Ricks said over the speakers. “Do what he says, run now” Brian said. “Go get them, they have cash on them” Victoria ordered Devious snake and his gang and they went after them. “Oh you don’t , activate sonic sounds” Farah commanded Ricks, and did that to stop the spirits temporarily so the tourists can escape from the building.

I appeared in visual form on the outside to tell the boat driver to get these people out of here from harm and danger. “So Vicki, you’re a guide for this island. Where is Stone heart?” Brian asked. “Right here, my boy. So Ferguson and Ramirez, I see you meet my guests” Stone heart said.

“I brought these dead prisoners to life through my invention called the Resurrector. Using a vitality serum which I created in my laboratory, I built this machine from recycled parts” he said. “Recycled parts that Crenshaw stole from the scrap heat” Farah said. “Yeah, I know. I’m a good associate of his, aren’t I?” Crenshaw said.

“Your mascara is running down your cheek” Farah said. “Can I take this bitch out?” Crenshaw said to Stone heart. “Now, now ladies. Let’s not fight yet, you two should be gentler gender” Stone heart said. He mentioned that the spirits will get stronger as they leave the prison and become flesh on the outside, meaning disaster if they touch the mainland.

“Look at machine, must be giving them life” Brian said. “Yes, it’s known as the Resurrector. It gives life to any dead person, appearing in holographic form. If the spirit leaves the closed area like this building, their life force strengthens, becoming flesh and bone” I said. “This isn’t turning out to be a good day” Brian said.

“OK boys, we have to take care of these nuisances here” Devious said. The doctor and Crenshaw had make a escape to the outside to the helicopter parked outside. “You two stop, we’ve haven’t done our discussion” Farah said, as they pursued them, but Slick and the others stopped them.

“Have fun with the inhabitants here, hope you two be in one piece or not” the doctor said, as they went to the helicopter and got away. “Damn it, they got away again” Brian said. But they had bigger problems on hand. “Look at this boys, we have some real live people here, cops” Devious snake said. “What you all in here for the past fifty years?” Brian said.

Snake, Slick, Doomsday, and company were in for robbery, theft and murder. They tried to escape the prison, but died doing so, and their souls haunt the prison. “Now you two will share the same fate as us” Snake said, as they went for them. Brian and Farah reached for their PLLT weapon to shoot at them, but the lasers went through them.

“That tickles from that gadget” Slick said, as they were still ghosts and no firepower, futuristic or modern could harm them. “Did we fail to mention they’re still ghosts and firepower can’t harm them yet?” Ricks said. “Now you tell us” Farah said. Being outnumbered five to two, both ran further away.

“Don’t worry boss, I’ll get my Tommy gun” Doomsday said, as he thought it and came in his hand. He fired at them. “What a powerful portable firearm” Brian said. “Yes, the Tommy Gun is a powerful firearm of the 20th century, used by the Italian Mafia and others in America that time” I said.

We moved upwards to the outside to regroup, but they started to appeared as flesh bone slowly. “What’s happening to them?” Farah said. “They’re starting to become living human beings, in other words being flesh” Ricks said. That’s bad news if they leave Alcatraz and wreak havoc in the cities if they reach mainland.

“That means our PLLT lasers should work on them” Farah said, as they stun two of them with a green pellet. “Our buddies are down, let’s get them” Snake said, as they shot at them and charged them. Using super speed, they disoriented the three and took their guns and threw them in water.

“It’s party time” Brian said, as they fought them. “Let’s dance, doll face” the thug said, as he went to hit Farah, but she jumped and tripped him with her foot. “Don’t call me doll face” she replied. “We must destroy the Rescurrector or shut it down” I said. Farah volunteered to do that as she went back inside to stop it. “Slick, stop that bitch from ruining our fun” Devious said.

The thug went after her. “You ancient cons won’t wreak havoc on San Fran” Brian said. Inside the prison, Farah walked in. “The Resurrector is down eight meters down this corridor” Ricks said, being a virtual compass. Finally, she found it. “OK, let’s shut this thing down” Farah said, when Slick came in. “You isn’t ruining our freedom” Slick said.

He fired his gun at her and she ducked. She stunned him with the green laser blast. “Don’t need to worry about him anymore” Farah said. Farah had saw the device and saw that it won’t be easy to shut down. “Visualize, Ricks” Farah said on command which he did. “Appearing in visual mode” Ricks replied. “How do we stop this thing?” Farah said.

“There should be a main control area of the Resurrector” Ricks replied. With his help, she found it and open the compartment. “Looks like several wires in different colors like a bomb” she said. “Correct, my dear, you should get a prize” Ricks said. “Don’t joke with me right now” Farah replied.

“Color coded wires, my guess is that red is bad, not black, green” Ricks said. Just then, she had a thought. “There’s a blue wire” Farah said. “Wait a minute, that must be the main control wire, disconnect it” Ricks ordered, which she did with a Swiss army knife on her. “There, done. Those criminal should disappear by now” Farah said.

Disappear they did, which the downed Slick did into nothingness. On the outside, Brian had problems dealing with the other four. “Hope that Farah got to shutting down that machine” Brian said, as he couldn’t fight them no more. “Hey boys, looks like Ferguson can’t fight us no more, to our freedom..” Snake said, when something happened.

“Brian look at this” I said, and we watched something spectular. The 1963 era prisoners started to vanish. “What’s happening? We’re fading, Snake” Doomsday said, as the four faded away. While inside, the Resurrector now out of commission, had another task. “Look at this message on the machine” Farah said.

The electronic message said, “So you try to stop my machine, eh? Well, I know you would to spoil my plans, so this device is set to blow up in five minutes” the voice of Stone heart said. She took the machine and used super speed to jet outside with it. “Bri, this thing going to blow in less than five” she said to him. Brian using his super strength threw into the air.

“About six thousand feet in the air, should blow now” I said, which it did, out of harm’s way. “Not bad, guess playing baseball for West Point in 2158 paid off” Brian said. Minutes later, the last ferry to the San Francisco mainland arrived and we got on it. On land in San Francisco we congratulated ourselves.

“Well Stone heart’s bad plans gone up in smoke” Farah said. One newspaper article we saw in the newsstand stating that the millionaire persuaded the Philadelphia city mayor to buy one neighborhood to call it the Serene suburb. We bought the newspaper to see it further. “Well, look at that. Looks like Serene city is going to be born thanks to Stone heart” Brian said.

“Yes, Brian. Serene is being born as suburb of Philly and in the next 160 years, the city will rename itself as Serene City with Philadelphia being an enclave” I said. With no time to lose, we headed back to Philadelphia to nab him. “He planned this all along before he came back here” Ricks said. “Less talking and more action” Brian said, as we headed to the airport to board a plane to Philly to strategize their next move.

“Day of Judgment”

With news hearing of the doctor owning a Philadelphia neighborhood by calling it Serene with his office in it, we all gathered at the restaurant to meet up. “Nice for you two to join us” Brian said to Paul and Amanda. “No problem, I so want to get Stone heart and Crenshaw” Amanda said, noting that Brian and Farah have the red pellets to sent them back to 2169.

“According to the internet feed, the doctor paid $100,000 to the mayor to own a block of Philly” Paul said. The birth of Serene began in Philly, leading to a revolution in the city. “Well, let’s going everyone” Brian said, as they left the restaurant. “What, we get no food” Paul said.

But he ordered it go. Meanwhile, at the office of Stone heart Corporation in the city, he was overseeing things. “Finally, it’s been set in stone. The birth of Serene neighborhood in this city in this time. By the next century, people in Philadelphia will vote for this city to change its name to Serene city, with the majority winning” he said.

“What about Ferguson and his team?” Victoria said, dressed as his secretary. “We both know that they’ll try to stop us, go deal with them” Stone heart said, which Victoria set out to do, changing into her special tech suit which was black. “OK, everyone. We know that the doctor’s office is downtown” I said.

So we headed there, until one lady screamed that her purse was stolen by a thief running away. “Hello, madam. What happened here?” Brian asked the lady. “Some thief overpowered me and took away my purse with valuable belongings in there” she said. “Which way he went?” Farah asked her. She said down the street and promised her they return it, so she came with her.

They walked down the street and saw him, so they pursued. “Don’t worry miss, we’re police with Philly, go and hide somewhere” Amanda said, and she did that. “Don’t we have other important matters to attend to? Like getting Stone heart?” Ricks said, noting this is a waste of time. “Relax, Ricks. Helping the innocent is important too, part of our job description as cops” Farah mentioned.

They found the suspect in the alleyway. “Hey pal, you stole a woman’s purse, now give it back” Brian said to the thief. “What are you, cops?” the thief replied. “Yes, we are, now give it up if you don’t want any trouble” Paul said. The thief refused to surrender and had a knife on him, which was a bad move, when Brian stun him with a blue blast from his PLLT and fell down.

“That was easy” Brian said, and took the purse back to the lady. “Thanks, young man” the lady said to him. “No problem madam, all part of being on duty” Brian said, and left the scene. Out of nowhere in the background, Victoria appeared from being invisible. “They won’t stop us from our master plan” she said, as she called Stone heart on her cell phone.

“I spotted them, doc. What’s next?” she asked him. “Keep them away from where I’m going to go, city hall to meet with the mayor” he said. “Copy that, sir” Victoria said, and ended communication with him. In their vehicle, we figured out where Stone heart would go next. “The doc said he bought a Philly suburb and called it Serene” Brian said.

“So he might be going to city hall to sign the papers to own the neighborhood” Farah detected. “OK, Vices and Ricks, tell how far is city hall from here” Brian ordered. “Philadelphia City Hall is about several blocks from here, in the downtown area on Penn Square with the statue of the founder, William Penn at the front” I said. We were about to depart when gunfire aimed at our car.

“Get down, everybody!” Brian commanded, and we did that. It was Victoria shooting at our car with a rifle. “Die, bitches” she said. We all got out of the car, hid behind it, and answered back with our guns. Several shots were fired and she got away, we pursue her down the street. Not when she held a mother and baby hostage with a gun at the mother’s head.

“Back off or this mom is dead” Victoria threatened us. “Don’t do this Vicki. As the baby grows up, he or she will have no mother in their life” Farah said. “It’s a boy” the woman said. Amanda was invisible so she can go around Victoria and from behind to disarm her.

“Everyone, Amanda will help us out” Ricks said, on our earpieces, when she appeared from behind and took her gun. “Run madam run, now!” Paul said, as the mother ran with her baby boy. “Thanks” she said and ran off with the stroller. “You guys spoil the fun” Victoria said. “So you come to 2013 to wreak havoc from 2169. So you’re going back to do justice there” Brian said.

But Victoria had disappeared from them. “See ya suckers” she said. “Great, she escaped” Farah said. But we had important matters to attend to, like getting Stone heart. At city hall, Stone heart meet with the mayor of Philly, Michael A. Nutter to sign the papers to finalize Serene suburb.

“Mr. Nutter, I come to sign the papers for Serene” he said. A lot of media was there, like news stations such as CNN to witness it. But he had a trick up his sleeve. A bomb which was a C4, was in his suitcase to blow up City Hall if they refuse his demands. Meanwhile, we were on the way to city hall, when we saw the TV of Stone heart finalizing the Serene neighborhood.

“That’s the bastard on TV, looks like he fulfilled his goal of creating Serene and leader of it” Brian said. Victoria was outside city hall, and saw the number of cop squad cars outside. “Thanks for your time and I need a minute or two to myself” Stone heart said, and walked off. He ignored the cameras and talking to reporters and went to a quiet area.

His phone rang and answered it. “Doc, I’m outside” Victoria answered. “Excellent and right on schedule. I have a C4 bomb in my suitcase, if Ferguson and his team try to stop me, I’ll blow city hall to ashes” he said. We arrived outside the building and went in. “We’re with Philly P.D.” Brian said, as they showed their badges and went inside.

“He must be upstairs in the meeting hall” Farah said, and they went up there. “Look up everyone, a security camera” I noted them. “Then he knows we’re here” Brian said, and they went upstairs. Outside, two laser blasts struck the officers. “What the heck” the remaining officer said. From behind, Victoria slit his throat with a knife.

“So much for them” she said, and went in to get us. “So they’re here, must get out of here” Stone heart said. We arrived on the second floor, until Ricks sensed something. “I sensed a bomb of C4 type in an enclosed area” Ricks said. With no time to lose, we headed to the meeting hall. We saw him and the media.

“Everyone, that man has a bomb on him” Brian said to everyone. They didn’t believe us when Stone heart showed the bomb in the briefcase. “He’s right you know, a bomb I have will blow us up in ten minutes if you all don’t accept me as a new mayor of this city” he threatened. Everyone was scared and got out, except us. “Now the cost is clear, you come to stop me?” Stone heart.

“Yes, we have and you won’t endanger history” Brian said. “But I have with the birth of Serene neighborhood in this time, leading to it become Serene City in the 22nd century” Stone heart said. “Victoria, take care of them. I’m going back to the Com cast tower” he said, as she appeared. He fled the scene.

“You ladies take care of Vicki, me and Paul going after Stone heart” Brian said. The boys pursued him, while the girls dealt with Crenshaw. “OK, ladies, let’s dance” Victoria said, as she attacked them. Both fought back with punches and kicks. “You’re a good fighter, Ramirez” Victoria said.

“Comes with the job” she replied. She saw a water cooler and had a idea by pushing her on it, to short her suit out. “Nice try, this suit is water proof” Victoria said. Amanda had an idea by having a malfunction chip to short out Victoria’s suit from working so they can easily transport her back. She went invisible to do so.

Vicki had her electro whip to hit Farah. “Holy crap, what a whip” Farah said. “The whip is deadly. One hit you’re a goner” Ricks said. Amanda got behind Vicki to place the chip on her suit to short it out. “Hi bitch” Amanda replied and Victoria’s suit went haywire.

“No, the suit is going haywire” Victoria said. “Now or never, Farah” Ricks said. “Copy that” Farah said, and zapped her with a red blast. “Bye, Vicki. Transport mode” Farah said to Ricks and he did that. “Till we meet again, count on it” Vicki warned them and was sent back to 2169.

“A job well done, girl power” Farah said, as they congratulated each other. The bomb was still active and was set to blow in two minutes. “The bomb is still active, let’s jet” Farah said, as Amanda activated her suit to teleport them out the building and went off, destroying the city hall.

“Oh no, city hall is ruined, will take them years to rebuild the place” Farah said. Meanwhile the doctor got away on his glider invention. “Ladies, we spotted the doctor, heading toward the office builder to the top” Brian said to them. “On route there” Farah said, and they went there. They all arrived at the tower.

“Well team, let’s go inside” Brian said and they went in. They took the elevator all the way to the top floor and confronted him. “Well, you all found me” Stone heart said. “Give yourself up” Brian demanded him. “Well city hall is destroyed by now, will take the insurance company to cover damages” Stone heart said, as he showed them he has a bomb strapped to his chest.

“You wouldn’t dare” Farah said. “Yes, I would, my dear” he said, threatening to take lives of people in this building. “Vices and Ricks, get everyone out” Brian said, and we did that using the intercom. “Bomber in the building, get out now” we said to the employees and they fled.

“The bomb I have cannot be stopped, I choose to sacrifice myself to succeed in my plans” he said, and activated the bomb. “The doc is crazy, let’s beat it” Paul said, and we all departed when the bomb went off. “Hold our hands” Amanda said to everyone, when she and Paul changed into their nanotech suits by thought and teleported to everyone to safety again.

The tower came down to rubble, but everyone was out. “Again, another building came down” Brian said. The site will become a memorial area for future generations to come. “Well at least we got rid of Stone heart and Crenshaw” Brian said. All were envisioning the area in 160 years from now. It’s now a memorial site where a few died, failing to evacuate in time.

“This will become the Serene memorial centre” I said. As we left the area, we thought if this was the end. “Have we completed our mission, Vices?” Brian asked. “Not quite, Brian. We got Crenshaw and Ebenezer back in 2169” I said. We saw the news article of the Com cast tower coming down in a fire ball with several lives lost, including Stone heart, the millionaire scientist.

We all celebrated at the restaurant in our victory. “We may of round a lot of fugitives hiding here, but a new threat can emerge” Ricks said. “Oh Ricks, you worry too much, man. Stone heart is dead, what new threat is out there for us?” Farah said, kissing Brian.

“Well, let’s celebrate. Drinks on Vices and Ricks” Brian said, as we got our food from the waitress, as we ordered. We had beaten the cruel scientist for now, all part of being on duty. Back in 2169, Victoria was in prison for her crimes. “Bitch cop Ramirez and her team will pay for this” she warned us, as did Ebenezer.

End of second of the Time Jump book series

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