Being On Duty

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Milwaukee, Wisconsin: A fugitive from the future named Derek Spencer is hiding out in the city. Doing numerous crimes for survival like robbing people of money, personal items, leading robbing banks at night. But he had a disfigured face, making him look hideous, which is the key to strike fear into victims. Now known as Deface, the nickname he gave himself had been disfigured from the 22nd in 2169 when outrunning police for killing an innocent bystander and also a radiation handler he worked with at the lab.

The heavy pollution was unbearable for him, so he hid in an building which was his former job. But the police found him and ordered him to surrender. He fled away and he tripped on a pole, crashing into a test tube of toxic chemicals that fell on his face which he created, giving him a hideous look life Freddy Kruger from the nightmare on Elm Street horror movies, without the claw.

He shot and murdered an unarmed cop that day, and fled justice, being in the present. That’s when the team where in town hearing he’s here and pursuing him. “So what’s the reason for bringing us out to Milwaukee, the middle of America to find Deface, whatever his name is?” Brian said. My dear Captain don’t know that this suspect is from the future and is imperative to find him before he commits any more harm.

The police is having no luck finding him because he always slips out of their hands. Then some horrified people came by close to them. “Calm down, you two.” Farah said. Then she showed a picture of the suspect on the cell phone of him to them. “Yeah, that’s him. But he comes out at night like that, just want to strike fear and has a foul odor on him” the guy said. The team wondered what he meant by that statement.

“Thanks for your time” Brian said and they went on their way down the street. In an quiet area, they went to digital access files of the suspect. “Coast clear, do your thing” Paul said. “Vices and Ricks, access files on suspect Deface” Brian requested. We did our thing and brought up files on him and his appearance.

“There’s the before pictures of him, not a bad looking picture of him” Farah said. I announced he was known as Derek Spencer before and was a radiation handler at a lab in the future. He murdered one innocent bystander at random, outrunning police into his lab and tripped on a pole, causing toxic chemicals to fall on him, altering his face, giving it the deface look.

“So he’s now known as Deface” Paul said. We had to find him before he causes anymore trouble and fast. At an disclosed area in the city which was an old beer producing factory named Pabst Brewing Company on Chestnut Street Hill was closed in 1997, due to poor business. He wears a mask in the day time so nobody see his face.

He’s busy working on a cure to be normal again by having some of ingredients, DNA, skin cream, and something from the 22nd century which scientists haven’t developed yet, Revert-toxin ate, a chemical that reverses skin abnormalities. Just then a person entered. One 20-something woman entered, short haired blonde who was blind in her childhood, walks with a pole to guide her path.

“Derek, you’re here. You promised that you can make me see again?” the woman named Theresa said. “Of course, I will” Deface said. She touched his face which was wrinkly. Understanding the girl was blind, Theresa doesn’t know that he looked hideous.

Deface had stuff to do, so they left his hideout. On the other side of the city, the gang is working on a plan to get him. “A fugitive that is a former radiation handler in the 22nd century, a field unknown in this time” Brian said. “Our suspect could try to be normal again by making a solution if he has the right ingredients” Ricks said.

The only thing that can reverse the toxic formality is Revert-toxin ate, a solution developed in the 22nd, unknown in the present day. “Has Deface has any friends or acquaintances in 2013?” Amanda said. “Scan data bases of 2013, aha, found it. One young woman named Theresa Scott, early 20’s, visually impaired or blind.

She works for skin cream company Restore” I said. I also noted she gave him one of the ingredients for his healing. She doesn’t know the danger she might be in, so we went to investigate. Me and Ricks acted like GPS to locate the Restore skin company in the city. “Restore is located 790 W. Center St in the Sherman Park neighborhood” I said. So we headed there to see here.

Outside the building, we parked close it and we walked inside and introduced ourselves to the receptionist. “We wanted to speak to Theresa Scott for a minute” Brian said. They said it was urgent matter she must be aware about, so the receptionist called her and she came to see them. The woman had a female guide with her as her eyes.

“Hello, can I help you people?” Theresa asked. Everyone introduced themselves to her and she invented them in for the tour of the place. We walked past the warehouse towards the lab where she works on the cream. “So you’re a skin cream specialist?” Farah asked. She said yes, even though she can’t see, but can feel and be creative with different products.

Their skin care products contain Revert-toxin ate, the chemical from the 22nd century. It’s the reason why most customers look youthful and have no skin diseases. “Revert-toxin ate is the ingredient in your skin creams?” Amanda said. Just then, we beeped them so we can talk to them. “Excuse us, important call to take care of” Brian said and we went to the side.

“Theresa is really blind and has that walking stick to guide her” Paul said. Farah has the power of healing, she has the ability to make Theresa see again, so she don’t need that stick anymore. “Ramirez, you have the power to make her see again” Ricks said. But the time isn’t now because they don’t know arouse suspicion.

“So what now? Revert-toxin ate is a powerful chemical, an anti-aging one from the 22nd that isn’t invented yet in this time” Farah said. It is more powerful that modern day anti aging. Everyone suspected Deface gave her the chemical, so an suggestion was thought. “Ms. Scott, we thank you for your time. But we need to find Deface, an bad criminal we’re pursing and we need your help” Brian said.

Theresa would like to help out, but she sees no bad in him. Everyone left the building. “The poor girl doesn’t know that Deface is trouble and dangerous” Paul said. Thank God she can’t see his face how hideous he looks. “Don’t worry everyone, I got a hold of Ms. Scott mobile phone” Ricks said, noting me and him can access any electronic device, such as cell phones.

“Access all of the recent phone numbers made to Deface” Farah said to Ricks. He went to work bringing up all the numbers. “Here’s a few she made. About 8:00am, 12:00 pm and 1:30 pm to Deface” Ricks said. They wondered if we locate where he will be hiding at. “Just discovered a location.

Our fugitive would like to hide out in abandoned places like warehouses” Ricks said. He went to work to trace where Theresa went last. “I got the whereabouts of where she went last. An old beer producing factory named Pabst Brewing on Chestnut Hill where Deface could be at” Ricks said. “Then what we’re waiting for? An invitation? Let’s go!” Brian said, and we went off there with me leading the way.

At the factory, Theresa was present to see Deface to tell him something. “Derek, there are some cops looking for you” she said. “Well, they won’t meddle with my plans to be normal looking again” Deface said. As the potion of Revert-toxin ate was ready to restore his face to normal.

“I can you help to see again after my potion works” Deface said. He dab it on his face and it worked, he looked normal as he look in the mirror. “Join me, so we can be together forever” he said, as grabbed her arm. “You’re crazy, never in a million years” Theresa said. He then tied her up into a chair, so she won’t escape to call the cops.

“Well, I can’t let you go anywhere to get help” Deface said. Outside the beer factory, the gang was there. “This looks too easy, no watchmen” Farah said. “Well, my dear detective, this used one of the beer producing factories in the country when it went out of business in 1997” I said.

It was a historical landmark in 2163 and used as a shelter to house people. We went inside the building down the hall. Some furry disgusting rodents crawled by on the floor called rats. “Oh yuck, look at these disgusting rats crawling by” Amanda said.

Those things won’t harm us and crawled on by, but they were leading us to Deface from the direction they’re crawling from. “OK ladies, can you scan where Deface could be?” Brian ordered them. Farah and Amanda scan Theresa’s footprints on the floor, with me guiding them, or the screams from Theresa, that the team heard from a far distance, having super hearing.

“Down this hall, go seven meters ahead and downstairs one level” I said and everyone went that direction. “Shut up! You’re giving me a headache” Deface said. That’s when the team showed up. “We have some guests” he announced. They noticed he looked normal again. “You’re not ugly looking” Brian said.

Farah and Amanda untie Theresa from the chair. “What’s going on here? Farah is that your voice I hear?” she said. Farah lead her away to a safe area. “Farah, she’s blind, which is good because she won’t witness what we do” Amanda said. Theresa want to know what’s going on this instant, but in due time, she’ll understand. In the factory boiler room, Brian and Paul were there with Derek. “I’m Captain Brian Ferguson, fugitive retrieval unit, A.D. 2169, here to send you back” Brian announced.

“Paul Lowe, like what he said” Paul said. Derek was outnumbered 2 to 1. “So you all are fugitive retrievals, here to send me back?” Derek said. “The crimes you cause in future with killing an innocent bystander and a fellow co-worker at a radiation handling facility, along with toxic chemicals falling on your skin, giving you the deformed look” Brian said.

Well, he isn’t going down without a fight, as he had a fusion powered torpedo on hand to fire. “Eat some energy bolts, boys” he said as he fired at them. Elsewhere, the girls were with Theresa. “I lost my sight when I was younger when a fire in our family home happened.

It was dark, smoky, and deadly gases were in the house. Finally, the fire department came. But the wooden blocks separated me from my parents. The toxic smoke was too much for my eyes. By the time the fire fighters got me out of the house with my family, I was already blind for life the doctors said to me.” Theresa said.

After hearing the horrible story, Farah put her two hands on both sides of her head, and focused on giving her sight back. “What the hell just happened? Holy Tulsa, I can see again!” Theresa said exceedingly. She wanted to know what Farah did, but it was secret. “Amanda, stay here with Theresa. I’m going to help out the guys” Farah said and went to do so.

In the boiler room, Brian and Paul were busy battling Derek with punches and blows. “Looks like you don’t need this cannon anymore” Brian said as he used his super speed to take it from him. Paul used his PLLT to freeze him so that Brian can used his weapon to shoot a red pellet at Derek, with me on the command of transport mode, I send him back to 2169.

Farah came to scene and everything was alright. “Looks like you boys had fun” Farah said. Just then, Amanda and Theresa came as well. “Where’s Derek?” she asked. It will be a long story that she wouldn’t believe at all, so it remained a secret. “Looks like she can see again” Paul said. But they know they all had special powers to heal anyone from their ailment, like giving Theresa back her sight.

“So what now, Theresa?” Farah said. She said she’ll stay as a skin care specialist in the city. “You all not staying in Milwaukee?” she asked. They said duty calls them elsewhere as they all celebrated by drinking beer at her house.

“Into the Amazon”

The Amazon rainforest is a breath taking place in South America with lush trees, rivers, different species of animal life and inhabitants, the Amazonian tribe. But one well known fugitive from the 22nd century escaping justice in the present named Donald Barker who has house building business there.

He’s also a home destroyer and has no respect for Mother Nature to just succeed in his business. He journeyed into Amazon to build his hotels and ordered the tribe to move out. “No, we won’t move. This is our home and we won’t let you destroy it” the tribe leader said. He gave them one hour to leave if not, a home is destroyed by a bulldozer.

One tribe member couldn’t wait for one hour and threw a rock at them. Donald shot him with gun and started tear down a house for a warning. “Look at this jewel here, let’s take it to make some money off it” he said and took it. “Don’t take the jewel of purity” the tribe leader said, saying it was for people are pure in heart and they weren’t.

They left behind destruction and havoc in their wake, until law enforcement caught to them and took Donald in. Meanwhile, the gang arrived in the Amazon in Brazil, mostly on assignment to catch the fugitive Donald Barker from the future hiding out there. They thanked the tour guide Diego, for taking them this far and headed on foot.

“Look at this view, the Amazon, one of the beautiful rainforests of the world” Brian said. Everyone agrees there look at the trees, plant and animal life. “Amazon is much beautiful in this time, back in the 22nd, it’s a waste land” Farah said. Then they commanded us to appear visual mode and we did that.

“The Amazon rainforest is one of the seven wonders of the world, how will we find him here?” Amanda said. First we scan the data bases for Donald Barker. “Donald Barker, a dangerous fugitive who was wanted for murdering several civilians in 2160 in a shootout and holding occupants of an apartment in Serene City captive for several hours” I said.

He also escaped custody a year later and now here. “So what does he do here?” Paul said. We discovered he’s a land developer for his company building home in the Amazon, by really destroying the rainforests and endangering habitats for animals. “Where is the SOB at now?” Brian said.

We detected that he’s at a local police station in the city so we went to investigate when a person was screaming for help. One young man was in the river with an injured leg, unable to swim. Brian went in to save him. “Hold on and calm down, I’ll get you out of here” Brian said.

The injured victim warned that they got to escape from the river because of the deadly piranhas in there. They got the boy on the land and they healed his broken leg fast. “That was amazing, I can walk again. By way I’m Superior Guidance” the native said. Everyone introduced themselves and he invented them to his home in the Amazon.

Further ahead, was his village, the huts. “Great shaman, these are my new friends” he introduced them to the tribe. “My new friends, I see you all have good hearts” the shaman said who was named Alcinoe, meaning wisdom.

He explained that evil people the ANHANGA in Amazonian came and threatened them to leave their sacred home in the rainforest to make way for condos and homes in the area. They refused and tore down some homes and took some lives. They also stole the jewel of purity, holding the tribe history.

“Don’t worry Alcinoe, we’ll get it back and save your home” Farah said to the chief. It was nightfall, so everyone went to sleep. Early in the morning, they were off to get Donald. “Have safe travels” Superior said to them. As they walked father in the jungle, with no one looking, they commanded us to appear.

“Visualize, both of you” Brian and Farah said on command. “Hi, everyone, what would you request from us?” I said. They asked where the nearest police station in Amazon where there holding Donald, until some parrot started to repeat the command from us. “Visualize, visualize” the parrot said.

“Wow, we have a winged guest on that tree branch” Paul said. Ricks scanned the parrot and discovered it meant no harm. “Just an harmless Hyacinth Macaw species. Blue and yellow colored that live in the Amazon” Ricks also noted. The Macaw parrot could be the key of finding the fugitive Donald. “This parrot is beautiful” Farah said, as it landed on her left arm.

“Beautiful, beautiful, yes, senhora” the parrot said. Farah read the parrot’s mind and it will show us the police station where they held Donald. It then flew in the direction of the police station. “Hey, Polly, wait up” Brian said, as they followed it. But we need transportation to get there, there was one vacant jeep in the jungle the parrot was at.

“Transportation here, amigos” the parrot said. Wasting no time, everyone got into the jeep and I started the vehicle when I was placed on the gear. “According to GPS, the nearest police station around here is in Manaus, about 240 miles from here” Amanda said, as her tablet showed her, searching for it.

“That’s right, Amanda, must go, no time to lose” the parrot said, and flew in front to guide them. Everyone wondered how that parrot learned how to speak so well. They arrived at the police station in the city of Manaus. “There’s the police station where they’re holding Donald” Brian said. They decided to go in undercover under different names.

“Hey, thanks, Polly” Farah said to the parrot as they went in the station, but they’ll see the macaw again. “Good afternoon, can I help you” the receptionist said in Portuguese. “You have one criminal that were chasing for named Donald Barker, one land developer that destroys homes in the Amazon and took several lives there” Farah said in Portuguese.

“Don’t worry talk to me in English. Americans right?” the woman said. “Isabella, who are these guys here?” the cop said who was Sgt. Carvalho. Everyone showed their badges to him. “I’m Jahmil Biggs” Brian said, using a different name. The others said the same thing. “So Jahmil, Erica Torres, Jessica Aldershot and Ari Phillips” he said.

All said that they want to see Donald to question him about the deaths and the destruction of the Amazon. “Got a strange feeling about these four here” Detective Nicholas Vivera said, saying their names don’t sound right and have Isabella check them out on the computer.

They well aware that they can face the penalty for false identities. Pacheco led them to the interrogation room where they have Donald, on the second floor of the station. “He’s refusing to speak to us, even with the translator” he said. He wished them good luck to get anything out of him.

Amanda and Paul remained in the office, as Brian and Farah went in to talk to him. They saw the jewel of purity on the table the shaman talked about. “Hey, Donald, you comfy in here?” Brian asked him. He wanted to know who Brian and Farah are, until they saw an overhead camera above them.

Farah walked close to it and commanded Ricks to disable it, so the other police officers don’t see what we’re going to ask them. “Damn camera malfunctioned, sir” Vivera said. Amanda and Paul knew Brian and Farah were behind this. “Donald Barker, me and my partner Brian are fugitive retrieval units, A.D. 2169” Farah said. Donald didn’t believe this. “2169? Seriously? You two are cops from the future like me?” he said.

“Yeah, and we come to send you back to serve jail time in the 22nd for the crimes you did in 2160 of holding an apartment hostage with its occupants with your armed minions and killing innocent lives” Brian said to him. He was thanking Dr. Stone heart for his freedom by coming to 2013 to hide out.

“Either you can do justice in this time where it will be brutal in this Brazilian jail or in 2169 under maximum security” Farah said. He mentioned that his pals will bust him out of the station, when the sound of gunfire erupted in the station. “Armed suspects on the outside with guns” I warned them.

They rushed out of the room where the suspects where shooting at the cops. “Oh Christ, several of our men are down” Carvalho said, as they ducked for cover. “OK, boys, that’s enough, let’s get out of here” Donald said, as they left. Part of the station was destroyed by gunfire left the suspects.

“This Barker character and his goons want to take this town and the Amazon, not by me damn it, this means war” Pacheco said. “OK everyone, and our new friends, let’s take them out” he ordered, until Isabella discovered something. “Carvalho sir, I’ve discovered something about our American friends” she said and they went into his office.

“I wonder what they’re talking about in there, wasting time. Donald is long gone by now” Farah said. I warned Amanda and Paul they’re on to us, and ordered them to escape. “You four cops, your identities don’t match our records on the computer” he said, wanting to know who they really here. “You know, I don’t like when people lie about themselves” he said, and ordered them to put them in holding.

The other officers took their belongings, PLLT’s, guns, and us on the table. Next step was putting the handcuffs on them, when Polly, the hyacinth, flew into the station from the open window and cause an distraction. “Let them go, you jerks” the parrot said, as it was flying around in the station, when Paul and Amanda took their PLLT’s and the tablet device, running out the station.

They took the elevator to the first floor. When the coast was clear, they disappeared to escape undetected. “Let’s do this, we’ll come back for them or they find us through breadcrumbs we leave for them” Amanda said, and vanished heading towards the jeep.

“Damn parrot, get outta here” Carvalho said, discovered Amanda and Paul had escaped. “Those other two escaped us. Don’t worry we’ll get them and Donald bring them into holding” he said. His team left and ordered the four other cops and Vivera to put Brian and Farah in holding.

“Let’s bring the girl to processing downstairs” Vivera said as he took handcuffed Farah to processing, but secretly took Ricks and hid him under her right sleeve of her blouse. “Come on, let them go, it was all a misunderstanding. They all want to keep their cover low” Isabella said to them. “So you’re now on their side now, is it?” Vivera said.

If Isabella had a change of heart, she’ll help clear our names, even causing her to be dismissed from the force helping us. “The girl is right, man. We’re the good guys laying low” Brian added. “Shut up tough guy. This is our beat now, not yours. Both of you are going to be processed and charged for false identity” Nicholas said, as he took Farah to processing downstairs and to jail.

I was inside an box somewhere in the office, but Brian and Farah PLLT weapons were on the table guarded by the other two cops. Brian was handcuffed to the chair, sitting down. He secretly loosen the handcuffs through mind control. “Look at these two car keys, strange looking with three colored buttons on it” one officer said. “My car has three sounds to it” Brian said, jokingly.

When the time was right, he got up from the chair, cuffs of his hands, got his PLLT. “How the hell you get free from the cuffs with no key?” the officer said. “Long story, have no time to tell you” Brian said, as he stun the two officers with a green blast, being out for an hour.

In the elevator, Nicholas was going down with Farah to processing, when a text on his cell saying they caught up to Donald in the outskirts of Manaus at his house. “Looks like they found those thugs” Nicholas said. “Let us go so we can help you, we’re innocent” Farah said. “No, you and your boyfriend are going into holding” Nicholas said.

Farah was loosening her cuffs and move behind him. “How the hell you broke free from the cuffs? What are you doing with your credit card in your hands?” he asked. Farah commanded Ricks to gave a shock to Nick as she touched his hands and was stunned. “Sorry I had to do this but you have wrong bad guys, we’re the good ones” Farah said, as she took the handcuffs and cuffed to the elevator railing.

“Good show, detective. But he won’t be out for long” Ricks said, as the elevator door opened and commanding him to close the door and make it malfunction temporarily with the lights flashing rapidly, trapping him in. “Looks like you took care of things” Farah said to Brian as she went into the office. “What now, captain?” she asked him.

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